Reacting to 2HYPE Basketball MINIHOOP Highlights!! 

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You guys really enjoyed the last highlights video, so I made some mini hoop compilations for 2HYPE to react to!
Reacting To 2HYPE Basketball Highlights!!
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Dec 22, 2020




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Comments 100   
Dee2 Swiftly
Dee2 Swiftly 21 hour ago
If you’re just going to be in the comments I hate unsubscribe that simple... it’s a he said she said situation and I’m really staying out of it and you should too let grown man been roaming to do what they have to do.
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Day ago
I only respect moochie and cash from now on😕
Fqntum chd
Fqntum chd 2 days ago
Jesser candyken has a baby
Isaiah Des Jardins
Slip n slide highlights
Raven Nelson
Raven Nelson 3 days ago
There are always 3 sides to the story,your story,their story, and the TRUTH - CashNasty
Raven Nelson
Raven Nelson 3 days ago
Jk this saying is in the tv show kobra Kai
Traevion Brown
Traevion Brown 3 days ago
James Reever
James Reever 3 days ago
Y’all should do “who has the best fast food pizza” cause why not
somi park
somi park 6 days ago
somi park
somi park 6 days ago
somi park
somi park 6 days ago
Jase Briggs
Jase Briggs 6 days ago
what about mitchell dunking on mopi
Skyler Reichow
Skyler Reichow 7 days ago
29073 Silver Creek Rd Agoura Hills CA 91301
Maahir Sha
Maahir Sha 7 days ago
Caprons Son
Caprons Son 8 days ago
Pink beanie mooch a different breed
Kaden Dameron
Kaden Dameron 8 days ago
i’m surprised that they didn’t use jesser breaking through the wall
Johnny69 -
Johnny69 - 10 days ago
And y’all wonder why he hasn’t posted in 5 days cuz all y’all do is torch him. I’ve watched all of the vids and mopi is grasping for anything to use it against 2hype. I’m ok jesses side because at least he has evidence
Sok Pomarańczowy
Sok Pomarańczowy 10 days ago
Mini hoop James> Reesee’s Mopi?
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez 11 days ago
TGJ_14 12 days ago
At 8:18 cash pulled the flight football move 😂
Snxg ll
Snxg ll 12 days ago
They only care about mopi not Tyler
Adiel 2K
Adiel 2K 12 days ago
jiedel is trash
Nolan Moore
Nolan Moore 13 days ago
Nolan Moore
Nolan Moore 13 days ago
Bradyn Shallcross
Bradyn Shallcross 13 days ago
Honestly just upload I think everyone dsnt care about all this stuff anymore
Hafe Lemur
Hafe Lemur 13 days ago
damn mopi was there at 3:50
Craig Kennedy
Craig Kennedy 13 days ago
their feet all hurt and had pain for a month that's why they couldn't jump and got crossed up
Relm Conqueror
Relm Conqueror 13 days ago
I love coming back to jesse’s comment section and seeing people assume everything
Raul L
Raul L 13 days ago
Wow 💔
TXRXCamboslice 13 days ago
kemper 8 days ago
lmao stfu
Chazeroni 13 days ago
change ur name to jesserthelazer, do 2k and move out this house and you get all your viewers back
pepe ben değilim
pepe ben değilim 14 days ago
i wanna be on 2hype's side just because i want the old 2 hype back...
Jawad Al-Hayawi
Jawad Al-Hayawi 14 days ago
You should have had the highlight when zack dunked on 3 people
Chaiden Gibson
Chaiden Gibson 14 days ago
They went from the most viewed channel group to the point 2hype is betraying their own team
Tony Pittman
Tony Pittman 14 days ago
Where is mopi
Kykiddd 20
Kykiddd 20 14 days ago
That was so funny omg that’s jokes af
Riley Muller
Riley Muller 14 days ago
Stop hating
Tyler Summers
Tyler Summers 14 days ago
Stfu mopi threatened to sue 2hype and they had to get security bc Mopi’s dad threatened 2hype so stfu
Silas Ellis
Silas Ellis 14 days ago
Only OGS Remembers When Jesser Pulled A Kobe Card In A Fruity Pebble Cereal Box
Calleb Scheffler
Calleb Scheffler 14 days ago
He doesn’t even do the old jessermiss
Rambo Bambo
Rambo Bambo 14 days ago
People don't know the true story...smh I still have respect for you jessie I'm sorry for the hate
Alex McDowall
Alex McDowall 14 days ago
Bro I hoped everyone how’s talked smack in this vid has seen Jessie’s vid cause mopi was bsing
임family 15 days ago
Bro jesser you didn't incloud any of videos that had mopi. Wow 👏 yu are a person who digs for money in youtube.
Braxton Bowers
Braxton Bowers 15 days ago
Why can’t everything go back to normal.
