Last To Leave Pool Wins $10,000 

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Another absolute banger of a last to leave challenge, but this time its last to leave this freezing pool!

Last To Miss MINI HOOP DUNK Wins Mystery BOX!
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Last to leave ocean wins 10,000
► us-first.info/player/video/d7VndY-hiKaYm2A.html
Last to leave hot tub wins 10,000
► us-first.info/player/video/iJqXpKyWdICVmaM.html

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May 3, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jesser 8 months ago
Nolan Huff
Nolan Huff 11 days ago
James jenkins
James jenkins Month ago
Your welcome
mytonemusic286 4 months ago
Jesser u are a insperation
Micah Christian
Micah Christian 4 months ago
Monesh VARGHESE 4 months ago
You are the best
Paul Douris
Paul Douris 2 days ago
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon
Jackson Schwartz
Jackson Schwartz 5 days ago
Miss 2hype in this form😭
Caleb Nah
Caleb Nah 7 days ago
Stop bullying mopi
Jaedyn Milfort
Jaedyn Milfort 10 days ago
People here toget the best of mopi
RE SPARK Yt 14 days ago
Rip mopi
Jonathan villalobos
Rick need to shave his legs
gabe_ itches9
gabe_ itches9 15 days ago
When James said all I need is cash unfollow
Fraser Bryant
Fraser Bryant 16 days ago
The good times
Anthony Enriquez
Anthony Enriquez 19 days ago
4:37 soooo funny Zack: yO wHaT tHe fUcK
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 19 days ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Carson Vo
Carson Vo 20 days ago
this date is my birthday
Jackson Henry
Jackson Henry 20 days ago
You wellcome
Kish Parmar
Kish Parmar 21 day ago
I'm a big fan
Dominic Olesin
Dominic Olesin 23 days ago
James was so exited when Jesse got out
Ryan Beckwith
Ryan Beckwith 27 days ago
Ur what’s wrong with this world I hope u know
Noah Kerron
Noah Kerron 28 days ago
Bro rick is the definition of a pasty white boi i love him though he my boi
Binyamin Levy
Binyamin Levy Month ago
The mean calf immuhistochemically program because ticket successively disarm along a straight fairies. ruthless, narrow top
sdffd sdfdfs
sdffd sdfdfs Month ago
The delicious parsnip perioperaively practise because pear postmeiotically knock astride a oval top. hesitant, acoustic goose
Help Me Reach 15k before 2022
5:26 we know you don't upload
TSG_LUFI Month ago
I would win easy
Wyatt Wetzel
Wyatt Wetzel Month ago
No problem
NBZ 121
NBZ 121 Month ago
No one eve n got 10000
Monty Friesen
Monty Friesen Month ago
4:28 could not stop laughing
danxale 2 months ago
nobody wheres cash someoene he scared of waterd he says jezze
Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry Muffins 2 months ago
James is that one kid who begs that kid for gum
ABDU 1212
ABDU 1212 2 months ago
Zach would know if Jesse is getting old.
Owen Is great
Owen Is great Month ago
Grady Ward
Grady Ward 2 months ago
Imagine not Liking jesser
Oliver Lyon
Oliver Lyon 2 months ago
Did I see shake shack 👀 👅 💦
Gavin Mays
Gavin Mays 2 months ago
bro i love all the boys jesser mopi zack lsk cash moochie jeff jidel mark i belive i his name
Tristan James
Tristan James 2 months ago
3:33 ????
Hassam Malik
Hassam Malik 2 months ago
u leave the pool when u go on that yellow and blue fat chair
KAY Le 2 months ago
Zack “I’m the only black person left so....” When Zack watches this: that’s racist
fanboy max
fanboy max 2 months ago
Eshay baah baah black sheep
Mburu Munano
Mburu Munano 2 months ago
You are welcome
LS Slap
LS Slap 2 months ago
10:29 am I the only one that thinks that this is so hyped
Thomas F Jordan
Thomas F Jordan 2 months ago
I'm Atomey
I'm Atomey 3 months ago
Rick is so pasty ig jesse actually doesn’t let him out
Michael Hollyfield
Michael Hollyfield 3 months ago
James always wins
Melissa Siddall
Melissa Siddall 3 months ago
Whatever you do just know that god loves you and will forgive you 💜✝️
Gabriel Chamberlain
Gabriel Chamberlain 3 months ago
When Zack said he had to upload 👀👀
Sipdog 13
Sipdog 13 4 months ago
Common zack I wanted u to win :/
Evan Crum
Evan Crum 4 months ago
I hate rick
Sam Plautz
Sam Plautz 4 months ago
This was ok, but they need more spongebob
GK 45
GK 45 4 months ago
you didn’t beep out the n word just saying
Chonk 4 months ago
3:34 umm whattt
iforgot myname
iforgot myname 5 months ago
Why does everyone have hairy pits? Disgusting
JB Elite
JB Elite 5 months ago
ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK 👈❤️🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩՏT 🔥 Lets grow together!
Sid Nandak
Sid Nandak 5 months ago
Rick is the GOAT
Daddy Cuz
Daddy Cuz 5 months ago
Is that Jesse or is that the the defensive player of the year anthony Davis?
