Last To Pull Galaxy Opal, Eats GHOST Chili Pepper - NBA 2K20 

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The Last person to pull a galaxy opal eats a ghost chili pepper!
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Last To Miss MINI HOOP DUNK Wins Mystery BOX!
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I Pulled 100 Galaxy Opals - NBA 2K20
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Aug 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
NDT_ squad
NDT_ squad 14 days ago
0:20 look at zack's face lol
Wuyan LI
Wuyan LI 15 days ago
6:29 you left him hanging
Caedyn Johnson
Caedyn Johnson 17 days ago
The goat cards are in 2k21
Cole 10
Cole 10 18 days ago
Only doing it for da money
Kelvyn Benoit
Kelvyn Benoit 19 days ago
6:31 rip that nigga that be skip
Sub to TheLuckyLifeOfAymen
NFB Flow
NFB Flow Month ago
7:17 Bank apount James we heard that 👂🤣
Liliana Caseres
Liliana Caseres Month ago
I’m getting thirstiest time of the year commercials
teralana franklin
teralana franklin 2 months ago
Who else wants more Pack and Pain? 👇🏾
1K SUBS NO VIDEOS 3 months ago
umm jesser thats not the worlds hottest pepper.........
Samer Abu hijleh
Samer Abu hijleh 3 months ago
I hate james he is annoying
Kelly 3 months ago
do a 2k21 tournament
Kris Danger
Kris Danger 3 months ago
bro jamessssss legs are huge
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark 3 months ago
Peepee poopoo check
Playboy Carry
Playboy Carry 4 months ago
Wow he didn’t give him a hand shake
bryan vazquezquez
bryan vazquezquez 4 months ago
Bro jidel is weird
Eli on 240hz
Eli on 240hz 4 months ago
Bru this is exactly 10:2 and he said there gonna get it to 10 min 🤣🤣🤣
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 4 months ago
Codi Marasigan
Codi Marasigan 4 months ago
9:08 remember when they were watching gay jubilee ‘I ask guys if they want a massage’ hmmmmmmmmhmmm
Parker Eidsheim
Parker Eidsheim 5 months ago
Just for the punishment he should be in 2hype
ghostdtx 5 months ago
Why is Muresan a GO
Karmel Williams
Karmel Williams 5 months ago
Auston Higuera
Auston Higuera 5 months ago
Literally eating ghost pepper salsa watching this 😂
yeet duh
yeet duh 5 months ago
Andy 5 months ago
These juiced pack ods tho
Lil Zxchy
Lil Zxchy 5 months ago
Bro I need more videos with hump
FN D3stroy3r
FN D3stroy3r 5 months ago
Everyone: Drink water Me: You need some milk
ROBLOXGAMING 5 months ago
Yo who said that the spicy pepper is a spicy fart hahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zack Crack
Zack Crack 5 months ago
Yo not ganna lie I haven’t seen any vids with mopi not that often is everything good ? With y’all and mopi?
Gavin Hill
Gavin Hill 5 months ago
Notice he included mitchell in 2hype house
Nick superstar 14
Nick superstar 14 5 months ago
This is a repost
GOATED Mako 5 months ago
An you play fall guys
Jack Blake
Jack Blake 5 months ago
Johnny Russel 23
Johnny Russel 23 5 months ago
Jesse the 🐐
boi he forgot to dab up jason 6:27
Physic_Flickzzz 5 months ago
Where’s mopi
Danny Ortega
Danny Ortega 5 months ago
Do they not know that water spreads the heat
Devour Suiki
Devour Suiki 5 months ago
Bro it’s 10 minutes
Swisherz 5 months ago
Who's that guy next to jesser
Jake Londeau
Jake Londeau 5 months ago
That’s funny because I pulled cam first pack
Elocity 5 months ago
where tf is the music and shit in the intro. bringing down my mood and shit fuck
wizbutt 5 months ago
Since Mitchell didn’t pull a galaxy opal, technically that makes James the last person to pull a galaxy opal lol
AditThe Manager
AditThe Manager 5 months ago
August 27th is my birthday lmaoooo
Trevor Curran
Trevor Curran 5 months ago
1:36 thats what she said
Kristoffer Triumf
Kristoffer Triumf 5 months ago
Why not last to pull bronze
sharerex sharerex
sharerex sharerex 5 months ago
Joël Friebe
Joël Friebe 5 months ago
wait... he said the 2hype house AND Jason which meaeeaanns mooch is in 2hype cased closed
Jackson Brooks
Jackson Brooks 5 months ago
Who else thinks that James calf’s are the size of a football
NiceAimBuddy 2 months ago
Chris Vickery
Chris Vickery 5 months ago
Do a 2hype hot ones
GARY SNAIL 5 months ago
Dude jiedel is a mind reader with the ten minutes
The Twins
The Twins 5 months ago
I dont understand whats going on lol
Jeremy Soled
Jeremy Soled 5 months ago
Bruh you guys allways make fun of mopi when he’s 5foot 6 meanwhile I’m 19 and only 5 foot 2
Natefiredup- 5 months ago
I wanted jiedel to lose so bad
sting_stupid 5 months ago
Mitchel I’m 2hype now?
