Who Makes The BEST Fast Food Milk Shake? 🥤 

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Who has the best milkshake! The boys try to figure out who has the best milkshakes between fast food spots such as Mcdonalds, Wendys, Dairy Queen, Shake Shack In n Out, and more!
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Who Makes The BEST Fast Food FRIES!? 🍟
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Who Makes The BEST Fast Food CHEESE BURGER?
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Jul 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jesser 5 months ago
Comment what Food you want to see next!
Jadon Lin
Jadon Lin 11 days ago
Who has the best donuts
Christopher Haryono
fried chicken
J Kron
J Kron Month ago
Javien Santana
Javien Santana 2 months ago
Who has the best ice cream
Bru Jr
Bru Jr 2 months ago
William Huston
William Huston 6 hours ago
bro pause at 7:21
Sawyer Briggs
Sawyer Briggs 12 hours ago
Unpopular Opinion: Chick fil a is overrated
Jay Cardona
Jay Cardona 2 days ago
ordering a milkshake today so this is nice
KeZzi Yt
KeZzi Yt 3 days ago
Owen Simon
Owen Simon 9 days ago
You didn’t do Five Guys😢😢
Lorenzo Landhan
Lorenzo Landhan 10 days ago
BRO I LIVE IN SIMI, IVE PLAYED AGAINST JASON AT 24 hour fitness I doubt he remembers but holy shit I’m hyped
Astro Fcat
Astro Fcat 10 days ago
Is Todd gay?
JRL 6 days ago
Lol i guess so...or he’s a huge gay supporter
Ryan Ettefagh
Ryan Ettefagh 12 days ago
You betrayed him smh
Rex 13 days ago
Who makes the best soup
Jack Cross
Jack Cross 14 days ago
todd is a baby
Pacey Cione
Pacey Cione 14 days ago
Bro you have to get vanilla milkshakes from McDonald's. Your doing it wrong
Yes No
Yes No 12 days ago
Trays world
Trays world 15 days ago
Who is here after Tyler left 2hype
Connor Gibson
Connor Gibson 16 days ago
todd i feel ur pain i broke my nose 3 times and im not even a teen yet
Jack Atkinson
Jack Atkinson 16 days ago
You’re telling me you didn’t go to five guys
Nicholas Sanchez
Nicholas Sanchez 16 days ago
Do who has the best soda
Sprxy Matt
Sprxy Matt 17 days ago
Wil Barnes
Wil Barnes 17 days ago
Tyler Holbrook
Tyler Holbrook 17 days ago
Is tod gay
Robbie DuBois
Robbie DuBois 18 days ago
You guys should of tried the Portillos chocolate cake shake
Captain Coulson
Captain Coulson 19 days ago
Dude the McDonald’s in la just have to be bad cause the ones in Minnesota are amazing
Captain Coulson
Captain Coulson 17 days ago
@Ickeyy Mason that makes more sense cause the milkshakes in MN are AMZING
Ickeyy Mason
Ickeyy Mason 17 days ago
They are on and off tho
Ickeyy Mason
Ickeyy Mason 17 days ago
Cooper Kopp
Cooper Kopp 19 days ago
Did any of you see in the thumbnail that all of the shakes were Dairy Queen?
Mikael Poonja
Mikael Poonja 23 days ago
Caden Evans
Caden Evans 24 days ago
Jesser you are the goat
Qbert Month ago
“Chick-fil-a hates the gays” -Todd 2020
Tyler Skahill
Tyler Skahill 4 days ago
Im subbee
Everybody wants dq because it is a Texas thing
progamer Month ago
"Who has the best donuts?!"
Jessi Lang
Jessi Lang Month ago
go to hershy park in pa
Treague Ferguson
I didnt know todd is gay
CarbonFeel Month ago
Where did it say
Raikokopuffs Acevedo
I want the camera man to rate them too.😔😔😔
physics _FLO56
physics _FLO56 Month ago
I feel you lactose intolerant gang
Penelope Leung
Penelope Leung Month ago
A McDonald's milkshake is made from edible plastics
ZLT Raze
ZLT Raze Month ago
Where is Jason 😳
Findyy and Flex
Findyy and Flex Month ago
I mean this in the most non mean way but is Todd gay cause I couldn’t tell if he said Chick-fil-A hates the gays
G Raff
G Raff Month ago
What the hell Todd?!
Zane Hancock
Zane Hancock Month ago
Ok so who else didn’t know that guy was gay
Zane Hancock
Zane Hancock Month ago
@Nathan Moore oh ok
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore Month ago
He’s not, he just supports gay rights
king_flopgod Month ago
7:16 pause
JulianSkye Month ago
Rip mop goat
Julius Callaway
Julius Callaway Month ago
Oreo/cookies n cream milkshakes best kind of all time
Swift Films
Swift Films Month ago
Todd’s a fuckin weirdo but I love him lol
Gavin Sanchez
Gavin Sanchez Month ago
Do a who has the best salad
Gavin Sanchez
Gavin Sanchez Month ago
Do a who has the best sandwich!
