Who Makes The BEST Hot Dog *Glizzy* 🌭 

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Today the boys go to different fast food spots to see who makes the best hot dog! (Dog haus, Five guys, Shake Shack, Wienersnitchel
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Who Makes The BEST Fast Food FRIES!? 🍟
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Who Makes The BEST Fast Food Chicken Nuggets!?
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Aug 10, 2020




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Comments 100   
ryan sinnott
ryan sinnott 5 days ago
I make the best
JoDeMa 5 days ago
Portillos would easily win. Where my Illinois people at?
Jorge GuzmanJr
Jorge GuzmanJr 6 days ago
Bro James can’t chew with his fucking mouth closed
Alexander Delgadillo
I make the best glizzys the girls taste my glizzy if u know u know
ant 6 days ago
If you ever go to Chicago go to Portillos
J A H 999
J A H 999 8 days ago
"imagine if they all came down and attacked our glizzys" Jesser - 2020
Arshan Amini
Arshan Amini 8 days ago
Costco has Condiments in a Condiment station I would know cause if we it outside it’s costco
Taco Baco
Taco Baco 8 days ago
YT SwiftyP
YT SwiftyP 9 days ago
Who has the best quesadilla
Ocean Briones
Ocean Briones 13 days ago
Jahwred Fabrigas
Jahwred Fabrigas 15 days ago
The 4 bitches that disrespected mopi
Vince Anguiano
Vince Anguiano 16 days ago
Dodgers dog
Lonnie Glass
Lonnie Glass 16 days ago
3.49 sus
2storm3 TTV
2storm3 TTV 21 day ago
U haven’t heard of BRAUMS!!!!
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe 22 days ago
Me in Illinois heated Portillos isn’t in this
Jackson Morrissey
Jackson Morrissey 24 days ago
ima be honest man, title is not good
CXB ANONYMOUS 28 days ago
Everyone talking about glizzys all the sudden kriss says “I will shove that in your face” 😳
J Bros
J Bros Month ago
can you do who has the best stake
Mason McMullen
Mason McMullen Month ago
Dog HOuse op
Isaiah Phelps
Isaiah Phelps Month ago
Braums hits different
Loan Chung
Loan Chung Month ago
So how has the best pasta
Andrés A
Andrés A Month ago
Braums is the best
JitterJam Month ago
BRO BRAUMS was the BEST!!! They have one of the best Chicken Tenders and had so many ice cream flavors! If anyone goes through Oklahoma, I suggest Braums Man.
Marcos JaLeel
Marcos JaLeel Month ago
This man James doesn’t chew, guy was just swallowing the glizzy
pumxz Month ago
who eating a glizzy right now
c gaming
c gaming Month ago
This is a glizard
Jayden Beale
Jayden Beale Month ago
Does the cameraman eat
Bro I love this group when it comes to food videos Jesse: The CrUnCh Is ThErE James: The Food Critic (expert) Kris: The Squidward bite guy Zack: The Hungry elderly 😂 this group is fire
Gary Nevarez
Gary Nevarez Month ago
Evan Hollopeter
Evan Hollopeter Month ago
Kris isn't lying, Braums is where it's at.
SpiceChoco Month ago
Marcos JaLeel
Marcos JaLeel Month ago
Who’s here at 999,000 views
Jake Cecil
Jake Cecil Month ago
Johny Hernandez
Johny Hernandez Month ago
“This is a glizzer”
Jayden Le
Jayden Le Month ago
I would say that Johnny Depp has the best hot dog
Dredpool Month ago
I was fighting not to laugh at the title 🤣
RookTheNinja Month ago
How could you do this without the king of glizzys mitchell in the vid
Call Me Cammm —
Braums is still the goat
Fishie Nippie
Fishie Nippie Month ago
Bro Braums are everywhere where I live 😂
Iso Squish
Iso Squish Month ago
Who has the best chicken tenders and do Culvers if you have one by you
aarav gupta
aarav gupta Month ago
u guyz r kind of annoying
Lucas Month ago
bro that’s exactly how I feel about Lakers fans
Aiden Malloy
Aiden Malloy Month ago
James is a glizzy gobler
ZOINKZY Month ago
i didnt know kris lived in tulsa oklahoma at a timew
ZOINKZY Month ago
they dont got braums in la
Quantum Blue
Quantum Blue Month ago
Kris in the 2hype white shirt makes my OCD go insane lmao
Stupid Month ago
Anyone notice Kris had a white shirt and everyone else had a black shirt
Noah DeVault
Noah DeVault Month ago
Braums is amazing
Motti Katz
Motti Katz Month ago
Do kosher food
foolkeal Month ago
Connor Williams
