Last To Miss MINI HOOP SHOT Wins Mystery BOX! 

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Watch the boys win insane prizes from basketball challenges inside mystery boxes.
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Last To Miss MINI HOOP DUNK Wins Mystery BOX!
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Last To Miss Layup Wins $10,000
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May 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
ICE4 GROWL 2 days ago
gub-er 11 days ago
Mopi mopi mopi mopi
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 12 days ago
Jesus And God love you ❤️
ajani east
ajani east 13 days ago
i am eating popcorn rn
Carlind Bonner
Carlind Bonner 17 days ago
MD DM 20 days ago
0:17 Đm nc bọt a ơi
Fishy on me baron
Fishy on me baron 25 days ago
Go Zach
Edgar Rivera
Edgar Rivera Month ago
I never got a txt back 😩
TKC ANTYT Month ago
bro agian the Kris ft.Zack show hope yo enjoy
C-c-Camilo Hi
C-c-Camilo Hi Month ago
I love these vids there the best
YouTube icey
YouTube icey Month ago
Are we gonna talk about how Zack makes every deep shot in dis vid bassicly
Brantley stainer
What brand is your mini hoop
Nightmare 1738
Nightmare 1738 Month ago
Talkn bout some 40 inches
Nightmare 1738
Nightmare 1738 Month ago
Kris is mad susssssss
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Month ago
His voice mail was funny
sunshine rowland
where did you get the mini hoops
Tiara Hankinson
Tiara Hankinson Month ago
todd stone
todd stone Month ago
i want a pair of shoes plz my best shoes are shaqs from walmart
jasmeet grewal
jasmeet grewal Month ago
Young Baller23
Young Baller23 Month ago
Cap it’s automated
Bandit YDC
Bandit YDC 2 months ago
15:34 is how NBA young boy fans play.
Pembo Hood Music
Pembo Hood Music 2 months ago
Jesser or Star Lord
Clayton Maxwell
Clayton Maxwell 2 months ago
I love Tom Brady
Remy Ouahnoun
Remy Ouahnoun 2 months ago
Its a reguler one for mopi
Eric Anthony Canlas
Eric Anthony Canlas 2 months ago
Where is cash
Karen Ross
Karen Ross 2 months ago
Every black person got all the mytrey boxis lol
sleepy nox
sleepy nox 2 months ago
At 6:46 goko pulled up or cookie idk
SoSaucey Shaun
SoSaucey Shaun 2 months ago
i love this dude nd i just started watching him he calms my anxiety down 😂💙
Abyssal Lagiacrus
Abyssal Lagiacrus 2 months ago
He made🔥 that off the wall shot dunk he made the shot but not the dunk🔥
Xcel 2 months ago
Everyone: watching Kris open prizes Mopi:Trying to steal prizes
Malachi Chesney
Malachi Chesney 2 months ago
Bro I’m 13 and the bullshit is saying u have to be thirteen
Vermillion Emperor
Vermillion Emperor 2 months ago
6:02 lol
Jean Edmond
Jean Edmond 2 months ago
Remember you crack you head open
jayden rivera
jayden rivera 2 months ago
Wow the voice mail is nice
YoungEid 3 months ago
zoom 3 months ago
It’s funny that he was wearing a faze shirt in the intro
Marquis King
Marquis King 3 months ago
I would do that but when I 8 years old
Alex 7
Alex 7 3 months ago
blueface do be good at basketball
Taedoe Atm
Taedoe Atm 3 months ago
4:44 look at his face
Official Droxzy
Official Droxzy 3 months ago
Kris ruins this channel
Karla guerrero
Karla guerrero 3 months ago
:6:04 RIP MOPI
FN Montage
FN Montage 3 months ago
1:30 I've never been so confused in my life
Jp 3 months ago
It’s a bot bro
Vantavion Gotgame
Vantavion Gotgame 4 months ago
I hate you kris you should i’ve let mopie have that card
steven guo
steven guo 4 months ago
Cruz Scheinfield
Cruz Scheinfield 4 months ago
Do you guys notice how there’s bunnies out the window
高俊Gao Jun
高俊Gao Jun 4 months ago
Kahmaree Mack
Kahmaree Mack 4 months ago
12:40 the girl in the backround is fine asf
Black Lord
Black Lord 4 months ago
Please go russian subtitres))))
Splash_greenzz 4 months ago
At 12:27 look at cookie
Μιχάλης Τ
Μιχάλης Τ 4 months ago
Κερνάω ζάχαρη
Timothy Anderson
Timothy Anderson 4 months ago
Joshua Ferguson
Joshua Ferguson 4 months ago
I love when Kris and Zack overtake the whole competition
AlmightySunny 4 months ago
Kris said 180 dunk over the tv that’s actually a 360🤣
NBA fan
NBA fan 4 months ago
dstomko 4 months ago
you know mopi was mad on the last one
bytech MCSteamys
bytech MCSteamys 4 months ago
Reply Pls
ISAAC J 4 months ago
Hey i did my own mystery box vid with my family, if you could check it out thatd be great!
