I Won a 1 v 6 VS 2HYPE In Among Us... 

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The best imposter round of Among Us I've ever played...
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Nov 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed Day ago
james really voted out the two people who scanned😭
Humberto Murillo
Humberto Murillo 13 days ago
Dude I'm reborn/icedeer
Student Jason Gulley
Who is oneaway again?😅
Reyansh Maheshwari
Reyansh Maheshwari 26 days ago
Dude, you should play among us in real life. A bunch of people will watch that.
BlobBoy333 Month ago
C&N Trick Shots
C&N Trick Shots Month ago
I thought if you were imposter you couldn’t do tasks 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Shakari Callines
U can’t
Dredpool Month ago
Dredpool Month ago
Airtu Month ago
Jayer Month ago
congrats on the six pack jesse
Lucas Month ago
5:03 ah yes, my favorite 2hype member K R I S J I E D E L
Red Destroyer
Red Destroyer Month ago
James hard 3 imposter
Nolan Month ago
James is trash
Ryder Aman
Ryder Aman Month ago
Bro i swear Cash has the iq of a bird
The Yeet
The Yeet Month ago
Did anyone see the donation at 8:06 what it said
Claire Frazier
Claire Frazier Month ago
Is no one gonna talk about how much everyone absolutely sold that whole game for not voting and letting people get thrown with just 1-2 votes?
Grant Drake
Grant Drake Month ago
James voted Zack out after 2 people confirmed he medbay scanned... wtaf
Jam Jeez
Jam Jeez Month ago
Bro cash is so funny. I cry everytime he says anything.
Shantel Neal
Shantel Neal Month ago
It's sack
R31N Prod.
R31N Prod. Month ago
Jiedel Sold
Jaden Pryor
Jaden Pryor Month ago
GG Jesse
Chekohh 2 months ago
lowkey shouldve kept kris alive tho in case your plan didn’t work cuz they both were sus on kris anyways
Mondrei 2 months ago
8:06 damn prayers up for Owen 🙏
Gian Fan tester
Gian Fan tester 2 months ago
Gian Fan tester
Gian Fan tester 2 months ago
Sammy Talks
Sammy Talks 2 months ago
He said that the swipe card task is very hard but I usually always get it on the first time lol
Joshua Zhang
Joshua Zhang 2 months ago
did anyone else see the dono at 8:05
seeni boyyy
seeni boyyy 2 months ago
real ones know jiedel is third impostor
L Dog
L Dog 2 months ago
James 3rd imposter hard there 😂
Kirra Farmer
Kirra Farmer 2 months ago
Yo this vid is lit
THE KIDD LANDEN 2 months ago
I remember this from the stream it was crazy bruh
Kaliyah Wilson makeup and sometimes hair
You is so suck in basketball
Kobe MV - Gaming
Kobe MV - Gaming 2 months ago
He is slowly becoming a pro
kemper 2 months ago
brughburger i want ps5
chilee anywayss
chilee anywayss 2 months ago
good jobb!! That was clean bro
Exotic Turbo
Exotic Turbo 2 months ago
I want to see more humphery pls shout me out big fan
Noah Doyle
Noah Doyle 2 months ago
yooooooooooooooo jessserrrrrrr kinda new to the channel but i think u should perm that hair low key could pull off. but ur decision not mine lol. love the vids btw!
Cooper Klosterman
Cooper Klosterman 2 months ago
Please do Another Dollar store cooking challenge
JD_ BE 2 months ago
JSR is so good
Jane Godi
Jane Godi 2 months ago
Cash: gets angry when he's not a killer Also Cash: -900 IQ whenever he gets impostor
Dredpool Month ago
Zuwic Month ago
Facts 😂
Tyson Hollitt
Tyson Hollitt 2 months ago
That you for glowing up the day for everyone
Teagan Coleman
Teagan Coleman 2 months ago
kenny’s such a sore loser man
Dredpool Month ago
Nah they were just bullying Kenny that entire stream.
Fou Seve
Fou Seve 2 months ago
no one: everyone in 2hype:i think its kenny kenny imposter teamate:bro kenny is selling literally happens every game
Enzo Mania
Enzo Mania 2 months ago
Jack Garabedian
Jack Garabedian 2 months ago
Nice Jesser
Travis Flowers
Travis Flowers 2 months ago
zach complain too much
Michael the Goat
Michael the Goat 2 months ago
My mom got me your merch for my birthday thx
Jacob Kim
Jacob Kim 2 months ago
i love 2hype but watching u guys play among us is painful. ESPECIALLY CASH!
Brian Alfaro
Brian Alfaro 2 months ago
Pack and Pain NBA 2k21? Big fan btw 🔥
Quavo Allen
Quavo Allen 2 months ago
Shout out jesser feel free to support BALLIN NBA on US-first
Gioele Lombardo
Gioele Lombardo 2 months ago
Anthony Willis
Anthony Willis 2 months ago
I remember watching this stream and thinking the whole time that James was selling.