Connor Williams Month ago
Crank the ac
susanskarda Month ago
Broms is the bomb I lived in okc
JayBluGamez Month ago
You should get an Ikea hotdog
zxntino Month ago
Gloaway Month ago
I’m watching this while eating a glizz
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller Month ago
kris didn’t even describe his thoughts on da food, but he just came to eat 😂
Markus Perez
Markus Perez 2 months ago
Next should be who has the best pasta or who has the best steak
Anthony Adriano
Anthony Adriano 2 months ago
Bro braums is so good bro
Shadow 1
Shadow 1 2 months ago
We need mopi
Carter Gibson
Carter Gibson 2 months ago
hackergirl 522
hackergirl 522 2 months ago
Josiah Verdugo
Josiah Verdugo 2 months ago
me poor
natan the notorious
natan the notorious 2 months ago
Braum's hits different especially the ice cream after I miss Texas
Sxmplx -_-
Sxmplx -_- 2 months ago
at weinershnitzel you gotta get a chili cheese
_ levischafer13
_ levischafer13 2 months ago
Kris is cappin the go to place in Tulsa is WHATABURGER
Chad Dannemiller
Chad Dannemiller 2 months ago
RC Cola came before coke
NFLNEVAN 15 2 months ago
Do best tater tots
Astro_ f1ishy
Astro_ f1ishy 2 months ago
Y is it always kris in the front seat even tho he comes likes 2nd in these videos
Andrew Ahern
Andrew Ahern 2 months ago
you should do shakes
Garrett Huddleston
Garrett Huddleston 2 months ago
I live near the tulsa area
Wolf 44
Wolf 44 2 months ago
i live in Missouri and braums is the best.
Clippzz 2 months ago
Kris Braums is the best fast food out here!
Caymen Sargent
Caymen Sargent 2 months ago
Your sleeping on Dairy Queen hot dogs
Noah Foster
Noah Foster 2 months ago
Wow I can’t believe it Glizzy gladiators 😞. The Glizzy gobblers are were its at 😂
Andrew Key
Andrew Key 2 months ago
what's wrong with Kris at 4:18, lol
Owen Clayton
Owen Clayton 2 months ago
the best hot dogs are at bunnings mate
Devann Handley
Devann Handley 2 months ago
Lsk basically just described covers on 7:00
Frosty The GOAT
Frosty The GOAT 2 months ago
If only you guys had Portillos it’s only around the Midwest. But Portillos has the best hotdogs. IFYKYK
Lawdog 2 months ago
To coming from a fellow Oklahoman we know about that Braums
Gavin Semm
Gavin Semm 2 months ago
Yo yessir by boy Chris with the braums
Jose Mata
Jose Mata 2 months ago
Who has the best phill cheesesteak
Big boy 808 Avilla
Big boy 808 Avilla 2 months ago
Aunty Anne’s get slept on
Lindsey Baumgarten
Lindsey Baumgarten 2 months ago
Do who has the ribs
MURDAWORTH JAY 2 months ago
Nobody wanna talk bout how Kris head is almost touching the top of the car 😭😭
BLaZe Dr Del
BLaZe Dr Del 2 months ago
Who else just watches this series every week
Jeremy Imbo
Jeremy Imbo 2 months ago
POV: you see Jeff moving the camera to everybody then Zack is the only one tilting his head the whole time shout out to Jeff though for doing good with the camera
Dominic Jimenez
Dominic Jimenez 2 months ago
Jesser i literally got triggered every time you called a hot dog glizzy stop in the name of glizzys
BRIAN NABAVI 2 months ago
Who has the best chips and queso
Zoe Harmon
Zoe Harmon 2 months ago
“Favorite part of a glizzy” -Jesser
Lil Lucy
Lil Lucy Month ago
Lil Lucy
Lil Lucy Month ago
broooo ever since glitzy and hot dog became a meme i can’t see the way people eat hot dogs the same anymore😂
STG AleFN 2 months ago
lilac wang
lilac wang 2 months ago
ayoooooo W
Lil Lemon head
Lil Lemon head 2 months ago
Christian Maileoi
Christian Maileoi 2 months ago
Surprised they didn’t go to sonic
Fortnite pro On mobile
Glizzy gobler is back
Fishin Around
Fishin Around 2 months ago
Sonic has the best hotdog
The Beast
The Beast 2 months ago
Brains is hands down the best place ever still to this day
Xenopis 786
Xenopis 786 2 months ago
No one: Zack: OWWWW FUCCKKKK!!
Nancy Anguiano
Nancy Anguiano 2 months ago
Bro the comment below me 👇 we would already no who the winner is (KRISPEY CREAM)
Jamarr Rogers
Jamarr Rogers 2 months ago
Brahms go so hard... pause
kali6330 kali6330
kali6330 kali6330 2 months ago
i love these videos
Andrew Bergner
Andrew Bergner 2 months ago
Oklahoma City built different don’t forget yo city