Surprising Friends With 100 Mystery Amazon Presents! 

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In this video I wrapped 100 different Amazon presents, gathered my friends and opened all of them! The presents were different things from Target like a new TV, gucci shoes, and different forfeits!
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100 Random Presents Opening!
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100 Christmas Presents (over $10K) Opening!
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May 28, 2020




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Comments 100   
shajada akhter
shajada akhter 9 days ago
Zack is fried
Jocelyn Hopp
Jocelyn Hopp 9 days ago
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 9 days ago
Jesus and God love you ❤️
Mccardle's 4
Mccardle's 4 10 days ago
Logan theballer
Logan theballer 12 days ago
2021 anyone?
Felipe Castillo
Felipe Castillo 13 days ago
16:40 had me dying of laugher 😂😂
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 14 days ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
EM - 04PH 829476 Plum Tree Park PS
Who’s going to milk the cow?
Jay Moe
Jay Moe 25 days ago
4:15 😹
RedFrared 26 days ago
Ku-Zu 26 days ago
i'm dying of laughter
Ryan Hack
Ryan Hack 27 days ago
Aw no cash😞
Alec Townsend
Alec Townsend 27 days ago
bro when jiedel lost his fortnite axe head in the “ portal box” kris shouda said “ kenny go look in the box maybe you will find a better k/d”😂😂
Joe Guthrie
Joe Guthrie 28 days ago
When are we getting a Xmas one
Humaid Shaibani
Humaid Shaibani 28 days ago
Put some respect on youngboys name
Julian Ortega
Julian Ortega 29 days ago
Why did know one want to trade for the tv?
ZEZEaintEZ Month ago
1:03:37 “he’s a dog but identifies as a gator” 😂😂
Monica Morgan
Monica Morgan Month ago
The tidy sarah arguably signal because cord inevitably offend vice a near scanner. long, murky firewall
Taran Royyuru
Taran Royyuru Month ago
Is it me or am I still confused after all this time why pool is a bad dare
Iñaki Fenecios
Iñaki Fenecios Month ago
I feel bad for cameramen they never have time to shine
Hunter Gaddis
Hunter Gaddis Month ago
jesse u need a paper that says keep all of your items and nobody can take them
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog Month ago
What pants is Kenny wearing
Xsy Month ago
"They call me seagull eye" "Why do they call you seagull eye?" "Because I'm not quite eagle eye yet"
Jason Navarro
Jason Navarro Month ago
Binyamin Levy
Binyamin Levy Month ago
The nifty palm chronically force because perfume appropriately label following a various dietician. useful, bawdy nigeria
Noah Whitaker
Noah Whitaker Month ago
Jessie deserves ten mil for how much money he puts in his videos
East Los
East Los Month ago
Surprise mothers with children at shelters.....
Andrew Month ago
Jesus is always amazing!!!!!!!! Read the Bible!!!!!!!! And repent from all of your sins!!!!!
RedKnight 1631
RedKnight 1631 Month ago
No one: Kristopher London: white privileges
Monstahh Month ago
21:03 the best roast I’ve ever heard 😂😂😂
TaLeyah Tolliver
I died when he said .6 n****☠️🤣🤣
Emilynne Braue
Emilynne Braue Month ago
Bruh Mitchell and Jesse be the dynamic duo when it comes to jokes
Emilynne Braue
Emilynne Braue Month ago
Mitchell really do be the funniest
Nair_ Gaming
Nair_ Gaming Month ago
Half of the boxes are empty
Alex Month ago
Kenny doesnt fit mane
Will Alvarez
Will Alvarez Month ago
18:18 is the most hyped part ever.
Jplays Month ago
rewatching this a half year later, i realize now how smacked zach was🤣 he’s so fuckin funny
Felipe DeLaluz
Felipe DeLaluz Month ago
jesser make more of these
Byron Byerly
Byron Byerly Month ago
jesse is whereing the shirt from secret santa
Hector Alvarez
Hector Alvarez Month ago
Let’s hurry up and get to 100k likes!
Stan Nicol
Stan Nicol Month ago
Imagine if when they were doing the flips they landed on the fortnite pickaxe thing 😂
Tyson Nashiem
Tyson Nashiem Month ago
1:06:45 didn’t anyone else’s screen go black too
Cake Lil
Cake Lil 28 days ago
It your phone b
THIBB5 Month ago
35:41 cameraman does it stinks?? (Look at the guy with the shorts and the blue shirt)
Sydney Howell
Sydney Howell Month ago
who looked at the back and thought the gifts where cought on fire lol
Trey Simonson
Trey Simonson Month ago
Kenny’s present luck is worse than his cod skills
Lil Moby
Lil Moby Month ago
5,000th comment!
