Truth Or Drink With Kristopher London 

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You guys really enjoyed the last one, so I'm back with another truth or drink, this time with Kris!
Checkout the drinking video we did for@Kristopher London us-first.info/player/video/j813ap59YHyck58.html
Truth Or Drink With Best Friend
► us-first.info/player/video/qsmUf6B2pHl5mGg.html
2 Truths And 1 LIE Challenge! With 2HYPE House
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Dec 8, 2020




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Comments 100   
Deandre Schlabach
Kris and Jesse are the only Biden supporters i support
JT Gaming
JT Gaming 8 days ago
he hates mopi
PeteTheTall Kid
PeteTheTall Kid 8 days ago
“It’s not gay, bro.” “THAT’S SO FUCKING GAY BRO!” 💀💀💀💀💀
Chris Mccoy
Chris Mccoy 12 days ago
we all know that bottle of ciroc be hittin dem hard asl
Preston Asante
Preston Asante 12 days ago
Dude Jesse is hella sus now
Fok U
Fok U 12 days ago
I swear kris looks familiar I lived about 20 or 30 minutes away from the college he went to in Tulsa Oklahoma
Affan Ahmed
Affan Ahmed 13 days ago
David Lopez
David Lopez 13 days ago
fuck 2 hype what they did to mopi was not okay
clayton davidson
clayton davidson 14 days ago
Sober October didn’t age well 😂😂😳
Bum bum Lll
Bum bum Lll 14 days ago
Damn that ciroc look fire why u cover it
10K 15 days ago
I’ll rob you
Jaimeer Hudson
Jaimeer Hudson 16 days ago
Jesse and kris so bad and not , trash
Hayden Kim
Hayden Kim 17 days ago
Naruto Shippuden: “people who abandon their comrades are worse than scum” Hatake Kakashi Jesser: abandons his friends and used them as a tool for money
Trace Mcsorley
Trace Mcsorley 17 days ago
Kris is PLASTERED bruh that boy HAMMERED
Ville Uprise
Ville Uprise 17 days ago
Matthew Merilatt
Matthew Merilatt 18 days ago
Yo kris said he legally can’t say who he hates that might have been a hint to the ceice and disist
Patriotsdude7 Gaming
The hurt quince monthly bore because windshield prospectively suck on a giddy gliding. puffy, deeply creature
Travis Warren
Travis Warren 19 days ago
His worst habit is stickin his tongue out while smiling lol look stupid as hell lol he does it every thumbnail haha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aryan Patel
Aryan Patel 20 days ago
3rd question didnt age well 😳
Carter Cayo
Carter Cayo 21 day ago
Jesser why did you lie to us
Tyler Hamm
Tyler Hamm 22 days ago
Bro jesser is funny af 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
S̶t̶e̶v̶e̶n̶ 25 days ago
drunk Jesse is the best 🤣🤣
Accul 26 days ago
Kris first would you rather question should’ve been answered by saying, he shat on Andre Drummonds Ex Girlfriend, to this day I still don’t know if that was a true story or not 😂
Maxwell Viertlbeck
Maxwell Viertlbeck 27 days ago
Trump 2020
Nate Davies
Nate Davies 29 days ago
Pieces of crap
Cprazer_ 29 days ago
i fucking love this series plz do more its soooooooo funny
Lane Cheak
Lane Cheak Month ago
I thought that was jack Harlow
Landon Smith
Landon Smith Month ago
in quarantine I've went a week several times without showering
Prettyboy Month ago
Keep on doing these videos these videos are fucking funny
Ash Gre
Ash Gre Month ago
got get kris’s “videos”
Raythegamerboy C
Lesser PAUSEEEE Lmao😂
Jackson Campbell
Fake fake fake ass people
Reuben Sauceda
Reuben Sauceda Month ago
shawn mendes is a boy so jesser dates boys lolololo.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Month ago
I’m 17 and can hang more then them😭 w that dark likka
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen Month ago
ウェズリーUzi fan
Stay woke
Hunter Zuder
Hunter Zuder Month ago
They drinking ciroc 🤘😂😂
Itz Davon
Itz Davon Month ago
I called that man so quick damn
Omar Mrabet
Omar Mrabet Month ago
3:35 It’s about All the Ex 2hype members for sure
Hunter Starbeck
Hunter Starbeck Month ago
Trump is better than sleepy joe
Abby Vasquez
Abby Vasquez Month ago
Kris just giving out info to the people😂
AccursedBlade Month ago
David Vela
David Vela Month ago
Damn jesser
Quinn Hatlestad
Quinn Hatlestad Month ago
Jesser deactivated his comments
Sxm Month ago
Tough times
David Vela
David Vela Month ago
Jaimie Joyner
Jaimie Joyner Month ago
I just subscribe
The Real Wave
The Real Wave Month ago
Funniest videos
Suburban Outkast
Someone tell Kris to bring back storytelling
sPz_ mj
