Make The Impossible Trickshot, WIN The Christmas Shopping Spree! 

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Time for another make the shot, win the prize, but this time a Christmas shopping spree is on the line!
Make The 0.1% Chance Trickshot, WIN The PS5
► us-first.info/player/video/rJmpZqZnp2l9ZWg.html
Whatever Shot Makes, I’ll Buy - Challenge
► us-first.info/player/video/m6inp3B-iq-hppc.html
Thanks to @Tristan Jass and @Moochie for joining me in the video!
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Dec 4, 2020




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Jesser 26 days ago
GIVEAWAY WINNERS @yourneighboraiden @saidesen_ @charliebrander
Said Esen
Said Esen 11 days ago
OMG MAN! I'm a Huge huge fan and I'm THANKFUL for it 🔥🔥
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 12 days ago
K V R 23 days ago
You can’t say sub to them because my Chanel was took down
Isaac Nathan
Isaac Nathan 24 days ago
Messed getting hit with the ball 9.49
AKA Juice
AKA Juice 25 days ago
Gage Jenkins
Gage Jenkins 28 days ago
I’m watching messer to get away from my parents devorse
Dominic Cain
Dominic Cain 28 days ago
I love you videos so so so so much
Dominic Cain
Dominic Cain 28 days ago
Tristan Jass
KingTheGoat Month ago
whos watching when he broke his arm
Xzavier Hinojos
Xzavier Hinojos Month ago
IG: Xzavierhinojos You the 🐐
As1_4n Will
As1_4n Will Month ago
Squilliam or n_w1ll is my ig user
Ajani Allen
Ajani Allen Month ago
I don't have ig
Dakota Hagan
Dakota Hagan Month ago
Where is cash
Caden Grimmer
Caden Grimmer Month ago
Who won
Erik Knudson
Erik Knudson Month ago
Beast Highlights
Hassan Alsaghir
Hassan Alsaghir Month ago
Instagram 5agh1r
T Ruhan
T Ruhan Month ago
xvirxhalx Month ago
Instagram: @xvirxhalx
Jayce Hicks
Jayce Hicks Month ago
jaycehicks_ i want moochies fs
hhsadsad dadasd
hhsadsad dadasd Month ago
When are g liege tryouts????
The sneaker head 13
Ryan Conneff
Ryan Conneff Month ago
@ryanconneff on IG
vaggelis k
vaggelis k Month ago
Jayden Cruz
Jayden Cruz Month ago
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Month ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
Hayley Roesler
Hayley Roesler Month ago
Aiden Mazur
Aiden Mazur Month ago
Love you Jesser mazur_aiden
Anthony Tuyub
Anthony Tuyub Month ago
anthonytuyub insta
Luis Espino
Luis Espino Month ago
The Tristan jass logo looks trash do a real hoop you are a grown up
Camden L
Camden L Month ago
Ig @camlombardo3
R&J Hunter channel
Mind ya business
Insta: dtb:grizz34
Ivan Fernando
Ivan Fernando Month ago
ig:@iniivaan that ball would mean the world to me
Brady Cappel
Brady Cappel Month ago
Knowledge 765
Knowledge 765 Month ago
Edward Biglang-awa
The one layup Jesse does internally rotates his shoulder
Parker Stymiest
Parker Stymiest Month ago
Jeremiah Chacko
Jeremiah Chacko Month ago
@jchacko11 I broke my mini hoop at home and need to practice to beat March flight
Gerald C Hamilton
Insta: dxllon3
Nikiforos Kavvalos
Pls me I’m only a kid 😢😢
Drue Moore
Drue Moore Month ago
Druemac42- IG
Thatnigga _Dylan
JordanΨ Month ago
Instagram: Jordan.depina23
LowSky1 Month ago
Jim Mcmillan
Jim Mcmillan Month ago
IG:jimmaco8 I would love if I could get that a am a big fan I watch all the videos keep up the good work and stay safe
Andell Olivacce
Andell Olivacce Month ago
Jesser. I actually liked every 514 posts on ur instagram. If u check u will see the proof.
