Trying WEIRDEST Pool Products on AMAZON 

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Today me and the boys test out pool products from amazon
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Trying WEIRDEST Basketball Training Products on AMAZON
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CRAZY Amazon Items I Can't Believe You Can Buy...
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Aug 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
Bob Bosch
Bob Bosch 14 days ago
I it just me or does mopi always gets cramps
Hayden Kim
Hayden Kim 21 day ago
Naruto Shippuden: “people who abandon their comrades are worse than scum” Hatake Kakashi Jesser: abandons his friends and used them as a tool for money
Yo boi Matthew
Yo boi Matthew 24 days ago
Can we just say that Rick said give me your glizzzy
Matt the gamer
Matt the gamer Month ago
10:57 James charging that up
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Month ago
To the person who is reading this God bless you and have a wonderful rest of your day✨
Youtube Bros
Youtube Bros Month ago
James is the glizzy gladiator
Parker Johnston
Parker Johnston 2 months ago
1:10 chillin with the boys
Swordzy 2 months ago
they do realise they were meant to put air in the wubble then water right?
KAY Le 2 months ago
Jesser: I give it a 10 out of 10 D.Wade: i'll give it a 9
Finessed EZ
Finessed EZ 2 months ago
4:42 “Ew get it away grandpa”😂
Matthew Chidiac
Matthew Chidiac 2 months ago
2:07, when Mitchell regrets what he says
Joe Cognac
Joe Cognac 3 months ago
Your videos are awesome 😎🤩
Joe Cognac
Joe Cognac 3 months ago
I didn’t know rick was that much taller then mopi to 😂
Samuel Blickle
Samuel Blickle 3 months ago
Ew ew get it away grandpa
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough 3 months ago
Bro i not putting my legs between a hot dog
Capz 3 months ago
You have to be 6+ sorry mopi no 2 year olds
VohElite 4 months ago
jesse what the hell is floating around in yo pool
Diver Diggs
Diver Diggs 4 months ago
It seems so gay in the circle
stephcurrygod30 4 months ago
Supreme underwears😎😎😎😎😂
WILBERT MENA 4 months ago
2:10 “let it rip” ay 😎
Wyatt Bingham
Wyatt Bingham 4 months ago
Imagine not knowing how to ride a bull...
Rocky the Bearded Dragon
my friends grandparents pool has that exact inflatable bull
Meliodas FN
Meliodas FN 4 months ago
Never said nohomo
Esteban Guevara
Esteban Guevara 4 months ago
1:13 Tyler’s leg😣
Weemizzzle 4 months ago
Yo rick grabbed James wiener 10:58
1 Flores
1 Flores 4 months ago
Synx fn
Synx fn 4 months ago
I tore my acl on that bull
Kevin Barrera
Kevin Barrera 4 months ago
This vid was so funny do another one
TheBeastG101 4 months ago
True true
The Volttrusty
The Volttrusty 4 months ago
Jesse lost weight
Dimez 4 months ago
Wit the shark torpedo u supposed to be out of the pool and throw it in
Zach Beast man
Zach Beast man 4 months ago
Challenge idea, who can stay in water sphere longest
SPCWilmington 4 months ago
Imagine jesser liked this comment tho?
Joshua boi yub
Joshua boi yub 5 months ago
Get them mopi
Max Backstein
Max Backstein 5 months ago
OG’S remember when he did this with basketball products
Quack 5 months ago
You don’t throw a torpedo already in the water you throw it from outside of the water into the pool
yossi Fyb
yossi Fyb 5 months ago
Is it me or was rick a lil too good at the bull 😂
SDP d0ve
SDP d0ve 5 months ago
I have the same volly ball thing from the beach
Garrett Cox
Garrett Cox 5 months ago
Anybody else realize how dirty the pool is
Keaton Gadd
Keaton Gadd 5 months ago
1:13 ouch
Gregory Gurtler
Gregory Gurtler 5 months ago
maybe just do weird amazon products just in general, idk but i love these kind of vids
XxDannyKillerxX 5 months ago
9:28 the pool is dirtier than I thought as least just has a bunch of stuff in it
XxDannyKillerxX 5 months ago
0:38 “I’m 5’11” that’s some immaculate great cap right there
Elijah O’Brien
Elijah O’Brien 5 months ago
How does Jess are only have 3 million subscribers he is such a legend
James Sarbacker
James Sarbacker 5 months ago
My cousins have the bull
Nick Sisk
Nick Sisk 5 months ago
Jesse needs to clean his pool😂
WRX ACE 5 months ago
Jeidel in the glizzy battles was so funny
WRX ACE 5 months ago
I’m not a go pro🤣🤣🤣
Yasir Hamdan
