Make The Shot WIN Mystery Box 🎁 - 1v1 Basketball Challenge 

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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 100   
Kemorje Parker
Kemorje Parker 5 hours ago
The first shot Jesser traveled
Mitch Waters
Mitch Waters Day ago
Anika 7 days ago
Your the only one who buys wrapping paper in July
Jynxs 7 days ago
Aidan Valentini
Aidan Valentini 11 days ago
did anyone else hear lsk at 9:35
Kudo 16 days ago
half of these gifts are from cracker barrel lol
Thomas T Kwan
Thomas T Kwan 18 days ago
6:47 everything makes sense now
Joseph Rushing
Joseph Rushing 19 days ago
anyone else notice jessers clean slide at the beginning of the game?
• CeyDuhRandom•
Hakop Abajian
Hakop Abajian Month ago
The way Jrodel fell after getting blocked
Henry French
Henry French 2 months ago
It’s jeidel and zachs bday
The Plain Wall
The Plain Wall 2 months ago
Remember When the Google home roasted Zack😂😂😂😂 5:53
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills 2 months ago
Zack said YO THat nigga got a purse
Chris Mleczek
Chris Mleczek 2 months ago
Mopi has no Athletic ability at all that guy is trash at every sport i almost feel sorry for him. That poor lil man
Footy MAn11
Footy MAn11 2 months ago
U got the Aussie basketball shirt going on
Redblacks7YT 3 months ago
Bundaberg is not a root beer
Fused Grape
Fused Grape 3 months ago
A bunderburg is a fucking ginger beer
Harry Hobby
Harry Hobby 3 months ago
Zach went try hard against James when he could’ve got the gucci
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez 3 months ago
Mopi needs to train with the professor
Jacob Teal
Jacob Teal 4 months ago
I'm a super big fan I love 2hype I even have your merch
Tzuyu Plays
Tzuyu Plays 4 months ago
I respect MOPI the goat
Cooler Dynamix
Cooler Dynamix 4 months ago
Every make 0:36 1:03
Sawyer Andrew
Sawyer Andrew 5 months ago
Bro his fall was so awkward 😂
Isaiahwright 15
Isaiahwright 15 5 months ago
Does anyone else see that Zach travel after every single jab step?
Kenricka S
Kenricka S 5 months ago
chris schwartz
chris schwartz 5 months ago
Everybody: ew this is so bad Mitchell:I mean it’s not bad at all
TrapoBandint 5 months ago
Moochi is that a lamelo ball type beat
noah thomas
noah thomas 5 months ago
James really said "boondaberg"
JDM_ Reggie
JDM_ Reggie 5 months ago
You guys know where to get backboard cheese
Cody Crawford
Cody Crawford 6 months ago
Let’s be honest we’re only cheering for mopi
Kevin Lau
Kevin Lau 6 months ago
why is mopi wearing yezzy willing balling
vibe 6 months ago
vibe 6 months ago
yoboidav 6 months ago
why is zach whereing a faze jersy
Slimey Tv
Slimey Tv 6 months ago
I want to play all of you guys 1v1
Alex Deleon
Alex Deleon 6 months ago
Who else waiting on 2hype vs brawadis team ??
GMil 6 months ago
Mopies body posture reminds me of chicken joe from surfs up.
Yannos Awesomeness
Yannos Awesomeness 6 months ago
I wish I was there
Tina Mayes
Tina Mayes 6 months ago
jiedel Jesser Mopi brother and Zach Kris brother
Tina Mayes
Tina Mayes 6 months ago
Jiedel Jesser Mopi brother
Lil Champ
Lil Champ 6 months ago
Look a mopi so __________
Felipe Aranjo
Felipe Aranjo 6 months ago
4:55 jiel travels
bob cousey
bob cousey 6 months ago
jiedel you are beautiful you are not wide you are perfect
LEGENDS 123 6 months ago
Mopi needs too play more i see his movements are decreesing Is it bexause of soccer😑
Mohamed Bandzz
Mohamed Bandzz 6 months ago
That fake Gucci
Lisa Schechter
Lisa Schechter 6 months ago
Is anyone watching in 2021? I’m in 2020
Southerner Sports
Southerner Sports 6 months ago
Someone test Jiedel for steroids that came for free with the Masterclass.
Cohan Kowalski
Cohan Kowalski 6 months ago
James travels every time
Jeremy Gerena
Jeremy Gerena 6 months ago
Mopi didn’t lose, he just decided to not unleash Reese’s Mopi, we stan a merciful god.