Miguel Chavez
Miguel Chavez 2 months ago
kenny is so ass at the game lmao
Rique 2 months ago
“I think Kenny is sus to kill”
Robert Collier
Robert Collier 2 months ago
He made it hard by killing lsk 😂😂if they were sussing him If he had a chance to kill anyone else itthey woulda voted lsk out
Gabriel Jones
Gabriel Jones 2 months ago
You should play incoherent with the boys my man
Joshua Salvacion
Joshua Salvacion 2 months ago
watched this live and knew right away twas gonna be a vid hahaha
Eliel Milan
Eliel Milan 2 months ago
Jesser do another amazing race 🙏🏽🙏🏽
123 Four5Six
123 Four5Six 2 months ago
Where Quinn at tho?
Nolan Sandee
Nolan Sandee 2 months ago
Does jesser not know how to vent
Jaden Kees
Jaden Kees 2 months ago
Ah yes... The sprite cranberry is back
raven f. balgos
raven f. balgos 2 months ago
👇who miss 2 hype mini golf
Kym Macatuno
Kym Macatuno 2 months ago
Jiedel vote 2 innocent people. So dumb
Karin Hagermann
Karin Hagermann 2 months ago
I saw the noti then I clicked. It’s that simple
Jen Jacobe
Jen Jacobe 2 months ago
i miss your old videos but still support you😅😅😅😅
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing 2 months ago
Jiedel is such a 0 iq player in among us lol
Kyler Remo
Kyler Remo 2 months ago
i cant stand kris
DK Sports
DK Sports 2 months ago
Meng Cheng
Meng Cheng 2 months ago
Bro I feel so bad for Kenny in this game
Adam Keith Uy
Adam Keith Uy 2 months ago
Jesse big brain
rocketpoo 2 months ago
Man does not need a teammate damn Jesse I cracked 😀😀😀
Patrick Glennon
Patrick Glennon 2 months ago
No one voted at all
Kratos ReignZ
Kratos ReignZ 2 months ago
Seen the stream
Elijah Dzapasi
Elijah Dzapasi 2 months ago
I genuinely feel so bad for zach. He can't do anything in games no more
Mateo Monfiglio
Mateo Monfiglio 2 months ago
i watched this live. it was great
Noah Egan
Noah Egan 2 months ago
Tell us when Mopi comes back
Nabishi Kid
Nabishi Kid 2 months ago
Jame threw that round🤦🏾‍♂️
Shadow Nitemare
Shadow Nitemare 2 months ago
Jesse got lucky because no one skipped and those one votes acc ejected people
Danielle Bander
Danielle Bander 2 months ago
How’s your head jes
Coen Hines
Coen Hines 2 months ago
Who else watched this on live
Zach Ball
Zach Ball 2 months ago
8:05 whoever you are I'm hoping for the best for you and your family
Bryce Andersen
Bryce Andersen 2 months ago
Who else saw this live
Chris Karki
Chris Karki 2 months ago
Jesser! Do a full updated house tour with a closet tour and bedroom tour too!!
Dom Wears Nike
Dom Wears Nike 2 months ago
The moochie kill was clean
Brendan Youmans
Brendan Youmans 2 months ago
That was a great game sheeshhh
TAILED BEAST 2 months ago
Jesser play some more among us on your channel
Luke Vincent
Luke Vincent 2 months ago
They always thinks it’s Zach 😂
Hahatdog Awit
Hahatdog Awit 2 months ago
wtf mitchelle always right
Teancum Tuiaki
Teancum Tuiaki 2 months ago
On the real ... Tbh ... 2hype are some of the dumbest youtubers to play among us 😂😂😂 how can Zack be a killer when he was basically cleared ... James going against Oneway when he was cleared by medbay scan ... Man poor performance 😂😂
JDUNK 2 months ago
We need 2k21 next gen
Timir King
Timir King 2 months ago
Ps5 jessie
Joaquin Rasec Villanueva
In among us als no offense
Joaquin Rasec Villanueva
2hype is dum
Kyion Singletary
Kyion Singletary 2 months ago
Messer use the vent to get away be smart
Geminijets33 2 months ago
Your a bot
Bobby deftos
Bobby deftos 2 months ago
Zack is too smart to play with these idiots. No offense
Dakarai Williams
Dakarai Williams 2 months ago
I've been watching jesser for year but I stop watching him for a while and I'm back and have to catch up
Jasper Trent
Jasper Trent 2 months ago
Nobody: Jesser’s face reactions: 🥱👅👁🥱😀🥱👅😮👀👅
Quinn Burgess
Quinn Burgess 2 months ago
It was a good win but everyone thought it was lsk so he could have kept him alive and blamed lsk
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