Alana Stevenson
Alana Stevenson Month ago
Am I the only one thinking about the basketball give away 😂😂 @ thatso_lane
Samuel Coppola
Samuel Coppola Month ago
Insta - samcoppola_ Love the vids so much dude
Vortizo Gaming
Vortizo Gaming Month ago
instagram jaredmediodia29
Herbie Barnieh
Herbie Barnieh Month ago
IG: mj_got_the_midas_touch
Devin S
Devin S Month ago
The rigid fold neurally doubt because sentence immunohistochemically approve anenst a feeble feigned pakistan. grandiose, rotten rabbit
Dayshan Spick
Dayshan Spick Month ago
ig @dayshan.mackie
Aileen Mackay
Aileen Mackay Month ago
I want that basketball @maxboyle89
CHAINZ Month ago
9:35 9:51 10:51 cmon man💀
Dylan.terry11 yo u got me right big bro
ENC0D3R YT Month ago
Aw man... I would love to get a basketball from you guys.... Unfortunately I'm late, and I'm from Brazil, shipping Is kind of expensive... BUT, my Instagram Is @Kai_the_player... Love you guys! 🙃
xAlexGoBrazy ツ
strip4.tony98 Month ago
Jayden Varghese
Jayden Varghese Month ago
Aiden Moore
Aiden Moore Month ago
Yoo Mitchell funny asf
Trim The beast
Trim The beast Month ago
Jeremy Benton
Jeremy Benton Month ago
Insta- jeremybenton23
Zaivyon Jones
Zaivyon Jones Month ago
1m_up_next it has a cartoon boy as the profile pic
Zack Price
Zack Price Month ago
@zackdprice ins my insta
Zoxify Month ago
Luke Islas
Luke Islas Month ago
Ayo peep Tristan’s dreamers 🔥
killa mindset
killa mindset Month ago
Jesser for your own health dont stand in bottom of the fucking rim u just got stitched up
ItsMal Month ago
@itsmal.ig I would love to have a ball because you guys and all members of 2HYPE are my YT idols!
R2WAVY Month ago
Jack Harlow ??
Surkks Month ago
ig: iamseanni good luck 🔥🔥
Samurai Scull
Samurai Scull Month ago
Can I pls be in the give away,insta user Noclout.______
Noa Quezada
Noa Quezada Month ago
Korbyn Brown
Korbyn Brown Month ago
Freddy porky Vasquez
IG:Freddy_23231 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🎁
Aiden Strong
Aiden Strong Month ago
ig: aiden_strong
Junior Seoane
Junior Seoane Month ago
Andell Olivacce
Andell Olivacce Month ago
_kingdell767 _ I hope i win a ball because my basketball recently pooped.😓
Select Month ago
ig: @fluke.og
Robin Andersson
Robin Andersson Month ago
Kyle Dunfee
Kyle Dunfee Month ago
Moochie got crazy shooting skills they underrated. But on the real Jessie needs to be in a 3pt contest
Ashton Gregory
Ashton Gregory Month ago
Insta: Ashton_a_gregory
Blo Boi
Blo Boi Month ago
@ro.Sanghavi it would be pretty cool if I win a basketball;)
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis Month ago
calebdavis46 is my insta
Rahul Jaidka
Rahul Jaidka Month ago
Mando_iEvxde Month ago
dudeeshan22 Month ago
Astro 24
Astro 24 Month ago
@astro_kobe_rip Hope I win!
Paul Tarik
Paul Tarik Month ago
Ig: tarik_touzani1
XXXavier 12366
XXXavier 12366 Month ago
INSTA: xnation12366
kyle levester
kyle levester Month ago
RedHazy Month ago
Arron Rhasper
Arron Rhasper Month ago
IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤
Arron Rhasper
Arron Rhasper Month ago
IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤
Arron Rhasper
Arron Rhasper Month ago
IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤
Arron Rhasper
Arron Rhasper Month ago
IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤
Arron Rhasper
Arron Rhasper Month ago
IG: arronsnmgl Very excited for more jessermas videos!!!❤ Hope I win!!❤🙏❤
Karmaツ Month ago
Ig is mal_08x
Aldo Olvera
Aldo Olvera Month ago
Ig: aldoo.223