Graces Dickson
Graces Dickson Month ago
Kris really did James dirty
DURLZI Month ago
12:12 Someone said NANI😂😂
Kaden Seib
Kaden Seib Month ago
James is gay. I’d pay to swim at the 2hype pool, he’s complaining that he has to jump in. Jesse also gave him the sickest gifts and he’s complaining because he had to go seimming
Ready Set Show Podcast
Man Kenny doesn’t see these dudes be bullying him bad and he just takes it thinking it’s a joke! I thought it was at first but these dudes bullying this man and he doesn’t see what’s up 😂😂😂
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Month ago
48:36-48:45 Zack: “I see why your KD so sh*t you can’t see straight”🤣💀
TSGxNando Month ago
bro moochie literally reminds me of jim carrey XD
vate cagilab
vate cagilab Month ago
Nobody: Kenny:omg it’s Amazon box 🤣
joshua kim
joshua kim Month ago
1:12:00 imagine you’re at a sleepover with friends and their parents walk in on this😂
Tony Gamez
Tony Gamez Month ago
zach’s eyes were low afff👀🍃
joshua kim
joshua kim Month ago
28:16 “that’s my spider inna box maan” lmaooo
Miller Moon
Miller Moon Month ago
Shoutout michel man
Austin Lundy
Austin Lundy Month ago
39:00 almost died because of laughing. Kris: And Kenny's KD is a 0.6 N***a
NFB Flow
NFB Flow Month ago
Wait ... Christmas in may
zxntino Month ago
I wQqququbu bin iiq injujnuqqq
ZzroyalflushzZ Month ago
Did y’all hear them say bong at 12:47
Cake Lil
Cake Lil 28 days ago
Omg no tf they are grown ups
Celestine Jordan
Celestine Jordan 2 months ago
James. Jump. Pool
Breeon Price
Breeon Price 2 months ago
Kenny missed
Dylan O’Leary
Dylan O’Leary 2 months ago
38:23 best thing I’ve ever heard I am ded
Tyson Lewis
Tyson Lewis 2 months ago
Tyson Lewis
Tyson Lewis 2 months ago
Tyson Lewis
Tyson Lewis 2 months ago
Messer is rasist
Miya aaa
Miya aaa 2 months ago
Lol lol 😆
Miya aaa
Miya aaa 2 months ago
Pani 2 months ago
actually 0.75 speed is same as regular try it yourself
FrankTheJelly 2 months ago
I feel bad for Jason cause he just has to watch everyone open the presents
Jude Xu
Jude Xu 2 months ago
Love the content
Alicia Simpson
Alicia Simpson 2 months ago
Anyone: gets within 6 inches of a box Zack: "wOaH wOaH wOah!!!"
Aggro Coach
Aggro Coach 2 months ago
who else watching this in 2025
Miles Williams
Miles Williams 2 months ago
It’s crazy to see where Kenny is now from how he got introduced to the channel
Dylan Solomon
Dylan Solomon 2 months ago
That camera being near kris every time makes these vids so great
JayGoCrazy GC
JayGoCrazy GC 2 months ago
kris is smacked 😂, “that is white privileged” got me rolling😂💀
Cody Felt
Cody Felt 2 months ago
James is such a baby
Dom Activated
Dom Activated 2 months ago
Kris Kenny’s kd is. 0.6 nigga had me weak
Monique Washington
Monique Washington 2 months ago
Which one is it
unknown Dylan dennis
You should’ve put baby toys in the present lol 😂
Manuel Amador
Manuel Amador 2 months ago
James give a phone to the guy
Gian Revadavia
Gian Revadavia 2 months ago
James is salty for jumping in the pool 😂
Alejandro Rojas
Alejandro Rojas 2 months ago
why is james calfs so big bro it looks so weird
Hector Alvarez
Hector Alvarez 2 months ago
13:22 had me dead
Nutmeg 2 months ago
jesser: doing his intro nobody: zack: let me eat loudly here.
Jayden Mirelez
Jayden Mirelez 2 months ago
why did i think moochie was henry danger when he went lets go and no in rock paper scissors
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen 2 months ago
I’m convinced Zack, James, and Kris were faded ❌🧢 😂
KingOfDiamonds 2 months ago
Dam who else saw the hole thing
u_simp xd
u_simp xd 2 months ago
😂 this is so funny
Thoun Kingdom
Thoun Kingdom 2 months ago
Funny asf
BiÖtic Rooster
BiÖtic Rooster 2 months ago
31:01 and 32:46
ADUNG 2 months ago
Jesser is very humble
Barrett Cox
Barrett Cox 2 months ago
He spent more money on wrapping paper than on actual gifts lmao
jhon clinton corpuz
jhon clinton corpuz 2 months ago
I’m just waiting for them to punt one of the boxes
yeeh 2 months ago
I kinda feel bad for kenny
IMbubbaYT 2 months ago
Almost went insane, went insane, went insane From all this pain, all this pain, all this pain
_ Panicgiant
_ Panicgiant 2 months ago
48:36 I almost died that was so funny
dakota dust
dakota dust 3 months ago
is rick mopi brother