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Wanna see me smash cake in Mitchell's face because he cant hit any full court shots? Just watch fully and you'll see what other insane forfeits we have if you miss.
Last To Miss MINI HOOP DUNK Wins Mystery BOX!
► us-first.info/player/video/psmben19pWxzbHE.html
I BUILT A Full Indoor Basketball Mini Hoop COURT!
► us-first.info/player/video/gJqXap9pYoGUaok.html
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Apr 3, 2020




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Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 4 days ago
Vegita Vic
Vegita Vic 15 days ago
What kind slap is that 👎👎👎👎🤣
laflection Month ago
I think Jesse likes shocks
Jacob Snyder
Jacob Snyder Month ago
Omg my dog has that same shock collar 2:02
RnG_Rex Month ago
This has to be old 😂 Jesse literally has a beard 😂
not lucas
not lucas Month ago
Jesser: in about to lose all my internet friends. Me: but you dont have any
Sean Lewis
Sean Lewis Month ago
I think Jessie always misses because of his jump shot
Ognjen Tešović
2:22 the sound effects
Wilson Seda
Wilson Seda 3 months ago
weall know Zack would of slap the crap out of jesser
Shane Moro
Shane Moro 4 months ago
It hurt me when they wasted that cake😥
Kidd Eman
Kidd Eman 8 months ago
Jesse's movement at 2:36 had me dead!!
Mulugeta Beraki
Mulugeta Beraki 8 months ago
Shane Blacksher
Shane Blacksher 8 months ago
Jesse should have tweeted that Mitchell tweeted it for him.
David Godrich
David Godrich 8 months ago
finally Jesser loses at something
RJ Cook
RJ Cook 8 months ago
YeBoi Charles
YeBoi Charles 8 months ago
2:44 Mitchell: I wonder if Jesse likes hairless cats
Channel Syx
Channel Syx 8 months ago
I died at the tweet lmao 🤣
TTN Productions TheNextNeil
That cake looked delicious
Charlie the Hunter
Charlie the Hunter 8 months ago
Charlie the Hunter
Charlie the Hunter 8 months ago
You should do chopped with the girlfriends as judges
The Cleveland show series Cleveland brown
2 fat girls eating a honey bun no not you Jesse it is a meam
J Thornton
J Thornton 9 months ago
Moochie = mini hoop God
JackStar23 9 months ago
I love Basketball
Ginger Azarovitz
Ginger Azarovitz 9 months ago
5:58 tell me that didn’t go in
LowKeyIts Banks
LowKeyIts Banks 9 months ago
Is it just me or is Mitchell hurt 9/10 of the time
Chico Bowie
Chico Bowie 9 months ago
Watching a lot of Jesser in Quarantine?
Mitch Ledbetter
Mitch Ledbetter 9 months ago
Anyone know the song that played when Mitchell hit the game winner in the first game?
PoptartGaming 9 months ago
Is it me or is it who’s ever on the right side wins but the left side always looses
Cannons Blitzball
Cannons Blitzball 9 months ago
5:56 did any one else see Mitchell make it
Parul Shah
Parul Shah 9 months ago
I mean which company
Parul Shah
Parul Shah 9 months ago
Which mini hoop do you have?
Khaizuran delwyn
Khaizuran delwyn 9 months ago
Aaaaa we golden wind
Bryce Hedtke
Bryce Hedtke 9 months ago
Jessel is a god I want to meet you someday
MarjusVibin-_- 9 months ago
Mitchell for sure stepped over
Jayeln 9 months ago
More long shot battles or i will unsubscib and get all my friends to unsubscribe
Jonathan Hight
Jonathan Hight 9 months ago
5:58 Mitchell makes it
Nathan Ngonga
Nathan Ngonga 9 months ago
do basketball with the 2hype gf's
Brayden Wallace
Brayden Wallace 9 months ago
3rd game Mitchell’s short didn’t count
KingChayce 333
KingChayce 333 9 months ago
What type of mini hoop you got
Jack Furgiuele
Jack Furgiuele 9 months ago
Who agrees he is the best US-firstr
Brendan Salach
Brendan Salach 9 months ago
Do another hide and seek
josiah dorestan
josiah dorestan 9 months ago
They cheated mitchel on round two he actualy made it
Kevin Battaglia
Kevin Battaglia 9 months ago
U guys should play mafia a few more times
Forever Kumquat
Forever Kumquat 9 months ago
H ey Jesser my birthday is April 16 so if you could tell everyone to sub to Forever Kumquat that would make my day (by the way he is the best rapper ever)
Dee Jazzper
Dee Jazzper 9 months ago
Mitchell and Mopi should fight for best friend status
Nathan Vidal
Nathan Vidal 9 months ago
5:57 mitchel made that
Santiago Pena
Santiago Pena 9 months ago
Who else tries to look for their comment , but never finds them
Jackson Surratt
Jackson Surratt 9 months ago
