INSANE Slip n Slide Basketball Challenge! (DANGEROUS) 

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You guys hit the like goal so we turned the inflatable basketball into a slip n slide!
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Aug 16, 2020




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Comments 100   
Lovebanite 20 days ago
Can you play football 🏈 or
JurassicFart Month ago
i used to do what mitchell did against jesser by going between jesser legs
Chavo Pablo
Chavo Pablo Month ago
You should play when the others wet you when you play
Christian Wood
Christian Wood 2 months ago
Why didnt rick and Todd face
SMW RETRO 2 months ago
I will give you a 2000 v bucks
JXFPLAYZ 2 months ago
Bruh todd looks so sad when they do the 2v2
Dripp mylesyt
Dripp mylesyt 2 months ago
William Huston
William Huston 2 months ago
tod for mvp
Chris McGrath
Chris McGrath 2 months ago
This needs more views , had me laughing for 10 minutes hahah
Jjthegoat4 2 months ago
Who is here after they did a slip and slide on Jesser home made court
mo Mo_SA33D
mo Mo_SA33D 2 months ago
Where’s kris😢😢
mo Mo_SA33D
mo Mo_SA33D 2 months ago
It’s kinda boring without kris🥱
Mamadou Sall
Mamadou Sall 2 months ago
yea chrstian molina he was a defending machine he use to block everyone and score sometimes,nut wait how can a short guy block 6 foot 4 jesser lol
TRMJ 2 months ago
Nice Fold :)
For real fire
For real fire 2 months ago
Who would win 1v1 Todd or mopi
Yung Dino Nugget
Yung Dino Nugget 2 months ago
Jesser: "Ooohhh" Jeidel: "Ooohhh" Rick: Ooohhh" Mitchell: "Ooohhh" Me: "Oh okay then"
Fortnite Blob101
Fortnite Blob101 2 months ago
0:01 what is moochie doing ????
Ayden Bishop
Ayden Bishop 2 months ago
The slap at 1:22 😂😂😂😂
Classic Chip YT
Classic Chip YT 3 months ago
If you were here 2015-2017 you remember and are an og
__dRuNkeN_ _WoLf__
__dRuNkeN_ _WoLf__ 3 months ago
Do a slip n slide dunk contest
PettyNyc 3 months ago
Idk how many Times I’ve watched this vid
Brandon Cervantes
Brandon Cervantes 3 months ago
Brandon Cervantes
Brandon Cervantes 3 months ago
John Cena 7:59
Splash thunder
Splash thunder 3 months ago
Slip n slides could be hard, even getting sprayed, I just don't know how is dangerous
Matthew Raymond
Matthew Raymond 4 months ago
The Taylors
The Taylors 4 months ago
You guys should do a 2v2 tournament accept your can only score using nba players signature moves Dirk fadeaway Harden step back Kawhi pull mid range shot And other signature moves
Grant Kerber
Grant Kerber 4 months ago
moo hues laugh at 6:30
lany borges
lany borges 4 months ago
lany borges
lany borges 4 months ago
James just did the Caleb Nash feemster at 4:50
Kaden the goat The greatest
He got yeetind in the pool
Jack Man
Jack Man 4 months ago
Rick and James 2 big/fat bodies
David Tedford
David Tedford 4 months ago
Why is James doing the Caleb Nash Feemster patent
Big boy Big
Big boy Big 4 months ago
Jiedels trick shots in this were fire
TheRealDeal 24
TheRealDeal 24 4 months ago
Why is Jiedal suck a try hard lol
Evan Hatton
Evan Hatton 4 months ago
Put it in the pool and do it
nardos grey
nardos grey 4 months ago
JC BiggyG
JC BiggyG 5 months ago
Everybody: oh Jesse: oooooohhhhh oiii omg!!!
The Marshmallow Gamer
Jesse: flames candy ken and other dude with Rick about have 10:01 second videos Also Jesse:
DJ Stolba
DJ Stolba 5 months ago
nothing compares to the og jesser vids
David Valencia
David Valencia 5 months ago
It was better with mopi
Teddy Reedybacon
Teddy Reedybacon 5 months ago
Honestly I now understand why James is so tryhard. He always gets stuck with the worst people on his team
Jaiden Tucker
Jaiden Tucker 5 months ago
James is the most awkward and lucky player ever guess that master class gave him luck
jerryinthecorner 5 months ago
I haven’t watched his videos for 4 months straight, nostalgia feels.
Dogged On
Dogged On 5 months ago
Thanks for the commentary James we really needed it
AttThaGawd ?
AttThaGawd ? 5 months ago
Petition to get Todd to start a US-first Channel
TRiZZY TV 5 months ago
4:52 he did a whole 2k20 dunk animation 😂😂
Conner Merrell
Conner Merrell 5 months ago
Rick sold soo hard in the 2v2
QuovedYT 5 months ago
Only Og's remember when they used to do this daily.