Levi Beam
Levi Beam 4 months ago
This didn’t age well lmao
Colton Stelloh
Colton Stelloh 5 months ago
After further review Jesse did not leave the pool he was on the step
xxghostdelta13xx 5 months ago
James needs to be banned from the water challenged
Edward Marquez
Edward Marquez 5 months ago
Dude doesn’t need a shower cap, he needs to wash his hair 😷
Blackstaff Animations
They look so chill
Vjollca Caka
Vjollca Caka 5 months ago
Shadow Nitemare
Shadow Nitemare 5 months ago
Who said “there was only 4” 5:31 isn’t it and then there were 4?
xxclutchkillxx0 5 months ago
Me being in a pool for 7 hours and it still being hot
Vortex With A 3
Vortex With A 3 5 months ago
James is the type of guy to get revenge on someone when they dont do nothing to him
Atos Alacre
Atos Alacre 5 months ago
Can i have 500 dollars? Hehe
Ross Courtney
Ross Courtney 5 months ago
This is fake it said one hour latter and mopie still out side in a towel
ode 5 months ago
Swimmers: Are you even challenging me?
Wallz Minez
Wallz Minez 5 months ago
I wish I had money to buy PC y’all have 10,000
Daniel McLaughlin
Daniel McLaughlin 5 months ago
James trying to lick Jesse's fries so he can get fatter
Little Ninja
Little Ninja 5 months ago
Whoever likes this mite pull jesses backhair
Aj Licon
Aj Licon 5 months ago
What did they say 3:33
vladimir mitov
vladimir mitov 5 months ago
Mrbeast 2?
Shemeka Pittman
Shemeka Pittman 5 months ago
The guy in the counter with food is so me!!
Daniel Naing
Daniel Naing 5 months ago
dumb kris
Easton Seagroves
Easton Seagroves 6 months ago
0:08 why does mopi look the exact height of kris
bblake_16 6 months ago
The Pringle’s were never seen again......
Ernesto III Siquian
Ernesto III Siquian 6 months ago
This the real hype house
Peyton Boroff
Peyton Boroff 6 months ago
Luke Beatty
Luke Beatty 6 months ago
Never see them giving the money
DeCarius Green
DeCarius Green 6 months ago
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 6 months ago
Am I the only person that heard someone say the n word with the r @3:33
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 6 months ago
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 6 months ago
Hey Justin
rob 6 months ago
Rick when Jesse stole the fruit snack: WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY MOMENT
Max Wilder
Max Wilder 6 months ago
Remember when Jesse was in the Tyler glens team with mopi those were the days
gam3s 6 months ago
Stop the cap u niggas not give each other money hahaha stop its goin to rent hahaha
Sad Boy Ace
Sad Boy Ace 6 months ago
What did mopi say he had? That couldnt get wet
davidlewis03 6 months ago
Bruh honestly fuck James
Densed 6 months ago
Only OGs remember those musicallys with Kris
Adan Briseño
Adan Briseño 6 months ago
Mopi smiled in
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 6 months ago
Dude Kris is ashamed when he's in to the pool loooooolll
Fishy 6 months ago
Did zack say he black? He’s literally white😂
Levi Beam
Levi Beam 4 months ago
imstilloscar I’m done with this conversation if you can’t even comprehend what I’m saying.
Fishy 4 months ago
Levi Beam I don’t get it so do u think he’s black or white
Levi Beam
Levi Beam 4 months ago
imstilloscar “he’s literally white”
Fishy 4 months ago
Levi Beam I didn’t say he is white did I or did I not? I see some black in him because of his skin color but I also see some white in him. Talkin bout getting my eyes checked
Levi Beam
Levi Beam 4 months ago
If you think Zack is white you need to get your eyes checked. Is he light skinned? Yeah. But that’s still not white
Lakye Cross
Lakye Cross 6 months ago
James is a fat ass trying to steal Jesse food
Phantom-YT 6 months ago
Jesser should have been out cause he went on the thing that kris put in the pool and wasn’t touching the water
Brady Crissinger
Brady Crissinger 6 months ago
Man, Zacks getting old. He went inside and forgot to pee... he might not last much longer 😭😭😭
Dank Coops
Dank Coops 6 months ago
niggas just don’t care about 10k LMAO
YEET NATION 6 months ago
Basic 000
Basic 000 6 months ago
I love your channel
LAYOUT X 6 months ago
We all know he never got paid
Jay _713
Jay _713 6 months ago
TTG the try hard 0:24 that’s try hard material right their from zack
Ricky Castillo
Ricky Castillo 6 months ago
Try hard James
Addison (Shronk) Pressnall
I would beat all of them in a last to leave challenge
Iamjustvibin Withyourdad
I think kris is setting up another prank
nmesoma obodoechi
nmesoma obodoechi 6 months ago
Jesus loves you
Deivias 7 months ago
I would be in this pool till i was near death for 10k.
DeathSniper 7 months ago
if this was acc for 10k they wouldnt have left thay early lmao