Make The Shot, Leave The FREEZING Ice Bath Challenge! 

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Today we played make the shot leave the ice bath basketball challenge with 2HYPE Zack, Moochie and Jiedel
INSANE Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge 🏀
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Make A Full Court Shot, I'll Buy You Anything... NBA Basketball
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Sep 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jesser 4 months ago
If you guys enjoy this video make sure to check out "INSANE Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge 🏀" us-first.info/player/video/ebqHg3uUonyCa3k.html&t
Hayden Sullivan
Hayden Sullivan 25 days ago
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee 2 months ago
His foot was on the line at the last shot
Elizabeth Zamora
Elizabeth Zamora 4 months ago
Jesser u need to check out NBA 2k mobile it is so addictive
PosVibez OwnTheCuRve
JSR Vlogs I need the customs pleaseeeee
Jessica Cochrjan
Jessica Cochrjan 4 months ago
zack was only making because of how long he stayed in the air with his shot
Itz B J 3
Itz B J 3 Day ago
Ice baths aren’t that bad
Filips Lourenss
whats the beat at 5:17?
Evan Altenburger
Evan Altenburger 2 days ago
The last round James didn’t win
Talaya Corbin
Talaya Corbin 4 days ago
“Remember who pays your bills” , oh stop crying 😢😂
Christian T.
Christian T. 9 days ago
7:34 hit diff after mopis vid
Action Drew
Action Drew 16 days ago
This is how many times Jesser missed 👉
Action Drew
Action Drew 16 days ago
Blake McFadden
Blake McFadden 17 days ago
anyone else just see a random elephant?
John Blackman
John Blackman 17 days ago
12:52 that was a 1 pointer he was on the line
Cedy Boy34
Cedy Boy34 19 days ago
Any one else see that elephant that one time behind the basket
Sefphra Arias
Sefphra Arias 19 days ago
nick on seaweed
nick on seaweed 20 days ago
7:34 😔
Krissy Shepherd
Krissy Shepherd 21 day ago
They messed the score up
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 22 days ago
God bless y’all!!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
Aukse Vysniauskaite
Play agine part 3
Qbert Month ago
Yo guys what’s in the window at 12:00
phills fanatic
phills fanatic Month ago
“I don’t pay you to put ice in my tub”.
Joseisthebest 1515
10:30 when my mom woops me so hard I feel the leather digging in my skin
Tanveer Singh
Tanveer Singh Month ago
"did they not teach curry class at defense" THE GOAT lol
santi Bergonzi
santi Bergonzi Month ago
Jidel stepped on the line the last shot
Aron _
Aron _ Month ago
YesYesCircle00 Month ago
Imagine what the neighbors think when James starts cussing out Jessie
dado_006 !
dado_006 ! Month ago
Varun Balram
Varun Balram Month ago
James Fagan
James Fagan Month ago
James’ game winner his foot was on the line
Angela Obeng
Angela Obeng Month ago
Linda Morgmarsh
Linda Morgmarsh Month ago
I slept in the ice bath one time
Aidan Kwok
Aidan Kwok Month ago
8:03 im dying lol this is too funny
Roman Rockwell
Roman Rockwell Month ago
0:41 he talks a lot tho
Rachel Wheeler
Rachel Wheeler Month ago
When zack first got in the tub he was calling to his ing lost dinosaur friends!
Mark Reese
Mark Reese Month ago
Boomer aka Zack can’t handle the cold
David Sasson
David Sasson Month ago
We need a part 2
Charlie Peake
Charlie Peake Month ago
James u a little girl
Blizzardess iwnl
to be fair zac was sh**ting on jesse. no efence mi man
YooTaps ENT
YooTaps ENT Month ago
Are we going to ignore all Jasser’s dunk attempts 😂🤣 hard to watch
Nublets Month ago
If I were James I would purposely not score just to make a Jesser stay
Jimmy Crow
Jimmy Crow Month ago
Crazy dude!
