I Pulled 100 Galaxy Opals - NBA 2K20 

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We opened thousands of dollars worth of packs to reach 100 galaxy opals.. this is the greatest pack opening of all time!
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Jul 17, 2020




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Comments 100   
Israel Peterson
Nicholas Giroux
Nicholas Giroux 15 hours ago
u the best bruhhh
mdc clapz
mdc clapz Day ago
did they ever pull mj
Ellybean25 guthrie
The only time I know they get a good card is when they play music in the background
Connor Spears
Connor Spears 3 days ago
16:43 zack hit autotune
Micheal Stott
Micheal Stott 4 days ago
I love how there sad about opals that aren’t mj
She Broke jordan
She Broke jordan 5 days ago
Jesser when one of the boys pull a opal wtfffffff omg
Poyraz Durmuş
Poyraz Durmuş 6 days ago
Poyraz Durmuş
Poyraz Durmuş 6 days ago
Maddox Mero
Maddox Mero 9 days ago
Whenever he puts music on it’s usually good
Brodie Lilly
Brodie Lilly 10 days ago
3:05 pulls out of position lebron
Super Mario Logan fan
Xro Games
Xro Games 15 days ago
19:17 Zach: BUCKS! BUCKS!
Yvonne Sanderson
Yvonne Sanderson 15 days ago
All three of tyem: OHHHH OMGGGGG me:OMG SHUT THE HECK UP so I can't watch 20mins of SCREAMING
N4pk1n 15 days ago
They actually thought they mite get mj
Dylan Gaming
Dylan Gaming 16 days ago
Y’all make me feel better 🙂
TT conduct0
TT conduct0 17 days ago
tatemario gamer
tatemario gamer 19 days ago
No one: Not a single soul: Zack after any opal: RED! RED! RED! RED!
Swft 20 days ago
22:37 when u just start playing games and ur mom calls u🤣
LFS JD 13 days ago
Kid Tricksters
Kid Tricksters 20 days ago
Bulls bulls awwww
Logan Turnbull
Logan Turnbull 21 day ago
I’m wearing this with headphones on 😬
Alexi Haseotes
Alexi Haseotes 20 days ago
Rip your ears
FAZE Blake
FAZE Blake 22 days ago
Love it
Big Play Slay
Big Play Slay 24 days ago
Screw LSK
Christine Chan
Christine Chan 24 days ago
You guys are so loud
Johnnyboi 875
Johnnyboi 875 24 days ago
Me and my friends pulled Yao Ming, Shaq, and MJ, I feel so bad lol 😂 in 20 packs
Medical Lionvlogs
Medical Lionvlogs 27 days ago
My ears were bleeding the first time I saw this
Harry Shiner
Harry Shiner 27 days ago
It was a diamond not an opal jesser
Speedy Sports cards
Olpal alert
Ma Lichelle Ramos
Ma Lichelle Ramos 29 days ago
ᴊᴇssᴇ ᴋʀɪs ᴢᴀᴄᴋ-ʙᴜʟʟs ʙᴜʟʟs ʙᴜʟʟs ᴏʜʜʜʜ
graingras laid
graingras laid 29 days ago
paris est magique !!
Aspen On scoot
Aspen On scoot Month ago
Turn yr sound down this hurts yr ears
Carlos Deaza
Carlos Deaza Month ago
Lmao every time they get a bulls ohhh ahhh
Ellybean25 guthrie
I put a galaxy opal Kobe Bryant
Gerald Richardson
You know the color on the circle shows what color the team logo it is
Truitt King
Truitt King Month ago
lebron is a god in myteam
Truitt King
Truitt King Month ago
you guys deserve the opals you are the best
Chase Dean
Chase Dean Month ago
The bulls are click bate
Tim Hull
Tim Hull Month ago
On the last pack Kris opened a Flash not a best of 2k20 pack
You Month ago
You can tell kris was jealous when jesse pulled glitched dirk lmao, if you know you know.
