Make The Shot - Choose The Mystery Door Challenge 

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Today we played last to miss the shot gets to open a mystery door!
⭐ Text me! 805 - 398 - 6092
INSANE Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge 🏀
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Make The Shot, Leave The FREEZING Ice Bath Challenge!
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Jul 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 Day ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
wallygo crazy13
wallygo crazy13 5 days ago
zack knows the ways he been alive for billions of years
Darsh Shah
Darsh Shah 12 days ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 21 day ago
Willie barebecux
Aren Quintero
Aren Quintero 23 days ago
Who else is mad that they don’t play baseball and don’t use the cage
Spencer Kwon
Spencer Kwon Month ago
James stop being so awkward it’s annoying just don’t be in the videos
Jeikobu Gaming
Jeikobu Gaming Month ago
Its been a while since i saw them play on the 2hype house
Andre Fane
Andre Fane Month ago
Bro that dude goes for the Philadelphia 76ers how about Lakers
Mark Reese
Mark Reese Month ago
Can u make more of these
Ammata thammavongsa
0:10 I respect Jiedel honestly. Nobodys talking about this
William Fabiano
William Fabiano Month ago
"the simmons jersey giving him powers from this range" lmaooooo
Marques Pearson
Marques Pearson 2 months ago
Everybody got silver corner specialist lol
Thomas Navarette
Thomas Navarette 2 months ago
I just wanna ask jiedel how one is so awkward celebrating 💀😭
Liam games
Liam games 2 months ago
btw how many bball courts do you have
Paige Mccrate
Paige Mccrate 2 months ago
He uploaded on my bday
Joey Valdez
Joey Valdez 2 months ago
jessy cheated
Meagan Wallace
Meagan Wallace 2 months ago
Thank you for the insane content
adrian prieto
adrian prieto 2 months ago
BW The Don
BW The Don 2 months ago
Where is jessers US-first store I wanna see those kyries
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 2 months ago
I'd pass out from hot sauce
Jakob Lil Bank Gang
Jakob Lil Bank Gang 2 months ago
Underthe-Mask_ 2 months ago
Jesser that was sus
Zachary Good
Zachary Good 2 months ago
james nike id shoe is dissapointed
Logan Albritton
Logan Albritton 2 months ago
I love how Jesser explained how hot the sauce was by saying he was sucking on satins D***
Maigan Birchfield
Maigan Birchfield 2 months ago
Jamir McHenry
Jamir McHenry 3 months ago
MrWonder 3 months ago
Absolutely no : Every attention whore ever: 2:57
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 3 months ago
did jesser say the n word minute 9:19?
Splash thunder
Splash thunder 3 months ago
My favorite was Zack was making more baskets often, and jesser also Cashnasty my favorites also Kris
janjan 3 months ago
Nobody: Jesse: It is last to mess
Volume_ Sm0ke
Volume_ Sm0ke 4 months ago
Has cash ever talked about Mitch in his vids
Andrew Bill88
Andrew Bill88 4 months ago
Moppi is the goat
Prodigy 2K
Prodigy 2K 4 months ago
If course Zach copped the dad shoe😂
Prodigy 2K
Prodigy 2K 4 months ago
Jacob Slaven
Jacob Slaven 4 months ago
My sister has that scoter
Minyon 4 months ago
Mitchell did not get cheated 💀 he said he’d go for it so i meann
Stevie Barner
Stevie Barner 4 months ago
Zack Lace Up!
Skyth 5 months ago
The next shot is a three throw - jessie
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 5 months ago
6:52 big pause
Martavious Tisby
Martavious Tisby 5 months ago
AZandBenji’s 10,000 Hours
Todd was the doorman
julius luna
julius luna 5 months ago
When Zach shoots his follow through arm moves to the side keep it shraight
Daniel Curtin
Daniel Curtin 5 months ago
Am I the only one that roots for Mitchell most of the time no real reason just feels right
Wasted Knowledge
Wasted Knowledge 5 months ago
Wtf were those bird sounds
adamgraves21 5 months ago
Is moochie in 2hype
CrackedRex 5 months ago
Moochie: I only need one Me:you must need three
ben buckets27
ben buckets27 5 months ago
James you are fat all the time
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 5 months ago
miss the shot, get kicked in the nuts
T'Air Harris
T'Air Harris 5 months ago
Wht was the song name
Boombaclot fupoon
Boombaclot fupoon 5 months ago
so we’re not gonna talk about the devil pen15 sucking joke 😂😂
AJ Atayi
AJ Atayi 5 months ago
How do I join 2hype
Lawson Byrd
Lawson Byrd 5 months ago
YSS_ CEO 5 months ago
What happened to posting the nike id on your yt story I know you got em cause I got mine and I ordered mine after you 😂
Kaela Bowman
Kaela Bowman 5 months ago
No one: Absolutely no one: James: I feel really fat today and I dont know why
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson 5 months ago
Surprise: The box prize is just a piece of paper
Hunt Danieltv
Hunt Danieltv 5 months ago
to all members of the 2hype i think zack is the most GOAT in baskteball
Arjun Pisharody
Arjun Pisharody 5 months ago
7:45 the left red circle for Mitchell is only partially full.
