Nerf Hide And Seek TAG - Last To Get Tagged Loses! 

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We played Hide and seek for 45 minutes, the last person who is tagged loses!
Dare to play game
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Hide and seek security cameras!
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Jul 19, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 8 days ago
Jesus and God loves u
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Month ago
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Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
DJ Month ago
Yo where is Zach?!
Baja Boys321214
Baja Boys321214 Month ago
It’s last to get tagged looses, wouldn’t it be last to get tagged wins?
Fxst_Edits Month ago
No because if your the last seeker your gonna do a dare so you would want to do dares
joshua kim
joshua kim Month ago
Zack : Disappears all game Also Zack: Gets away from Jesse because gun was jammed Also Zack: gets James last second
Oke_hltng Month ago
Justice Mayo
Justice Mayo 2 months ago
I wanna join 2hype 😂
Sincere Jackson
Sincere Jackson 2 months ago
2,000 commenter
Jack Rothrock
Jack Rothrock 2 months ago
Only the real ones remember when zack went missing in a hide and seek :D
Ethan Zhu
Ethan Zhu 2 months ago
y'all need to shut up with the "oNLy rEaL oNes KnOW..."
Hari Patel
Hari Patel 2 months ago
This is good bro
Flamasaurus 2 months ago
I think zachs camera died or got corrupted
brendan Lim
brendan Lim 2 months ago
14:13 zack!
Megan Mills
Megan Mills 3 months ago
Zack is the best at hiding
Aquila Williams
Aquila Williams 3 months ago
can i be a 2 hype member
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 3 months ago
bro did anyone notice they didnt show sach
Toxicdxd 3 months ago
Kris: im out the closet boys Everyone:😯
CHADsSportzCoRnEr 3 months ago
10:21 does jesser have a puff bar ?🤔
Raheem Bradley
Raheem Bradley 3 months ago
They should make there videos longwr
j p
j p 3 months ago
Shouldn’t it be “last one to get tagged wins”?
Brad Radica
Brad Radica 3 months ago
Do the boys hate Zack today or is he just SUPER TRY HARD AND NOBODY KNOWS WHERE HE IS
Burke!m 22
Burke!m 22 3 months ago
Y’all should do laser tag
TOXICLAZERZZ 3 months ago
when you realize kris came out of the closet
Zeri P
Zeri P 3 months ago
Cilenz Mobile
Cilenz Mobile 3 months ago
The last to get tag wins not loses
Cyclone D-man
Cyclone D-man 3 months ago
There was just no zack clips
You 3 months ago
that gun jammed because it learned to respect his elders.
Renzo Alilio
Renzo Alilio 3 months ago
Strat if your playing nerf hide and seek with 2hype don’t trust moochie
nusirat bakare
nusirat bakare 3 months ago
Maybe if these days are
Trapalot KD
Trapalot KD 3 months ago
Mopi should’ve hid in those buckets @1:52
Kylevonr 4 months ago
Post another hide and seek vid
masterly 4 months ago
um did anyone realise Jesser under the white tesla at 10:10
Brad 2 big lineup stevens
That dance jiedel hit was diffrent😳😳
Joe Cognac
Joe Cognac 4 months ago
They never showed Zach hiding 😅
Jared Gardner
Jared Gardner 4 months ago
3:52 me running from my mom with a belt
R R 4 months ago
I forgot Zack was playin till I looked at the bottom
Sam Welsh
Sam Welsh 4 months ago
yo mitchell is a savage god sometimes
Martinez3125 5 months ago
How the hell does Jesse's gun jam when he finds Zack that's sum crazy ass magic bro
AshTTV 5 months ago
Can you make a hour hide and seek
Daryn Keddell
Daryn Keddell 5 months ago
rember when zach was missing in hide and seek
stephcurrygod30 5 months ago
How many mini hoops does 2hype own?
