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We play an ultimate game of Horse but you all know how i love my "Ill buy you anything" videos! So if you win the game of horse ill buy you ANYTHING you want! (online though.... cause you know, malls are closed)
Mini hoop DUNK CONTEST!!!
► us-first.info/player/video/m9FinYmimn19aZs.html
LONG Shot MINI HOOP Forfeit Challenge!
► us-first.info/player/video/aamgdWyUe6uUf6M.html
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Apr 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Nicole Wiggins
Nicole Wiggins 9 days ago
Julianna McNeely
Julianna McNeely 11 days ago
Jesse missed one of his turns
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 13 days ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!!!
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 13 days ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Lwin toy reviews
Lwin toy reviews 13 days ago
2020 jesser had 3.32 nowbhe has 3.24
Ethan Smith - DCMS 2026
mitchel got them2k shorts on yuuuuhh
jessie maynard
jessie maynard 16 days ago
Jesse's videos are so good
Freeman Schlabach
Freeman Schlabach 16 days ago
i support both sides
Freeman Schlabach
Freeman Schlabach 16 days ago
mopi mopi mopi mopi
Freeman Schlabach
Freeman Schlabach 16 days ago
Oliver Griggs
Oliver Griggs 16 days ago
Who returned in 2021 because lockdown is boring
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez 17 days ago
They always have prizes and money idk what you talking about
Inferno Tv
Inferno Tv 18 days ago
Where did kris go
Brandon Thompson
Anyone else think they're floors are just absolutely ruined?😂😂
Riley Jacobs
Riley Jacobs Month ago
4:47 kris miss the second time
Jaxon Miehle
Jaxon Miehle Month ago
cmon 100k likes
Jakob Stone
Jakob Stone Month ago
Why did Zach get a letter on the rail shot he made it
Cody Osborn
Cody Osborn Month ago
My favorite thing about James is that he always sends off good vibes
AyoJordyBTW Month ago
Only OG remember when jesser fall of his chair
Hudson Dimond
Hudson Dimond Month ago
Brendan Ryan
Brendan Ryan 2 months ago
Where did kris go I think he sick
Derek Harrison
Derek Harrison 2 months ago
He is toxic
Derek Harrison
Derek Harrison 2 months ago
He texted back 4 times
A Porter
A Porter 2 months ago
Hey Jesse I was hoping you could tech me how to “US-first” it would mean a lot. BTW your my favorite creator
teralana franklin
teralana franklin 2 months ago
Who else remembers when Jesser would go to chino hills games
Henry French
Henry French 2 months ago
Am I beautiful???
NATHANIEL DOBBS 2 months ago
That sad chris
Ahmad Hammad
Ahmad Hammad 3 months ago
I want to enter the giveaway
Beyblade Gods
Beyblade Gods 3 months ago
Emperor Zeus Sales
Emperor Zeus Sales 3 months ago
Omar Ajam
Omar Ajam 3 months ago
Where can I buy the shorts white the smile
Omar Ajam
Omar Ajam 3 months ago
Where can I buy the shorts whit the smile
Jakis Marcakis
Jakis Marcakis 3 months ago
Not tryna be mean but jesse and moochie get lucky with a lot of shots
Jai Binge
Jai Binge 3 months ago
I love it how they say it’s a simple if easy shot and they miss ahaha 😹🤓🤣
Bailz_Sports 3 months ago
3:36 I swear that went in
Kahu Kiripatea
Kahu Kiripatea 4 months ago
I wish you were my brother's 🙏👍🥺
Kahu Kiripatea
Kahu Kiripatea 4 months ago
I love yous
CHRIS LESLEY 4 months ago
Those shoes were low key heat
Garner R.
Garner R. 5 months ago
7:13 lets all just take a a second and vibe with Mitchell
Penny Artis
Penny Artis 5 months ago
Do a compliation of hide and seek
DK DK 5 months ago
ICE 6 months ago
Anyone else realize zack made a shot then they moved on???
Iman jesser 😭
SWIFT_ ScopezZ
SWIFT_ ScopezZ 6 months ago
Who else realized jesser never took James last shot
Dylan Ward
Dylan Ward 6 months ago
Hazel Santos
Hazel Santos 6 months ago
Manny 6 months ago
Can someone tell me where they get there hoops from
Willis Patterson
Willis Patterson 6 months ago
Y does kris looked depressed
David Harbott
David Harbott 7 months ago
wheres mopi
Mriluz Ramirez
Mriluz Ramirez 7 months ago
Cool do a five away
Shadow Nitemare
Shadow Nitemare 7 months ago
Where’s mopi
Silky jain Grand Master Divine Healer
Who is watching during Covid 19
Mike Cyhowski
Mike Cyhowski 7 months ago
Jesser28 my numbet
Samuel Tarver
Samuel Tarver 7 months ago
hey buddy
D Breezy
D Breezy 7 months ago
Did he really say the interweb 😂😂
Mason Gjolaj
Mason Gjolaj 7 months ago
Use me as a we want moochie in 2hype button
Simon O'C
Simon O'C 7 months ago
yo whats good everybody anyone want to play Fortnite together username: DSmitty97 and smittybros97.
