Who Makes The BEST Fast Food Chicken Nuggets!? 

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Today the boys and I set off to see who has the best chicken nuggets between mcdonalds, wendys, kfc, chick fila and popeyes
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Who Makes The BEST Fast Food FRIES!? 🍟
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Who makes the best wings
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Jun 18, 2020




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Kptn Swishy
Kptn Swishy 7 hours ago
I got a foot in my chicken to
Kptn Swishy
Kptn Swishy 7 hours ago
From McDonald’s
Mr Wolf 365
Mr Wolf 365 20 hours ago
we want "who has the best tenders"
Darrian Koubandonh
Burger King has the best Chicken Nuggets
Koby Cook
Koby Cook 4 days ago
i wonder if the short one ever smoked before one of these
Shanda Story
Shanda Story 4 days ago
Gabe Roth
Gabe Roth 5 days ago
Do who has the best sub sandwich
VX Envy
VX Envy 5 days ago
Man I miss this group right now bro. Mopi left and he started lying on Jesser, Kris, and Zacks name. But I miss this group
Randy Garcia
Randy Garcia 6 days ago
Wow. At least we won’t see mopi in this type of videos anymore ruining the scores
Jai Karani
Jai Karani 6 days ago
I think we need who makes the best mosserela sticks
Agent Peter the panda
I think Wendy’s has the best chicken nuggets
Nick2Fresh 9 days ago
Preston Loehr
Preston Loehr 10 days ago
This is before mopi left 😔
Soulwind Void
Soulwind Void 11 days ago
Maybe a quesadilla
Soulwind Void
Soulwind Void 11 days ago
Chicken tenders 🐔
Noah Miller Vlogs
Noah Miller Vlogs 13 days ago
I find it interesting has/had the tallest and shortest famous people on youtube
Six from Pluto
Six from Pluto 13 days ago
you can tell mopi was baked when ordering the mcflurry
Will de las Alas
Will de las Alas 13 days ago
10:25 😂
Will de las Alas
Will de las Alas 13 days ago
10.25 😂😂
Rayan dumdum
Rayan dumdum 13 days ago
This the ceo of dad jokes
David Tran
David Tran 14 days ago
they did mopi down bad
Davis Borchardt
Davis Borchardt 14 days ago
We want who has the best steak
Superdotdot30 _
Superdotdot30 _ 14 days ago
Mitchell: bro it’s so good it makes my head tilt backwards Jesser: why? Mitchell: cause it’s so good. Jesser: starts doing it
Chadisasavage 15 days ago
Shaan Shetty
Shaan Shetty 17 days ago
Jeremiah Shady
Jeremiah Shady 18 days ago
We need a “Best Nachos”
GTR 19 days ago
Mm better
TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
Who has the best drinks
Garrett Yntema
Garrett Yntema 22 days ago
8:53 dawg the fingerprints on the window
Evan Delaney
Evan Delaney 23 days ago
:) me make best Dino nuggets
Jack Harvard
Jack Harvard 23 days ago
u gotta do who has the sandwich
Myst_Lightz 24 days ago
Burger King is so bad that they didn’t give them a chance lol
Ryan Wigdor
Ryan Wigdor 25 days ago
The flashback to kfc zack was wearing 100T merch 👀👀
Royboii19 Month ago
Anyone just rewatch these series
Chxrzed 24 days ago
CSIDE 11 Month ago
Luke Hough
Luke Hough Month ago
Never would have thought that this group would fall apart man
Luke Hough
Luke Hough 9 days ago
@2k HighlightsMob idk who to believe anymore
2k HighlightsMob
2k HighlightsMob 9 days ago
Mopi says it just for the money but I mean come on
SeaHeat 10 days ago
Ikr I miss them back in the 2k house
Eftar Codex
Eftar Codex 16 days ago
Yea, it's just sad
Roman Morrison
Roman Morrison Month ago
Ryo Chi
Ryo Chi Month ago
Frankie Catizone
How about who has the best signature sandwich
John Peeno
John Peeno Month ago
Why is his window so fingered up
YNW ISO-_-GOD Month ago
Wendeys smack what they talm bout
Noah Miranda
Noah Miranda Month ago
This hits different now 🥺
Lit Squad
Lit Squad Month ago
Jessi said “and I did not even you Chick-fil-A sauce yet ahhh 😩
Lit Squad
Lit Squad Month ago
Caden Zolecki
Caden Zolecki Month ago
Do a who makes the best milkshake
Nolan Nakhonthap
Carl’s Jr.
