INSANE Trampoline Dunk OFF vs Tristan Jass 

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We're back at the trampoline park, but this time we're having a dunk off and playing HORSE! Stay tuned to the end of the video...you don't wanna miss it...
Check out DEFY Trampoline Parks here - defy.com/locations/defy-thousand-oaks/
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Extreme Hide And Seek In Trampoline Park - Challenge
► us-first.info/player/video/p9mHqGyAnX95eok.html
Thanks to @Tristan Jass and @Moochie for joining me in the video!
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Dec 10, 2020




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Hayden Kim
Hayden Kim 18 days ago
Naruto Shippuden: “people who abandon their comrades are worse than scum” Hatake Kakashi Jesser: abandons his friends and used them as a tool for money
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
jo.cr2 19 days ago
Remember when you guys tried to get TJass in 2hype? You wish!!
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
Lovebanite 20 days ago
I sub
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
kingjamgo 22 days ago
Moochie your trash
Benjamin Yale
Benjamin Yale 27 days ago
induct T-Jass into 2hype
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
Jeannette Gamboa
Jeannette Gamboa 28 days ago
Are you good
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
Jesse been thru some painful shii and yall still hate on him bro.....
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
AR - 09DJ 811256 Meadowvale SS
he called his childhood friend unstable smfh.. are you living under a rock? hes been exposed for the bitch he is...
ASJ Puccia
ASJ Puccia Month ago
To be continued...........
Just Farm It
Just Farm It Month ago
imagine breaking ur shoulder during JESSERMAS!!!! hope u get better man
MonkeyGaming Month ago
Why did I laugh 😂
KingTheGoat Month ago
0:52 breaks his arm
Goated Kid
Goated Kid Month ago
He broke his shoulder. Wow
ćhïïł bøī
ćhïïł bøī Month ago
Jesse lost $100,000. Hit his head, and now messed up his arm. 2020 is not looking good for him 😔
Ash Blumberg
Ash Blumberg Month ago
Isn’t this a repost??
Anthony D'Angelo
How you dunking if your shoulder suppose to be fractured
Yadira Lopez-Rios
show us what happened at the end please
Aus Taitin
Aus Taitin Month ago
Judah Rios
Judah Rios Month ago
I was so hyped when he made it...... then he gets hurt, PAIN
THE epic BUM
THE epic BUM Month ago
Why are his comments turned off for his most recent videos.
Colin Holmes
Colin Holmes Month ago
still hasn’t posted injury vid
Splxsh MVP
Splxsh MVP Month ago
We need the second part I can’t wait anymore lol
Retro Nick
Retro Nick Month ago
jesser imma huge fan i even got my own fan page of you and u follow! i never won any give away and i’m here to try to win any thing! happy holidays jesser i’m excited for the content 🔥🐐my insta is @jeser_2hype hmu
Yianni Tasios
Yianni Tasios Month ago
moochie so underrated
MJ Gamer
MJ Gamer Month ago
You are the type of person who left the family forever for money
MJ Gamer
MJ Gamer Month ago
Money can change people
The Plain Wall
The Plain Wall Month ago
Bro Just stick to the claps please
Ext_justu Jeremiah
We not gonna talk abu how Jesse had a sh
AshTTV Month ago
Off course he gets injured Jesse is straight up stupid when it come to not getting hurt If you agree press this 👇
Kaleb Ward
Kaleb Ward Month ago
it was a mouth split in in injuries for jesser
Sig Haeisy
Sig Haeisy Month ago
Marie Mwanga
Marie Mwanga Month ago
1:23 pause it right there Every start of a march basketball vine
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
TJ the god
TJ the god Month ago
Wish you the best of luck
Nathan Melton
Nathan Melton Month ago
Why u turn off the comments some ppl aren’t really gonna hate until we get the whole situation
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
THE epic BUM
THE epic BUM Month ago
Fax, hes scared to confront it
spreezycowboys Month ago
I wish that were true it already happening
NRG Dom YT Month ago
He really turned off the comments lol
spreezycowboys Month ago
@Bob Berry I respect him for that he must be stressed
Bob Berry
Bob Berry Month ago
fr lol
Mad Goose
Mad Goose Month ago
He had to turn the comments off on his new vid so he wouldn’t get torched. The money changed u man☹️
gupzy t
gupzy t Month ago
why did you turn off comments lol
Christian Rodi
Christian Rodi Month ago
Imagine turning off your comments on your new vid
Gabriel Hernandez
Who’s here because Jesse turned off his comments.