Harry Kontakos
Harry Kontakos 5 months ago
“Last wan to get tagged wins”
FROST _3D 5 months ago
Kris came out of the closet today
Matti Keinänen
Matti Keinänen 5 months ago
Someone is not seen whole everytime
JOSEPH KERN 5 months ago
Zack is so irrelevant in all these type of hide and seek videos 😂
Hayden Fowler
Hayden Fowler 5 months ago
“Tickle jesser toe”
RedPhenomenal36 5 months ago
Zack's camera always dies in these videos LOL
Martinez3125 5 months ago
Edward Biglang-awa
Edward Biglang-awa 5 months ago
Jidel’s dance 😂😂😂😂
Schokooo 5 months ago
8mins in and still havent seen zack
ijeoma Ezekakpu
ijeoma Ezekakpu 5 months ago
Mitchell just follow Mopi
icy futi
icy futi 5 months ago
Nobody: Jiedel's Nose hairs: wassup
Kris Danger
Kris Danger 5 months ago
he tried to sell zack and the gun jammed😂
Aryeh Itzkowitz
Aryeh Itzkowitz 5 months ago
Only og’s remember when zack was part of 2hype hide and seeks
Hayes Crowell
Hayes Crowell 5 months ago
What was that dance tho
Bryan Haro
Bryan Haro 5 months ago
You should do hide and seek in the dark
Pain 5 months ago
17:25 sped
Aidan Zaicek
Aidan Zaicek 5 months ago
This is getting old now
Ging Ging
Ging Ging 5 months ago
Jesser: Haven’t seen Zack Jesser legit 5 seconds later *begin intense camera shaking
underdawg 5 months ago
If anybody know james is always in the bush
Jonny Roberson
Jonny Roberson 5 months ago
Anyone else waiting for jesse to talk to iman while under the chair but remembered
Mr. James
Mr. James 5 months ago
Best Hide & Seek I've EVER seen and my boi Zach shall not be seen shall not be heard
its Eneji
its Eneji 5 months ago
I’m not surprised zack disappeared bc he did that on a hide n seek
Thayne Bridge
Thayne Bridge 5 months ago
12:16 Is that a tutu
aleksa raymond
aleksa raymond 5 months ago
what's up with kris and closets today
Grind City
Grind City 5 months ago
I forgot Zac was playing 😂
Karim 5 months ago
Am I the only person that just forgot about zack
blank 5 months ago
oh god don’t let Zack go missing again
Max Puerto
Max Puerto 5 months ago
If anyone else did that dance they sus but cuz it’s James it’s ok
Damn Jesse had a good spot under the tesla
Thedudeontheotherside _
Did Zachary just die
Kaela Bowman
Kaela Bowman 5 months ago
What is with kris and closets?
Atos Alacre
Atos Alacre 5 months ago
Can i have one mobile phone ? Please? I'm from ph
Ben Olesen white
Ben Olesen white 5 months ago
I’m guarantee yo win said Jesse Carla he you go
Latonya Legare
Latonya Legare 5 months ago
Yo jidel has the cheeses jumpshot
TheGoatGames10 5 months ago
Sick pack by December
Mason Tronsor
Mason Tronsor 5 months ago
16:22 James: “Jack No...” lol who’s Jack?
Mason Tronsor
Mason Tronsor 5 months ago
Of all people to get Zack it’s Mopi...am I watching that back correctly?!?
hills music
hills music 6 months ago
they should do it with bb guns
Beckett Leather Goods
Mitchell in every thumbnail: 😲
Bruh 6 months ago
Jessie send everybody knows to Emon trust me
Britten Ratcliff
Britten Ratcliff 6 months ago
I’m 8 minutes in only ogs will get this (I guess zach was never found)
Jinx 6 months ago
is it just me or is zack always no where to be found ???
Life With Sanjean
Life With Sanjean 6 months ago
2hype boxing match
Teja Hanumolu
Teja Hanumolu 6 months ago
Mitchell and I have very similar hiding strategies😂😂
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith 6 months ago
The last time jesser was under the red thing he said this “I’m under Iman right now” 😢😢😢
HushMode :
HushMode : 6 months ago
Do the glizzy challenge
SiahhK 6 months ago
jesser hates that spot cause it reminds him on Iman
SiahhK 6 months ago
A few years ago ppl thought zaxk died but he was in a basement someone explain why please
Ancient Cookie
Ancient Cookie 6 months ago
Hide and seek again 😔
Ilyjha Boyles
Ilyjha Boyles 6 months ago
Sorry jesser for u and iman u both are great people
Drew Krsul
Drew Krsul 6 months ago
your really cool
Henry Parrott
Henry Parrott 6 months ago
Everyday I wake up and see Moche is not in 2hpe I sing I want it that way.
Tome Lisichkov
Tome Lisichkov 6 months ago
Jesse next vid pls 1 v 1 with someone
Dylan Heckman
Dylan Heckman 6 months ago
I don’t understand why someone doesn’t just hide in the pool for one of these tag hide and seek videos. The seeker wouldn’t come in and you can go underwater when they try to shoot you with the nerf gun.
Aiden Giberti
Aiden Giberti 6 months ago
When Zack stays in the closet the whole time some one needs to tell him he is gay
simar jain
simar jain 6 months ago
I love the hide n seeks
Jada Wada
Jada Wada 6 months ago
James was on x games mode until he got to the gate
A.I. elims
A.I. elims 6 months ago
don’t say o my g o d say gosh