The Truth to Tyler Leaving 2HYPE 

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My Response to Mopi leaving 2HYPE
Links to information on addiction


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Jan 3, 2021




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okimcool 33 minutes ago
Desmond Thomas
Jess I'm sad😭😭
Yourlocalhood 8 hours ago
I speedrunned wow wow wubbzy
No Body Cares
No Body Cares 9 hours ago
Post more bro
Slapppy Ft
Slapppy Ft 9 hours ago
I’m un subscribing Tyler is telling the truth u lying
Colin Merriman
Colin Merriman 10 hours ago
when you gonna post again?
Jody Alter
Jody Alter 13 hours ago
Throwback to Peter please jesser
BBplayerz 14 hours ago
Jesser is a liar
BBplayerz 14 hours ago
Messed is a liar
FR3AKz CLIPz 15 hours ago
Watch my US-first 2 see Jesser mixed with Vin Diesel
FR3AKz CLIPz 15 hours ago
At OneHunrd Thieves
Landon Duke
Landon Duke 15 hours ago
Watch my US-first of Jesser mixed With Vin Diesel
Fred Partridge
Fred Partridge 16 hours ago
Yo jesser is one of the nicest US-firstr I have ever seen
Andrew W
Andrew W 17 hours ago
I trust jesser because Tyler isn’t putting any of those emails in. And jesser didn’t just type out those emails out. Tyler is strait up lying. I’m sorry for what Tyler is going through. And I also feel bad for jesser for losing one of his best friends. And I know that crap is mest up. I’m sorry Jesse.
Dylan Pinard
Dylan Pinard 21 hour ago
Tyler: I never cared about the money Also Tyler: I’m not saying the word because of demonization
Garrett Secor
Garrett Secor 16 hours ago
way different lol
Simon jw119
Simon jw119 Day ago
Mopi= crybaby
Lulupig 8 hours ago
Austin Lei
Austin Lei Day ago
Bruh Jesser Mopi is obviously telling the truth
ian Day ago
bruhh mopi blew a 3-1
Mike DiGilarmo
Cuz everyday I type up your name and it says a week ago or two weeks
Mike DiGilarmo
Why was the last time you posted two weeks ago
BreezySteve Day ago
Jesse KandyKen is pregnant
Nicole Pride
Nicole Pride Day ago
Jesse's why would u do that to Mopi I know your capping and now I unsubscribed
Joe Mcghee
Joe Mcghee Day ago
Can u start uploading please
Summit Day ago
Th St lisc
Lalmalsawma Hrahsel
I wanna hear the story from Jeff, Rick and Jason's perspective, even Garth, just from the perspective of their crew
Lalmalsawma Hrahsel
Jesse just keep bringing their past up is starting to make me believe Tyler more... I'm not really sure why tho
Owen Faulk
Owen Faulk Day ago
When are you going to start posting :(
Alva Cassel
Alva Cassel Day ago
Shut up jessy
Tallon Tovar
Tallon Tovar Day ago
And to think that Tyler used to be my favorite
Golden Radorz
Golden Radorz 2 days ago
What if cash told the truth but his intro is still yooooooo was good everybody
Jyoti Tewari Advocate
mopi is sooooo clever dude . mopi is a bad person .
Clamp _TheGoat
Clamp _TheGoat 2 days ago
Bro if 2hype becomes a dead channel I’m going to AMP
Skille 101
Skille 101 2 days ago
What if everybody needs rehab?
Benjamin Pinter
Benjamin Pinter 2 days ago
In gonna miss the old 2hype
the thing that should not be
Jesse please upload bro miss the vids
Daniel Greathouse
Would 2k pack Jesser approve of how he turned out now??
SCRNG Gamer 2 days ago
SCRNG Gamer 2 days ago
SCRNG Gamer 2 days ago
YEET 2 days ago
Can old man zack dunk
Big Man Tings
Big Man Tings 2 days ago
We need Todd back
Abyss amina
Abyss amina 2 days ago
Jordy Avila
Jordy Avila 2 days ago
Buubz 2 days ago
Jesse, no. Just no. Your being a liar.