Fishy 6 months ago
Anyone else just get this as they’re notification right now even though it was four days ago?
Drippyyy Bobby
Drippyyy Bobby 6 months ago
Jesse and his girl broke up
Logan Holley
Logan Holley 6 months ago
Cameron Bobbitt
Cameron Bobbitt 6 months ago
Zack travelled on his last three layups :P
Jake 6 months ago
Anyone here after the breakup?
Attalla Daffa Cahyaputra
All I hear is the ASMR of the shoes
Colin R
Colin R 6 months ago
He should just give the purse to his girlfriend
Demryn Saavedra
Demryn Saavedra 6 months ago
I hate watching jiedel play it makes me wanna sock myself
paytondj2 6 months ago
Zack's jersey, also the year he graduated college. '94
uncn4med 6 months ago
your talking about 1894 right?
C-los 6 months ago
James is too good
Vpz SXUCEY 6 months ago
Mark Shaffer
Mark Shaffer 6 months ago
Where is Kris
PJ564 6 months ago
I’m a big fan
Amy Rhymer
Amy Rhymer 6 months ago
y is Kris never in these videos?
David Celestin
David Celestin 6 months ago
I think as a prank you should take everyone's shoes and get them should from the thrift store
Ricardo .C
Ricardo .C 6 months ago
Ma man out of challenges 😂😂
Jasiri 6 months ago
13:35 notice how they switch seats😂
Papa Jess
Papa Jess 6 months ago
Watch my vids plz
Ida Hawkins
Ida Hawkins 6 months ago
James always drag his feet when he crosserover
brandon -on2k
brandon -on2k 6 months ago
These gifts are wack
Medasaurus 6 months ago
where is cash????????
2 oh
2 oh 6 months ago
jiedel is just so awkward moving 💀💀
Ben Miller
Ben Miller 6 months ago
how jiedel pronounced Bundaberg hahahaha
Charlie 6 months ago
Jesse has clamps when he tries
yeet kid
yeet kid 6 months ago
Hey jesserthelaser lazarbeam 15.4 million subscribers
Sidewalkin2k -
Sidewalkin2k - 6 months ago
4:10 James is a party pooper that’s y no one likes u
Lil Sun
Lil Sun 6 months ago
If Jesse tried he could be a perimeter lockdown 🔐
YoungOso Francisco
YoungOso Francisco 6 months ago
Zach cheating it said shoot not layup
J-money Kid
J-money Kid 6 months ago
Why is zack wearing a faze Jersey
Mae Pido
Mae Pido 6 months ago
Mae Pido
Mae Pido 6 months ago
Mae Pido
Mae Pido 6 months ago
Mae Pido
Mae Pido 6 months ago
Mae Pido
Mae Pido 6 months ago
Mae Pido
Mae Pido 6 months ago
Can i have a basketball ring plssss
Mae Pido
Mae Pido 6 months ago
jonas lokensgard
jonas lokensgard 6 months ago
Does any else notice that zack travels almost every time with his jabstep? He literally takes two steps and then puts the ball down
Jamarruis Sanders
Jamarruis Sanders 6 months ago
2:10 had me dying 😂😂😂😂
Gaming with J Jones
Gaming with J Jones 6 months ago
The thumb nail was different than the title
Trevor Beckwith
Trevor Beckwith 6 months ago
You should do who has the best ribs in town for your next food vid
Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams 6 months ago
No one really talking about how good James has gotten? I saw Jesser get shifted a little by him and I know y'all saw him getting buckets in this
JaQualen Winters
JaQualen Winters 6 months ago
Jesser play hide and seek
brady beets
brady beets 6 months ago
anyone else kinda salty jesse has been using steve will do it’s little music intro thing as a beat drop
Elevated Mj
Elevated Mj 6 months ago
Why is James the most unathletic athletic person
Dark Minx
Dark Minx 6 months ago
Jiedel was in the avatar stage
ShotyxGaming 6 months ago
The CEO of English 0:25
jammal othman
jammal othman 6 months ago
I lowkey thought Id already watched this lol
Bauer Stephens
Bauer Stephens 6 months ago
It was a satchel
Quentin Sings
Quentin Sings 6 months ago
“ I could put it in the bathtub plugged in.” 🤷🏼‍♂️😭😂. The legend himself 😂
Zeke Gaming
Zeke Gaming 6 months ago
Why always cash is not in the vid why always mitchell mitchell is not a 2hype cash is the real 2hype
Asta Staria
Asta Staria 6 months ago
Jiedel has the whitest basketball play lol
here comes the sun
here comes the sun