I FaceTimed NBA Players During SEASON Suspension! 

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I called multiple NBA Legends on face time to talk to them about how they are doing during the NBA suspension.
SLAMING a cake into Mitchels face
Hide and Seek in NEW MANSION
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Apr 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
Beau Ollie
Beau Ollie 18 days ago
Call me and LeBron when I get insta
I am so happy that Jesse has gotten to the point when he can casually have conversations with NBA players.
Otzaryah Hawkins
Boban was so nice it warmed my heart🤗
Christina Miran Lee Park
Who else thought he was FaceTiming Javal.
timkline04 Month ago
You should do Victor Oladipo sometime soon
Chubz 2 months ago
Nobody: Jesser's Phone: YOU HAVE UNREAD ALERTS
CrazyMarioRichard 2 months ago
I FaceTimed NBA Players During SEASON Suspension!
ETK 2 months ago
is it me or does 2hype not hit the same
im bored
im bored 2 months ago
Boban the goat
Damesgoat Christian
Damesgoat Christian 2 months ago
Nasir the 🐐. Our young guy
Bills4Life 2 months ago
“When corona ends” he said
Isaac Horsman
Isaac Horsman 2 months ago
JESSER I love u man! u ever come to Minnesota if so.....
Sike Boy
Sike Boy 2 months ago
Wait Jesse and jidel are brothers
Kyle Cosgrove
Kyle Cosgrove 2 months ago
late ganggg! 👍
wes 60fps
wes 60fps 2 months ago
Coronavirus is not gonna end 🤣😂
Aaron Nicolas
Aaron Nicolas 2 months ago
Jesse mind 🤯 when fox said he’s girl likes jiedel and not him 😂
Jostheros 2
Jostheros 2 2 months ago
Jesses face every time he was in a FaceTime: 😄 NBA players face:🙂
RookTheNinja 2 months ago
All 4 of those players are awesome people
Justin Clark
Justin Clark 2 months ago
Watchin Jaren duck under his own door frames is funny bro
Jordan Tribble
Jordan Tribble 2 months ago
This is the definition of clout🤣
Logan20m av
Logan20m av 3 months ago
That booban dude
Ja Leon Smith
Ja Leon Smith 3 months ago
1st player nassir little 2nd player DE'Aarron foxx 3rd player jaren jackson and the 4th player Boban Marjanović
Desmon Leach
Desmon Leach 3 months ago
Jesse been on the grind
Honestlyy Demonic
Honestlyy Demonic 3 months ago
Jesse:hello hello Triple J:FAM
Dest Jackson
Dest Jackson 3 months ago
Jesses face is so close to the camera 😭😭
Hudson Chan
Hudson Chan 4 months ago
i'm just wondering, how did jesse get these NBA player's numbers?
Adil Mohamad
Adil Mohamad 5 months ago
Do a part 2
Zero Storm
Zero Storm 5 months ago
Who’s watching in 2027 during The Stane Tornado?
Quinner 06
Quinner 06 6 months ago
FaceTime Tacko fall
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 6 months ago
At 3:10 I started to freak out
AmazingGamer 6 months ago
Deaaron fox cut his hair he bald boy now
Rachel Gall
Rachel Gall 7 months ago
10:15 cash texted 👌
Darron Elliott
Darron Elliott 7 months ago
fligt: i faced time stephen curry but the cameras wernt on
Shane O Reilly
Shane O Reilly 7 months ago
Dearon Fox : Flight is trash Flight: I’ll bet u in June
Help Me Reach 15k before 2022
wow jesser has some pretty humble conversations with theses guys. It's great to see how far he's came
Exposed 2
Exposed 2 8 months ago
Jesser da best
paris013GR 8 months ago
Boban was the only one who asked how Jessy was doing. GOAT.
Erik Hobart
Erik Hobart 8 months ago
jesser: 😁😁😁😁 deaaron: watchu want
S Y 8 months ago
Love your shows
Liam Watkins
Liam Watkins 8 months ago
You should of FaceTime boban with James because he loves big men
Kumille Govender
Kumille Govender 8 months ago
Jesse is mad inspirational man.
Varohdom Changthong
Varohdom Changthong 8 months ago
How do you record the FaceTime with the audio not cutting out
RCW Bears Prod.
RCW Bears Prod. 7 months ago
elitebastic wot
elitebastic wot 8 months ago
Jesser face so stiff when he talks to them
JMan Vlogz
JMan Vlogz 8 months ago
I love the nba as much as you do
Beastmode 103010
Beastmode 103010 9 months ago
Boban must be protected at all costs 😂
Dylan Riel
Dylan Riel 9 months ago
flight:bruh i will be friends with nba players by june bruh but i dont think the cameras would be on tho
Tom Volkofsky
Tom Volkofsky 9 months ago
James boutta swoop in and steal Fox’s girl
Sandy Aziz
Sandy Aziz 9 months ago
I wish jesse could be my friend.😁
Casey Buchanan
Casey Buchanan 9 months ago
What app is it you use to facetime them on
Levi Beam
Levi Beam 7 months ago
Probably facetime lmao
Zyfur 9 months ago
Wheres hump????