if you look closely you can see mitchell with toilet paper in his nose which means jesse took the cake straight out of the fridge and it didn’t thaw out so he hit mitchell with a fucking brick
Ryan Rugh
Ryan Rugh 9 months ago
Who else thinks they should play dodgeball on the court
Darian Kajla
Darian Kajla 9 months ago
Jesser you are the GOAT I love your videos keep up the great work
Lionel Quinones
Lionel Quinones 9 months ago
5:55 he made the shot
emily hanberg
emily hanberg 9 months ago
911 what’s your emergency my shirt is on fire is it jess merch me yes
emily hanberg
emily hanberg 9 months ago
Hey 👋
Kyle Coats
Kyle Coats 9 months ago
Do a vid of doing long shot on the rooftop
Mr. India Superstore
4:35 moochie did the same thing Jesse did to mopi
Spotted Yt
Spotted Yt 9 months ago
I love these new mini hoop videos
Video game Sam
Video game Sam 9 months ago
I love tiger king I watched the whole thing already
King17 3
King17 3 9 months ago
Nobody: Jesse: ur mom likes chikken
amir abuganam
amir abuganam 9 months ago
Kyle Cerasi
Kyle Cerasi 9 months ago
1:20 song
Mitch Ledbetter
Mitch Ledbetter 9 months ago
Kyle Cerasi have u found this song yet because I’ve been spending sm time trying to find it
Kyle Cerasi
Kyle Cerasi 9 months ago
someone gimme the music in the vid
Rell_ Leaks
Rell_ Leaks 9 months ago
Bucket squad🌟
Jonah Hart
Jonah Hart 9 months ago
Ogs remember epic kai
KrakenDaBeast 9 months ago
look at curry man
Aidan Fernandez
Aidan Fernandez 9 months ago
Jesser is thicc tho
Diego Rondon
Diego Rondon 9 months ago
You guys should mak a volleyball vid on the beach court you guys got
Kyle Barbour
Kyle Barbour 9 months ago
5:56 didn’t Michel make that?
Shlomi Raoul
Shlomi Raoul 9 months ago
Can you do a 2k or madden tournament
Shlomi Raoul
Shlomi Raoul 9 months ago
Could you do another monopoly gamep
Vicki k Davis
Vicki k Davis 9 months ago
My carry Irving's
Spazzonsticks !
Spazzonsticks ! 9 months ago
Is lsk gay
Dazz 9 months ago
🙅‍♂️🤷‍♂️ yo what is going on everybody
zion rhoden
zion rhoden 9 months ago
Can u post 2k
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson 9 months ago
12 shoe size
Muhamad Rizky
Muhamad Rizky 9 months ago
My IG acc : @riizky09 My shoe size : 9 us
WYM Broly
WYM Broly 9 months ago
Instagram@too.op.jay shoe size 13
WYM Broly
WYM Broly 9 months ago
Xavyor Winter
Xavyor Winter 9 months ago
Who else is waiting for the Minecraft series
Ильнур Гарифуллин
Крутой видос жду ещё. Я из России
DJ Mcvay
DJ Mcvay 9 months ago
I love watching y'all video's. Always interesting and funny. Y'all amazing @2hype
Mojo 9 months ago
whats ur name in 2k 20 I played someone in my team named bucketsquad and his think was jsr
Charlie Deetz
Charlie Deetz 9 months ago
Hey does someone know the name if the song in the background?
ttvsweaty yt
ttvsweaty yt 9 months ago
9.5 Instagram is @ch._zay
Josh Emmanuel
Josh Emmanuel 9 months ago
moochie is a god
Lisa Waders
Lisa Waders 9 months ago
I have a feeling I'm the only girl viewer after seeing the thumbnail
Yao Jin
Yao Jin 9 months ago
hi I'm new
Cloudz 9 months ago
Bro I miss tdpresents
William Doherty
William Doherty 9 months ago
Did anyone hear stevewilldoit’s intro
JgamezTC 9 months ago
I wish I had that in my house
Lucas Westfall
Lucas Westfall 9 months ago
Who has the best sub!!!!!!
Jfeuer 21
Jfeuer 21 9 months ago
Who else wants jesser to use the music, I get emotional
emily hanberg
emily hanberg 9 months ago
Sometimes I watch your videos just to see Humphry
Joshua Victor
Joshua Victor 9 months ago
Can you do a pool mini hoop challenge yet or is the pool not ready?
raquel gigi
raquel gigi 9 months ago
im a new subscriber love your vidz keep it up
Thomas Valdez
Thomas Valdez 9 months ago
who would win 2hype house hype house
Thomas Valdez
Thomas Valdez 9 months ago
Holden Luce
Holden Luce 9 months ago
I have the same shock shock collar for my dog it's not that bad they're over reacting I've accidentally shocked myself 15
Cruz Molina
Cruz Molina 9 months ago
when will the Minecraft with iman drop?🔥
Carter Rhyne
Carter Rhyne 9 months ago
You the best person on US-first and 2 hype I love y’all
Joshua's Life
Joshua's Life 9 months ago
plz poste some more basket ball vids :]
Ryan Pojo
Ryan Pojo 9 months ago
When mom says no ball in the house so you finesse and buy a house just to play hoop in
Posesi Vaea
Posesi Vaea 9 months ago
Play some volleyball