INSANE Hide And Seek TAG! Last To Get Tagged Loses! 

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Today the 2HYPE House plays hide and seek tag, who ever is the seeker at the end of the game loses!
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Jun 29, 2020




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Comments 100   
HOT5BOYZ 10 hours ago
Basically, it’s only Jesse, Tyler and Mitchell playing 😂
Hampton Hill
Hampton Hill 2 days ago
U guys said it was hide and seek tag but whenever y’all got found u didn’t tag them
Neveh Kellum
Neveh Kellum 4 days ago
We barely seem Kris while vid
Iliana Motta
Iliana Motta 6 days ago
Tyler/mopi:on a literal rage James:on his phone the whole time
Russian Mafia71
Russian Mafia71 8 days ago
Everyone watching old videos when they were all together❤❤❤💔💔💔💔
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 9 days ago
Jesus and God loves you
Slime Daniel
Slime Daniel 11 days ago
I thought that they were playing tag there just looking at them and saying you’re it
CT22 Coasters
CT22 Coasters 12 days ago
Absolute heat🔥
vBiepExo 13 days ago
Mopi was just in a tree eating chocolate cake😂
Devin Woodward
Devin Woodward 13 days ago
I don’t think the media room got checked lnce
Devin Woodward
Devin Woodward 13 days ago
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 15 days ago
Kris needed that ice bucket waaaaay more than Mitchell
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 15 days ago
Last to get tagged loses? So first to get tagged wins. Easy win bruh
Bridget Robinson
Bridget Robinson 18 days ago
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Sportsguy80 20 days ago
who is here when 2020 bouta be over just bored chillin
Zion yolo 5k edit god
I love how they are all scared of spiders
colin Miller
colin Miller 24 days ago
legend says. James still in that bush.
Treshaun Reed
Treshaun Reed 27 days ago
James Literally hid for 45min
Johnathan Cena
Johnathan Cena Month ago
The abrupt noise gergely jump because banker unequivocally grate abaft a sable thrill. alleged, old walk
Pierre SmithWade
the random dude
the random dude Month ago
The fact that nobody tagged
Damn you have a spider problem
2k JC
2k JC Month ago
Jesse: i’m going to stay under the chair 2min later Jesse: cant fit there
Johnathan Cena
Johnathan Cena Month ago
The kindhearted cinema gully return because invoice comparatively fade of a didactic stinger. future futuristic, ragged learning
Declan Chorlton
Declan Chorlton Month ago
Who else got confused when it said the last one to get tagged loses
Charge On iPad
Charge On iPad Month ago
At first they didn’t even tag each other
gloomy yoonbum
gloomy yoonbum Month ago
how does the cameraman run so quietly
Felipe DeLaluz
Felipe DeLaluz Month ago
do more of this
ttvalexk Yt
ttvalexk Yt Month ago
Skeet bop bop Jones
18:49 is the best part 😂😂🤣
Chris V.
Chris V. Month ago
“I’M GAY OK!!!!!!” and “you’re back in here” killed me 💀💀💀💀💀
Aydan Alaiwat
Aydan Alaiwat Month ago
12:07 moments taken before disaster
Bradley Drake
Bradley Drake Month ago
Jesser smokes for sure look at all the random ass lighters laying around
X Jivi
X Jivi Month ago
Did I see that right Last to get tagged loses 😂 they tried to finesse
BAN DADU Month ago
Ikr. Lmao
harin patel
harin patel Month ago
the whole game was literally between mooi moochie and jesser
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Month ago
James really was chilling in a bush on his phone for 45 minutes. 😂😂😂
Batman's Baby Mama
Dude Jesse is still it he never tagged Chris
Jj 13xx
Jj 13xx Month ago
It's Chris with a k not c btw
Devin Blakely
Devin Blakely Month ago
At 53 seconds that’s what she said and gayyyyyyy
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson Month ago
I swear Mitchell found Jesse at the end
Owen Williams
Owen Williams Month ago
Wouldn’t it be last to get tagged wins
Zechariah Hill
Zechariah Hill Month ago
did anybody see that slug behind james
Beamz_ Clapper
Beamz_ Clapper Month ago
Jason’s closet is mopis old closet only ogs would know
Kaden Beauvais
Kaden Beauvais Month ago
0:53 🤣
XD PAUL 2 months ago
James the bush man 🌳
Jack O'Connell
Jack O'Connell 2 months ago
James do be vibin tho
Michael Crites
Michael Crites 2 months ago
Tjass in 2 hype 2021 🙌🏻🙏🏻
Michael Crites
Michael Crites 2 months ago
Tjass in 2 hype 2021 🙌🏻🙏🏻
Ezequiel palafox
Ezequiel palafox 2 months ago
Mopi is soldair boy
Tj Maddox jr
Tj Maddox jr 2 months ago
Fallen Mick dumpling
All of you guys arw the best ans make my day so much better but i love mopi so much your are so funny and yiu arw the best
Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson 2 months ago
Lmao the semicolon driving me crazy😂
Cb 3
Cb 3 2 months ago
Mopi said he was gay 18:51
RUBIKS COOBS 2 months ago
The whole title was wrong
Michael Zahler
Michael Zahler 2 months ago
Good technique Mitchell takes 15 minutes to hide behind a pretty good spot
Dat1 Eddie
Dat1 Eddie 2 months ago
17:35 *Top 10 Greatest Anime Betrayals* 18:49 *Top 10 Best Coming Out Moments On Tv And Movies*
Kenyan Dumont
Kenyan Dumont 2 months ago
James was just texting the whole time
Koby Winters
Koby Winters 2 months ago
Do extreme hide and seek the walls are every 20 minutes you have to tell people to move hiding spots
Roger Thompson
Roger Thompson 2 months ago
1:36 who Else see tht snail.