V3rge 9 months ago
Is Jesse a lil sus?
Corona Virus-19
Corona Virus-19 9 months ago
Bruuhhh jesser look so awkward
KJ V 9 months ago
Get Rondae pls
Marco Harris
Marco Harris 9 months ago
Boban great guy
Devin Kasecamp
Devin Kasecamp 9 months ago
bro you gotta do a part two
Robbie Patterson
Robbie Patterson 9 months ago
I calling curry
Nick Bellofatto
Nick Bellofatto 9 months ago
I thought u we’re boys with rondae
Shean Jaucian
Shean Jaucian 9 months ago
Me facetime steph curry and dont answer and i facetime jesser i see lsk humping a pillow
Lil G
Lil G 9 months ago
Why he so nervous the first call was so awkward
Alex Odeh
Alex Odeh 9 months ago
Jesse what was that “couple times misunderstanding” with Boban🤔
LilZoom 69
LilZoom 69 9 months ago
I didn’t see Kobe Bryant 🥺😭
Aden Massoud
Aden Massoud 9 months ago
I FaceTimed Trae you g who he thought was the hardest player to guard and he said Ben Simmons
DARKCHOCYET nfh 9 months ago
Eric Hammond
Eric Hammond 9 months ago
I love you
Nothing '
Nothing ' 9 months ago
Broo boban hand really big waw 😂😂
Avery. 9 months ago
Legend has it jarens still walking
Lil Zay
Lil Zay 9 months ago
I think jesser suspect😂😂😂🌈
PJAX 9 months ago
Why Jesse running his LAFC jersey
Keta Stewart
Keta Stewart 9 months ago
We dont have to imagine now
Keta Stewart
Keta Stewart 9 months ago
Imagine having 40k likes 250 dislikes
Dakota Rutledge
Dakota Rutledge 9 months ago
Imagine he FaceTimed Kobe Bryant
Memeolic 9 months ago
Sub to me
Jonah 9 months ago
Rip sports fans
Christine Sammons
Christine Sammons 9 months ago
Everything I’ve been doing is watching old playoff games
Connor Doren
Connor Doren 9 months ago
Bro when I was in Cali I walked by dearron but didn’t notice it was him😔
carтer ѕewald
carтer ѕewald 9 months ago
Who else paused when the text message came up😂
Benji King
Benji King 9 months ago
Part 2 pleeeaaaasse🙏🏼🙏🏼
Keegan Rumak
Keegan Rumak 9 months ago
President hits different jesser 🤦‍♂️
Dane Ibsen
Dane Ibsen 9 months ago
This is lit 🔥🔥
Lil God
Lil God 9 months ago
God at war zone moraishollywood
Hjönk hjönk Am goose
Does Boban play 2k
ツEDG 9 months ago
1:24 i wasnt lookin and listening until i see this angle, i thought jess was talkin to kobe :'(
zViemo YT
zViemo YT 9 months ago
Should’ve called Rudy gobert
Kerwin William Carait
Jesser when you are going to upload 2k
Levi Beam
Levi Beam 7 months ago
Whenever they make an actual good game
caleb peak
caleb peak 9 months ago
When it said tray on his phone I thought he was going to FaceTime tray mostly because tray is my favorite player
Tomás Genta
Tomás Genta 9 months ago
He didn't even know about the mavs nuggets game... such a casual...
Elvis 300
Elvis 300 9 months ago
Nobody ; Jesser ; You need a mini hoop bro 😂
Dion Ambriz
Dion Ambriz 9 months ago
Fire vid
That Boii Andyy
That Boii Andyy 9 months ago
it took me a min to realize that was Nassir Little without the hair 😭😂
ADAM prouhet
ADAM prouhet 9 months ago
I live 5 min from dearrons house
mike Vincent
mike Vincent 9 months ago
damn Jesse got clout
Baller Kid98
Baller Kid98 9 months ago
League pass is not free🥺😪
Laker Fan8
Laker Fan8 9 months ago
Part 2
Jadiel Santana
Jadiel Santana 9 months ago
You should fo a part 2
Oliver Chippendale
Oliver Chippendale 9 months ago
he should’ve asked d’aaron about Flight
Danny Brand Beats
Danny Brand Beats 9 months ago
whos the first guy
Nesyi Cedeno
Nesyi Cedeno 9 months ago
Jesser is sus facetimeing dudes sus white ppl
Xavier MendezAlmarante
Facetime kyrie in part two
EzWs-vNoVa 9 months ago
What you want😂
Rene Škerget
Rene Škerget 9 months ago
Do it with luka dončič