INSANE Mini-Golf TRICKSHOT Basketball 

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We did a mini hoop golf course with all my mini hoops I had laying around!
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Insane pool dunk contest
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King of the court basketball
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Jun 22, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 7 days ago
Jesus and God Love you
tyrin davis
tyrin davis 12 days ago
zack and james try hard
Nicole Wiggins
Nicole Wiggins 14 days ago
bobby antman
bobby antman 15 days ago
Jacob Sokol
Jacob Sokol 15 days ago
Why did no one talk about Jiedel eating the air at 21:23
Reverse24k- -
Reverse24k- - 25 days ago
Anyone here in 2021?
Nate Bolding
Nate Bolding Month ago
Logan Forbes
Logan Forbes Month ago
I know it is just the thumbnail but does anyone not see his hands
Drew Massengale
Drew Massengale Month ago
My dream rn is to do this
john foreman
john foreman Month ago
not lucas
not lucas Month ago
21:24 left of the screen. Look at james. Wth
KingA Simpson
KingA Simpson Month ago
Easy best team on US-first
Shantel Neal
Shantel Neal Month ago
So that efficient so it is
Jallanteria Holmes
Shit that’s hard
alex hebert
alex hebert Month ago
dOnT LIe wHo eLsE iS a fAn oF jESsEr I'm tired of these bots
Lance Franco P. GRUY
8:47 at this point jesse is now a dinosaur 🦕
JB SPORTS Month ago
Try hard
Jacob Hurley
Jacob Hurley Month ago
4:11 r we just gonna ignore kris he moved the balllll
dawstheboss5 Month ago
so rigged! kris smh
TLovesGreens Month ago
Colin McFadden
Colin McFadden Month ago
Been watching Jesser for years now. Never give up bro.
Joe Kleeman
Joe Kleeman Month ago
nobody- jesser- i just have some hoops laying around
Athena Dourabei
Athena Dourabei Month ago
dude what is James doing in the outro😂😂😂😂
Devin Owens
Devin Owens Month ago
Who ever said it’s okAy it’s okAy at 13:01
Stephanie Bailey
2 hype&seek 2hype is amazing
Cakeboy9 Month ago
12:13 😂
Blake Green
Blake Green 2 months ago
You need to make more of these vids
Tree Daddy
Tree Daddy 2 months ago
Christopher Anthony
Christopher Anthony 2 months ago
Easton McGuire
Easton McGuire 2 months ago
Play me in 2k I will destroy you bet
Andrew Fuhs
Andrew Fuhs 2 months ago
Who started the 2hype group?
jose perez
jose perez 2 months ago
I was crying when Mopi yeeted the ball at the shower😂
Nick Larsen
Nick Larsen 2 months ago
Does Jesse even bowl
Spud 6996
Spud 6996 2 months ago
anyone notice Jesse is standing right handed in the thumbnail but has a left handed club that is back to front
Jack Mcmahon
Jack Mcmahon 2 months ago
QWERTY 2 months ago
12:15 had me dying lol
ツRestrained 2 months ago
What did he just do!? 5:00
makso 2 months ago
james is a joke
Setrana Family Setrana
I slapped myself and then subscribed lol
Mandy Rodgers
Mandy Rodgers 2 months ago
When mopi threw the ball full force at the shower glass I started dying
D&J Gaming
D&J Gaming 2 months ago
I love how they are playing golf with pool balls that are actually soccer balls and using basketball courts mixture of all sports
Brooklyn Dreher
Brooklyn Dreher 2 months ago
7:04 how
Hide Sports And puppets
On hole 9 I wish they would’ve gone in the pool
AZXTRO_SLPZ_ 3 months ago
thank gosh that balls didnt hit the mirror
Dylan Westphal
Dylan Westphal 3 months ago
Deflate game Zach?
Andrew Suitor
Andrew Suitor 3 months ago
mopi is so bad.
Sutton Jones
Sutton Jones 3 months ago
All of you guys come to my house in ruma illiois
Michael Myers2.0
Michael Myers2.0 3 months ago
how did zackttg get 3 1:29
Anthony Dickens
Anthony Dickens 3 months ago
7:16 It’s out of here!!!
