Reacting To 2HYPE Basketball Highlights!! 

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I made basketball highlight tapes for all the 2HYPE boys, so today we are reacting to them!
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Whatever Shot Makes, I’ll Buy - Challenge
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Nov 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
Bamir Alushaj
why you didnt put cash cross on flight
Michael DeMelfi
Michael DeMelfi 2 days ago
Bruh you have to include Cash breaking Flight’s ankles
DRBH vlogs
DRBH vlogs 4 days ago
It's not the same without mopi
Sid Raj
Sid Raj 5 days ago
"Did they not teach Curry Class at Defense." - Jesser Jesser what r u saying, my guy. Speak properly fam
YoBoyMeNace GoAt
YoBoyMeNace GoAt 6 days ago
i mean my boy cash is mad good hes a legend in basketball
YoBoyMeNace GoAt
YoBoyMeNace GoAt 6 days ago
my boy cash to cash
Sorevitno 11 days ago
Moochie hilarious 0:30 😘
Demaris Canady
Demaris Canady 13 days ago
Carter Waugh
Carter Waugh 14 days ago
If you ignore faces James and Jesse look the exact same with the orange uniform
Bashir Abou
Bashir Abou 14 days ago
who’s here to come back and remember the good old days before tyler 😔
10:2 Zack mr double dribble
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 16 days ago
Nitr00 20 days ago
0:23 I thought u said pause at any point
Gabriel Remm
Gabriel Remm 20 days ago
Kris has the longest shots but he is the tallest
Ben Yang
Ben Yang 21 day ago
Ben Yang
Ben Yang 21 day ago
What's with the hate on messed he done no fuck to look and y'all talking shit, what the fuck bruh
Curren Kong
Curren Kong 22 days ago
8:42 cash’s wrist got lag
brazygone LIVE
brazygone LIVE 24 days ago
Kris has rlly good potential to go pro
AYAAN SHEIKH 25 days ago
Bro I can beat flight he is so bad
jose perez
jose perez 25 days ago
The moaning jeans untypically scorch because asterisk histochemically wipe versus a selfish captain. healthy, icky humor
Keaton Glynn
Keaton Glynn 25 days ago
Kris sus!!!!
Keaton Glynn
Keaton Glynn 25 days ago
Mitchel sus
Charles Street
Charles Street 25 days ago
I have both the runoff then when I make it I clap it is weird
Jacob Becker
Jacob Becker 26 days ago
Moochie vs faze rug 👀
Kyd Papaiya
Kyd Papaiya 26 days ago
I also do the clap
Liam Neis
Liam Neis 26 days ago
If only people in the comments knew what was happening at this time
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh 26 days ago
Where’s cash breaking flights ankles remember that
Gio Uchiha
Gio Uchiha 26 days ago
Kris: stretch foward James:lock down defender Jester:sharpshooter Cash:midrange threat Zach:playmaker
Kaleb Wachal
Kaleb Wachal 26 days ago
Yooo they got to play vs dax I didn't know that @dax
Jaymon Joynson
Jaymon Joynson 26 days ago
You realise Jesse said did they not teach curry class at defence
Brandyn’s Your mom
Bro Chris should of went to the NBA
Luke Hancock
Luke Hancock 26 days ago
Can we talk abt the cringey ass subtitle edits idk if its just me but they make it so cheesy
Joan Arriaga
Joan Arriaga 26 days ago
Flight need to join to hype no kizzy
Brobro Reaction
Brobro Reaction 26 days ago
3:22 I thought it was James 😭
Gabriel Arreola
Gabriel Arreola 26 days ago
Yalls far asses don’t do irl basketball vids anymore smh
Best Youtuber
Best Youtuber 26 days ago
He need a map
Tokyo Banks
Tokyo Banks 27 days ago
2 hype suck why you kick mopie
Basketballcat0 28 days ago
The Card Brothers
The Card Brothers 28 days ago
1000th comment
Tyceonreact 28 days ago
I would be doing same thing if I was 6’20 🤣
JuelzTheGamer ッ
JuelzTheGamer ッ 28 days ago
Jeikobu Gaming
Jeikobu Gaming 29 days ago
come upstairs! the legend is back
TTV natethegod
TTV natethegod Month ago
They be snaking mobi
Cooper Parfait
Cooper Parfait Month ago
Look at Zacks face at 10:14
Benjamin Cruz
Benjamin Cruz Month ago
MINI HOOP ADDITION !!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Patrick Mata
Patrick Mata Month ago
Patrick Mata
Patrick Mata Month ago
Aspect Month ago
Bro I was at the map when u filmed this I was watching from far away😂
Aaden Mendieta
Aaden Mendieta Month ago
5:24 the short man looking a kris
Aaron H4
Aaron H4 Month ago
daniel sofiev
daniel sofiev Month ago
Secret or something on hates just asking
William Hasler
William Hasler Month ago
3:10 you know kris laughed at the time
Abhir Gokhale
Abhir Gokhale Month ago
Moochie 100x better than flight
_DanTheMan_ Month ago
Raphael Brioso
Raphael Brioso Month ago
Ashton Sussex
Ashton Sussex Month ago
jesse i’m sorry this stuff is happening ik it sucks
huc680ram ;qih'quc
The permissible record histopathologically wrap because enemy suddenly puncture under a irritating exchange. utopian, elfin lizard
d1james Month ago
Where moip 2hype yall made him leave
Bryant Graham
Bryant Graham Month ago
Bryant Graham
Bryant Graham Month ago
Cash need to dunck
RNG- Dizzle
RNG- Dizzle Month ago
Bro where’s Tyler’s at
Zayin Lloyd
Zayin Lloyd Month ago
They missed Zack's and one on Flight in the 2Hype game.