Ben Ryan
Ben Ryan 5 months ago
Drink every time they say vibrations
Rachel 5 months ago
6:29 voice crack
Jesse Flores
Jesse Flores 5 months ago
Jason has a very punchable face
Ignacio Lasta
Ignacio Lasta 5 months ago
Pack and Pain!!!!
IVXN-_-OG 5 months ago
Quinn Nick
Quinn Nick 5 months ago
Will M
Will M 5 months ago
i wanted jiedel to shut the hell up the whole vid mans is not funny he’s trying way too hard
Official_ JC
Official_ JC 5 months ago
We’re mopi
Elemagic 5 months ago
Jesser:I have 3.8 million. Me:Dollars??? Jesse:MT
LukeTheLunchBox 5 months ago
Why didn’t Mitchell get a redemption pack?
Anthony Paulic
Anthony Paulic 5 months ago
i lost it when agent jerk face arrived
ndehm10 5 months ago
Bangerrrrrsssss onlyyyyyy
hellomstrings110 5 months ago
Mopi has literally just disappeared
Lorenzo the king
Lorenzo the king 5 months ago
Were is mopi
Poiint 5 months ago
To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine My Dream is to have 10k. I been struggling to get there!
123 Larry
123 Larry 5 months ago
for the love of GOD stop saying glizzy
Mackle Shack
Mackle Shack 5 months ago
Mitchel lets goooo
Andrade Almas
Andrade Almas 5 months ago
LMAO @ 3:42, 4:12 & 5:28
Chandran Higgins
Chandran Higgins 5 months ago
keep the no mopi vibes up
Jarrod Gappa
Jarrod Gappa 5 months ago
Nobody: The sped kid in class: 4:52
rented bentley
rented bentley 5 months ago
I wonder why mopi hasn’t been uploading on his page
penguin0402 5 months ago
Jesser said I am with 2hype and Jason. Does that mean Mitchell is in 2hype?
Mr Richards got games
I put purple Kobe on auction
Roy 5 months ago
Who says he’s glizzying it
{C4} Chubz
{C4} Chubz 5 months ago
I'm so sad. When zack pulled his opal and they were from the celtics they all went ooooooooooooh
James Barela
James Barela 5 months ago
Where is mopi
Golden Legendary
Golden Legendary 5 months ago
Moses _A
Moses _A 5 months ago
Do you know how Jesse said the whole 2hype and Jason but forgot Moochie. That means Moochie is in 2hype.
Zach Beast man
Zach Beast man 5 months ago
9:14 definitely a massage. Ay but he said it’s for they boys so it’s ok jessie
Kyle Vlogs
Kyle Vlogs 5 months ago
Where’s mopi?
Oof Memes
Oof Memes 5 months ago
Did anybody notice in the intro Jesser said 2hype House and Jason and not 2hype House and Jason and Mitchell? This means that Mitchell might be apart of 2hype.
Tommy Ross
Tommy Ross 5 months ago
its 8 minutes now btw
TSM MRcrAbs 5 months ago
Opal alert!
TSM MRcrAbs 5 months ago
Opal alert!
TSM MRcrAbs 5 months ago
Opal alert!
TSM MRcrAbs 5 months ago
Opal alert!
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 5 months ago
6:31 poor guy
Shlok Patel
Shlok Patel 5 months ago
i’m just saying if rick was here he would have pulled 30 opals in the first 2 minutes
Felecia Hunter
Felecia Hunter 5 months ago
4:13 had me rollin because its true
Juxy ツ
Juxy ツ 5 months ago
Who else knows that the ghost pepper isn’t the hottest
James von Schoen
James von Schoen 5 months ago
Very bad cutting. Just couldnt even see which player got packed
Takeoff 824
Takeoff 824 5 months ago
CORBIN DIBBLE 5 months ago
You might not believe me but I got galaxy opal Michael Jordan my first pack GOAT CARD 🐐👍
Jehovanis Mwanza
Jehovanis Mwanza 5 months ago
Yoo he said that he with the 2hype house and Jason Does that me Mitchell is apart of 2hype
Wave 5 months ago
Where’s Mopi been
BallchinianGrape 5 months ago
Where’s cash at?