Patrik Ivetich
Patrik Ivetich Month ago
Ear rape incoming*
Irving Pietri
Irving Pietri Month ago
The dirty underclothes suggestively decay because mark happily enjoy amidst a abrupt nail. good, wistful top
Soccer training48 Robin
Zack probably had the least opals but got the most of different players
Sam Murray
Sam Murray Month ago
they used the wrong pool
AlexHarper Gaming
Imagine if they forgot to record...😂😂😂
Kyler Roper
Kyler Roper Month ago
Red Bull’s ahhhhh
William Fabiano
William Fabiano Month ago
We gotta see more myteam videos now after pulling 100 opals 👀
Ybk Juke
Ybk Juke Month ago
who rmbers when zack got mad be cuz jesser pull kobe first
Nathan Nyul
Nathan Nyul Month ago
So funny
huc680ram ;qih'quc
They were sad about James wisemann when he still goes for 400 k lol
Ollie Does Stuff
2:20 cheeky shaq
No days Off
No days Off Month ago
When the vlogs were only kris, Jesse and zack this is giving me those vibes
Jaxon Strickland
Hope y’all know there is a different shade on the floor for different teams
Boston Rupard
Boston Rupard Month ago
They said ohhhhhhh so many times
Caden Gehret
Caden Gehret Month ago
This is how many bulls pg and sf ⬇️
Jude Williams
Jude Williams Month ago
You guys bout to break my headphones
Robert Chop
Robert Chop 2 months ago
Horrible editing, cutting animations short and sometimes not even showing who y'all pulled.. Smh
Jackson Ward
Jackson Ward 2 months ago
Bulls....... point guard “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
jose perez
jose perez 2 months ago
I can’t believe after the entire tome opening these, y’all didn’t realize pretty much every red looks different
Goated Kid
Goated Kid 2 months ago
Pls make a 2K21 vids
Ričardss TV
Ričardss TV 2 months ago
Lexi Meeke
Lexi Meeke 2 months ago
All you here in this vid is ooooooohhhhhh and opal!!!!
Eli Whaley
Eli Whaley 2 months ago
Zack is so loud lol
Commentator Kid88
Commentator Kid88 2 months ago
Heat fans where you at? It's me Jimmy Butler. My galaxy opal is the best
Commentator Kid88
Commentator Kid88 2 months ago
3:09 best part because it is is so dumb. LeBron plays all positions. My galaxy opal is the best
Liam Virden
Liam Virden 2 months ago
Imagine trying to play one of these accounts
Zzzznoah 2 months ago
kris: opal opa- wait what :zack you got kareem :kris pulls james wiseman..
Trevor Rodecker
Trevor Rodecker 2 months ago
Try listening to this with headphones in. Lol
Impact Soccer
Impact Soccer 2 months ago
Their best pulls were shaq,kd and LBJ
teralana franklin
teralana franklin 2 months ago
I can’t believe after the entire tome opening these, y’all didn’t realize pretty much every red looks different
NBA Mummy
NBA Mummy 2 months ago
I can’t get one galaxy
Chicken nugget Boi
Chicken nugget Boi 2 months ago
Carlos story
Joanne Faye Ruga
Joanne Faye Ruga 2 months ago
I love you jesser
Le Quoc Hoan
Le Quoc Hoan 2 months ago
Kris: this box is about to go crazy... OPAAALLLL Zack: and you got a diamond contract
30 Pump Fishy
30 Pump Fishy 2 months ago
You guys saying opal makes me think of you saying opal alert
Jekhs 2 months ago
Jekhs 2 months ago
Why were you snapping Jesse thy
Mburu Munano
Mburu Munano 2 months ago
I wish a got galaxy opal something
Daniel yo boi daniel
xd cambam
xd cambam 2 months ago
dang... 100 opals
Brayden Céspedes
Brayden Céspedes 2 months ago
Yo rip headphones user’s
SHADOW Gravity
SHADOW Gravity 2 months ago
My ears are blown out
Anthony Enriquez
Anthony Enriquez 2 months ago
Imagine Jesse got in opal Jordan then sold it
ernestplays this
ernestplays this 2 months ago
Me:*gets galaxy opal isiah thomas* OMG a galaxy opal Them:*gets galaxy opal isiah thomas*lameeeeee
Orion Mohammed
Orion Mohammed 2 months ago
Yes I do think it is mj
Prince Luci
Prince Luci 3 months ago
Gets hyped for Giannis and bummed about Kareem. Better put some respect on his name.
El Girafffon
El Girafffon 3 months ago
Is magic johnson is good in opal?
SAMUEL TERRY 3 months ago
All i here is oh opal!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muskov_d 3 months ago
That title CAP
dc_cl1pz z
dc_cl1pz z 3 months ago
Bulls Bulls
Dookie Is Better
Dookie Is Better 3 months ago
Landon L
Landon L 3 months ago
What packs are these??
PHILIP THACKER 3 months ago
what u mean larry bird is one of the best nba players of all time
James Saiz
James Saiz 3 months ago
Rip nba 2k20
COOL BOYS 3 months ago
2hype best
Nagitos_tero5 3 months ago
“Curry? Okay.” Me: CURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evan Morrison
Evan Morrison 3 months ago
All I’m hearing. Opal opal opal opal opal opal opal opal opal opal
Ivonne Mantilla
Ivonne Mantilla 3 months ago
Ivonne Mantilla
Ivonne Mantilla 3 months ago
It's funny that they pulled an opal with the Chicago Bulls logo and then they just found it's not Michael Jordan
Marks Zorgis
Marks Zorgis 4 months ago
Porzingis is from latvia
Kamarii Love
Kamarii Love 4 months ago
ramen head