Whatever Shot Makes, I’ll Buy - Challenge 

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I'm back today with another make the shot, I'll buy you anything, but with a twist! Each shot has a specific prize, so if the boys make the shot, they claim it!
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INSANE Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge 🏀
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Make A Full Court Shot, I'll Buy You Anything... NBA Basketball
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Oct 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jesser 3 months ago
Really enjoyed making this one! Here's another one of my favorites - us-first.info/player/video/ebqHg3uUonyCa3k.html
Roblox Fan
Roblox Fan Month ago
Where is cash?
alina denberg
alina denberg Month ago
Antonette Renfro
Norman 3Hunna
Norman 3Hunna 2 months ago
Yall need to work on your jump shots except kris
Carl Nathan Ocampo
Mopi just yust your right hand
Aj Santos
Aj Santos 6 days ago
I love how they make you think it’s going in😂
Jake Gang
Jake Gang 13 days ago
I am confused why is mopi still there
LIA HIGHLIGHTS 13 days ago
yvonne watkins
yvonne watkins 23 days ago
Big fan jesser
Amy Sharp
Amy Sharp 27 days ago
i jus wanna point out that when he put mopis face that was a little gril surrounded by grown men
Ankle Collector 19
Ankle Collector 19 27 days ago
5:00 kris doesn’t miss those
Leah Miller
Leah Miller 27 days ago
I wish I could join 2hype but I can’t because I’m only 7 and basketball is my mane sport
BHK Day ago
2hype jr
Jorge Gonzalez lopez
U guys are so garbage at basketball I will 1v1 each one of u guys and win by 5 and game to 12
Landon jr Howland
Landon jr Howland 25 days ago
If kris is trying youre getting destroyed
win_Royal 29 days ago
Guys some one gotta make this a meme 2:30
Coltin Harsh
Coltin Harsh Month ago
Hey jesser
SirMize Month ago
This was just sad
Mindless-Gaming Month ago
Imagined how hood Chris’s jumper would be if he tucked his elbow in more and flicked the ball a little harder for more rotation
Brayden Belskis
Brayden Belskis Month ago
Yo how he mobile lost to a 12-year-old named Don j
Finn Heck
Finn Heck Month ago
I love to watch you guys
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Month ago
God bless y’all!!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
Bryce Wigington
Bryce Wigington Month ago
Xyler Wiseman
Xyler Wiseman Month ago
I want you to play but if I play I can beat you in football and basketball
Mario Bables
Mario Bables Month ago
When cris made that half court shot I said never doubt tall niggas
How did kris make that?
This is insane broth
Nic DiLo
Nic DiLo Month ago
4:15 lmao
Jmar 34
Jmar 34 Month ago
First to 4 mil Jesse or Tommy innit they both have 3.3
Mahkai Bailey
Mahkai Bailey Month ago
Marcavious Roane
What do the tiles do
Angie Thompson
Angie Thompson Month ago
Dominic Senpai
Dominic Senpai Month ago
This would have been better if they got all the gifts first and then they steal the big gifts from each other
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming Month ago
kris body goes straight when shoot the half court shot
Varun Balram
Varun Balram Month ago
My room costs $500 for god's sake
Bryce Manning
Bryce Manning Month ago
0:23 haha 😂 Mitchell’s face
Kaanav Month ago
James was so hype when someone else made a shot lmao
Tzviel Kahan
Tzviel Kahan Month ago
i love kris's half-court shooting form
Ryan Duty
Ryan Duty Month ago
James: Makes half court shot Also James: I cannot shoot today
ShEd _
ShEd _ Month ago
That edit 1:37
daniel socool
daniel socool Month ago
It's way 2 hype
Jayden Goly
Jayden Goly Month ago
What are the tiles they were talking about
Chandra Vislay
Chandra Vislay Month ago
You guys are awesome
A.Michael D
A.Michael D Month ago
You should have humiliations for every time you miss!! Worse humiliations for the more expensive gifts, and every time you miss they get doubled or something 🤣😎
Jaxon Miehle
Jaxon Miehle Month ago
cmon 100k likes
TLovesGreens Month ago
Juju Nuts
Juju Nuts Month ago
Mopie back
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer Month ago
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple😊......😊😊😊
Nacho Olmedo
Nacho Olmedo Month ago
12:19 hahaha
Noah Hallahan
Noah Hallahan Month ago
Hay can i plz be in one of your videos
Yoboy Cookie
Yoboy Cookie Month ago
Zach only looks at all the stuff because he is getting old
James Reece
James Reece Month ago
Have any of these shot a basketball in their life before . Bball channel for non players it’s horrible to watch
Marcus Hinks
Marcus Hinks Month ago
Miss SkskmSkskm
Joshua Tobiasz
Joshua Tobiasz Month ago
GAMING OVER 9000 #goodatgames
When tall guy sniff 5 hundo tho
nice 😃
THE DOG BOTS Month ago
James: makes half court Later:can’t shoot today
Krystal Keyes
Krystal Keyes Month ago
Your such a good friend Jesser 😇😍😇
Tree Daddy
Tree Daddy Month ago
Qw is a great 👍 woman and a great 👍
Tree Daddy
Tree Daddy Month ago
LYNX Month ago
Türklerden içerik çalmak mı duymamış olayım
Cameron Brock
Cameron Brock 2 months ago
I,could not see if mobi got him
Landon Doi
Landon Doi 2 months ago
The guy in blue...His fall through 😫
Gameing with Brandon
What’s up
C R O M A T A Y T 2 months ago
Where is mopi
THE KIDD LANDEN 2 months ago
I read the title as whoever makes the shot I’ll buy you anything😂
Sattdaddy 23
Sattdaddy 23 2 months ago
Hey i dont teach my kids to swear or use gods name in vein, i ask you to stop or i will no further watch the videos with my children. Thank you
TheOnlyFury 2 months ago
We just gonna ignore 1:36
Lou diamond Macaraig
No way
Cooper Dinnebier
Cooper Dinnebier 2 months ago
What kind of tiles do they mean?
