I BUILT A Full Basketball COURT In My Backyard! 

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The bucketsquad basketball court is finally complete!
I BUILT A Full Indoor Basketball Mini Hoop COURT!
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I Cracked My Head Open In A Basketball Video...
► us-first.info/player/video/nblndoqll2lmk4E.html&t
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Oct 25, 2020




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Comments 100   
Prince gabriel Bayona
Wow that is a good
Prince gabriel Bayona
Melea Osborne
Melea Osborne 23 days ago
I wish I could live there and have that
willofdodge1 27 days ago
dude your life is dope
Ibrahim Arsiwala
Cadon Buckles
Cadon Buckles Month ago
Jesus loves you spread the word
Josh Salangsang
Josh Salangsang Month ago
Where is MOPY?
Axel Törnsten Stärner
Where did you buy the basketball hoops?
James Short
James Short Month ago
Anybody know the song he uses in the first 20 seconds? I've been looking for it for ages!
jhoney Juat
jhoney Juat Month ago
Sana all
Jman 28
Jman 28 Month ago
I’m not gonna be that guy but U didn’t build it you HIRED people to do it😂 But yea court an deck looks sick
Yoboy Cookie
Yoboy Cookie Month ago
Those workers who fixed it up deserve a raise jesse they are the true real ones
Robert Atkins
Robert Atkins Month ago
you should call him and cuss him out
Liam Reed
Liam Reed Month ago
8:11 lol
ODT _WINX Month ago
I can see some one hunting there ankle on the sides of the bracket court
Liamm Month ago
The guy that messed up the court watching 👁👄👁
JMPlays Month ago
6:50 what is that song called?
Erik Schröder
Erik Schröder Month ago
Is the surface of the court concrete?
Yoboy Cookie
Yoboy Cookie Month ago
It’s almost December jesser
MP Productions
MP Productions Month ago
man built an entire basketball court in a shorter time than my dad but up an inground hoop
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 Month ago
Welp it’s cool but financially that court is gonna have a lot less value
Maxest 123
Maxest 123 2 months ago
Hispanic people putting in work on jesser court
Nikolas Zagorianos
Nikolas Zagorianos 2 months ago
6:06 jesser travels to the other side of the world
DrizzorFPS 2 months ago
Did you really “build” it your self? Because you said I built it lol
Tuan Dang
Tuan Dang 2 months ago
Holden Ferrante
Holden Ferrante 2 months ago
Is it 10 feet cause y’all dunkin
Mickrow _
Mickrow _ 2 months ago
Tell moping to 1v1 me so fly me out there
Harmanjot Singh
Harmanjot Singh 2 months ago
yo jesser i am big fan of you can you please buy me a pair of kyire 6
NSG_KINGJ 2 months ago
Remember when jess was a 2k youtuber.... Good times 🤧🤧🤧
Kyle Propes
Kyle Propes 2 months ago
Who else was watching the montage and saw the deck before he showed it 👇
MDD. 2 months ago
Jesser was fire in that 2v2
Psyclixzz Gaming
Psyclixzz Gaming 2 months ago
It’s funny thinking that he had a beach ball court then turned it into a basketball next thing you know he makes a coffee court
brandilea325 2 months ago
He should do a review on his injury from last vid
Spencer is Godly
Spencer is Godly 2 months ago
Literally stop moving houses😂
Suhan Borhade
Suhan Borhade 2 months ago
Living his life👍🏻👍🏻
IcY4life 2 months ago
How’s your head
Henry_GAmEr267 2 months ago
How tall is the rim?
Donovan Borrell
Donovan Borrell 2 months ago
Ayrton Arceo
Ayrton Arceo 2 months ago
Invite flight to your court
Dillon Craft
Dillon Craft 2 months ago
Was this before he
Mon Sl
Mon Sl 2 months ago
Zach Brady
Zach Brady 2 months ago
The only thing that deck missing is a grill to make some nice burgers and glizzies
F1C03 Student Chan Hei Nga Ashley 陳曦雅
Johnooze 2 months ago
"I built" The worker: The company Spain but without the S
DaHomieGumby 2 months ago
Motivation 🙏🏼
Kamori Gates
Kamori Gates 2 months ago
Bro Jesse just stop smiling
Noah Mendoza
Noah Mendoza 2 months ago
can you build one for me too that's where you will lose *jk im a noob lol*
My name Is name
My name Is name 2 months ago
You better have bought soft pads
Ryan Streb
Ryan Streb 2 months ago
Should’ve went union 🧐
J4SONX_ 10
J4SONX_ 10 2 months ago
Yo do you change clothes or nah 😂😂
YOLO BOLO 2 months ago
He needs to burn this jersey
Dzabir Sikiric
Dzabir Sikiric 2 months ago
6:05 travel
Jasin Astafa
Jasin Astafa 2 months ago
It’s a flex but not a flex
Caleb Severson
Caleb Severson 2 months ago
Ay when do I move in
Lucas Moore
Lucas Moore 2 months ago
I think Jesse needs to cover his deck so all that doesn’t get rained on
Jayden 2 months ago
It’s cali. It barely rains
Tricia Sopoaga
Tricia Sopoaga 2 months ago
You should put a trampoline in the center of the court
dini prihartini
dini prihartini 2 months ago
Invite flight
kyle houghton
kyle houghton 2 months ago
Damn I really watched him come up...me and my boys been rocking with you since BACKBOARD CHEESE!!