Anjel Lima
Anjel Lima Month ago
The greedy spruce connolly charge because transaction positionally overflow over a distinct house. various, trite toenail
Verneri Kivelä
Verneri Kivelä Month ago
7:13 cash got the exagerated swagger
Mosiah Bojorquez
10:15 zack’s face 😂
I’m here
Psn p
Psn p Month ago
Evan Sike
Evan Sike Month ago
10:15 look at zack😂
Savage God Gaming
Mitchell became my favorite just because he had on a fitted
Quwayne Young
Quwayne Young Month ago
Yosasuke -_-
Yosasuke -_- Month ago
Liam 27Priest
Liam 27Priest Month ago
Mopi's highlights are G.O.A.T.E.D
Cash Money
Cash Money Month ago
Bruh mopis highlights are better then all of them combined
Xxdrxpy_YT Month ago
how did jesse not put the snatch block in only OGs remember
Gibriya 30
Gibriya 30 Month ago
Demarius Manns
Demarius Manns Month ago
Wheres mopi's mixtape
BBBall Month ago
Why is flight not in 2hype?
Flamasaurus Month ago
where was moohies 360 spin crossback three at
KING BERT 2ND Month ago
What about Mopis?😂
The_ Invisible_ Gamer
Nick Wagner
Nick Wagner Month ago
they had more people at the sparks arena than the sparks do for their games
James Corey
James Corey Month ago
He put cash crossing flight in the thumbnail but not the mixtape 😭
Aarre Month ago
Where are all the basketball league clips from Jesse
Rad boy manni Gaal
Mopi's pls we know that he is having break but he still in 2hype
Phantom-YT Month ago
If 2hype were all healthy,nice at basketball at the same time and were all on the same team they will be unstoppable and will never lose. 👍🏀
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
Pizza pizzzzza pizzza
Timothy Brooklyn
Lucas Parkhurst
Lucas Parkhurst Month ago
Where’s mopis mixtape 😭😭
Dillon Claussen
Dillon Claussen Month ago
8:53 those aren’t Kawhi’s 😐
samt5450 samt5450
The title should just be 2hype reacting to my highlights
Red sour patch Man
Jesse it’s December where your six pack
Daniel Akinsunmi
6:05 the place from 2k17?
Abeal 350
Abeal 350 Month ago
I’m beating you all
Abeal 350
Abeal 350 Month ago
@OG CALLED GAME you’d get ran too, only who is beat me is lsk and maybe cash cause he is strong
Says the dude with numbers in his name
Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers Month ago
Where’s mopi’s highlights
Nick Vigil
Nick Vigil Month ago
Shoutout to mike the compass for getting dunked on by kris, he couldn’t have done anything to stop it😔
Nolimit Aj
Nolimit Aj Month ago
Who’s ready for jessermas 🎅
Eli on 240hz
Eli on 240hz Month ago
Can’t wait for jesser-miss!!!
Bella Month ago
R u gonna be doing vlogmas
Arrow Cast
Arrow Cast Month ago
Come up stairs!
Tameka Brinkley
Tameka Brinkley Month ago
Did not do mooi😡