I Broke My Shoulder Filming a Basketball Video... 

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Today I'm back checking out the Jesser subreddit and explaining how I hurt my shoulder...
How I Got A 6 Pack By December
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Dec 17, 2020




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Comments 100   
famliy gaming
famliy gaming 15 hours ago
Dat hurts
Sid Raj
Sid Raj 2 days ago
Ahmad Henderson
Ahmad Henderson 3 days ago
Youtube Helvix`
Youtube Helvix` 4 days ago
This man funny yall saw his face while tyoing🤣🤣🤣
InnovationWhale 5 days ago
What a fucking scumbag lmao
CLICK_Eman 5 days ago
That’s what u get karma from mopi 💩💩
Skatergrl123 5 days ago
I Severely broke my humorous bone yesterday
Charles Harvey
Charles Harvey 6 days ago
Damn you a bitch
Jude Caligiuri
Jude Caligiuri 6 days ago
This is sad
DontHaveAUser 7 days ago
Cracked his head broke his shoulder
T do be ballin'
T do be ballin' 7 days ago
Jesser loosin' subscribers :(
Sydney Petty
Sydney Petty 8 days ago
Him:it’s ur guys fault Me:ur saying I live in a different state then you I’m not near you so It’s not my fault that you broke your arm Btw I do hope you heal fast I’m just saying it’s a not our fault I’m not trying to send hate tho! ❤️
Josh play basketball
7eusue6tidry y
Josh play basketball
U pu sd ys
xzaviar warner
xzaviar warner 10 days ago
Same I fractured my shoulder
Garrett Rosenberger
I hope you and Tyler gets better
Garrett Rosenberger
Royce Rochon
Royce Rochon 11 days ago
Drewbie GamezAndVlogs
wow mopi really had yall think this shit was an act
Dale Salzmann
Dale Salzmann 12 days ago
Which u snapped your neck
Daily Lit Edits
Daily Lit Edits 12 days ago
Jimnah Christopher
Jimnah Christopher 12 days ago
y'all needa watch Jessers response before jumping to conclusions jeez
Jimnah Christopher
Jimnah Christopher 11 days ago
@M3RCS I'm not picking sides i dont know who to believe but I'm just saying listen to both sides before giving an opinion
M3RCS 11 days ago
@Jimnah Christopher then why you defending Jesser then?
Jimnah Christopher
Jimnah Christopher 12 days ago
@M3RCS according to who? Mopi? well no shit
M3RCS 12 days ago
You apparently don't know that there is alot of evidence proving that Jesser is lying about Mopi
Ashley Rivera
Ashley Rivera 12 days ago
Intro cap
Radwan Omer Ibrahim
Oh lord demons he is fighting demons? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jude Uzueta
Jude Uzueta 13 days ago
Jesse is gone 😔
Koah Copell
Koah Copell 13 days ago
The comment didn’t turn out well
ajaipal Singh
ajaipal Singh 13 days ago
you know what i never liked you and your brother
Lindsey Holl
Lindsey Holl 13 days ago
Lindsey Holl
Lindsey Holl 13 days ago
Cole Nesbit
Cole Nesbit 13 days ago
no one talking abt his reaction to the spider, that shit made me laugh so hard
Iyosias Shemels
Iyosias Shemels 13 days ago
I believe you your my favorite person in 2hype just don't let kris and zach change you bro don't let them you saw what zack did to woffy bro don't let thim
FootballGod8 13 days ago
If you belive him you are a fucking clown you are prolly a kid
Jeniecko Zarate
Jeniecko Zarate 14 days ago
I think it was only good he broke his arm
Clay Mabry
Clay Mabry 14 days ago
Jesser text me
Zetwas 14 days ago
King of Egypt
King of Egypt 14 days ago
fuck u bitch
Jayden Wakefield
Jayden Wakefield 14 days ago
Jxrdn 14 days ago
At the start u can hear the tears in his eyes
Tyler Mckee
Tyler Mckee 14 days ago
Ur a asshole.
goobie GO
goobie GO 14 days ago
bro you look seriously seriously sick lol lips chapped and all
caleb haywood
caleb haywood 14 days ago
You are so amazing
FootballGod8 13 days ago
You are a clown
Kurt 14 days ago
All the hate comments here now if u watch the new vid I'm with Jesser
Kurt 13 days ago
U wish I would make u laugh
FootballGod8 13 days ago
You are a fucking clown
Isaac Keighley
Isaac Keighley 14 days ago
“I am worried about you” if you are worried then don’t sue him. Think about it you aren’t helping. You may have lost a sub
Aiden Gonzalez
Aiden Gonzalez 14 days ago
Fighting demons? YOU know nothing.