Justin Mabry
Justin Mabry 15 days ago
Me crying after I saw mop
randee 4
randee 4 10 days ago
Micheal Sparks
Micheal Sparks 15 days ago
I miss mopi
randee 4
randee 4 10 days ago
Tommy Wazz
Tommy Wazz 15 days ago
Speaking Cashanese😂😂😂😂
Leon_ Sweaty21
Leon_ Sweaty21 15 days ago
Soap trusted i thought i could too
Not Your Average Bums
Campbell Jones
Campbell Jones 15 days ago
Modi’s right look how happy James is at the start
Abeer Lamba
Abeer Lamba 15 days ago
clown of a person u have become
Tyson Clark
Tyson Clark 15 days ago
Aj Jay
Aj Jay 15 days ago
2hype sucks
Evan Evan
Evan Evan 15 days ago
you changed after 2017
Walter the dog -
Walter the dog - 15 days ago
Not nice
Logan Forbes
Logan Forbes 15 days ago
Now he won’t upload
Liam Calhoun
Liam Calhoun 15 days ago
Imagine your older brother that should be trying to represent a mature person who is hurting you elementary school friend smh
Buckeyes All Day
Buckeyes All Day 15 days ago
2Hype is a joke. You should be ashamed of what you’ve done to people who were supposed to be your friends
Darin II Elliott
Darin II Elliott 15 days ago
Wow Jesser just lost 100,000 subscribers in 5 days
randee 4
randee 4 10 days ago
Wow! 🤯
south fishing
south fishing 15 days ago
I lost all respect for Jesser I used to love watching ur vids but u changed man I still love the rest of u I hope u see this u lost my respect
Nick Shred
Nick Shred 15 days ago
I don’t really know what going on but what I’ve heard I’m sorry my fellow people but you will not see me here anymore this man just ruined everything I’m going to unsubscribe
Lil bald productions
What happened to JesserTheLazer aka when i was excited to click on your Daily videos
Nick Shred
Nick Shred 15 days ago
Unsubscribe starts now
STATIIK_ BLAZE 15 days ago
Just threw out ur guys merch im disappointed in ysll. You really let money take you over. And to think I looked up to you🤦‍♂️
Mata 15 days ago
Let's see what he does for his next upload
voun 15 days ago
Mooney 15 days ago
Jesser is a jerk imagine sueing your childhood friend
Nick1x 15 days ago
KingAnonymous 18
KingAnonymous 18 15 days ago
Your lowkey getting violated im just here to watch
RelxtionN 15 days ago
jessers been real quite
Jumper Aidz
Jumper Aidz 15 days ago
Always looked up to you and had respect for you and always enjoyed the videos you did but after hearing what you did I’ve loser respect for you and what you did
Sergio MPvivayutub
Sergio MPvivayutub 15 days ago
JesserTheLazer but better name is JesserTheLoser
Zaki 15 days ago
cant believe i looked up to you 🤦🏻🤦🏻
Chris Compo
Chris Compo 15 days ago
I need money so I’m gonna use my friends
Zexti -_-
Zexti -_- 15 days ago
Damn these comments are ✨LEGENDARY✨
randee 4
randee 4 10 days ago
2024-Chase Welle
2024-Chase Welle 15 days ago
Had to unsubscribe
2024-Chase Welle
2024-Chase Welle 15 days ago
I wounder if he knows no one likes him anymore
Sergio MPvivayutub
Sergio MPvivayutub 15 days ago
no, the only thing he knows is that green thing called ''money''
Zualfakar Mhmd
Zualfakar Mhmd 15 days ago
Album Reviews
Album Reviews 15 days ago
kevin 136
kevin 136 15 days ago
Zicx_max 15 days ago
Imagine losing your friend
Marcus Davidson
Marcus Davidson 15 days ago
Things will never be the same for you, everyone looks at you differently now smh
Colin Mathew
Colin Mathew 15 days ago
Armandas zzz
Armandas zzz 15 days ago
Jesser type of guy to choose a bag over best friend... He lost all the respect from me
Brandon Hulme
Brandon Hulme 15 days ago
Little boy
Keanu Reese
Keanu Reese 15 days ago
You should be ashamed
Justin Aiken
Justin Aiken 15 days ago
Dear Jesser. All of the old fans really want the old you back the lit jesser and the old 2hype. From the og 2HYPE Fans 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Camden Lambino
Camden Lambino 15 days ago
I hope u treat the people who work for u good behind the camera
A 15 days ago
Sergio MPvivayutub
Sergio MPvivayutub 15 days ago
ROAD TO 2.5 MIL 😎😎😎
Bryan Cruz
Bryan Cruz 15 days ago
Jesserthelazer was way better than jesser 🤦‍♂️ sad how many take a big toll on people
kaseyyy 15 days ago
disgusting human being
SlimeXD_ -
SlimeXD_ - 15 days ago
Allen Yi
Allen Yi 15 days ago
Just unsubscribe and dislike. He will learn his lesson then.
Slug Round 245
Slug Round 245 15 days ago
U deserve nothing
Ass taste ok
Ass taste ok 15 days ago
Damn Jesser i used to respect you a lot
Whynot YT
Whynot YT 15 days ago
Imagine your best friend losing every vid and not giving percentage and abandoning him and also sueing him
StrongCloseツ 15 days ago
Can’t look at these poeple the same 😔
Ya Boi Tanishq
Ya Boi Tanishq 16 days ago
U canceled "jesser"
Ya Boi Tanishq
Ya Boi Tanishq 16 days ago
Hey Jesser
jola a
jola a 16 days ago
U lame
T madz
T madz 16 days ago
This dude a bum
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