Insane Obstacle Course Through Mansion! - Skills Challenge 

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The 2HYPE Group went through the Bucketsquad mansion to see who could get the fast time in a series of challenges.
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Jun 4, 2020




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Comments 100   
Xup Gaming
Xup Gaming 12 days ago
Y was mopi cam so close to the flore
Odog 18
Odog 18 13 days ago
Moochie won if they counted millisecond s
abby donato
abby donato 15 days ago
Ruthmae Mott
Ruthmae Mott 19 days ago
Where is Cash
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer Month ago
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now try read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple.....:,. Ok.. I
ander hvastkovs
ander hvastkovs Month ago
Jesser did not tie with mochie because he had to pick up the cup
I x Stim
I x Stim Month ago
So no one realized that they could have skipped the entire course and got 39 seconds 😭🤣😂
Dalton Danzey
Dalton Danzey Month ago
1:20 “pause”
Ryan Najork
Ryan Najork Month ago
The cup though for Jesse
Marcus Williams
Marcus Williams 2 months ago
I'm prolly the only one that noticed but Jesse's time started at 2
Bsblshots 2 months ago
all the soccer kids "see soccer is hard" no james is just bad at it
E -_-
E -_- 2 months ago
Mopi looks better with a beard
Brooke Moorer
Brooke Moorer 3 months ago
Why does he never include cash¿?
Mobile gamer Brayden
vize azoomYT
vize azoomYT 3 months ago
Welcome to the obstical course lol jk Jesser is the goat🐐
Justin Alfano
Justin Alfano 3 months ago
Jeidel in the beginning lol
CJ Wallace
CJ Wallace 3 months ago
Mopi can’t count Zack missed the nerf, cup pong, and the swan
Ryder 3 months ago
We just going to ignore the fact that he spelled jiedel jeidel
Hail OF MunniN
Hail OF MunniN 4 months ago
Jojo reference
thechrisgamer 123
thechrisgamer 123 4 months ago
If you want to know who you are, you have to look to look at yourself and acknowledge what you see
Sean Burkhead
Sean Burkhead 4 months ago
Why does tyler suck at everything?
K.J. P
K.J. P 4 months ago
He spelled zack wrong
Kolten Davidson
Kolten Davidson 4 months ago
They cheated Jesse won they didn't put the cup back up
Header should of won cause the cup wasn’t on the thing
EliTe 8lack0ut
EliTe 8lack0ut 5 months ago
Love your vids
Ward Jennings
Ward Jennings 5 months ago
Bro why does moped always lose
Brandon Otten
Brandon Otten 5 months ago
It’s funny how when Mitchell’s time is better than James it says that James is second and when Mopi gets the worst time it says LAST
Jaylen Hogan
Jaylen Hogan 5 months ago
Were s cash
Dino 5 months ago
Rip James
Looney 5 months ago
15:39 anyone else flinch a bit? lol
MambaMentality 5 months ago
You already know this man be playing rocket league thinking hmm lemme put this in tha vid
dom sala
dom sala 5 months ago
Supreme Benny
Supreme Benny 6 months ago
jessie isn’t a huge stair guy i see
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 6 months ago
I love how the editor doesn’t know how to spell obstacle but spells it right in the title.🤦‍♂️😂
Drew Himmelberger
Drew Himmelberger 6 months ago
Kris didn't make the tidepod in the second laundry machine...
Jaemyir Sadler
Jaemyir Sadler 6 months ago
Me trying to shoot my shot 16:47
Ty Sanchez
Ty Sanchez 6 months ago
Did Kris only throw one tide pod ?
Nhanikuuu 6 months ago
Is no one gonna talk about how some things were misspelled in the beginning?😂
Liam McKellar
Liam McKellar 6 months ago
18:43 when you hear mum get out the belt
dunking4noobs 6 months ago
You could hear zack breathing so hard because his old man knees
dunking4noobs 6 months ago
Lol where’s the cup
Holden Luce
Holden Luce 6 months ago
The 1v1 Jesse got cheated but still won Moochie missed the nerf part
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones 6 months ago
4:05 I know this beat but I can’t remember where’s it from. Anyone know?
thtkidfrmscool k
thtkidfrmscool k 6 months ago
Is mitchell over 21 cuz hes musta played alotta beer pong
Dalton Cannon
Dalton Cannon 6 months ago
0.6 if u know u know
Timothy Mohabir
Timothy Mohabir 6 months ago
that is not how u spell jiedel
KiD Dior
KiD Dior 6 months ago
So are we going to ignore the fact that jesser spelled obstacle wrong lmao
Jacob papi
Jacob papi 6 months ago
Can we just talk about how zack missed all of his nerf gun shots
Bmb .a3
Bmb .a3 6 months ago
Who here before he hits 5 million subscribers
Bruv 6 months ago
The water bottle sold
Big Bay
Big Bay 6 months ago
So im not beautiful no more 😥
ThatManHoot 6 months ago
Someone shoulda just skipped every obstacle and then they woulda won easily even with the added time for not completing the obstacles 😂😂
Hey it’s unfair for jesser
marcosxfern 6 months ago
Bruh what’s that thing on the left on the lens
Apostle Nadine Manning
Who is my self
Colleen Moody
Colleen Moody 6 months ago
Prakhar Singh
Prakhar Singh 7 months ago
Even jesser spelled zack’s name wrong.