Shawn Seeney
Shawn Seeney 2 months ago
Finn Oneill
Finn Oneill 2 months ago
Amber Ahmed
Amber Ahmed 2 months ago
He saying the s word
Rambo :D
Rambo :D 2 months ago
Mopi and flight will be a good match up who’s with me let’s make this happen
Desmond Baker
Desmond Baker 2 months ago
Can you sub to rocket cheez its ok if not
You Start
You Start 2 months ago
That tall guy is a waste of height he is so bad at basketball he has no future in playing it
vLxckss 2 months ago
BaBy Sn1p3z
BaBy Sn1p3z 2 months ago
Erica Moore
Erica Moore 2 months ago
Can you do a whatever shot you make I’ll by with your fans
Nick Overlock
Nick Overlock 2 months ago
OhMyItsRy 2 months ago
Time to up my content 😂
Mike Apila
Mike Apila 2 months ago
There all trash’s
O'Solomon Fitzhugh
O'Solomon Fitzhugh 2 months ago
@Mike Apila you said please learned i'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mike Apila
Mike Apila 2 months ago
@O'Solomon Fitzhugh in your country, we all know property name it’s “MOM” not mum
O'Solomon Fitzhugh
O'Solomon Fitzhugh 2 months ago
@Mike Apila and mum is also mom
Mike Apila
Mike Apila 2 months ago
@O'Solomon Fitzhugh what about your mom by the way it’s “MOM” not mum and it’s “your” not ur. if your going to insult me at lest learned how to spells
O'Solomon Fitzhugh
O'Solomon Fitzhugh 2 months ago
ur mum
serge kouam
serge kouam 2 months ago
did kris fake that ankle breaker
serge kouam
serge kouam 2 months ago
and kris too
serge kouam
serge kouam 2 months ago
a kris
serge kouam
serge kouam 2 months ago
and mitch called that last shot
John Caleb
John Caleb 2 months ago
Full court laptop faze rug half court Lamborghini
Gilang C
Gilang C 2 months ago
Mrbeast poor version
Luke Quinn
Luke Quinn 2 months ago
Uhhhh The Title?
Montey Gaming
Montey Gaming 2 months ago
Mopi ur shots arent weak, you gotta work on that release and follow through
Logxns WRLD
Logxns WRLD 2 months ago
How does mopi make a half court but not a simple mid range jumper
equip 2 months ago
Was 1:37 racist idk b's and all it is is black people all around
equip 2 months ago
Dont say gods name in vain
Isaiah Soikham
Isaiah Soikham 2 months ago
They didn’t invite faze rug because rug destroyed 2hype last time and took most prices
Kahlil Easton
Kahlil Easton 2 months ago
Seeing lsk limp run kinda mad me sad
General Awesomeness
General Awesomeness 2 months ago
Zach has literally the smoothest jump shot ever! 😮
Trick_poke 2 months ago
2k in real life
Jeremiah Rolleri
Jeremiah Rolleri 2 months ago
Jeremiah Rolleri
Jeremiah Rolleri 2 months ago
Jeremiah Rolleri
Jeremiah Rolleri 2 months ago
Jeremiah Rolleri
Jeremiah Rolleri 2 months ago
Jeremiah Rolleri
Jeremiah Rolleri 2 months ago
Fuelz 2 months ago
Lol FaZe Rug did the same thing
Deveron Bartley
Deveron Bartley 2 months ago
Marques Berry
Marques Berry 2 months ago
Where y'all go hoop at somebody need to teach yall 🤧☣️
Elvis Bucumi
Elvis Bucumi 2 months ago
zach is king winner
Elvis Bucumi
Elvis Bucumi 2 months ago
my team is zach
Erick Matias
Erick Matias 2 months ago
Stevewilldoit theme 7:26