killa mindset
killa mindset 2 months ago
You know your rich when your cabinet has outlets
The greenlight Of 2k
Last to get tagged losses?
Timothy Awad
Timothy Awad 2 months ago
Reef Gane
Reef Gane 2 months ago
y does it say last to get tagged lost it should be last to get tagged wins. just pointing it out.
Bens Dad
Bens Dad 2 months ago
Rip mopi’s camera
Wolf Kid xD
Wolf Kid xD 2 months ago
Bro Mopi was so nice to moochie then he just said your it🤣😂
presten korell
presten korell 2 months ago
last to get tagged loses? so what you wanna get tagged? 🤣
clocksimp 2 months ago
17:03 that's cute ngl
uppalethan 2 months ago
I think checking outside is the move man goes right a way inside
Joseph Dailey
Joseph Dailey 2 months ago
Am I the only one that sees the big snail behind James on the stone wall at 1:35
Marina Leatherbarrow
Where th did kris go
callmeicyy 2 months ago
When the henchman in fortnite see you 10:47
Bridget Robinson
Bridget Robinson 2 months ago
James really was chilling in a bush on his phone for 45 minutes. 😂😂😂
Molly Little
Molly Little 2 months ago
2:50 💀💀
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson 2 months ago
When zack said hellooo I was dying laughing
Verified *
Verified * 2 months ago
“Hey dummy boi, I’m the in the tree dummy boi” -Mopi 2020
Alarayil 2 months ago
LK If i was somebody
Rakufa FN
Rakufa FN 2 months ago
Mark Dean
Mark Dean 2 months ago
Is it just me or was that the first time hump has ever barked
TrustMySnxgs- Yt
TrustMySnxgs- Yt 2 months ago
Mitchell always just sitting there not hiding
TrustMySnxgs- Yt
TrustMySnxgs- Yt 2 months ago
Let’s appreciate how mopi is always creative wit the outfits
Loe 2 months ago
18:51 pause
Joshua Karsten
Joshua Karsten 2 months ago
I’m in the tree Dummy boy XD
Daniel Mayer
Daniel Mayer 2 months ago
Drill Sergeant Mopi
Cordariyus Ross
Cordariyus Ross 3 months ago
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that mopi camera fell out of a tree 7:05
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 3 months ago
18:50 😂😂😂
crow boi
crow boi 3 months ago
King James
donkey man
donkey man 3 months ago
for some reason I actually felt bad for mopi he was so nice and let moochie hide with him
Backyardigan 101
Backyardigan 101 3 months ago
Buddy put a semicolon for the time
Jailyn Creek
Jailyn Creek 3 months ago
Did anybody see the snail when james first hidd
Noah Borluca
Noah Borluca 3 months ago
Jesse: “ I’m so mad I lost him” Literally 2 seconds later: “ Oh my god I am so glad I found him”
Malaikye Taylor
Malaikye Taylor 3 months ago
mopi is a tryhard
Vxnte Fan
Vxnte Fan 3 months ago
Last to get tagged wins you mean ??!!
Reagan Pearce
Reagan Pearce 3 months ago
Anyone else agree Humphrey humps is just a whole vibe😂
Otto Reiff
Otto Reiff 3 months ago
this vid is fire
Otto Reiff
Otto Reiff 3 months ago
DJ FOURBEATZ 3 months ago
Jesser dogs everyone lmfao
Landon Spencer
Landon Spencer 3 months ago
Jesse is sooo stupid
Louden Gutierrez
Louden Gutierrez 3 months ago
18:51 "i am ga- not gay i am ay okay"
Louden Gutierrez
Louden Gutierrez 3 months ago
18:49 is what i meant
Play By Play Productions
Moochie low key cliched it
RD Fitness
RD Fitness 3 months ago
Mopi: *calls jesser a DUMMY BOY*
Ny'Quan Davis
Ny'Quan Davis 3 months ago
Bro the way mitchell played mopi was savage
Ny'Quan Davis
Ny'Quan Davis 3 months ago
Bro the way Mitchell laughs is so funny