Delyon Davis
Delyon Davis Month ago
Do french fries
joshua bolton
joshua bolton Month ago
Popeyes makes chicken nuggets?
kovaaks klapz
kovaaks klapz Month ago
Who has the best French fries
Lea Woodward
Lea Woodward Month ago
Unless you get lucky and it is crispy chick fil a nuggets FUCKIN suck no cap
Lea Woodward
Lea Woodward Month ago
I fuckin swear the Burger King nuggets hit different that or I'm just straight trash
Andrea Ronquillo
Who has the best Chinese food
Gaming Bros 69
Gaming Bros 69 Month ago
LSK’s expression at 1:40 is fucking amazing
Aiden Torres
Aiden Torres Month ago
I just realized 9:28 zack was wearing his 100 T jersey
Scott Weiss
Scott Weiss Month ago
Chick fil a and wendys has the best nugget
Ellen Spencer
Ellen Spencer Month ago
He’s fuck up
Cool Kid88
Cool Kid88 Month ago
Who has the best burrito
Basketball Boys
Basketball Boys Month ago
Who makes the best chicken tenders
Joe Dozier
Joe Dozier Month ago
I kinda want to see a who has the best burrito
Jack Galbraith
Jack Galbraith Month ago
very on the oreo yhing
Jack Galbraith
Jack Galbraith Month ago
cant type
Dan Zack
Dan Zack Month ago
Who makes the Philly cheese steak
Michael Shea
Michael Shea Month ago
Who has the best burger
Bama Martin
Bama Martin Month ago
Who else also got that cartilage in there McDonald’s nuggets
•Røbløx4Lįfe •
Omg They changed the bbq sauce at Wendy’s I was mad :(
Op Clan official
Try different hot dog
Mc I didnt ask69
Evie Rouech
Evie Rouech Month ago
If you do “who had the best lemonade” Chick-fil-A will definitely win for sure
bro the spicy nuggets at Mickie ds hit dfifferent
Ethan Street
Ethan Street Month ago
peep the whiteboard with upcoming videos in the intro
Jac on Dino nuggies
Where are dino nuggies
IDexx Month ago
Who has the best steak
G Raff
G Raff Month ago
Prediction: Chick-fil-A will win
Jaxon Bridle
Jaxon Bridle Month ago
What KFC are u guys a because KFC chicken nuggets are insane
Addison Murry
Addison Murry Month ago
keep up the good work jesse
Braybray 1
Braybray 1 Month ago
Can you see who make the best thin crust pizza
Ryan Grupenhoff
Ryan Grupenhoff Month ago
They should do best fries next
Peyton and Olivia
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia Month ago
Food doesn’t “slap” 😂. Food shmacks and music slaps come on now
Colin Chessin
Colin Chessin Month ago
who makes the best pancacke
Anandjot Sangha
Anandjot Sangha Month ago
1:38 the way kris looks back tho
Josh Mahncke
Josh Mahncke Month ago
Nick Taranto
Nick Taranto Month ago
you make my day thanks
Goated Laird
Goated Laird Month ago
James hate McDonald’s tho
Rahul Mehta
Rahul Mehta Month ago
How has the pizza
Declan Chorlton
Declan Chorlton Month ago
This brings back memories from when everyone just said chicken nuggets all day lol
1-800 itachi com
Bring this series back 7:21 Nov, 20
Limited Oof
Limited Oof 2 months ago
Who else makes their own food of what they order while watching?
Phatyeet420 2 months ago
Y’all should do best signature sauce
Kyle Strohl
Kyle Strohl 2 months ago
Who has the best Ice cream.
mclvlogsgaming 2 months ago
Who else is ready for who makes the best kids meal
Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez 2 months ago
Chick-fil-A is nasty
SkullsDude 990638
SkullsDude 990638 2 months ago
Deloy Plays Games
Deloy Plays Games 2 months ago
Mopi shouldn’t be allowed on these videos
DuB sQuAd
DuB sQuAd 2 months ago
Jesser low key hit different
aniyyah xox
aniyyah xox 2 months ago
If u came to England and tried KFC is the best!!!!!!
Drew Visions
Drew Visions 2 months ago
you need to try baby jacks bbq chicken nuggets with their special sauce it is lit, i love it
dannyd626 2 months ago
You guys really have something against wendy's 🤣..... Wendy's has the best chicken in the game without being a primarily chicken restaurant chain
77boller 2 months ago
You didn't get sweet and sour sauce from wendys and that is where you messed up
harvin meryl manalo
harvin meryl manalo 2 months ago
I think best ice cream
CoolLegend 5
CoolLegend 5 2 months ago
Asher Pattengill
Asher Pattengill 2 months ago
Who has the best chips
BENJAMIN VALDEZ 2 months ago
who makes the best hash browns
Sebastian Gil
Sebastian Gil 2 months ago
It should be oreo