You Wont BELIEVE This POOL Basketball Challenge! 

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We did 3 epic pool basketball challenges!

Pool Dunk Contest
► us-first.info/player/video/la-JnJCphnlpnGA.html
Rooftop Pool Dunk off
► us-first.info/player/video/adGajIt-gYOegH0.html

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May 14, 2020




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Comments 100   
Michelle won
Dylan Daniels
Dylan Daniels 6 months ago
What did the librarian say to the dumb person
Gini San jose
Gini San jose 7 months ago
music: Under The Sea me:laughs at mitcheellll
Broski Curry
Broski Curry 7 months ago
I’m weak at 7:39 every time
Johnny Russel 23
Johnny Russel 23 7 months ago
4:05 👀
Toni Erickson
Toni Erickson 7 months ago
Jessey you have the craziest shows ever I still love them I watch you seince 2019 or 2018 or 2020 I hope your on enjoy your time and have fun out there!!!!!
maricel coinco
maricel coinco 7 months ago
I saw that hoop at shopee
Preston Wiggins
Preston Wiggins 7 months ago
You should be in the nba
Luigi DeMarco
Luigi DeMarco 7 months ago
I love you jesser
Dasavion Malloy-Spencer
Jidel is always coping Jesser
rick astley
rick astley 7 months ago
Son: i want to play at home waterpolo Mom:we have waterpolo at home Waterpolo at home:
Damian Teran
Damian Teran 7 months ago
Where u get those swim trunks jesse
Evaan Fulton
Evaan Fulton 7 months ago
Does anyone know what the song is called for Jesser’s winning dunk?
First Name Last Name
This would b 10x more funnier with Cash in it bc he would have a life jacket on the whole time🤣🤣🤣
HDMI 8 months ago
Song 9:27?
Holton Valente
Holton Valente 8 months ago
1:41 james scores but they dont count it
EverydayITroll24 8 months ago
he missed
PattyDaddy 8 months ago
My boy really used the huskymudkips intro
Ryan Scarborough
Ryan Scarborough 8 months ago
8:04 That whole mitchel sequence has me dead
Liam Jaeb
Liam Jaeb 8 months ago
9:50 song?
Kelpo4Lunch 8 months ago
Ram ranch
Sean Andrei Kurt Sapitin
10:55 in so crazy , jeidel nice move oh i love it
Tina Stevens
Tina Stevens 8 months ago
Said uploaded 29 seconds ago comments from 4 days ago
Ctrl Ashton
Ctrl Ashton 8 months ago
Holy Stagg
Holy Stagg 8 months ago
Hey Jesse
Zach Smid
Zach Smid 8 months ago
do a pool dunk contest
CBG シ Alonso
CBG シ Alonso 8 months ago
Plz answer my request in facebook
Chris 8 months ago
Is it just me or has mopi been acting sus first this then the 2hype spelling bee
lego Matt
lego Matt 8 months ago
6:18 had me crying
Amthor2 8 months ago
Jidel has clamps
SARAH KAY 8 months ago
Jesser another hide and seek please
Xander Mcdaniel
Xander Mcdaniel 8 months ago
Happy birthday Clint Capela
Jakob Drolc
Jakob Drolc 8 months ago
Insta: d_jakob3
Opinionated Sports
Opinionated Sports 8 months ago
Twitter @IsaacsAsher
Collin Wilson
Collin Wilson 8 months ago
Hate that we lost the old jesser... doesn’t even play 2k anymore
Regan playZ
Regan playZ 8 months ago
My insta is scally_regan_
Daddy Demo
Daddy Demo 8 months ago
Cash said Mal was still gonna make vids smh 🤦‍♂️
Yamiel Serrano
Yamiel Serrano 8 months ago
Done ig is loco_boricua_787_
Vladimir Savic
Vladimir Savic 8 months ago
Jessers dunk at 9:29 didn’t go in lmao
William Lee
William Lee 8 months ago
0:50 Jesser fouls everyone when they shoot, Mitchell got smacked the hell outta him lmaoo... JESSE STOP FOULING!
TTL 8 months ago
What's good Jesser, you're the man been a big fan for a long time, keep up with the effort. You inspired me a lot to create my own US-first channel, so make sure to subscribe my new channel and peace.
Said Reacts
Said Reacts 8 months ago
We need pranks war back
DarkNass GurshaanG7
DarkNass GurshaanG7 8 months ago
More hide and seek
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
jesser please look at one of my commets
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
because im not on a laptop or computer i have a phone and youtube is slow
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
this took 34 minutes
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
make me general of the jesser army
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