Yasir Hamdan 5 months ago
I have the same volleyball net
Maytor Coco
Maytor Coco 5 months ago
Maytor Coco
Maytor Coco 5 months ago
Maytor Coco
Maytor Coco 5 months ago
Maytor Coco
Maytor Coco 5 months ago
Maytor Coco
Maytor Coco 5 months ago
Josh Couchman
Josh Couchman 5 months ago
Ew ew ew. Get your sack away grandpa! 🤣
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
jesser swimming at bucketsquat house🏠
Jourdain Ndomb
Jourdain Ndomb 5 months ago
West side crips🏧🏧🔷🔷💧🧢💦🔵🔵🔵🌊🌊🦋🐬🐳🐬🐟🦕🦕❄️💧💦💧❄️🌊
STYX Lime 5 months ago
Jeidel really sweats at pool volleyball 😂😂
ElGoat1027 5 months ago
James literally sweats in everything lmaooo
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
jesser out mopi at water😆
Kaleb 5 months ago
kids named Johnathan ಠ_ಠ
Spooky Bandzz
Spooky Bandzz 5 months ago
Yo Jesse I love your vids keep up the work and never stop grinding 💯🎯
YoItsFreshy 5 months ago
It’s not summer for me anymore
HxldMyGreenz 5 months ago
Rick is not 5’11 mopi is 5’5 Rick is atleast 5’6
kbcamacho 5 months ago
Water balloons condoms sus
Troy Peterson Maniram
Can the best pack opener come back😭to 2k21
Connxr_ FF
Connxr_ FF 5 months ago
Banger idea First to win fall guys wins 1000 dollars all in deprecate games
Trey Will
Trey Will 5 months ago
The only word 2 hype say is vibe
Markos Nikitiades
Markos Nikitiades 5 months ago
Crippled mode
Crippled mode 5 months ago
When Mitchell was making those wubble balloon jokes I couldnt💀
Tree 5 months ago
The SharkPedo would be good to play fetch with. Just yeet it and everyone else races to get it.
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller 5 months ago
Wait Tyler and rick are actually brothers
Dna Ewok
Dna Ewok 5 months ago
Jesse I was wondering if we can talk about something please answering. I got snap so we can talk
Help Me Reach 1k Subscribers Without A Video
You know jessser is a homie when he carried mopi out of the water
Santana Cisneros
Santana Cisneros 5 months ago
You know mopi been through some stuff the way he said “ get your sack away from me grandpa”
BigGrxens 2k
BigGrxens 2k 5 months ago
1:12 lmao 😂
Noah Soule
Noah Soule 5 months ago
James is still a try hard in pool volleyball
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
very funny
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
jesser and mopi funny
Yeetname 5 months ago
Jesse you should make a humprey vlog
Will Low
Will Low 5 months ago
I know Jesse will not read this, but Jesse should make a return of road to the playoffs when 2k21 comes out....
NotEpic DF
NotEpic DF 5 months ago
h chain for algorithm
Mr. Lenny
Mr. Lenny 5 months ago
10:55 LoL
vLoadinnNE 5 months ago
who remembers the 2 million sub fortnite stream that was legendary
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez 5 months ago
0:03 James off a Perc 30
Barzeli Schneider
Barzeli Schneider 5 months ago
Do a whole vid on the hot dog floaty battles
Yotam Roland
Yotam Roland 5 months ago
Imagine getting a bunch of the inflatable squirters and just having pool battles
smarty lamb
smarty lamb 5 months ago
Mopi: “grandpa get ur sack away”
Stackitupjay 5 months ago
Am I the only one that would want to see a volleyball series
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 5 months ago
Clean your pool
Thomas Bowman
Thomas Bowman 5 months ago
Bro the basket court in the background looked insane that is where some.sick videos are gonna be filmed
BBV Highlights
BBV Highlights 5 months ago
bru why your pool so dirty
xoTexxts 5 months ago
Now, these are the real glizzy gladiators.
Allyn Montalvo
Allyn Montalvo 5 months ago
When did jesser replace his volleyball court with a basketball court?
Quinn Hatlestad
Quinn Hatlestad 5 months ago
We bought the ufo one and it is amazing😂
HeCtOr aNdUjAr
HeCtOr aNdUjAr 5 months ago
Anybody else notice at 1:12 I know that hurts bad 😭🦵🏼
Jackson Gribben
Jackson Gribben 5 months ago
My friend has the bull rider float. Lol😂
NinjaTambo 5 months ago
How is Rick 5,11 if he is shorter than cash lol
Nate Selvers
Nate Selvers 5 months ago
5 guys sitting in a hot tub five feet away cuz we’re not gay
WhiteThunder 5 months ago
Just sad bro, I miss the old Jesser man. Watching a grown man play with pool toys that I used to idolize is the worst feeling bro.
here comes the sun
here comes the sun