Colin Hanlon
Colin Hanlon 14 days ago
Davis Aboagye
Davis Aboagye 14 days ago
Tha boi Sammy
Tha boi Sammy 14 days ago
Unsubscribed 🥱
Holden VanDaele
Holden VanDaele 14 days ago
Stop lieing
Vubbers YT
Vubbers YT 14 days ago
Dang dude and I thought I liked these guys
Omoney Bam
Omoney Bam 14 days ago
Fuck you
Jojo 7190
Jojo 7190 14 days ago
LMAO imagine going from bein a nobody to using mental health to silence an elementary school friend.
TRAGIC EXX 14 days ago
The lowest thing you could ever do... you did ... shame on you man shame on you
Keanu Reese
Keanu Reese 14 days ago
We know everything, jackass
Lightless Cypher
Lightless Cypher 15 days ago
I. Unsubscribed.
PRDG_BallR13 15 days ago
Bruh can’t even look at the camera 💀
HOOD NOOB 15 days ago
😢😢 “Bro I am worried about you” 😢😢😢 😭😭”Have not him able to sleep at night😭 SMH you kids are really stupid
Lich 15 days ago
Not gonna lie man, cant believe I looked up to you as a kid growing up. Guess true colours really get shown when moneys involved huh
KeiyssChillBeats 15 days ago
This Nigha really tryna convince his 10year old army bruh 💀
ChronicAction 15 days ago
Your a clown bro I looked up to you wow
Xu Charles
Xu Charles 15 days ago
You changed
what what
what what 15 days ago
Thats what you get 0
Charlie 15 days ago
Bro shut up
SimonW 15 days ago
Nah bro switched up, you used to be genuine and funny as fuck man you got lost in the sauce fr, pathetic story dog
KAb00t MP3
KAb00t MP3 15 days ago
Lmao keeping it offline but proceeds to talk abt it for almost 2 minutes. Jesse, you need help bro
Lxgged 0ut
Lxgged 0ut 15 days ago
Help him so real dic head
Moneymind Crew
Moneymind Crew 15 days ago
“He’s fighting demons” Yes he’s fighting all you guys
asherda frog
asherda frog 15 days ago
I remember getting a happy birthday text from you and being so happy and now I'm really sad that you have become overtaken by fame smh
asherda frog
asherda frog 15 days ago
I used to look up to you and now I have lost all respect for you
CrossoverComps 15 days ago
from packing ruby Jordans to this, sad to see this Jesser :(
Ceirson G.
Ceirson G. 15 days ago
Jesser your ass terrible human
Goat DaYnEx
Goat DaYnEx 15 days ago
Fuck you Jesse
Haji Ibrahim
Haji Ibrahim 15 days ago
This dude really said he’s been fighting some demons 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he just wants money and treating him bad Lol
Natetay 15 days ago
U need help so bad
Big D Hill
Big D Hill 15 days ago
Bro this is so sad I’ve watched you since 2014 and I always thought you were a genuine person but i guess behind closed anyone can be anything smh bruh
Dudyhdkdkdufhenme Hsidkehdidk
Fuck you
Dudyhdkdkdufhenme Hsidkehdidk
Fuck you
Dudyhdkdkdufhenme Hsidkehdidk
Fuck you
10K 15 days ago
I’ll rob you
Andrew’s Sport progression
Stfu Jesser you and 2hype suing your best friend all for money
Stassy Fishing
Stassy Fishing 15 days ago
This guy is a horrible friend.
Bryant Brown
Bryant Brown 15 days ago
Were is the response vid??
Seth Aldridge
Seth Aldridge 15 days ago
Maddix Reece
Maddix Reece 15 days ago
Conner Dyar
Conner Dyar 15 days ago
Kris and zach turned this man into a sniper
FrostXYT 15 days ago
Yo Jesser I’m still waiting for that response vid 😪😴
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly 15 days ago
Sportsgamer 91
Sportsgamer 91 15 days ago
Lol you had no right what so ever to talk about Tyler’s problems and his family
Lj Moyer
Lj Moyer 15 days ago
You really had to buy likes 🤣🤣
CallMe Cekoo
CallMe Cekoo 15 days ago
Fighting demons? U sound dumb
Mark the Shark
Mark the Shark 15 days ago
You suck
SmoothGames TV
SmoothGames TV 15 days ago
Sold out 🤷‍♂️
Elijah Valdevieso
Elijah Valdevieso 15 days ago
Blue hair jesser was the only good Jesse
solo g
solo g 15 days ago
Zahib Ali
Zahib Ali 15 days ago
TheYvngFinesser 15 days ago
Wood Pickle
Wood Pickle 15 days ago
Money Over Ur Friend
farzana ahmadi
farzana ahmadi 15 days ago
Stop the cap🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢
Spectral 15 days ago
“All I’ve tried to do is help this man” Can we give an award for the world’s largest cap.
MyRoomCold 15 days ago
i’m with jesser.
Jaycen Cureton
Jaycen Cureton 15 days ago
David 15 days ago
Bro money has changed you. Saying all this to one of your best friends. I looked up to you, a lot of us did Jesser. Now all I can do is look down.😔
Xenn Fn
Xenn Fn 15 days ago
I can’t believe you