I gave my friend $15,000 to make the Ultimate Gaming Setup *SURPRISE* 

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I gave Jason $15,000 to go crazy and completely re-do my office! The gaming setup he made is insane!
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Nov 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
Shane H
Shane H 3 days ago
Royals Royce in the background at 7:13
Liam Risdon
Liam Risdon 10 days ago
IDexx 11 days ago
I want Jason to be my equipment guy
MASK MITO 14 days ago
So how did you do the lights on the ceiling
Motsoxdd xd
Motsoxdd xd 15 days ago
*Jesser* wow this is good content
IllusionSpray 17 days ago
Have you watched dream giving away money to his friend and I’ve 4k
Ryan Raparelli
Ryan Raparelli 18 days ago
I hate jessr
bigsplashtyboe 14 days ago
Nasir Mcdowell
Nasir Mcdowell 18 days ago
Cable management please
Daniel Nicolas
Daniel Nicolas 18 days ago
Sachi Kahaani
Sachi Kahaani 25 days ago
I spent my most of the time in Recording Editing and Uploading So I Need All My Brothers And Sisters Support /
Carter Rowland
Carter Rowland 26 days ago
Takbeer 568
Takbeer 568 27 days ago
FRS Films
FRS Films 29 days ago
"77 inch, the biggest they make em" *85 inch TVs: I'm boutta end this man's whole career
Lil Jimmy Master
Did anyone notice that Ryuk what there
Wize_p3rcent Month ago
Stfu and give me the damn room fuck
soupie cs
soupie cs Month ago
And it ain’t even Christmas for them yet🤣🤣🤣
Ali Amr
Ali Amr Month ago
This is FIRE 🔥 it’s insane
Eytan Leibow
Eytan Leibow Month ago
We need a finished house tour
cluckyboi yeet
cluckyboi yeet Month ago
oh no hes got a yankee with brim bro
N.F Month ago
Thankfully this dude is an artist and not a doctor. "We put sanitizer on so no comments saying distancing" good god.
Bro2k47 R
Bro2k47 R Month ago
He said size matters😳😂🤣😂
Nicholas Bone24
Nicholas Bone24 Month ago
Where 100 thieves light
CobaltO18 Month ago
wow, you actually came a long way...
Yvens Laroche
Yvens Laroche Month ago
🔥 🔥 🔥 setup
Lucas Month ago
“i really wanna blow Jesse out of the water.” - jason, 2020.
Richboy Tj
Richboy Tj Month ago
I need ricks spiderman posters
Abe Month ago
Where did you get the LED lights and what brand did you get the LED lights from
Gavin Hutton
Gavin Hutton Month ago
Jason: We gotta get new drawers, these one uggos Also Jason: *Doesn't get new drawers*
dope Month ago
Might have to get him to customize my room
Ihopbru Month ago
The cables man...😢
Joe Pinner
Joe Pinner Month ago
What are those led lights on his ceiling?
Emmanuel Gallegos
Just letting you know samsung makes a 95 inch tv
Erik Weller
Erik Weller Month ago
Typical Kean
Typical Kean Month ago
nobody talking about the cable management
Talan Lister
Talan Lister Month ago
Robert Maupin
Robert Maupin Month ago
I would have done pink led
P Swizzle
P Swizzle Month ago
Dude this is dope but personally I’m not hating or anything but the desk would look so much better if they took a little more time on cable management
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns Month ago
Damn son
Cole Denick
Cole Denick Month ago
Thank you
Wazy Vibes
Wazy Vibes Month ago
Road to 10 mil
Tranks Gaming
Tranks Gaming Month ago
Does anybody know what jbl headset that is that Jason got him???
huc680ram ;qih'quc
Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Kris: “Spider-Man kinda thicc”
CALVINO O Month ago
Anyone know the brand or where Jason got the sound proofing panels ? They look dope asfff
Rasnamjeet Singh Ahluwalia
My biggest amazon order was my pc it was 5k
Deruje Month ago
Joseph Cabilla
Joseph Cabilla Month ago
10:26 whats the song here??
Jake Mulray
Jake Mulray Month ago
A 100 thieves neon sign fire
NotCasual YT
NotCasual YT Month ago
Mannn they forgot Vader on the art
Shinobi. 2 months ago
I'm Atomey
I'm Atomey 2 months ago
100 thieves sign?
Christian Keegan
Christian Keegan 2 months ago
4:45 Jason, why are you on incognito mode in november🤭🤭🤭We caught you lacking😳😳
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes 2 months ago
H O L Y. C R A P
philip oglesby
philip oglesby 2 months ago
well wtf that painting was SICK AF. that is actually the best painting i ever saw.
