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Bringing you guys some basketball 1 on 1 king of the court to keep your beautiful faces entertained!
Call out your move king of the court part 1
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1v1 Draw your move
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Apr 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
Darian Proctor
Darian Proctor Month ago
Why did James keep going for midgrange? Lmao😂😂😂
Lawrene 2 months ago
Don't just forget Jesse's defense.
Myjah Davis
Myjah Davis 2 months ago
3:00 travel
Kay '
Kay ' 4 months ago
1:29 holy shit alien moochie
kaka. lmao
kaka. lmao 5 months ago
yo jesser u traveled lol 2:57
Dei Dei
Dei Dei 6 months ago
james at the endddd. wooooshh!! godly
Cameron Vose
Cameron Vose 6 months ago
3:03 bit of a travel 😂😂
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 6 months ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 6 months ago
Antman2580 6 months ago
10:30 james lied
CCROOK 7 months ago
King gold Kendo
King gold Kendo 7 months ago
Zach has a secret mode with those shoes
Lil Bank account
Lil Bank account 7 months ago
Who else subbed to jesservr before 1k
Swastika Verma
Swastika Verma 7 months ago
Rob Colberg
Rob Colberg 7 months ago
whats the song at 2:46?
Hernandez Mateo
Hernandez Mateo 7 months ago
every time i saw mitchell idk if i was looking at e.t or a person
Xmas savion
Xmas savion 7 months ago
James: Drive Me: Driving a car though
Shamir Widerman
Shamir Widerman 7 months ago
who else hate when jesser guard mopi he wanna go try hard?
Joey Haddad
Joey Haddad 7 months ago
I just realized none of them can actually dribble
Dodo Yoda
Dodo Yoda 7 months ago
Mitchell got that haircut because he wants to be a wannabe Professor.
Why does Jesper go try hard on mopi
Tanveer Singh
Tanveer Singh 7 months ago
5:24 lol
God Han
God Han 7 months ago
My guy Jesse be going try hard defense on mopi
DANIEL CILMI 7 months ago
there r 3 types of jiedel tripping jiedel big shirt jiedel agent jerkface
DANIEL CILMI 7 months ago
who here watching this cuz of jiedel sub reddit
Zion Ateba
Zion Ateba 8 months ago
I want another one
Ryan L
Ryan L 8 months ago
Is it just me or is it everytime Mopi does a spin cycle on Zack, he always makes it.
TUFFI 8 months ago
Who is the other person bc Im confused...?
Alex Paul
Alex Paul 8 months ago
Who Jeff
Lando Kicks
Lando Kicks 8 months ago
The way James does stepbacks and his form reminds me of luka doncic
doncorone. ‘-‘
doncorone. ‘-‘ 8 months ago
1:28 Jesser made Mitchell’s forehead turn into a ten head. Disrespect😂
doncorone. ‘-‘
doncorone. ‘-‘ 7 months ago
He told the editor to do that, but Jesse thought of the idea.
Enzo 26
Enzo 26 7 months ago
You know jesser does not edit his videos right?
Enzo 26
Enzo 26 7 months ago
Are you a jesser fan
Isaiah Hazim
Isaiah Hazim 8 months ago
1:30 got me dead 😂🤣💀
Mamba Out
Mamba Out 8 months ago
Jesser shooting threes with a Ben Simmons jersey on
Lee Crew
Lee Crew 8 months ago
Mopi said domination in the paint dominated in the paint
Prince K
Prince K 8 months ago
We NEED Reeces mopi
Yuri Klines
Yuri Klines 8 months ago
When James fell I cracked up
Descend 8 months ago
I love Zack and Jesser but I think it's funny how different they are in games, Jesse just tried for style points half the time and Zack goes straight for the win
Arshtosweet 8 months ago
What was that song at 10:03
James Clores
James Clores 8 months ago
Im shocked of mitchells hair
Corbin Big man
Corbin Big man 8 months ago
Zack the godamn try hard
xtrilldanny 8 months ago
3:50 what did Jesse say?😂
Zechariah Garcia
Zechariah Garcia 8 months ago
Who's here to see the Mitchell alien part
Kim Molee
Kim Molee 8 months ago
3:03 biggest travel EVER!!!!!!
Jahden Thomas
Jahden Thomas 8 months ago
Why is James so serious when he plays
Panda Person
Panda Person 8 months ago
1:28 that scared me so bad😂😂😂
- M A R K -
- M A R K - 8 months ago
fam y’all are too mf loud when y’all sayin y’all moves 🤦🏽‍♂️
Roro Rataj
Roro Rataj 8 months ago
Song at 10:00?
Jason Brand
Jason Brand 8 months ago
Where’s kris
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 8 months ago
1:57 1:58 1:59
OVA Tee 8 months ago
Jesser did Moochie travels 6:00
parker c
parker c 8 months ago
Jesser will never win any of these because he tries to trick shot
Katie Hoehne
Katie Hoehne 8 months ago
Jesse playing defense on Mopi im sleeeeeeeep
Jesse Gentry
Jesse Gentry 8 months ago
anyone else think that one dude was Kenny at first
Captn Jack Sparrow the 1st
Vonte 8 months ago
James was not doing his plays no cap 😂😂
Cherline Jean-philippe
7:40 don’t break my ankles 😂😂
Wysingo Turner
Wysingo Turner 8 months ago
What happens too moochie
Terrance Essuah-Mensah Jr.