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
THE epic BUM
THE epic BUM Month ago
Jahsiah domenech
Me cuhhhhh lemme get a yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur
NRG Dom YT Month ago
Robo Guy
Robo Guy Month ago
Jesse you trying to turn the comments on for your latest vid 🙄
Devo Month ago
not tjass losing in a dunk competition
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Month ago
Kade Johnson
Kade Johnson Month ago
Dude Just broke his foot👀
Yung Denki
Yung Denki Month ago
Bring back the jessermas intro
Karim Maklad
Karim Maklad Month ago
I have been subbed since 2017 no reason to sub now
sugarkookiez Month ago
2:20 Jesser:I got this in the bag. Me:totally
Nicole Emede
Nicole Emede Month ago
I swear fo God he just injured his shoulder
Joseph Yanez
Joseph Yanez Month ago
wait who the fuck won😂
Алексей Алекс
Кто из России лайк этот коммент
Mika OW
Mika OW Month ago
Jesse is literally john wall
dwayne harris
dwayne harris Month ago
That’s why I don’t trust those things I broke my neck once
Wait how come moochie got out by Dunk Nd dey did Dunks
I can’t believe tjass gotta letter det fast and after det
Zestyy _ggs
Zestyy _ggs Month ago
Brendan Melby
Brendan Melby Month ago
Did tristan ever make the shot were jesser got injured?
bobby woods
bobby woods Month ago
Moochie got scammed in dunks he only had dunks and when they both made tristans dunk Tristan didn’t get a letter and when they forgot the score moochie and sho but then they gave him shot
RockyFaith Month ago
Bro why couldn’t you just stick to your hand celebration
Connor Bradshaw
Connor Bradshaw Month ago
Fortnite Kid 123
No more flips get well soon. 👍🏾😔
Josh Gallimore
Josh Gallimore Month ago
Jesse people with smoothie brain can’t do that many backflips
brocks hairline
brocks hairline Month ago
2:22 cue the ominous music DUN DUN DUN
Nate Playz
Nate Playz Month ago
Hopefully he alright from what happened in the end there
Manuel Contreras
bruh you really want views you had to make a part 2
AlexDeedo13 Month ago
Jesser: “That requires some intense hand movements!” Me: That’s what she said
Cortez TTD
Cortez TTD 15 days ago
i can dunk way better 😂
Nick Weber
Nick Weber Month ago
Lets go!! White man dunk contest. I’ve been waiting for this.
HLS_H1GHSKY1 Month ago
when r u gonna post what happened
sabih muhammad
sabih muhammad Month ago
Ig sabih_m23
Purified Baller
Purified Baller Month ago
Jesser’s score keeping ability are more visible then James’s bottom teeth
Ghazanfar Ali
Ghazanfar Ali Month ago
Bro I thought they were doing dunks Moochie just got dunk
CJ2K 2903
CJ2K 2903 Month ago
Yo I’ve been to this trampoline park before
Cheater Zoux
Cheater Zoux Month ago
Love the vids keep it up
Squat On The Comet
Lmao ain’t no way
Acaytj1 Dimont
Acaytj1 Dimont Month ago
jesse stop geting hurt bro come on
Jamm Crazy
Jamm Crazy Month ago
Hey Jesser, I subbed and be care for next time safety first 🙏👀👀
Nate Nate
Nate Nate Month ago
jesse at the start "i just learned how to do these" at the end: breaks his leg in half
Eli.da.P 032
Eli.da.P 032 Month ago
Dis man get hurt every week
Lil FlyBoy
Lil FlyBoy Month ago
Damn 2hype fans better hope it’s just a cramp.
Robert Klawans
Robert Klawans Month ago
same exact injury happened to me man... fractured my left shoulder at a trampoline park. gonna take about 3-4 months to heal
CH Claps
CH Claps Month ago
Every vid y’all hurt bruh com on
Mohammad Mansour
We wnt thelame claps back
Sean Miller
Sean Miller Month ago
I thought Jesse was about to break the backboard
Realistic Month ago
Jesse go back to clapping plz
Mikel Jordan
Mikel Jordan Month ago
We all want the messer Christmas back
Flamasaurus Month ago
bruh how tf did he injre himself doing a celebration
Jonathon Dookie
Jonathon Dookie Month ago
I feel he broke his leg
Dav P
Dav P Month ago
0:08 is that serge in the back
Dav P
Dav P Month ago
nevermind it is
Starr Ransom
Starr Ransom Month ago
We need more fall guys
SoSJobo Month ago
Hey are you going to do the surprising my friends with 100 presents for jessermas cuz I love those vids
nothing but boss
WHAT A CLIFF HANGER!! Who hired you!?
Messiah Davis-Brown
t had 0 m had 3 j 1
Brady Midthun
Brady Midthun Month ago
Jesser your a goat at 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 basketball
oscar Rodriguez
oscar Rodriguez Month ago
R.i.p jsr first his arm now this
LBO Hezzi
LBO Hezzi Month ago
Moochie is lengendary he gave t jass 2 letters
Applez Month ago
Jesser gotta stick to the claps
Intimidator _
Intimidator _ Month ago
Why dies he always have to get hurt
Elliot Miller
Elliot Miller Month ago
when is more christmas merch coming back oht
Ryen Ray
Ryen Ray Month ago
Jesse can’t stop getting hurt
Actually Funny Memes ➊
That is what happens when Jesse doesn't do the small claps.
Luke Evans
Luke Evans Month ago
1like=1prayer for jsr
Brandon Fromeyer
Karma at its worst
T D H Month ago
Jesse knows how crazy the injury videos go