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another banger of a hide and seek video but this time its with NERF. If your found you have a chance to run and escape being caught!
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Hide and Seek at BucketSquad Mansion!!!

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Apr 13, 2020




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Jesser 9 months ago
Thanks for all the love on the video! We are getting so close to 3 MILLION Subscribers! Make sure to subscribe and tell your friends too! 💯
Raz0r- EZPZ
Raz0r- EZPZ 19 days ago
You r they only one I’ve been watching for 3 years Aj if you could leave a comment on this it would meen a lot
Matthew Tindal
Matthew Tindal Month ago
I subbed
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 2 months ago
Your at 3 mil
Nico Campos
Nico Campos 2 months ago
Jesser thank you for making videos for us and we all love you and all 2hype and we will subscribe to you all love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kiarra Burnett
Kiarra Burnett 2 months ago
I love your. Chanell
Marcia Ashman
Marcia Ashman 2 days ago
The statuesque siberian sporadically scold because diving conformably nest save a unusual panty. disagreeable, solid sharon
Quan Banndz
Quan Banndz 4 days ago
Nobody: Zack,Mitchell and Jesse watchin Mopi run straight past them:🤣
Amil Edwards
Amil Edwards 4 days ago
Moochie: Where did mopi go! Hits rock Moochie: Ow! 2:42
Hedda Wright
Hedda Wright 5 days ago
Zack Kris is in one of Jesse's rooms
Hedda Wright
Hedda Wright 5 days ago
I guess Jesse does not know what a news paper is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Barbara Cilla
Barbara Cilla 6 days ago
game like Aseko
game like Aseko 8 days ago
Mobi is the worst seeker in history he deserves to be in the books😂😂
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 8 days ago
Jesus and God loves you ❤️
Tsc born
Tsc born 13 days ago
Your a little bitch mopi was nothing but a good friend
Xxx_Milo _wsp
Xxx_Milo _wsp 14 days ago
Zack thinking he’s black- 💀✋🏽
Chillz 13 days ago
hes light skin
SireX 17 days ago
robbers: we rob the house and we go jump on the fence and leave that one fat ass robber trying to jump on the fence : 13:18
SireX 17 days ago
me: didnt do my homework teacher: whoever didnt do his or her homework will stay here and do it me : 12:07
Thomas Hank
Thomas Hank 17 days ago
Fuck 2hype
Elijah Engle
Elijah Engle 20 days ago
jiedel talks about the most random things
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers 20 days ago
Kris what kind of car do you have
Chillz 13 days ago
hes not going to answer you dumbass
Amaziah Contreras
Jesser is so cool
Benii 21 day ago
999 dislikes R.I.P JW
Travis Briggs
Travis Briggs Month ago
James says he hates sweating when he literally is the most tryhard/sweat person in the group
Raider921 Month ago
The downfall of 2hype
Gabriel Shyh
Gabriel Shyh Month ago
1:14 yOooOO pauseeee
HICCUPS Month ago
Mopidopilopitropilopilous is a legendary bad seeker
haha jsj
haha jsj Month ago
6:30 man named James has a booger
Khen Rodriguez
Khen Rodriguez Month ago
Why don't they just lock all doors instead of hiding
nightschool Month ago
31:00 same energy as Jesse Pinkman's "HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT".
Kutarra Beard
Kutarra Beard Month ago
im tiok subseb to me
Izaiya Jerimiah Radona
12:31 dosent that sound familiar to what's going on right now
RexoSZN Month ago
2hype rooftop battles
Parker Reyes
Parker Reyes Month ago
Kris’s spot First round : in luxurious Tesla Second round : trash
YA BOI JU Month ago
I was watching this vid and I was in a ps4 prty and my freind said who is that cause he didnt know who Jesser was
Joshua Edmondson
Mark Reese
Mark Reese Month ago
How is Zack black
Forest Bishop
Forest Bishop Month ago
did anyone else see the booger in james nose at 6:25
random stuff
random stuff Month ago
Kris's car is a tesla
Derek Month ago
the car is a tesla
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Month ago
> if you're smart ... answer this. a | ■□□ b | □■□ (name the shaded ■ squares) c | □■□ 1 2 3
Nonnie Boynes
Nonnie Boynes 2 months ago
I thinks krises car is a tela
Your Daily Dose Of -God Loves You-
Wow thats a really sad thing to see a white male shoots 2 black men for no reason :( sad world we live in
Bridget Robinson
Bridget Robinson 2 months ago
No one: Not a single soul: Mopi: 0:51 “I almost fell down the stairs” it’s a 1 inch step😂😂
Alicia Simpson
Alicia Simpson 2 months ago
Jesse: Who left trash on my lawn!! Also Jesse: puts trash back on the ground
Paulice 2 months ago
When mopi was seeking he said " I have 5 minutes to hide" 😅
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan 2 months ago
Fuck you nigga
Zee Money
Zee Money 2 months ago
Yo what’s going on guys it’s jesser
Sports FanBoy
Sports FanBoy 2 months ago
pro yt
pro yt 2 months ago
literally the dumbest sicker
KAY Le 2 months ago
Mitchell is so hilarious. He needs to be a 2hype official member!