Question Mark
Question Mark 19 hours ago
@Sill all you said was I can’t say anything now, that’s it, nothing important
Sill 22 hours ago
@Question Mark yet u didn’t respond to what I said bc u can’t
Question Mark
Question Mark 2 days ago
@Sill until mopi makes a response then I’m on Jesses side
Sill 2 days ago
@Question Mark exactly u can’t say anything now
Question Mark
Question Mark 2 days ago
Mopi did lie about jesser not trying to help him though, he showed text and in Mopis vid he said that Jesse didn’t care and that was a lie
avenues 2 days ago
hes capping so hard
Sill 2 days ago
@Jona Alstern now u can’t say nothing smh
Jona Alstern
Jona Alstern 2 days ago
How is showing mopi texts cappin 💀🤦🏾‍♂️
DaBigEdits 2 days ago
There is only Jesser no more Jesse. Jesser you got my dislike.
Migz NBA
Migz NBA 2 days ago
There is no more Dana, only zul
Isaiah Des Jardins
Slip n slide highlights
Bob’s Mustache
Bob’s Mustache 2 days ago
Tyler lowkey hittin the weed too hard
thuvi himal
thuvi himal 2 days ago
idk who to believe now
Sill 2 days ago
Watch Lerix on US-first he breaks down everything
Paul Mahfouz
Paul Mahfouz 2 days ago
I would trust jesser the most cause he is the one who made 2Hype
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Day ago
so??? If anything, it shows that he’s in a position with power and could use that to his advantage against his friends
Dondi Day ago
Dude this guy is clout and money hungry he doesn’t see the people he’s with as “friends” he sees them as a money tool and uses them and abuses them.
the survivor
the survivor 2 days ago
@Sill 😭😭😂😂 facts wtf wat does that got to do wit anything
Sill 2 days ago
How does that matter
Chandler Miller
Chandler Miller 2 days ago
Higher scecit that dude seven front
Chandler Miller
Chandler Miller 2 days ago
Dont talk about addiction and but him on blast yall grown men get off the internet
Gabbi Break ankles all day
Me thinking you guys are the bad guys
the survivor
the survivor 2 days ago
They kinda still the bad guys tho except for zack and kris
Shrekisth3best Ogre
Your in the wrong.Face it. Just own up to the truth and don’t lie to your fans. I thought you were a nice guy but well I see why you are not now.
Robert Epp
Robert Epp 2 days ago
jesser candy ken is about to have a baby
Jays Everyday
Jays Everyday 2 days ago
Mopi is really just a wimpy dude.. he needs to man up and take care of himself as everyone else is trying to take care of themselves. Everyone goes through stuff mopi & the strong wolves pull themselves through , the sheep depend on others...
the survivor
the survivor 2 days ago
Wat u r sayin legit makes no sense and makes me think u got dropped as a kid or sum cuz wat u sayin is jus 🤮
Jacklyn Davis
Jacklyn Davis 2 days ago
who cares anymore career is dead now
Traevion Brown
Traevion Brown 3 days ago
Jesse don’t let Tyler go homeless even with all he said
H Sal
H Sal 3 days ago
matt the cool dude
i use to have respect for this dude
jerkle face
jerkle face 3 days ago
I don”t know who to believe
Karlo Prorokovic
Karlo Prorokovic 3 days ago
At this point idk who to believe
Rama 3 days ago
Dont belive jesser its obvious he has changed
Noah Smith
Noah Smith 3 days ago
leave 2hype bro
Adan Solis
Adan Solis 3 days ago
Mopi is telling the truth and your not Jesser your a liar
Lornick Channel
Lornick Channel 4 days ago
Fully support
YoBoy Ace
YoBoy Ace 4 days ago
Oscar Santiago
Oscar Santiago 4 days ago
I mean mopi aint the 1st wrong soo
JJ DEO 4 days ago
Zander Garrison
Zander Garrison 4 days ago
Anyone notice if Tyler was saying an important detail he didn’t know what to say?