Glenn Sheppard
Glenn Sheppard 5 months ago
Light skin Jesse????
PRO2 5 months ago
3:58 Jesser:MY EYE!! Kris:That's what she said mate
emre 5 months ago
Where is mopi ? 😡😡
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
jesser best slide basketball
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
2hpe slide basketball
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough 5 months ago
4:03 and 4:09 double shaq in a fool
Robbie Saldana
Robbie Saldana 5 months ago
That block from header when he wasn’t in the game
Elijah Carter
Elijah Carter 5 months ago
I kept watching Jessie windmill on james
Bo Carter
Bo Carter 5 months ago
Where did y’all buy this?!?
Shannon Sivalls
Shannon Sivalls 5 months ago
Everyone we are not going to talk about how jeidel did the Caleb Nash feemster flip
M3theG Gaming
M3theG Gaming 5 months ago
Jesser is just bullying them
David Kho
David Kho 5 months ago
the boys doesn't need to endure the pain of Jesse's odor because he's covered in soap lol
SUPREME SEAN 5 months ago
put moochi in 2hype
David John Benicarlo
jesser fell in the pool cause moochie pushed him hahahaha
Fishin For lips
Fishin For lips 5 months ago
We have Reese’s mopi we have big shirt Jeidel but now we have slipnslide jiedel
Luca Bax
Luca Bax 5 months ago
Nobody: 2HYPE every 3 seconds: OHHH
Maverick Kistker
Maverick Kistker 5 months ago
when jesse gets the trash player first
Karon Scott
Karon Scott 5 months ago
Is it just me or has Jesser turned into mutombo the last two slip n slide videos
Jayden Chheng
Jayden Chheng 5 months ago
That was so funny
Kevin Barrera
Kevin Barrera 5 months ago
I want to see a water slide slip and slide kinda how faze rug does his vids
GMoneyBeastMode 5 months ago
Gotta get Kenny on this court🤣
DENNIS HOFFMAN 5 months ago
You guys should have 2v2 slip and slide games more often
Noah Sarnoff
Noah Sarnoff 5 months ago
bruh idk why but Todd's celebration at 6:13 had me deadddd
Shawn Willis
Shawn Willis 5 months ago
Can yall do more mafia i miss those vids😭
Rasheejr Moore
Rasheejr Moore 5 months ago
:no one. : Jessie my nuts
sells agent
sells agent 5 months ago
If was every old 2hype mem ber that would be cool ofc Kris is too tall
PlatinumState 5 months ago
Cant wait till I never see Todd again
Deven Pekosz
Deven Pekosz 5 months ago
Hey there’s two and a half 2hype members. James Jesse and mitchell😭
Chevin Gilpin
Chevin Gilpin 5 months ago
Todd just likes getting on his knees
Graham Darcey
Graham Darcey 5 months ago
SK Souls
SK Souls 5 months ago
So uh... Y'all been traveling the whole game 😆
cool kid khi
cool kid khi 5 months ago
what if they put that court on the pool that would be something i would want to watch
Jagger Ferden
Jagger Ferden 5 months ago
Jesse was in fact the one who folded lol
The Misinstructed
The Misinstructed 5 months ago
Who thought it was funny when the intro of hurt played at 3:48?
Jackson Miles
Jackson Miles 5 months ago
Who loves kristopher landon , but just hates how hype jesser always gets?
Gage Guerib
Gage Guerib 5 months ago
They should deffenitly try slip soccer , i think that would be hilarious
G G 5 months ago
Stop putting rick in videos
G G 5 months ago
Its not the same
Jacob Cohen
Jacob Cohen 5 months ago
8:46 “Who’s getting folded now”
Noa Amaro
Noa Amaro 5 months ago
Yeah cuh
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 5 months ago
Where mopi at?
Josh Gondolas
Josh Gondolas 5 months ago
Boring vid
D0ub1eAA 5 months ago
Jesse might be the new tryhard 😬
JP 18
JP 18 5 months ago
NotGeko- 5 months ago
Slip N Slide Dunk Contest??.....
Veeral Patel
Veeral Patel 5 months ago
Bro I couldnt stop laughing when Jesse got hit in the nuts
MO 5 months ago
To The Early Squad that’s reading this: Sending Virtual hugs to anyone who needs it! stay safe everyone and stay positive🙏🏻 My dream is to hit 650subs its free to help for any kind people
Austin Ludovissie
Austin Ludovissie 5 months ago
Dude that Mitchell v Jesse matchup was actually fun to watch
Lisandro Garcia
Lisandro Garcia 5 months ago
So Jesse still ended up getting folded but by Jiedel 🤣🤣
Green Bay Boys
Green Bay Boys 5 months ago
Every time the camera turns on: James try hard mode activated
Sports King
Sports King 5 months ago
the sound effects on this vid tho
Brandon Bass
Brandon Bass 5 months ago
This looks mad fun