KAY Le 2 months ago
Mopi: good hiders know the box isn’t a good spot Also mopi: couldn’t find Zack in a box
John John
John John 2 months ago
Reason why mopi took a break from US-first jkjk
Hani Elhindi
Hani Elhindi 2 months ago
Who else remembers the volleyball court
Ell Caaa
Ell Caaa 2 months ago
Nice Tesla Chris
Kory Russell
Kory Russell 2 months ago
Jeff Randall
Jeff Randall 2 months ago
15 minutes before it shows zachs cam
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 2 months ago
yup, the worst seeker ever.
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 2 months ago
they all have big advantage because they are dealing with a blindman.
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 2 months ago
Cameraman is a big snitch.
Alejandro Rosillo
Alejandro Rosillo 2 months ago
John Allen
John Allen 2 months ago
When they don’t show footage of zack for the first 10 minutes
Bean Dan
Bean Dan 2 months ago
I feel bad for ya mopi
Grayson Walton
Grayson Walton 2 months ago
26:46 wtf is that thing moving
Lo Jo
Lo Jo 2 months ago
Mopi was soo funny seeking
Yvngwillie 4
Yvngwillie 4 2 months ago
I think y’all should do among us
Mitch Trewin
Mitch Trewin 2 months ago
James getting who was seeking wrong at the start of the 2nd round 😂😂 Mopi is the best though lol
Arshpreet Dhindsa
Arshpreet Dhindsa 2 months ago
Y o
aidan. cunningham
aidan. cunningham 2 months ago
The Jesser is funny
Blitz on HP
Blitz on HP 2 months ago
Do a last to leave the roof
Charlie Peake
Charlie Peake 3 months ago
12:40 zach said he black lmao u ain black
Kean Dominic P. Carait
Zack: This is the most dumbest seeker of all time Mopi: Im the dumbest in 2hype lol
A Moment in the word
Poor mopi
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 3 months ago
I liked seeing mopi suffer of not finding anyone
Crypticz Ark
Crypticz Ark 3 months ago
Who’s watching this after moochie officially is apart of 2hype
Kyler Gallegos
Kyler Gallegos 3 months ago
Carmen Harlan
Carmen Harlan 3 months ago
I wonder what this comment used to say
Brad Radica
Brad Radica 3 months ago
I didn’t see zack til’ 10:47
Brad Radica
Brad Radica 3 months ago
Sorry meant 10:57
David Santos
David Santos 3 months ago
You guys cheer me up when I’m in a bad mood I love ur guys videos pls respond
Leo Lam
Leo Lam 3 months ago
69 btw
True Yuen
True Yuen 3 months ago
I feel so bad for Mopi 😓
Abdul Lawal
Abdul Lawal 3 months ago
mop the goat
Jeremiah Martinez
Jeremiah Martinez 3 months ago
Damn they need to buff mopi
HOT5BOYZ 3 months ago
LOL at Mopi living in his own world!
BadBoy69 3 months ago
Mopi: Go To The Gulag
DeShawn Wade
DeShawn Wade 3 months ago
your addy is in the vid
Amlan Fujimura
Amlan Fujimura 3 months ago
Wait, where's Cash?
LovableOak41 3 months ago
Gulag hide and seek
Mr. Mort
Mr. Mort 3 months ago
Demmy Oye
Demmy Oye 3 months ago
Where is cash nasty
BIRD33 Snuts
BIRD33 Snuts 4 months ago
Moochie sucks
joey drew
joey drew 4 months ago
I literally just looked up mopi bad seeker and this is what came up
Jaylen Allen
Jaylen Allen 4 months ago
Feel bad for the camera man cause he got to go to the roof to
Theresa Skeete
Theresa Skeete 4 months ago
He has a Tesla
Krishiv Gupta
Krishiv Gupta 4 months ago
Jeremy Grooms
Jeremy Grooms 4 months ago
the people that forgot about zack becuase there was no footage of him hiding lmao --->>>>
Compwrld 4 months ago
I miss cash
icewater3001 4 months ago
My anxiety level when they were running on the roof 😬
Ro1373 4 months ago
this was so legeondary
Levon Torosyan
Levon Torosyan 4 months ago
Is it just me or did you see there address
Chris Young
Chris Young 4 months ago
What type of car does Kris have
Kevvy30 4 months ago
Why didn’t mopi just shoot them after they told him where they were lmao
Ewan Holder
Ewan Holder 4 months ago
I loved the ballad of ricky bobby reference from mopi
Alexis Playstation
Alexis Playstation 4 months ago
Why Is cash not in none of the hide and seek vids please make Jesser see this please
Kyler Wethington
Kyler Wethington 4 months ago
Some times zack is so positive or we were just roast everybody lol