Last To Miss MINI HOOP DUNK Wins Mystery BOX! 

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Grab your target apple watch and watch the boys win insane prizes from basketball challenges inside mystery boxes.
Last To Miss Layup Wins $10,000
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Testing weird basketball amazon products
► us-first.info/player/video/b5Z_poZ4oYGkoGQ.html
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Mar 20, 2020




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Comments 100   
Huge N1gger #yop the boys
Who’s here after mopi left
Felicia White
Felicia White 14 days ago
Can it go back to jesserthelazer
Yungg Marvl
Yungg Marvl 16 days ago
JuaniiDoh 26 days ago
Who else watching 2020, we miss you mope
Dalton Wolfington
Well that’s dumb unless you said it in a new year dumbass
JuaniiDoh 4 days ago
@Dalton Wolfington I know dat stupaad
Dalton Wolfington
Dalton Wolfington 16 days ago
This was made in 2020
Caleb Hill
Caleb Hill Month ago
10:20 i thought it was the phub intro
John McGovern
John McGovern Month ago
zachs face
Bekah Parrino
Bekah Parrino Month ago
I love your playing so much
Bekah Parrino
Bekah Parrino Month ago
Good work guys 🏀😴🤐😊🍭🍬🍕🍟⚾️🏐⛳️🏌
Hunter Thorpe
Hunter Thorpe 2 months ago
Bruh when jesser blocked mopi I wanted to dislike the vid
Notaidan 380
Notaidan 380 2 months ago
“Horse but where only doing two letters where doing 2 H” Mind explodes
Klied Casaligan
Klied Casaligan 2 months ago
basket ball
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem 2 months ago
2:56 had me dyin
The next Swagg
The next Swagg 2 months ago
Mitchell actually won a challenge
Henry French
Henry French 2 months ago
Good shot Mitchell over the bridge
Holden Gardner ツ
Holden Gardner ツ 2 months ago
NoLuvJayy 3 months ago
Samuli Jarvila
Samuli Jarvila 3 months ago
0:47 joku sanoi jumalauta😂
Kakashi Uchina
Kakashi Uchina 3 months ago
1:17 when Ronnie 2k slides in a model's Dm's
Xtra_ Cheese
Xtra_ Cheese 3 months ago
How tall is mopi ?
Gloria Maddox
Gloria Maddox 4 months ago
I would gave it to him
Gloria Maddox
Gloria Maddox 4 months ago
I felt bad for mopi when x Zack got a gucci belt
Richard Cunningham
Richard Cunningham 4 months ago
Rip 😢❤️
TNO kevone
TNO kevone 5 months ago
7:45 had me dead no cap
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith 5 months ago
Zack made a face that became a big meme in our history
Spencer Armstrong
Spencer Armstrong 5 months ago
Mopi really is just a little kid
rafael virlando
rafael virlando 5 months ago
Finger lickin chicken which one are you pick?
SimplyGrinding 5 months ago
Mopi😂😂😂. 7:48
caiden bryant
caiden bryant 5 months ago
Im honestly suprised Mopi got as many points as he did.Biiggggg SHOUTOUT TO MOPI🤣🤣💪💪💪💪
Cloudy King43
Cloudy King43 5 months ago
When the squad gets so hype cause of a belt that is Gucci
Samtheman 159
Samtheman 159 5 months ago
People who dislike videos 💩
Tina Mayes
Tina Mayes 6 months ago
Mich miss the dunk
Lupe Chaires
Lupe Chaires 6 months ago
Mopie is so punchable
Oludemilade Oduyemi
Oludemilade Oduyemi 6 months ago
1:16 I have stayed here for so long just watching this over and over again lol
Icebox_ 0827
Icebox_ 0827 6 months ago
PRO2 6 months ago
6:55 Mopi almost cried LOL
Ida Hawkins
Ida Hawkins 6 months ago
Jesser should have never given mopi your present
Kevin Soto
Kevin Soto 6 months ago
Mopi is such a fein
Pierce Olsen
Pierce Olsen 6 months ago
Where is kris
Derin Ornek
Derin Ornek 7 months ago
Jesser is the best youtuber
Logan Desmone
Logan Desmone 7 months ago
i saw a comment on another jesser vid that said the reason mitchell wasnt an official 2Hype member was cuz he couldnt hoop but he made the hardest shot
Elijah Triolo
Elijah Triolo 7 months ago
Zack looks perfect with the glasses on
SC4RE BIONIC 8 months ago
Does anyone know where u get that mini hoop
bron sexual
bron sexual 8 months ago
Vivan Sridhar
Vivan Sridhar 8 months ago
5:24 hahaha 😂
Edgar Flores
Edgar Flores 8 months ago
7:47-8:02 I laughed way to hard, I’m too childish
JMPlays 8 months ago
7:40 big pause. I’m not mad that you slapped that
Gaming With rich
Gaming With rich 8 months ago
Why would you give your give your 🎁 to tyler
Karlos Feki
Karlos Feki 8 months ago
Love ur vids wish I could be in one
benny asnake
benny asnake 8 months ago
07:48-08:02 got me dying asf fr z😂😂😂
Lauri Lundquist
Lauri Lundquist 8 months ago
You indie
Carson Fenton
Carson Fenton 8 months ago
Who’s here after Jesse hit 3 mil
Pro Bro Friends
Pro Bro Friends 8 months ago
do more i will buy you anything challenge if you make the shot this time increase the low up to 500$ and maxinmum , 1000$
Marne Norquist
Marne Norquist 8 months ago
Mopi's the best
Ashton Getchel
Ashton Getchel 8 months ago
tyler is so annoying
RNG Maxyy RNG Polars
Sup sub to my US-first channel
daron lebron
daron lebron 8 months ago
Yo zack is so luck wtf
Jacob F
Jacob F 8 months ago
I feel so poor now
March The Mamba
March The Mamba 8 months ago
Thank you Jesser for making me laugh during theses times. You make youtube fun to watch.
