I BUILT A Full Indoor Basketball Mini Hoop COURT! 

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For the first time ever, we have a full court mini hoop arena! We built the mini hoop court inside my new Bucketsquad house! We tested it out with some epic dunks and fastbreaks. It is reinforced and Mopi approved!
► us-first.info/player/video/ebqHg3uUonyCa3k.html
► us-first.info/player/video/e6Z_qZmdoJScpIk.html

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Mar 17, 2020




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Comments 100   
DayDay Da Goat
DayDay Da Goat 7 days ago
Imagine being a kid member of the 2hype house😏
Where did you get the hoops
1SHOT Cooper
1SHOT Cooper 2 months ago
who else feels bad for mopi
Zach Hill
Zach Hill 2 months ago
When you realize Jesser now owns multiple houses
Z _OG 3 months ago
Jesser where did you get the hoops from please tell me
Nico Campos
Nico Campos 3 months ago
I think you should do some horse videos
Nico Campos
Nico Campos 3 months ago
Jeff Calvin
Jeff Calvin 3 months ago
Really hard to beat a white guy in basketball
1K SUBS NO VIDEOS 4 months ago
bro jesser was popping off
The2kEnforcer 4 months ago
Anyone remember when jesser wasn't pretty much a kids channel
Andrew Yeboah
Andrew Yeboah 4 months ago
Makes an NBA roster he might just be the greatest big man of all time
Clixdio 1
Clixdio 1 4 months ago
Why the fortnite do they use soccer balls
Leila Duran
Leila Duran 4 months ago
where does he buy the mini hoops
Tgotgame 5 months ago
Please help me reach my goal
antoinette reed
antoinette reed 5 months ago
Jesser you're so good at basketball I am a kid
MaJeel A
MaJeel A 5 months ago
Mopi tyler is to small
MaJeel A
MaJeel A 5 months ago
Your moving out your moving out 2hype house im just kidding jesser
MaJeel A
MaJeel A 5 months ago
Mopi is to slow to play
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming 5 months ago
Jessers jersey fits him right.
D Tay
D Tay 5 months ago
Mopi had on socks that's why he fell
KingIceYT 6 months ago
Rip mopi he’s short and getting dunked on
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 6 months ago
Fuck! Your fingers crossers you dirty little shit!!!!!!!!!
CM Gaming and Blogs
CM Gaming and Blogs 6 months ago
I love you jesser you’re the best
Xzavier Sivels
Xzavier Sivels 6 months ago
Look at jessers handles he is a goat
Branden Beldor
Branden Beldor 6 months ago
Mopi gets posterd by jesser damn when down hard
Willdawg00 6 months ago
Jesse’s minihoop vids before this house (about 6 years): 32 Jesse’s minihoop vids in this house (3 months): 14 AND COUNTING
Edvinas Venckus
Edvinas Venckus 6 months ago
You just could've bout a warehouse and made a court there
Asian Tacoz
Asian Tacoz 6 months ago
now we know how the court was broken from his most recent vid
xandre abe
xandre abe 6 months ago
your so good
Angel Watson-Wilson
Angel Watson-Wilson 7 months ago
Elian Alkoutami
Elian Alkoutami 7 months ago
How rich is this kid
Nolan N
Nolan N 7 months ago
This court it my dream. See what youtube can get you kids
DMC Phantom
DMC Phantom 7 months ago
What is that hoodie Jesse is wearin in the intro
learn on time
learn on time 8 months ago
yonatan ta
Nike G
Nike G 8 months ago
Jesser seen your full Court hoop
PT_ ParkerBTW
PT_ ParkerBTW 8 months ago
Gayest basketball you tubers of all time
Carson Coolkid1
Carson Coolkid1 8 months ago
6:45 Kobe
SpazzyMazzy 15
SpazzyMazzy 15 8 months ago
Poor mopi’s getting Dunked the hell on
Twist 926
Twist 926 8 months ago
what kind of tiles are those and how much
Santino Gigliotti
Santino Gigliotti 8 months ago
Hi Jesser can u please reapply, I need to know if ur mini hoop is a skilz mini hoop can u please check I need to get the right one so I can make US-first videos too. Please🙂
cole5480 cole5480
cole5480 cole5480 8 months ago
What type of mini hoop do you have
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 8 months ago
I am Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 8 months ago
I am the real Kyrie Irving
Gökhan Özel
Gökhan Özel 8 months ago
Beyler türk varmı
Grant McFarland
Grant McFarland 8 months ago
That's 🔥
Crowmo 8 months ago
9:12 mopi.exe has stopped working
Kenyon Murphy
Kenyon Murphy 8 months ago
Only og’s remembers when Zach told Jesser to move out next door
coryxkenshin fan fan