Simon O'C
Simon O'C 7 months ago
Treycole 8 months ago
3:40 zacks went in so how did he get a letter
Salehe Simms
Salehe Simms 8 months ago
i thought it went in to but when i played it back in slow mo i saw that he missed
Joanna Flanagan
Joanna Flanagan 8 months ago
The 2 shot that Mitchell made was incredible
Tommy Rowlands
Tommy Rowlands 8 months ago
wow so if it were over your money you would buy something
Cayden De Wolf
Cayden De Wolf 8 months ago
You are the best!!!! Keep posting😂
Antonio Carranza
Antonio Carranza 8 months ago
Has anyone noticed they use soccer balls for basketballs
MIXTAPE City 8 months ago
James suck
Jeremy Bishop
Jeremy Bishop 8 months ago
Willie Gatley
Willie Gatley 8 months ago
sup jesie
Michael Love
Michael Love 8 months ago
You made it to 3mill
The trick Shot masters
Lsk disappeared at the end
Cooldude The Beast
Cooldude The Beast 8 months ago
You have best intro
Matthew Zhang
Matthew Zhang 8 months ago
size 9 ig @matthew.zhang91
Brandon Flores Jr
Brandon Flores Jr 8 months ago
What happened to chris in the second round
knives -benn
knives -benn 8 months ago
Why is Jieldel always with the Zion jersey
Austin Campos
Austin Campos 8 months ago
Where’s mopi?
john carlos Egam
john carlos Egam 8 months ago
Hillow jesser I'm your Filipino fan
Emily Starks
Emily Starks 8 months ago
JesserTheLazer if I could sub more than one time I would sub 55555 trillion times
EXL Pxrallel
EXL Pxrallel 8 months ago
Road to 3 mill and jesser is 2.99 mill subscribers guys subscribe to him
Ilan Enermen
Ilan Enermen 8 months ago
12:12 it’s funny how jesser never went
Tanner Swenson
Tanner Swenson 8 months ago
Can you do one of these once a week until the coronavirus ends
Will Stovall
Will Stovall 8 months ago
Why wasnt kris playing round 2
ALT MYSTIC 8 months ago
KD 13: exists Jesser: Buys him KD 12
Ian Faber
Ian Faber 8 months ago
Where is mopi
Qt Jacob
Qt Jacob 8 months ago
I’m already a hor - Jeidel
Everyone likes this channel
On the bounce of the balcony didn’t zack make it because you gave him a letter
Hay Ho
Hay Ho 9 months ago
Moochie makes the weirdest shots
Byron Muzyka
Byron Muzyka 9 months ago
Wtf at 3:40 Zach made the shot but they counted it as a letter and he probably would have won
VinceTheGoat08 9 months ago
Nice Mitchell
angelia scovil
angelia scovil 9 months ago
Is kris ok?
Dylan Heckman
Dylan Heckman 9 months ago
3 mil tommorow
Andres Teyechea
Andres Teyechea 9 months ago
Wtf is wrong with kris?
nyc chris
nyc chris 9 months ago
idc jiedel is a mood
Mxtion Aspxctz
Mxtion Aspxctz 9 months ago
Sub to my boy Jesse y’all get him to 3 mil ❤️
Michael Fierro
Michael Fierro 9 months ago
Why did jesse not shoot jiedels backboard touch shot
Andrew 9 months ago
am i trippin or did zack make it twice and they didn’t count it?
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder 9 months ago
that's so coolllll :))))
Arron Rhasper
Arron Rhasper 9 months ago
where is the giveaway?
Best Moments
Best Moments 9 months ago
Beanie Mitchell might be a new thing
Ricardo Palenzuela
Ricardo Palenzuela 9 months ago
3:43 is it just me or did he make that
casey waguespack
casey waguespack 9 months ago
Your videos are great, and I think you are the best shooter in two hype
Kimber Baker
Kimber Baker 9 months ago
I just what Zack to win
Drew Trierweiler
Drew Trierweiler 9 months ago
Ig drewtree2024 Why: want some costom shoes
Branden LaHaye
Branden LaHaye 9 months ago
Mitchell’s face after every shot 😯😯😯 it’s annoying af
Views 1.2M
Views 1.2M