YN MELLOW 2 months ago
not even gonna lie i cried when I seen the court. that’s so beautiful 😍
Monae Rogers
Monae Rogers 2 months ago
Krists Lapšāns
Krists Lapšāns 2 months ago
I will die to play there😱
Your Nam
Your Nam 2 months ago
Cool cort
Jalen Luypen
Jalen Luypen 2 months ago
makes me feel so old seeing jesse in his new room instead of his old room at his moms house with Humphrey and the chance poster :(
Bash Robbie
Bash Robbie 2 months ago
I feel important and impressed with the way mrs Joel Clayton have been handling my trade . I can’t say much just try her out . Joelclaytonfx
Christie Owens
Christie Owens 2 months ago
Payout every week with Joel Clayton I can’t thank you enough, after all my bad experiences on Instagram I finally found a real trader on Instagram. Joelclaytonfx
It’s hibbet
It’s hibbet 2 months ago
Don’t forget to put a pad on the pole
QUARTZZz 2 months ago
I’ll give u 10000$ if u can beat me in connect 4
pigeon gaming 69
pigeon gaming 69 2 months ago
Gives a house tour
Ian Weaver
Ian Weaver 2 months ago
We can see the gains Jesser👌
Sukanok Rodrat
Sukanok Rodrat 2 months ago
could you give me the dimension of the court?
The Rapid X
The Rapid X 2 months ago
nice court but 8 foot goal come on
Zisan Dabhi
Zisan Dabhi 2 months ago
in my opinion this is better than faze rugs court
Jarred Marsh
Jarred Marsh 2 months ago
Is jesser ok
Flamin Gamin
Flamin Gamin 2 months ago
Where’s the roof for the deck.
Kasper 2 months ago
dude how rich are you?!
ECHO WH1SP3R 2 months ago
This is the coolest thing ever
Jeremy Matias
Jeremy Matias 2 months ago
8:00 one hell of a trickshot
Sam the gamer Rush
Sam the gamer Rush 2 months ago
Wow lit court
AJ Reid
AJ Reid 2 months ago
i get not suing him at first but after the head incident 💀
Starr Ransom
Starr Ransom 2 months ago
Arnold Castro
Arnold Castro 2 months ago
You should do a 3 point contest vs rug
Christopher Pollard
Christopher Pollard 2 months ago
You should paint the deck that’d be sick
Anthony Galasso
Anthony Galasso 2 months ago
Jesse I did the same thing but I got pushed into the pole
Triple step back
Triple step back 2 months ago
What happened to the 2hype mansion
Anthony Mina
Anthony Mina 2 months ago
No cap sue him you dead ass cracked your head open because of him
Denis Jazz
Denis Jazz 2 months ago
Hey should if dine faze rug guy
Dany Brizuela
Dany Brizuela 2 months ago
8:03 kris gets boomed in the head by a football
Sunzy. Creek
Sunzy. Creek 2 months ago
Cool but i think faze rugs is better 😬
Erjo Meitus
Erjo Meitus 2 months ago
Is he the MrBeast of basketball?
UnknownxArmy .
UnknownxArmy . 2 months ago
Notice how he says his house when it’s 2hypes house
Devan Betancourt
Devan Betancourt 2 months ago
it’s the Bucketsqaud house tho
Kenshiro 2 months ago
Yo i haven’t been on this channel in years. Jesser looks really good bro keep up the good work
Just Bizarre
Just Bizarre 2 months ago
The light poles are giving me anxiety. Definitely throw some pads on those too.
Dakota Davis
Dakota Davis 2 months ago
That is awesome wanting to do something similar just need the money
Achilles Young
Achilles Young 2 months ago
I pray to god that whoever likes this will be successful in life and one day in the future, build their own court too 🙏🏽
Finn O'Halloran-Scott
🏃‍♂️🌫🌫 🦽 🤓 😨👨‍🦽
Finn O'Halloran-Scott
haha lol
Finn O'Halloran-Scott
¿sᴉɥʇ op oʇ ʍoɥ ʍouʞ noʎ op
Can you do who makes the best Coffee plz?
GC TEASY 2 months ago
I'd give most of them guys a bucket I would clap em
Tommy Gilroy
Tommy Gilroy 2 months ago
That's a NICE court!
Tommy Gilroy
Tommy Gilroy 2 months ago
Make sure to subscribe to Jesser's new channels Jesser shorts and Jesse VR. Also, 2hype gaming channel coming soon!!