Isaiah Witherspoon
bro you gotta start doing cookout
Trey Minor
Trey Minor 2 months ago
who makes the best nachos
Parker Johnston
Parker Johnston 2 months ago
Is it just me or is it so soothing when Rick says ‘oh my god’
Sami Bazzi
Sami Bazzi 2 months ago
Is Todd gay if he is I thought he had a gf
Ps4baller 1
Ps4baller 1 2 months ago
I miss Mopi
Krystal Joplin
Krystal Joplin 2 months ago
Do they have braums
sheluv_ j23
sheluv_ j23 2 months ago
We want “who has the best quesadillas”?
Zev Taub
Zev Taub 2 months ago
I’m drinking a milkshake while watching this
BR4XT8N 2 months ago
I’m sorry but is Todd gay?
Kris Jaiswal
Kris Jaiswal 2 months ago
Caden Goforth 4pf
Caden Goforth 4pf 2 months ago
Every time Jesse thinks a food item is good he always says my taste buds are Vibin on a yacht or a boat or something lol 😂
A K 2 months ago
I wished I was Jesse
Davy ψ
Davy ψ 2 months ago
Come to New York and try it from here and try vannila
Alec Iturbide
Alec Iturbide 2 months ago
Who has the best cookies
Alec Iturbide
Alec Iturbide 2 months ago
Tyler and Rick look alike are they brothers
Brady McCadie
Brady McCadie 2 months ago
Honestly burger king’s Oreo milkshakes are really good
Nancy Anguiano
Nancy Anguiano 2 months ago
Comment below me 👇 we already know who is winning krispey kream
Noah Huerta
Noah Huerta 2 months ago
They should have gone to jack n the box
Christopher Chin
Christopher Chin 2 months ago
As a former in n out employee. There's absolutely no malt in the shakes. It's 100 percent ice cream and syrup for the flavored shake.
Amjed Ayyash
Amjed Ayyash 2 months ago
7:16-7:27 was the funniest
Kaedyn Prusak
Kaedyn Prusak 2 months ago
Yo, where is sonic
Darren Garibay
Darren Garibay 2 months ago
We want to see who has the best steak
Noah Durden
Noah Durden 2 months ago
stark and shake has the best
Oliver Ellis
Oliver Ellis 2 months ago
Five guys has the best milk shake
DurpyDavid462 2 months ago
click here to see different breed of jesser 15:47
Nathan Bell
Nathan Bell 2 months ago
In my opinion i love the five guys milkshakes
Internet Connection
Internet Connection 2 months ago
Pause when they said meat shake
Ty Gibbs
Ty Gibbs 2 months ago
My respect for Chick-fil-A 📈📈
Hunter Thyfault
Hunter Thyfault 2 months ago
Who has the best ribs
William Burton
William Burton 2 months ago
Dog McDonald shake slap
Konrad Sikorski
Konrad Sikorski 3 months ago
Ya sleeping on Burger King
Trey Ewing
Trey Ewing 3 months ago
Cook out is the best go to nc and get a cook out milkshake
iDunkFN 3 months ago
Hey I commented this idea
Kameron Chavis
Kameron Chavis 3 months ago
They need a Cook Out
Santoya Spencer
Santoya Spencer 3 months ago
Damn they sleeping on the vanilla milkshake from McDonald’s goated franchise tbh
Brett Harpt
Brett Harpt 3 months ago
James "can i flex my shoes. Oh wait Idk what they're called"
SuperGoat1295 Gaming
Ricks laugh has me dead😂😂😂
Noah Giovannelli
Noah Giovannelli 3 months ago
We want the best steaks 🥩
Wøpø Timmy
Wøpø Timmy 3 months ago
They ain't Neva had a cookout milkshake 🤣💯
Just Me
Just Me 3 months ago
The Wolfpackattack1
The Wolfpackattack1 3 months ago
When ur thumbnail shows Dairy Queen milkshakes but ur going to random things
JJ - 10WS 759096 Harold M Brathwaite SS
Jayson: Can I flex my shoes Everyone:..........
Bray Turner
Bray Turner 3 months ago
There all beist with shake shack
Joey Gomez
Joey Gomez 3 months ago
Jesser did his intro after taking a massive dump
INTENTBURITO 61 3 months ago
Wait is Todd gay
Mason Young
Mason Young 4 months ago
Mopi’s run had me dead
Ac_ Clone
Ac_ Clone 4 months ago
Who has the best breakfast sandwiches
Tanner Crowder
Tanner Crowder 4 months ago
I want “mopi to leave”
Gur Ofen
Gur Ofen 4 months ago
Roselynn Hodder
Roselynn Hodder 4 months ago
We want who has the best breakfast
Mr. Splash
Mr. Splash 4 months ago
bro they sleepin on mcdonalds
Jonathan Marrewa
Jonathan Marrewa 4 months ago
Shake shack is ass, wendys is goated
MjOnLockz 4 months ago
Wait is Todd gay?
DEA Official
DEA Official 4 months ago
We want who has the best chicken
Corbin Duff
Corbin Duff 4 months ago
Should’ve done steak and shake
Cactus clark
Cactus clark 4 months ago
I'm a DQ Boyo, the chocolate brownie extreme w/ strawberries, it hits DIFFERENT
IIHF World
IIHF World 4 months ago
A frosty ain’t a shake
Lukas Harnos
Lukas Harnos 4 months ago
I don’t think I can watch these any more