WeLuvBoards 8 months ago
Mopi’s fart still lives to this day 💨
ZlBlue3 8 months ago
Dat was nice of jesse
The Pack Openers
The Pack Openers 8 months ago
Best quarantine house WVER
Fortsream 8 months ago
I hate Zach
Kellen K
Kellen K 8 months ago
Medagod 5
Medagod 5 8 months ago
Stop mopi abuse
Pure Money Zyi
Pure Money Zyi 8 months ago
1:17 💀💀
Jason Benenhaley
Jason Benenhaley 9 months ago
Jesser you're so nice to mopi its adorable
Fishy Bwo
Fishy Bwo 9 months ago
I was going to say imagine getting out right away but I was thinking 🤔 Mopi is probably gonna get out And what do you know he gets out
Damien Weaver
Damien Weaver 9 months ago
legend has it they still don’t know who farted..
vkobe-v 9 months ago
Shout out to Jason for his behind the sences work
SZ_sizzyツ - sizzy
SZ_sizzyツ - sizzy 9 months ago
( ̄∀ ̄)
Grant Raffetto
Grant Raffetto 9 months ago
Mitchell wearing his hypebeast gym shorts. iykyk
Edwin.709 9 months ago
Tyler get rewards doing nothing,if he wants some he got to win
Shiftys clouted
Shiftys clouted 9 months ago
What hoop do they use
Anthony Barca
Anthony Barca 9 months ago
Love the way Zach opens the box the first time.
Muhammad nur Rafshan
The way zach smile while dunking killed me
Andrew Pan
Andrew Pan 9 months ago
If Lsk was here lol
Jonathan Berumen
Jonathan Berumen 9 months ago
Sub to jesser
Jose 152
Jose 152 9 months ago
bruh Jesse we know your jumper wet cmcon
Nole the goal
Nole the goal 9 months ago
I love how mop I tried to knock off Mitchell’s in and out hat but missed😂
Zavagez17 9 months ago
1:17 that face. I laughed so hard
The1nOnlyLxke 9 months ago
More bangers from jesser love it
zzztrentzzz 9 months ago
9:15 that went in jesser should have won that js
SEO Gaming
SEO Gaming 9 months ago
T.L. Mayorga
T.L. Mayorga 9 months ago
Love you mopi
Pamela Thomas
Pamela Thomas 9 months ago
Hola you
Maria Abecia
Maria Abecia 9 months ago
Guys did jesser baught the price?
Huj FN
Huj FN 9 months ago
6:56 get that stuff outa here
Auroraz_YT 9 months ago
When this corona is over we need a mopi vs flight
Bridger Peterson
Bridger Peterson 9 months ago
Go Gonzaga
Braden Bobst
Braden Bobst 9 months ago
Where’s Chris
JUMBO HOT DOGS 9 months ago
JUMBO HOT DOGS 9 months ago
Joey Hartigan
Joey Hartigan 9 months ago
3:23 please tell me I'm not the only one who saw mopi dive after that ball😂😂
Aaron Hudson
Aaron Hudson 9 months ago
1:19 what is that song?
Teejayfoe 9 months ago
This man in love with mopi or something
Nick Mingacci
Nick Mingacci 9 months ago
Mopi when Zack got the belt😱😨
Spida 9 months ago
1:15 Zach tho😂😂
Help Me Reach 15k before 2022
2:40 U n0 lo0K
Areyon Jenkins
Areyon Jenkins 9 months ago
Go watch jesser second to last shot on 2H he made it
Johnathan Conn
Johnathan Conn 9 months ago
Ppl don’t be making fun of mopi in the comments