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 5 months ago
Its weird because some of you won and got a punished...
LIAM HANRAHAN 5 months ago
I want a house with my friends after I am done with school you guys make it look so fun
DriFT_VisUalZ_YT 5 months ago
SATAN has had a bad day
Yee Yeet
Yee Yeet 5 months ago
Mitchel jumpshot reminds me of 2k18 absolute trash
Luke Chambers
Luke Chambers 5 months ago
the irony of zack winning from the corner 3 even though he’s in the Ben Simmons Jesey
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes 5 months ago
What did James say? Nike ID?
Forgive txils
Forgive txils 5 months ago
Jesser phone at 3am: *Ding *Ding *DIng *DING *DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING Jesser: -_- i regret this
AtomicOwl 24378
AtomicOwl 24378 5 months ago
Where’s the car
Paul Mutwiri
Paul Mutwiri 5 months ago
Moochie jumped in socks
Harsha Suresh
Harsha Suresh 5 months ago
Anyone else watching after the new one👇🏽👇🏽
Regina Shearer
Regina Shearer 5 months ago
jersser i hate you
Gavin 5 months ago
jesser a little sus now
Joey 15
Joey 15 5 months ago
Jesser do a GOAT Yao pack opening for old times sake
Slay_respect YT
Slay_respect YT 5 months ago
Who else noticed how they took of moochiepoint when James shot it at the end
Tyler Spencer
Tyler Spencer 5 months ago
Goated Vids
Goated Vids 5 months ago
Kris would definitely say "Pause Bro" at 6:52
Issac Ford
Issac Ford 5 months ago
Who keep watching is over again
Dastyn Gonzalez
Dastyn Gonzalez 5 months ago
Mopi should do masterclass
EZ imagine
EZ imagine 5 months ago
I’m eating the nuclear noodles right now watching this and I’m dieing
Code Rifty
Code Rifty 5 months ago
6:56 pause
Maddi Sinclair
Maddi Sinclair 5 months ago
when did zack get so clutch??
Maddi Sinclair
Maddi Sinclair 5 months ago
@6:53 is the moment james disowned jesse 😂💀
Will Pogue
Will Pogue 5 months ago
Why is Jiedel’s shot so flat lmao
Stacy Preston
Stacy Preston 5 months ago
Why is Zach wearing a Simmons jersey?
Nixxon Kereopa
Nixxon Kereopa 5 months ago
I made some custom shoes they are cool thanks for the website :D
Life With Sanjean
Life With Sanjean 5 months ago
2hype boxing match
Reilly M
Reilly M 5 months ago
Tell me why Todd is just annoying
Amy Rhymer
Amy Rhymer 5 months ago
6:51 *pause*
mckinley carter
mckinley carter 6 months ago
Did anyone recognize that they told jiedel foot on the line but Mitchell's was way past and Jesser 2hype members are haters
Kendrick Burks
Kendrick Burks 6 months ago
Justin Gray
Justin Gray 6 months ago
Every shot No one 2hype member BLuuRRRR BlUUUURRRRRRR
Stef Smith
Stef Smith 6 months ago
Zack gets so hype for eltrick scooter sorry spelt electricity wrong
Fe_Shannon 6 months ago
Jesser and Iman Videos
Oto Bergmanis
Oto Bergmanis 6 months ago
Wai you brek op wit iman
Matrix 6 months ago
All lives matter
Matrix 5 months ago
I’m sure it is to you
T'Air Harris
T'Air Harris 5 months ago
Joey Marino
Joey Marino 6 months ago
moochie needs to be in 2hype
InMyDuffy 6 months ago
Oskar Johnson
Oskar Johnson 6 months ago
Actually he won one
Oskar Johnson
Oskar Johnson 6 months ago
Moochie: I only need one life Also moochie: loses all three of the three point challenges
John C. Voltolini
John C. Voltolini 6 months ago
It is what it is
Ian Surla
Ian Surla 6 months ago
Michal made it from the 2hype logo that is a sign
Sean Etis
Sean Etis 6 months ago
Uhhh helloo! Where’s mopi at?😂🤣
Robbie Hoffman
Robbie Hoffman 6 months ago
Todd goes don’t ask where I was keeping that on the hot sauce😂
Z Aisenberg
Z Aisenberg 6 months ago
The guy at the door tries to give them punishments and switch’s doors