make me general
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
make me general
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
make me general
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
make me a general
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
make me a general
Madden Nba Clasher
Madden Nba Clasher 8 months ago
make me a general
Darren LaCroix
Darren LaCroix 8 months ago
Ante Man
Ante Man 8 months ago
Wanted to get the new 2 hype merchandise but everything is sold out lol 🤣
Beau Nemeth
Beau Nemeth 8 months ago
insta beau.nemeth twitter bigbeauybrand
OJ Babba
OJ Babba 8 months ago
Ig:ojbroad5 ly jess
Murad Alnaser
Murad Alnaser 8 months ago
wheres kris
NCJ Hoopers
NCJ Hoopers 8 months ago
Hey everyone gonna start uploading on this channel if you wanna check it out and subscribe for future uploads if you would enjoy me making basketball videos thanks
The Everything Productions
Header thank you for inspiring me to make my own channel
Mr Spino
Mr Spino 8 months ago
I underestimated Jidels athleticism
Virgil Anderson
Virgil Anderson 8 months ago
Carolyn Sarbacker
Carolyn Sarbacker 8 months ago
Jesser I’m always getting bullied because of my weight I am 7 years old and I am 100 pounds my birthday is on the 20th and can you just show me some love
Eli Karbowski
Eli Karbowski 8 months ago
Does anyone notice that big tuna is Jim halpert
Michael Goddard
Michael Goddard 8 months ago
Connorwillard24 8 months ago
I was just looking for the comments and I could find them
Alan is a qt
Alan is a qt 8 months ago
London White
London White 8 months ago
Mitchell @ 8:00 ZOOOOOOM then he fell
X HAS RISEN 8 months ago
Congrats on 3mil
AC3 Gang
AC3 Gang 8 months ago
Jesser you are my favourite US-firstr! That is why I made a mixtape for you on my channel! I put a lot of time in it for you!
Cody Rush
Cody Rush 8 months ago
bro mitchell at 7:40
Quini 8 months ago
Bruh I was wheezing at 7:37
Christian Gaming
Christian Gaming 8 months ago
Nraccz 8 months ago
Yooo That E, R edit Had Me Cryinnnn 😭😭
Krusty 8 months ago
In the dunk contest call James the flying tuna
Therealmambo 8 months ago
Jay Ryam
Jay Ryam 8 months ago
How is jidel sweating in the pool
Vangie Belamide
Vangie Belamide 8 months ago
Jesser play hide n. Seek nerf
Alexandra Nunez
Alexandra Nunez 8 months ago
Accept my friend request in fortnite
Gianna Sta Cruz
Gianna Sta Cruz 8 months ago
Mysterious 8 months ago
vid idea...saying yes to agent jerk face for 24 hours!!!!! 0_0
Sonic Man387
Sonic Man387 8 months ago
2hype getting me through quarantine
Dara 8 months ago
Jiedel try Harding
YungklippAH 8 months ago
“I’m gonna ride him oh yeah” had me weak😂
TWINE ‘ 8 months ago
James was getting mad 13:38
Stuie Malan
Stuie Malan 8 months ago
I might be alone in this, but I think it would be fun if you tried playing some beach volleyball. Ya know, since you do have that court in your backyard.
X johny
X johny 8 months ago
Everyone else?
X johny
X johny 8 months ago
I have been watching since 2016
BrolicBlackMan095 8 months ago
that “eee uurr” killed me
Hypeman #21#2
Hypeman #21#2 8 months ago
James is so bad that he literally has to splash water into there eyes to win
Ethan Gaudet
Ethan Gaudet 8 months ago
Did jesser lose weight he looks skinnier
DK Sports
DK Sports 8 months ago
Andrew J. Valencia
Andrew J. Valencia 8 months ago
james is a soccer skin irl
TA and TY
TA and TY 8 months ago
I believe it
Stinger428 8 months ago
This was the most sus vid I’ve seen by jesser 😂
Eron Graham
Eron Graham 8 months ago
I was in 2hype, the only problem is ...... The cameras weren't on Read my name
YEET ALOT 8 months ago
That trench song in the outro is a banger🔥🔥
Miles JD
Miles JD 8 months ago
jesser is alil sus
murphy 8 months ago
i believed it
Kale Inc
Kale Inc 8 months ago
Is it just me or does james try way to hard against mopi on every single basketball challenge
Patrick Fenn
Patrick Fenn 8 months ago
Basketball Bros
Basketball Bros 8 months ago
Jesser thank you for posting the content that u do. You have really inspired us to make a US-first Channel. Our videos are similar to yours. Once again thank you for inspiring us to make great content.