BIRD33 Snuts
BIRD33 Snuts 2 months ago
Best room I’ve ever seen/ berries mine in a second
B Bel
B Bel 2 months ago
sickist room ever no cap
Chase Shortway
Chase Shortway 2 months ago
Everyone that misses the old master bedroom
Brian Rosenblatt
Brian Rosenblatt 2 months ago
Wooooow, Jason amazing job man
Among us with Yitzy
Among us with Yitzy 2 months ago
I'm giving my friend a pickle
Culzix 2 months ago
can i have the old monitors
Oliver Odeh
Oliver Odeh 2 months ago
I think he saw it in advanced
Jeyem2k 2 months ago
man i'm proud of jesse , 4 years ago he was just opening packs in 2k and now has a house and just living life.
SNF Brandon
SNF Brandon 2 months ago
I need this seriously I’m having a rough time in life and idk if I could get one in the next few years
TrellVerified 2 months ago
Can I get 500 to get the ps5🥺
Eli Katz
Eli Katz 2 months ago
That’s fuck good
Kane 2 months ago
I’m looking at the picture he made and I’m not seeing Vader. How could you betray him
Ricky Majul
Ricky Majul 2 months ago
i have major respect for coinslot damn that painting is fine as wine
Chris Karki
Chris Karki 2 months ago
Jesser! Do a full updated house tour with a closet/bedroom tour!
Lokdown 2 months ago
YOUR THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chew Family
Chew Family 2 months ago
What is this music at 10:28
ZeeVitzy 2 months ago
What’s the dude who made that painting IG?
OVO GYC 2 months ago
Time to become a US-first
ypcquan 2 months ago
That painting is dope
EX3 CheefBeef
EX3 CheefBeef 2 months ago
Who else loves these types of videos
Jeremiah Stoutmiles
Jeremiah Stoutmiles 2 months ago
Nobody: Jesser: I need LEDs comin out of this bitch Me: Woah Jamal don't pull out the 9 1:44😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Harmanjot Singh
Harmanjot Singh 2 months ago
yo jesser i am big fan of you can you please buy me a pair of kyire 6
lonrase tolenga
lonrase tolenga 2 months ago
The 50 solos are bugged. Do not finish the last one yet.
Juice1212 nichols
Juice1212 nichols 2 months ago
Jesser is officially black talk bout “My hot sauce!”
Noah Sarnoff
Noah Sarnoff 2 months ago
2:13 PAUSE
Joaquim Da Dream
Joaquim Da Dream 2 months ago
Love me some trav
Pluto 2 months ago
Dope setup but the cable management is a little interesting
Dhruv M
Dhruv M 2 months ago
don't say bad words
Chase Glaize
Chase Glaize 2 months ago
i’m sorry but jason is really freakin boring to listen too
JFH34 2 months ago
This is how you know they ain’t moving again
Gaming with Juan
Gaming with Juan 2 months ago
Do the same thing but for ur bedroom
Rylan Koostachin
Rylan Koostachin 2 months ago
I remember when you were just a teen opening 2K packs 😂
Short life Vlogging Braydon
I wanna see more reaction videos with mitchell
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 months ago
No way I’m first lol to the early people your gonna have good luck for the rest of your life lol
clutch bomb
clutch bomb 2 months ago
lemme get ur old setup
Matt Strasser
Matt Strasser 2 months ago
Where did he get the led sign from
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 months ago
lg oled 👨
Jackson Cognac
Jackson Cognac 2 months ago
I can’t wate for you to film in your new office 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Arnav R
Arnav R 2 months ago
TMONEY 3013 2 months ago
Josh Graham
Josh Graham 2 months ago
2hype sign. Zach:Can you order two😂😂😂😂
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 2 months ago
Make sure you turn off your neon sighns
Student Christopher Renteria
is that the artist that made faze rugs thing?
Grant Tostevin
Grant Tostevin 2 months ago
Jason killed it🔥looks great
Your avg Crackhead
Your avg Crackhead 2 months ago
This was lit Read more
AoS_ Sway
AoS_ Sway 2 months ago
No way would you wanna bless a fan with your old set up huh...😔 US-first ain’t JUST a dream 🙏💙 plus you don’t want it in a game of 1v1 MrGoat 😂
K0L3 2705
K0L3 2705 2 months ago
So no one gonna acknowledge how much better Jason is looking
miguel Sanchez
miguel Sanchez 2 months ago
No one:... Kris:”Spider-Man’s kinda think bro” 😂😂😂😂😂😂