Clouted Drive
Clouted Drive 7 months ago
Stop saying mansion it’s not a mansion it’s a mini one lol
me XxliljoegxX
me XxliljoegxX 7 months ago
Tell me who misses the drop beat and I'm getting emotional
Shadow Nitemare
Shadow Nitemare 7 months ago
Nobody: Editor: “obstical 0:01” and “Jeidel 0:06”
If I was doing this I would’ve skipped the chair spin and took the 3 seconds cuz spinning 7 times takes 9 seconds
Exotic OGs
Exotic OGs 7 months ago
Jesser got screwed and tied moochie👀😂
Nathan Chan
Nathan Chan 7 months ago
did anyone notice in the beginning of the vid they spelt obstacle wrong😅😅😂
Demitrius Smith
Demitrius Smith 7 months ago
Damn Zack was hella winded. What's going on my boy?
Lance Gulyash
Lance Gulyash 7 months ago
In the very beginning you spelt Jiedel wrong, it's Jiedel not Jeidel.
Thedudeontheotherside _
These videos are so entertaining that I didn’t even notice that my house was burning down
Sulekh 7 months ago
I love how the editor used JoJo's music for Moochie's part
Sincerely, The Seabolts
who else notice for the time it’s a semicolon instead of a colon
Sincerely, The Seabolts
spelled obstacle and mitchell wrong in the intro alone
_ Godboy _
_ Godboy _ 7 months ago
That Part got me dying 9:44 🤣
Dominik Nowak
Dominik Nowak 7 months ago
who relise that moochie hit a cup and kept on shooting untill hex mad two
Lukas 7 months ago
shoutout to the cameraman
Theo Tilton
Theo Tilton 7 months ago
I would've skipped the cap stacking and everything that would take more than three seconds.
DM4L 7 months ago
Camera man in jerry springer mode😂
ツImpactXx 7 months ago
*epic music playing* *jesser misses a layup* “F*ck”
Ali Naqvi
Ali Naqvi 7 months ago
wheres james
Trevor Schmidt
Trevor Schmidt 7 months ago
Did any body realizes that kris did the obstacle course in slides?
AMAK 89 7 months ago
Mitchell should won. Yes he tied jester but he did it without a mistake while Jesse got a penalty
Kawhi Is The Goat
Kawhi Is The Goat 7 months ago
5:58 poor swan you will be remembered
ViperX 7 months ago
i would just run through it since if you went fast and missed all the obstacles you would still get 40 seconds and that would've beat them all
Hype 27
Hype 27 7 months ago
Mopee over here can’t make a layup rest of 2 hype first try
Michael_122 7 months ago
so were are not going to talk about that if they just ran through the hole corse and skipped all of them then they would have won?
Pest megyei Vasútfotós
Már csak Palik László kéne ide és tiszta Exatlon.Csak ez mindig fényévekkel jobb. xd
Lachlan Mathieson
Lachlan Mathieson 7 months ago
Kris u should of dunked it or were u to dizzy?
Overrated lg
Overrated lg 7 months ago
Jesser put Zach to make him mad right?
Kane Tamang
Kane Tamang 7 months ago
Timer started early on jeser
TMTrey 30
TMTrey 30 7 months ago
Black hearts Club
Black hearts Club 7 months ago
Jesse should have won first time because he had to put the cup back up (+2 seconds)🤷‍♀️🖤
MN Sports and video games
U should make a hoverboard basketball game 2v2s
Kelvin Lee
Kelvin Lee 7 months ago
Jesser the new try hard He was sprinting
Isaac Layow
Isaac Layow 7 months ago
Have any of you guys been able to actually text with Jesser?
qyz On iPad
qyz On iPad 7 months ago
Moochies last run he cheated he missed the nerf gun and he didn’t tell mopi
Landon Kies
Landon Kies 7 months ago
5v1 king of the court but it’s only moochie, if he wins he gets to join 2hype
Harrison Neubauer
Harrison Neubauer 7 months ago
he is so cute and makes me laugh he was the reason i watched your diss track
Harrison Neubauer
Harrison Neubauer 7 months ago
can you make Humphrey a chanel
Killrkabob 7 months ago
Lol jesser trash
ALex Nalchyan
ALex Nalchyan 7 months ago
Release more 2hype merch already plz i wanna buy sum
Arjun Varshney
Arjun Varshney 7 months ago
mitchell is the stupidest guy in 2hype
Andrew Mitchell Jr.
Andrew Mitchell Jr. 7 months ago
Camera man the whole time 🏃
ZertzY 7 months ago
Please 1v1 brawadis
2HYPE House Olympics!
He Moved Out.
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He Moved Out.
Views 649K