3:50 jesser said the n word
Achilles TFG
Achilles TFG 8 months ago
I don't know if James did the MJ
HoopTime 8 months ago
1:27 me: someone has to make a meme out of this.😂😂
Kathleen Hammers
Kathleen Hammers 8 months ago
Some day Jesser will break someone’s ankles. SOMEDAY
Kimberly Pucci
Kimberly Pucci 8 months ago
let's get jesser at 3 million
ariell halsey
ariell halsey 8 months ago
Can we all appreciate how skinny Jesse is my boy is losing weight stay on that grind jesser💪🏽🔥
George Bullard
George Bullard 8 months ago
Tell me jiedel isnt mr fundamentals
ProEra Erick
ProEra Erick 8 months ago
I ain’t kno James had that in his bag
kingwaffle_YT 8 months ago
5:58 carry!!!
Isaiah Siackasorn
Isaiah Siackasorn 8 months ago
wee close to 3 mil
xTrain 8 months ago
2:45 When there is no action happening sso you have to bass drop a layup on mopi
Tetsurō Kuroo
Tetsurō Kuroo 7 months ago
Train Tracker lol do you know the name of it
Cheryl Spencer
Cheryl Spencer 8 months ago
My brothers hate you Jesse
EcS_Eternal 29
EcS_Eternal 29 8 months ago
The first spin he did on mopi was kinda clean I ain’t gonna hold it wit you
Gavin Uzumaki
Gavin Uzumaki 8 months ago
Mopi: Domination in the paint *proceeds to get dominated* Mopi: This was my plan, you fools!
ahmedelhzzz 8 months ago
james is so trsh
Zyxify 8 months ago
I thought moochie was the professor I’m the beginning
Jennifer Gurley
Jennifer Gurley 8 months ago
Accept my fortnite friend request
Bagchaser_yaz _
Bagchaser_yaz _ 8 months ago
When James fell 💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anime Is dope
Anime Is dope 8 months ago
Who the fuck is the new alien guy
Dabreezykid Fly
Dabreezykid Fly 8 months ago
dont lie who else be getting hype ewhen they hear the base drop but turn to find out it was a brick
John Brandon
John Brandon 8 months ago
Anyone else think that was professor at the beginning
Is water wet 2.0 Reid
Everyone says James and zack are the tryhard’s but look at jessers defense on mopi and mitchell
Kentrell Samuel
Kentrell Samuel 8 months ago
James cheated he said he was going to do another step back midrange and he drives but Jesser did choke cause he had a big lead and he started playing around.
Deriel Concepcion
Deriel Concepcion 8 months ago
Where is Kenny?
Bxhnz 09
Bxhnz 09 8 months ago
Not to be mean no hate moocie looks likqe troydan
Zachary Levy
Zachary Levy 8 months ago
Ranking of 2hype 1:Mopi 2:jesser 3:lsk 4:Zack 5: Mitchell Jeidel just not on the list
NATHAN REYES 8 months ago
One vid idea you should do is a dude perfect v 2hype basketball game.
Michael Collette
Michael Collette 8 months ago
How we doing
Charlie Kamentz
Charlie Kamentz 8 months ago
I thought a Alien came on the screen....it’s was just Mitchell😂😂
Noah Adams
Noah Adams 8 months ago
bruh jesse said ni**a to moto when he said between the legs
Adam Blunt
Adam Blunt 8 months ago
Zach was so happy when james made the layup but if someone else made the layup James would’ve been salty asf lol
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 8 months ago
1:29 yooooo whoever cut my boy Mitchell needs to be fired ASAP
Goated Antman
Goated Antman 8 months ago
1:29 😂😂😂 his face
Tyson Muilenburg
Tyson Muilenburg 8 months ago
can you keep doing the basketball games i love them
Shafiul Abedin
Shafiul Abedin 8 months ago
1:27 I didnt realise how BIG mitchell's forehead was
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 8 months ago
Yo Jesse u should do that all in challenge plz I wanna spend a day with y’all 😭
Hey Guys
Hey Guys 8 months ago
Alejandro Hoopes
Alejandro Hoopes 8 months ago
James wearing socks in the thumbnail🤣
Golden guard
Golden guard 8 months ago
I think that you are the 2 best in the group
Donovan Pitts
Donovan Pitts 8 months ago
Why tf is Jessie sweating so hard against Mopi it’s MOPI
Jack Rosa
Jack Rosa 8 months ago
james not good
Marco Demartinis
Marco Demartinis 8 months ago
@Jiedel 💪💪💪
Jyotishko Koley
Jyotishko Koley 8 months ago
Moochie cut his hair NOOOOOOO lmfao
YBNPRIVACY 8 months ago