They made this on my bday March 17♓
Wik Bertin
Wik Bertin 9 months ago
Dude bought a mansion to install a mini hoop court
Alonzo Montero
Alonzo Montero 9 months ago
mo mopi should play soccer
Heather Davies
Heather Davies 9 months ago
3:10 MOPI
Football. Szerlong
Football. Szerlong 9 months ago
How could u afford such a big house? I’m not trying to be rude just wondering
nathanccole 9 months ago
Yeah “Kobe” says Mopi and he gets the dub
Neo Binuya
Neo Binuya 9 months ago
2:40 travel...
Matrix 1
Matrix 1 9 months ago
Who else noticed the Steve will do it intro song
Sarvesh Mathur
Sarvesh Mathur 9 months ago
Is that a Football?
ChiefVertex 9 months ago
Music at 4:40? Anyone?
peanu12345 9 months ago
Go against each other
Ruben Omar Hernández Frausto
Where’s k london?
Adil Samet YILDIZ
Adil Samet YILDIZ 9 months ago
6:21 jesser overall 99
Marques Tavares Tavares
Why don’t they move into to jesser s house
Arlen Belmer
Arlen Belmer 9 months ago
what kind of hoops does he use
Chasee Reese
Chasee Reese 9 months ago
DO MORE!!!!!!
Ÿùte From the 6
Ÿùte From the 6 9 months ago
Can any1 tell me where I can find this mini hoop or what it’s called!!!
Kastriot Llangozi
Kastriot Llangozi 9 months ago
4:04 Giorno Theme jojo bizzare adventure
Tami Dougall
Tami Dougall 9 months ago
Jesser what ball is that? Can you tell me?
JONATHAN 9 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *i love football ⚽⚽⚽⚽* 0:47 💛🖤 👇👇👇👇🔥
Jack 9 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice assist🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:55 💓🔥 👇👇👇💙
UNK Will
UNK Will 9 months ago
Jesser: ohh no I just a million dollar home for basketball Me:yeah that’s cool
Kid wit a Drip
Kid wit a Drip 9 months ago
Jessie when he did the foot dunk and then he failed, Everybody:ohhhhhh Me in my mind:He ain't trippin, he ballin
Leah’s World
Leah’s World 9 months ago
I was wondering what brand do you use for you’re mini hoops I wanna buy one
niyah posey
niyah posey 9 months ago
When they think they Zion in a information court
Michael Mccloud
Michael Mccloud 9 months ago
I want one of those mini hoops can I have one
NateLikesCookies 9 months ago
Nice but can u do a half court challenge
The Nerf Squad Buddies
What happened to the other office where the mini hoop wad
Booty Bopp
Booty Bopp 9 months ago
Mopi is *clearly* not trying. I say he can take... Lebron?
Cash Leisgang
Cash Leisgang 9 months ago
He should spray paint the Mini course
SCOOTER IS THE GOAT 9 months ago
Mini hoop meet me at the rim
Richard Ward
Richard Ward 9 months ago
what kind of hoops are those
Andrea Helvey
Andrea Helvey 9 months ago
You should put a scoreboard on the ceiling
That's really cool that you did that
jackson bashiri
jackson bashiri 9 months ago
Bought a house just for a mini hoop And what happened to the office house where the old mini hoop was
OgNw Fts
OgNw Fts 9 months ago
*mans tried dunking with his foot* 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😅
Erectricity 9 months ago
i miss the original 2k house mini hoop vids
Charisse Alexander
Charisse Alexander 9 months ago
Where did he buy the hoop
Jim Rallis
Jim Rallis 9 months ago
Ballin A.I Practice
Ballin A.I Practice 9 months ago
Last week my whole English including my teacher started making fun of mopis jumper lol
Young_TJ22 9 months ago
What are those mini basketball hoops cause I want them
Youtube Seiuli
Youtube Seiuli 9 months ago
A dunk contest
Camille Bertrand
Camille Bertrand 9 months ago
Do a dunk contest
packrunnersho 9 months ago
Y’all remember bald cash 😂
Alex Paul
Alex Paul 7 months ago
Not much people
DisruptFrosty 9 months ago
7:13 when you green a dunk in 2k18
Sxpreme 9 months ago
Mopi got bullied
Str1kx 9 months ago
What’s that ball
Ushcow Turtle
Ushcow Turtle 9 months ago
2:55 any1 else go steve steve steve steve
Baza Brand
Baza Brand 9 months ago
Jessers that one try hard at 24 hour fitness 😂😂😂😂
wo1f 9 months ago
someone plz send link to those mini hoops where I can by online
default 9 months ago
Normal people: *Buys a house to live in* Jester: *Buys a mansion for a mini hoop arena*
E Also E
E Also E 9 months ago
I cant believe he moved out jk
Skyes Plays
Skyes Plays 9 months ago
I dare you to put a real hoop in there
Sydney Oldham
Sydney Oldham 9 months ago
How tall is mopi
She’s Here!!! 💝
She’s Here!!! 💝