Tiffany Villanueva
the last shot should Have not counted jidels foot was on the line
Chase fishy Dunn
Jaxon Miehle
Jaxon Miehle Month ago
cmon 100k likes
CeeKay Month ago
James had his foot on the line on every 3 and skeeted it
Tanner Wells
Tanner Wells Month ago
Why was hames being such a baby 😂 Mitchell was just vibin and he had way more ice than James even did
Pigs Do Jigz
Pigs Do Jigz Month ago
I think they used zacks screaming in call of duty zombies😂😂😂
Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson Month ago
Stevewilldoit music
Nenad Padezanin
Nenad Padezanin Month ago
Yooooo you played the pillar men theme niceeeeee
Santi O
Santi O Month ago
4:42 wen you girlfriend text you sayin' "im alone in home"
Jozef Maksuti
Jozef Maksuti Month ago
After review the foot was indeed on the line on that last play by James
goodmorning people
Why did they play pillar men theme
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze Month ago
Jidel had his foot on the line
BR4Y13N P14YS Month ago
Bro why Mitchell so Harry on the thumbnail
Brooke Month ago
Jesse is terrible I baby him play better than him let me rephrase that anything we play better than him even the squirrel squirrel anything bro Jesse you are officially the worst basketball player I have ever met
King Kong Sublette
King Kong Sublette 2 months ago
Pretending you’re in pain so you don’t have to get more ice
walker lozier
walker lozier 2 months ago
aint gonna lie jeidel got the moves
Sp4c33 2 months ago
last shot was on the line
kvng marion5577
kvng marion5577 2 months ago
I know the feeling trust me
Muhammad Hussein
Muhammad Hussein 2 months ago
100k likes is a lot to ask for
Benjamin Song
Benjamin Song 2 months ago
Milo Kitty
Milo Kitty 2 months ago
Jesse said did they teach curry class at defend should be did they teach defense at curry class lol
Jaxon Kelly
Jaxon Kelly 2 months ago
igi 3213
igi 3213 2 months ago
Dalixa Hernandezyttt
3.38 tho mad funny
Paul Kibler
Paul Kibler 2 months ago
Ngl, i though it said make the shot leave the freezer 😂
dylan ross
dylan ross 2 months ago
jesse was a dick to mopi
NoLimit_Saucy 2 months ago
am i the only one that noticed the elaphant 9:19
Avin on adhd
Avin on adhd 2 months ago
Are we gonna talk about the elephant at 9:19
Krzysztof Thompson
Krzysztof Thompson 2 months ago
Di no one realise the jiedel would just step on the line for his threes
Damiano Mezzanotte
Damiano Mezzanotte 2 months ago
why he shouting tho
Sethpai 2 months ago
Zack Vs Jiedel The Greatest Battle Of The Tryhards.
Justin Chen
Justin Chen 2 months ago
Carmelo Flores
Carmelo Flores 2 months ago
Is that dantdm
YellowOwl10 2 months ago
7:41 😂😂
Ayden2k 2 months ago
I’m wondering why was the ice melting if it was cold water it should have stayed and not melted even with there body heat that means the water wasn’t that cold
Ayman Abdullaha
Ayman Abdullaha 2 months ago
But its night tho
Andrea Wright
Andrea Wright 2 months ago
Jesse the same shorts you wore when you went in the bath I have them
Uce Atl13
Uce Atl13 2 months ago
Yo I never seen James this mad 😂😂
Ahmad Harris
Ahmad Harris 2 months ago
you guys suck
Eason Wang
Eason Wang 2 months ago
I wonder how much DAYS do they need to put them selves in the heater
Rxspect 2 months ago
Who else noticed that last shot James’ foot was on the line so it wouldn’t have counted as two it should’ve been one
GR Clutch
GR Clutch 2 months ago
This was cool
David Maier
David Maier 2 months ago
John Pereira
John Pereira 2 months ago
9:20 yall Notice the elephant in the background
Trey Roberts
Trey Roberts 2 months ago
james foot was on line vs zach
Charlie Amero
Charlie Amero 2 months ago
Header in the first round had a fat travel
Tony Games
Tony Games 2 months ago
Did you see the elephant in the background?!?!
kristina ward
kristina ward 2 months ago
Did anyone know Jidel has a 4 pack
Kolton Carroway
Kolton Carroway 2 months ago
you where going to jail because of the sirens
Herawati Diah
Herawati Diah 2 months ago
3Triiple.M 2 months ago
Jesse: he doesn’t really talk. Mopi: DOWN! DOWN! DOWN!!
Angel Baller
Angel Baller 2 months ago
Mopi putting Ice quick and disappearing 😂😂😂
Thx_ langston
Thx_ langston 2 months ago
james did layups whole game but i still love 2Hype
Deejay100 2 months ago
He knew he had the height advantage he went out soft
marley grace
marley grace 2 months ago
But his foot was on the lineeee ahaha
Lovenson Pierre
Lovenson Pierre 2 months ago
Not_Clixzy oncontrolla
That last shot James was on the line
Jason Singh
Jason Singh 2 months ago
6:50 its says 4 0 but moochie scored
dreamz 2 months ago
Mopi is doo doo 💩
Enis kadric
Enis kadric 2 months ago
The king of ICE 😂😂😂
Sy gaming Davis
Sy gaming Davis 2 months ago
Train Mitchell
Rylee Cabaniero
Rylee Cabaniero 2 months ago
This hole time mopie was just walking and putting ice in there tub
TMScrawdad48 2 months ago
y dose Jesse have a 5 year old body
Flying RC Car
Flying RC Car