Win Trampoline Park Hide and Seek, I’ll Buy You Anything 

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We played hide and seek in a trampoline again, but with a twist! Huge shout out to DEFY Trampoline Parks for letting us rent the place out!
Check out DEFY Trampoline Parks here - defy.com/locations/defy-thousand-oaks/
► us-first.info/player/video/mM2bfqKBf4OBipM.html
Extreme Hide And Seek In Trampoline Park - Challenge
► us-first.info/player/video/p9mHqGyAnX95eok.html
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Nov 3, 2020




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Jesser 2 months ago
If you enjoyed this one, check out the other time we visited the trampoline park! us-first.info/player/video/mM2bfqKBf4OBipM.html
JSC 2 months ago
@heirofares :)
JSC 2 months ago
Matthew Brubacher
Matthew Brubacher 2 months ago
Cormfitzy 15
Cormfitzy 15 2 months ago
Mysticc _999elim
Mysticc _999elim 2 months ago
Ig dtxjosecarlos I need drip 💧😌
André Oliveira
André Oliveira 14 days ago
@andre.oliveira_15 🔥🔥🔥
Will Sangster
Will Sangster 18 days ago
Jude Kolkana
Jude Kolkana 19 days ago
Howard Arnett
Howard Arnett 27 days ago
Ig @_ward_arnett
SLOMO MD 28 days ago
Nomar Garcia
Nomar Garcia 28 days ago
@nomar.garseeya Jesse I know you’re a dawg will help me out with college lmao, do it for the boys. Congrats on all the success and happy holidays ! God bless
Dakota Fry
Dakota Fry 29 days ago
SpeedSoft Charlie
The invincible shrimp sporadically talk because apartment supposedly excite excluding a salty eyebrow. three, ablaze flavor
Phoolish -_-
Phoolish -_- Month ago
Rick is hella annoying... honestly ruined the vid.
Bryon Fisher
Bryon Fisher Month ago
Can't wait for that one bro.
Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez Month ago
Brytan Howell
Brytan Howell Month ago
thicc thanos
thicc thanos Month ago
Its too late
Just Chicken
Just Chicken Month ago
Ig- @official_faze_chicken
eil grossi
eil grossi Month ago
jay Groovy
jay Groovy Month ago
AJ Scranton
AJ Scranton Month ago
Kayla Sabri
Kayla Sabri Month ago
Bread Shot
Bread Shot Month ago
Good luck to everyone @_tate_e
Nick King
Nick King Month ago
Christopher Williams-Abney
Colton Grimm
Colton Grimm Month ago
@ Grimmy_68
Adam El-Kadi
Adam El-Kadi Month ago
iC Brandon
iC Brandon Month ago
My insta is iC Brandon
Hunter Speed
Hunter Speed Month ago
Do these boys realize just because the turn their comments off for a little while. they kept their older ones on?
Bagels Month ago
Why did that dude offer Todd a lick of his ice cream 9:52 ._.
Fortnite BuRsT_Timmy
3.33mil is awesome jesser hows Humphrey
Alex Millunchick
Gotta love the hide and seek vids IG @abmill3
Daniel i dont have a Instagram account
Itz_lilballer Month ago
That place looks so fun!
Noah H
Noah H Month ago
Uve been killing it jesser @noah_heredia_
Payton Month ago
I think Rick is In pain
Reiley Schreiber
Gavriel Grossman
Brady Lampkin
Brady Lampkin Month ago
Brooke Dobbins
Brooke Dobbins Month ago
ig: brookexdobbins
Ryan Shepard
Ryan Shepard Month ago
Djura12 Month ago
Fay Bak
Fay Bak Month ago
@selfmade.queen Keep grinding bro ❤
mikewabrown Month ago
Love the content Jessie!