williama YT
williama YT 4 months ago
Mopi is so useless at everything
UG Instinct
UG Instinct 4 months ago
If Jesser likes this I’m gunna be in 2 hype
Keith Copeland
Keith Copeland 4 months ago
rip mopi
digitalVFX 5 months ago
Josue Lara
Josue Lara 5 months ago
Did Kris really say 180 instead of 360 😐
J3T Nelson
J3T Nelson 5 months ago
15:33 how nba youngboy fans play basketball
Haslich 5 months ago
I feel hella bad for mopi he never wins
Carter Bransden
Carter Bransden 5 months ago
Do u have Snapchat jesser
georgia barden
georgia barden 5 months ago
What up
Cuz if it is pls sub to iced luke
Jesser is it forewl
Jayto_official 5 months ago
Do not text him it’s fake
RLC. JINX. 5 months ago
Mopi can finally dunk now
Mister_34 5 months ago
I feel so bad but I busted out laughing when mopi fell
almighty sossa
almighty sossa 5 months ago
15:32 im dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TNO kevone
TNO kevone 5 months ago
15:35 had me bead that’s how nba youngboy and fans throw the ball
ERA_ninja123 !!!
ERA_ninja123 !!! 5 months ago
Who else saw the girl in the background of the kind of the court
Jaydon Schregardus
Jaydon Schregardus 5 months ago
Yall do mopi wrong
Enzo 26
Enzo 26 5 months ago
Alternative title: kris and zack 1v1
Zpizzle 24
Zpizzle 24 5 months ago
Can we take a moment to realize Zachs dunk was unintentional and jesser still did it 😂
George B
George B 5 months ago
0:47 Blueface baby
Haiden Mefford
Haiden Mefford 5 months ago
i died laughing when mopi tried to do that dunk in pig
nba_d.money10x 5 months ago
15:33-15:38 nba young boy
Dana King
Dana King 5 months ago
Yo Jesster I’m just an 8 year older kid I tried to test you your test is on audio
Gabriel Hugo
Gabriel Hugo 5 months ago
James traveled in the 1v1
Troydan Is goat
Troydan Is goat 5 months ago
When mopi fell 😭
tomas Carranza
tomas Carranza 5 months ago
Amigo no se entienden una mierda estos challenges pedazo de virgo
burrito 21
burrito 21 5 months ago
zach activated sharp takeover in the third round
Paradise Plays
Paradise Plays 5 months ago
6:45 cookie in the back XD
Diego Pedrazzoli
Diego Pedrazzoli 5 months ago
Italiani fatevi sentire
Euilses Grande
Euilses Grande 5 months ago
Just imagine stubbing your toe
That Mans
That Mans 5 months ago
Kris: I think I’ll do a 180 over the TV Also Kris: does a 360
Jourdan Majors-Douglas
I joined
WhyNot373 5 months ago
This just isn’t funny anymore
Rhedboii Vlogs
Rhedboii Vlogs 5 months ago
Everyone: mopi and jiedel:weak
Blake Canady
Blake Canady 6 months ago
i died at 6:02
Nathan Newlands
Nathan Newlands 6 months ago
meme army
meme army 6 months ago
Yo dude I tried but I don want to get exposed
Antonique Banks
Antonique Banks 6 months ago
I was laughing tears and almost lost my voice when Kris literally banged mopi
BryceT99 Official
BryceT99 Official 6 months ago
Who's house is this
Kn1ghtblad3s 6 months ago
I don’t think kris knew what a 180 was but it’s ok
antxzzz 6 months ago
Who’s here from 2021