YIWEI TANG 4 days ago
I can’t believe jesser still being delusional
Demetra Daniels
Demetra Daniels 4 days ago
Mopi is wrong in this situation
Sill 22 hours ago
@the survivor how is mopi wrong
the survivor
the survivor 2 days ago
How is mopi in the wrong?
Demetra Daniels
Demetra Daniels 4 days ago
Mistzy_DeD 4 days ago
Hey jesser im gonna ask a question do you still have your lamborghini aventedor
Emani Gonzales
Emani Gonzales 4 days ago
Mateja Lazic
Mateja Lazic 4 days ago
Man stfu
TomDooz 4 days ago
The fact that u dont wanna meet your fans is sad Lost me as a sub man
TomDooz 4 days ago
Caleb West
Caleb West 4 days ago
Bro why does Tyler have to say sorry to u for something his parent did first
Sill Day ago
Exactly bro
Cold 4 days ago
F u jesser
Jackson Allison
Jackson Allison 5 days ago
Who else wondering how many subscribers he will lose and juts everyone and wondering if 2hype will be no more ???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
dean Warren
dean Warren 5 days ago
idek who to belive this is making me sad cuz these guys were great content
the survivor
the survivor 2 days ago
@gz.1098 and who’s that?
gz.1098 4 days ago
believe the ones who brought evidence
randee 4
randee 4 5 days ago
Spooky Skeleton
Spooky Skeleton 5 days ago
What if Mopi left because Mitchell joined 2hype??
grinding for mansa hope i get in
Still think jesser in the wrong
Griffin Bunn
Griffin Bunn 5 days ago
Jezzer don’t forget about the sneaker collection
Assiraqa panji
Assiraqa panji 5 days ago
The truth me poop my pants
benpow24 5 days ago
i will watch the cash and chris videos to just to see what else comes up and who is right in this whole argument
benpow24 5 days ago
as for now, im on the jesser side because he was actually logical and he provided evidence and many more details
Alex Ganbold
Alex Ganbold 3 days ago
@Fin Rohnow yet the same goes for u
ihog alot
ihog alot 4 days ago
@Fin Rohnow dang u really got him there 😐😑
Fin Rohnow
Fin Rohnow 4 days ago
Shutup no one asked for your opinion
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover 5 days ago
The good news is you came a long way the bad news is you went the wrong way- j.cole
the survivor
the survivor 2 days ago
Wow that’s deep ❌🧢
Mary Griffin
Mary Griffin 5 days ago
15:53 Am I the only one who went to that vid and checked out the first minute😂
Noah Roj
Noah Roj 5 days ago
i love mopi man but his complaints sound really childish
Yoshi Panda #24
Yoshi Panda #24 5 days ago
Owen W
Owen W 5 days ago
mopi is complaininjg about a vr channel....
Sill 22 hours ago
The vr channels were made for extra money and Jesse took half the money that mopis channel made
Perfect onion
Perfect onion 5 days ago
Jesse you know what Tyler said about Kris and Zach,do you think what mopi said about them is truw
Bobby Hidalgo
Bobby Hidalgo 5 days ago
What about the part where he said that you guys were going to sue him if he said too much about you guys
Jlobz_8 5 days ago
no, they were going to sue him if he lied about 2hype and not tell the truth.
Jeff Jorgensen
Jeff Jorgensen 5 days ago
I got your jesser
davis dennis
davis dennis 5 days ago
me thinking its the best prank
Dare-Rious Smith
Dare-Rious Smith 5 days ago
Jesser is a good person hate me if u want
Modou Faye
Modou Faye 5 days ago
Mopi= top 10 anime betrayals😂
Lcrazyy 5 days ago
Yo I meant jesser you and me could run it up on fortnite
Lcrazyy 5 days ago
Yo messed you tryna run it up in some fortnite
Kameron McMichael
I Got Backstabbed...