Kids shows
Kids shows 3 months ago
Witch one do you think is the hardest out of all of them
John Geezy
John Geezy 3 months ago
Mopi threw that hard as a bitch😂
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 3 months ago
I think something is seriously wrong with Tyler how DIDNT you see the glass😂😂
Melissa Tscherkassow
Dominic Jimenez
Dominic Jimenez 3 months ago
I’ve been subbed
Noah Roland
Noah Roland 3 months ago
Jesser Basically called mopi a stork
Lauren Laudy
Lauren Laudy 4 months ago
Mope was good on shot 3
Noah’s Sleepy ASMR
16:40 fucking hilarious
Zac Huggins
Zac Huggins 4 months ago
Tell me if I'm wrong but that's the only hoop that Tyler can dunk on
Dopey 4 months ago
Me when I get stabed by a needle- 8:47
Gordianus Chibale Daka GCD
Zack is making me lmao
Noah Atherton
Noah Atherton 5 months ago
I love your videos jesser
stephcurrygod30 5 months ago
When mopi did something wrong, covers his face up
kim taehyung
kim taehyung 5 months ago
i love how james said wt
JON CENA45 5 months ago
13:42 perfectly cut scream
Enlisted Killer
Enlisted Killer 5 months ago
What if the ball went to the mountains in would be impossible to bank it in
Tobey Frogs
Tobey Frogs 5 months ago
Noone: Legit Nobody: Mopi: 12:13 throws ball to glass Me: Kills myself laughing at 2 AM Also: Me killing myself laughing again at 14:00
ttv_ amelia
ttv_ amelia 5 months ago
0:15 look at the size differense between kris and mopi!
Alejandro Quiroga
Alejandro Quiroga 5 months ago
I just burst out laughing at the chute shot, its actually harder to do what mopi did that getting it in
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 5 months ago
Am I the only one that just can’t stand mopi or James
Gabcariso TV
Gabcariso TV 5 months ago
Bruhhh mopi!!!!!!😂😅😆😂
Gabcariso TV
Gabcariso TV 5 months ago
12:15 bruh mopi is so!!!!😂
Windy Chavez
Windy Chavez 5 months ago
7:14 Jiedel Fall Into The Reset 8:17 Jiedel Miss Into The Stairs
Zayden Sotkes
Zayden Sotkes 5 months ago
Moping you are dumb
RELL 5 months ago
Is it me or rooting for mopi every challenge is getting annoying 😂
Curly XD
Curly XD 5 months ago
mopi be watching that aron kyro. first tryyyyy
Brock Alkire
Brock Alkire 5 months ago
My life 12:14
Nate Faupel
Nate Faupel 5 months ago
I have tried to root for mopi so many times, but I just can’t anymore
Hendrix Gerona
Hendrix Gerona 5 months ago
royal 5 months ago
James is assssss
Kieran Light
Kieran Light 5 months ago
More of this
Andrade Almas
Andrade Almas 5 months ago
@ 12:14 Mopi LMFAO
Melwin Z¿
Melwin Z¿ 5 months ago
I hate james so much
king chad
king chad 5 months ago
Can I have that ramp
Lexer Occhionero
Lexer Occhionero 5 months ago
4:12 ?????????
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 5 months ago
18:08 bounce it!!!!! Crowd:ohhhhhh
Freddie the Boss
Freddie the Boss 5 months ago
They should go to a footgolf course but play with basketballs
Noah Kollarik
Noah Kollarik 5 months ago
Jrodel had a lot of pent up anger in this vid
Esperanza Manabat
Esperanza Manabat 5 months ago
i slapped my face
Jesser: Maybe he doesn't see the glass he doesn't have his contact sit. Mopi: Smashes the window using the ball!!!!!!!!!
ItsYehBoiJohnBobson 5 months ago
I thought it was called 2Hype.
Ben Osterhoudt
Ben Osterhoudt 5 months ago
Where can I get a mini hoop?
Univbn 5 months ago
Legendary content
Md Zufayri
Md Zufayri 5 months ago
that moment when mopi covered his face and almost broke the glass in the bathroom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JC 5 months ago
Good job big guy
John Blackman
John Blackman 5 months ago
JSR fake jsr
Ryan Del Savio
Ryan Del Savio 5 months ago
I died when mopi just tossed that shit at the shower 12:13
tracy owens
tracy owens 5 months ago
I'm your biggest fan of all of you
Sebastian Mouavangsou
Did anybody else get anxiety when they were throwing the ball by the chandelier? Lmfao or was it just me?
bacon2694 5 months ago
Mopi u really need to wear ur contacts man. I always pull for u in the challenges bc i’m a fellow soccer player.
Silly 5 months ago
Sweaty zack won
cdrwinston1 5 months ago
Simply kyeyan
Simply kyeyan 5 months ago
yo what up jess my dawg