Jeremy Benton
Jeremy Benton Month ago
Insta is Jeremybenton23
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Month ago
@david.hernandz_ love ur videos jess
Goose1010 Month ago
And peace ahh
Detective Holmes
Rick said "theoretically" a lot. Lmao
Drec Month ago
damn we know that rick edits these videos but goddamn we get it you're hurt bruh
Fxde Month ago
My Instagram is Fxde_on_yt
Jvri Alcantara
Jvri Alcantara Month ago
Colesce Columbian
Rick is so funny and get well
Lucas Month ago
guys i’m not sure about this but i think Rick hurt his foot and was in pain
Baconboy Roblox
Baconboy Roblox Month ago
Hope you get there good luck
brayden sharp
brayden sharp Month ago
oaklyyt fan page
Alex Theodoridis
Keep going man @alextheoy
Ethan Cornett
Ethan Cornett Month ago
Newton Kershaw V
Agent Kai
Agent Kai Month ago
Jesser is the goat
Dino dumb dumb
Dino dumb dumb Month ago
General kenobi
Lluvia Vasquez Melendez
can you shout me out pleas my name is collin
Kareem Serhane
Kareem Serhane Month ago
My Instagram is kareem_serhane
Angel Sucks
Angel Sucks 2 months ago
If I have to hear rick complaining abt his foot one more time. Ima leave.
Steven Jelly
Steven Jelly 2 months ago
Colin O
Colin O 2 months ago
I’m probably to late for the giveaway but my insta is @colin_o9
iTsDylan 2 months ago
Caid Kemp
Caid Kemp 2 months ago
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 2 months ago
Ig- Ryan.jackson25
Kye Conway
Kye Conway 2 months ago
Mike Rollocks
Mike Rollocks 2 months ago
My ig is miletheone23
Shauné Barrington
Shauné Barrington 2 months ago
rick complains so much omf
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson 2 months ago
This is how many people who think Mitchell is funny 👇
Sponded Phex
Sponded Phex 2 months ago
M7MD GUNNER 2 months ago
Instagram: mohammed7gnr
Evan White
Evan White 2 months ago
IG: @poueulogan
datkiddo.anasri 2 months ago
Jacob Muehter
Jacob Muehter 2 months ago
Juan Rizo Amaya
Juan Rizo Amaya 2 months ago
My ig @ is thegoatjuan_
RepRep_ 2 months ago
Bobbi Mulatu
Bobbi Mulatu 2 months ago
Kumud Mehta
Kumud Mehta 2 months ago
Extreme! Ice cream before a game. You thought me a lesson
Lanz Paqueo
Lanz Paqueo 2 months ago
I love this series
Harvey07DA 2 months ago
My Instagram: harveydevercelli
Gavin Dirkes
Gavin Dirkes 2 months ago
Sniped You
Sniped You 2 months ago
Can someone tell me where kris is in the past couple vids?
Aidan Griffin
Aidan Griffin 2 months ago
My insta is aidang321
Jamie Garrett
Jamie Garrett 2 months ago
Nobody: Rick: “There’s trash in the trash can!”
Bailey Schepp
Bailey Schepp 2 months ago
Juicy Chini
Juicy Chini 2 months ago
ooSnxgz 2 months ago
Arnav Ved
Arnav Ved 2 months ago
Fawaz BH
Fawaz BH 2 months ago
Kvngdeuce Gaming
Kvngdeuce Gaming 2 months ago
Jaden Wilkinson
Jaden Wilkinson 2 months ago
This vid should be called Rick complaining
ItzChappy 2 months ago
Sonal Bhagotra
Sonal Bhagotra 2 months ago
When I grow up I will be an army and save Pakistan and destroy india
Aydin Hudayar
Aydin Hudayar 2 months ago
Will Borden
Will Borden 2 months ago
Mitchell “just be safe” Rick hurts his foot
Vincent Mastrangelo
Vincent Mastrangelo 2 months ago
Cool Beans
Cool Beans 2 months ago
This is for the giveaway, @armaanrai05
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson 2 months ago
Jack_8nn please I have been watching since the trick shot days
Reilly M
Reilly M 2 months ago
flm 4llmight
flm 4llmight 2 months ago