sPz_ mj Month ago
I can’t find the card site can someone drop the link
Rutvik Kodipaka
Rutvik Kodipaka Month ago
Francisco Santiago
And fucking kris said I would do a only fans 🤣🤣🤣
Francisco Santiago
Omg Jessie is sus 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marquis Parson
Marquis Parson Month ago
Man I hate seeing them do this type of stuff, but keep doing what ya do
Yoboy Cookie
Yoboy Cookie Month ago
Bruh the text community doesn’t even let me in it says I need to be 13 I am 15
Amy Bickford
Amy Bickford Month ago
Damn Jessie is sus
Textbook Sports
Textbook Sports Month ago
raspberry ciroc
Wyatt Berry
Wyatt Berry Month ago
more of theeseeeeee
Luke Mccorkle
Luke Mccorkle Month ago
Kris a lightweight bruh💀
Logan Berry
Logan Berry Month ago
Is it bad that I know that’s a ciroc bottle
Fernando Ynoa
Fernando Ynoa Month ago
One of the funniest videos
Cole Murray
Cole Murray Month ago
trump 2020
Margieluh Month ago
funniest vid ever LMFAOO
Douglas Gibson
Douglas Gibson Month ago
Trump 2020
The Toxins
The Toxins Month ago
Best vid ever
orange fountain
orange fountain Month ago
Dude Jessie is says stuff that is sus when he is drunk
Zay Kashwayy
Zay Kashwayy Month ago
he said “bro im giving my homies this 🐱... im not gay bro” im deaddd💀
Jswervo Gaming
Jswervo Gaming Month ago
instagram- jswervotv
Jason Awalt
Jason Awalt Month ago
I love you guy’s
Violates Month ago
That was the most sus thing that has ever came outta Jessers mouth.
Will Month ago
14:44 lmao
Pizza Roll
Pizza Roll Month ago
I absolutely love these videos please do more
Jaxson Morkis
Jaxson Morkis Month ago
Definitely do more of these funniest two videos I’ve watched in a minute
Colton Peters
Colton Peters Month ago
14:37 officially made jesser the most sus in 2hype lol 😂
Colton Clay
Colton Clay 17 days ago
Yeah he always be sus him and Kris
bro im a trump suporter but i respect you guys beliefs and still love your guys vids
Aedan Rowhani
Aedan Rowhani Month ago
Jesser is so funny
Aedan Rowhani
Aedan Rowhani Month ago
Same jesser I always wait for people to talk first
Loganzo Is better than you
You can tell that Kris was drunk after the first shot
Crew Meints
Crew Meints Month ago
Trump in my opinion is a good president
Jackson Gilmore
Jackson Gilmore Month ago
I think Jesse had a few too many shots before that last one.
Morgan Stiles
Morgan Stiles Month ago
Yo keep doing this vids
Cooper gaming1ox
My thoughts on Jesser have changed forever
Stetson LeFurgey
Why did you guys pick ciroc
Tyson Bryant
Tyson Bryant Month ago
Jesser you something else after that last question🤣🤣😂
Hector Watt
Hector Watt Month ago
Okay Jesse “give the homies this p” that is one of the weirdest things he has ever said
Rsg Aidan
Rsg Aidan Month ago
Y’all drinking ciroc
Yuvi Dahiya
Yuvi Dahiya Month ago
I am dying of laughter
Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter Month ago
I support Trump but I support your opinion and I will still love your vids no matter what bro. RESPECT!🙏🏻🙏🏻
Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter Month ago
@TheVeezyTV thx u too
TheVeezyTV Month ago
you're a great person bro, much respect.
I oNlY sAy fAcTs
Idk who's more freaky if Kris or Jesser bro 😂😂😂😂😂
BIG CHINA Month ago
Keep on making dope content brotha! 🔥💯✌️
Camden Anthony
Camden Anthony Month ago
what did he sayyyyyeyeyeyeyyyy?!?!?!?!!!???!
Bx Forever
Bx Forever Month ago
Notice how they moved the pillow
barbarian fool
barbarian fool Month ago
Yuvraj Doshi
Yuvraj Doshi Month ago
9:34 answer is nazanin 😂😂
Ricky Castillo
Ricky Castillo Month ago
U need help
Spy Bro 32
Spy Bro 32 Month ago
As a massive trump supporter you shouldn’t care about their political views that’s not what you watch them for. I respect their opinion and they’re still my favorite youtubers
Rbl6n6Fresh Month ago
I love the drunk videos no cap they be shlappin !
Xavier Braxton
Xavier Braxton Month ago
let see one with rick
Charles Grier_III
pause " what did he sayyyyyyy" give the homies what ?
Bomber Glass Glass
i swear these vids should be made into podcasts where they are both drinking and chatting about stupid shit. it would be FIRE
MikeyNBNS Month ago
It’s been 2 questions Kris: na this is the second question
Marcus Manda
Marcus Manda Month ago
this had me so dead
Alex Wolford
Alex Wolford Month ago
I am such a big fan
2HYPE House Olympics!