I Bought FAKE 2HYPE & Bucketsquad Merch! 

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Decided to buy a load of FAKE 2HYPE and Bucketsquad merch, so you don't have to!
New 2HYPE merch - 2hype.com
Win Trampoline Park Hide and Seek, I’ll Buy You Anything
► us-first.info/player/video/jKh_epl7aYB3g4U.html&t=
I gave my friend $15,000 to make the Ultimate Gaming Setup *SURPRISE*
► us-first.info/player/video/jbmOi35_qoGmeYk.html&t=
★ Follow me on social media @Jesser ★
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●Twitter jesser
2ND Channel - @JSR
► us-first.info
► bucketsquad.com
●Eited by @Rickle & @Feddy
#BucketSquad #2HYPE


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Nov 8, 2020




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Comments 100   
James Madan
James Madan 17 days ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA, Mrbeast uses gilidan
Josh Bierstock
Josh Bierstock 20 days ago
i just realized that he was wearing the jersy backwards fofr half the vid😂🤣
Cam Vanzandt
Cam Vanzandt Month ago
Jesser is the best
Balanga Balonga
Balanga Balonga Month ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
Chipotle beans spicy
Joseph Vallejo
Joseph Vallejo Month ago
All the sweaters are actually fire
Cam Vanzandt
Cam Vanzandt 2 months ago
Jesse is the best
ItzGrant 2 months ago
Who prints your stuff
Rich Homie
Rich Homie 2 months ago
hook me up @richhomie.d_
Rich Homie
Rich Homie 2 months ago
can i please get the ps5 jesse
David Tedford
David Tedford 2 months ago
That was so bad
Jay Mckinlay
Jay Mckinlay 2 months ago
Defame this guy
Harmanjot Singh
Harmanjot Singh 2 months ago
yo jesser i am big fan of you can you please buy me a pair of kyire 6
team 6 Pro
team 6 Pro 2 months ago
That orange one is fire
spencer gregson
spencer gregson 2 months ago
I just realized you got ryuk on yo poster and that’s fire
ALSON C LANGBATA 2 months ago
3:20 Six pack by December looking good
MM15 2 months ago
If only jesse bought some fake shorts to give mitchell
marc 2 months ago
That orange bucketsquad pullover fire as hell tho
Aidan Pearl
Aidan Pearl 2 months ago
Somebody should wear fake bucketsquad merch in a meetup with Jesser to see if he can really tell the difference
Richard Gaming
Richard Gaming 2 months ago
Let’s go on the 1000 comment
Caleb Marte
Caleb Marte 2 months ago
Caleb Marte
Caleb Marte 2 months ago
Caleb Marte
Caleb Marte 2 months ago
Caleb Marte
Caleb Marte 2 months ago
ilyaas ibrahim
ilyaas ibrahim 2 months ago
Your videos are sick
Jackelyn Gonzalez
Jackelyn Gonzalez 2 months ago
i can’t lie that simpsons 2hype shirt goes hard🤐
God 2 months ago
Well some people buy fake merch maybe because they can’t afford it 🤷‍♂️
LiL Woody
LiL Woody 2 months ago
haha he put on his jersey backwards lol
Evan Munoz
Evan Munoz 2 months ago
Logan O
Logan O 2 months ago
Can we talk about how Jessers red jersey was on backwards during the vid 😂
ramomar-_- 2 months ago
Teechip also stole merch from coryxkenshin
Godly Gaming
Godly Gaming 2 months ago
Jesse make bucket squad leg sleevs
Marcus Chung
Marcus Chung 2 months ago
The simpsons one kinda hard
AshTTV 2 months ago
No cap Jessie lost weight come on bro 6 pack by December
FĀKEツ 2 months ago
Jesser where did you get the frame in you're setup it looks fire
Harshaan Singh
Harshaan Singh 2 months ago
Set gaming set up
Crazy guy Guy
Crazy guy Guy 2 months ago
Why you say it fake
Stephany Kingsley
Stephany Kingsley 2 months ago
Jesser your doing a great job 👏🏻 keep up with the work
Derek Loro
Derek Loro 2 months ago
Mitchell would wear fake merch
Juan Gabriel Samar
Juan Gabriel Samar 2 months ago
Bruh you wear jersey the opposite way????? 3:59
kolby thurgood
kolby thurgood 2 months ago
Vice city 2hype mercy 🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥
urmomsfavorite joshkobe
The fake Merch is to good
Yhcc Runna
Yhcc Runna 2 months ago
Not only you keep sayin “this is bad” but you also bought $700 worth of it, all of you have your own Favorite, you got ideas from them, AND I’m pretty sure they’re makin more money off of it
B ScHmuve
B ScHmuve 2 months ago
the pink hoodie with the rose 2hype would go hard
aariz khimani
aariz khimani 2 months ago
Who has the best sushi please
Nathan Hayes
Nathan Hayes 2 months ago
jesser makes so much money now, he doesn’t need to hit ten minutes anymore sheesh
Jacob Thueson
Jacob Thueson 2 months ago
What the hell are you wearing😂, those damn skinny jeans are gross
Kamouri Sands
Kamouri Sands 2 months ago
Why y'all don't make merch for big people
beast bussington
beast bussington 2 months ago
The orange bucket aqua one gives me depression
Milo Buoncristiani
Milo Buoncristiani 2 months ago
Do you guys make kids merch
Mrmyknight1234 2 months ago
Where did you buy the jersey case from?
Aaron Mendoza
Aaron Mendoza 2 months ago
My dad just got deployed I’m so sad😭 but you bring my day up every single day keep up the good work
Sophia Carnes
Sophia Carnes 2 months ago
Lol, half way through his jersey was on backwards 😂😂😂
DLC 2 months ago
Ngl rather by 8 dollar fake merch than 40 dollar merch Jess still love you though
J0s3ph Arch3r fbs!
J0s3ph Arch3r fbs! 2 months ago
Dam Jesse got skinny
Ryan c
Ryan c 2 months ago
Jessers videos hit different
TS Forever
TS Forever 2 months ago
Lets go
Paul Mastorides
Paul Mastorides 2 months ago
James always looks constipated
sr products r
sr products r 2 months ago
The pink one lo key is fire
Toxicwaffle S
Toxicwaffle S 2 months ago
this guy names JSR is stealing your videos
TD Buckets
TD Buckets 2 months ago
Who did 2hype vote for president?
Mchope 2 months ago
Jesser low key pressed lololol
Noah Bartling
Noah Bartling 2 months ago
jesser backwards jersey 5 2:4
APthe GOAT 2 months ago
Amazon be selling tons of fake stuff
Elite Jay
Elite Jay 2 months ago
When you run out of ideas so you buy fake merch😂😂
YTsneed 2 months ago
fire content lately keep it up jesser🐐🔥
Raymond Downey
Raymond Downey 2 months ago
Jesse: your Merch is Trash Me: your jerseys on backwards
Mason Gregory
Mason Gregory 2 months ago
This kid flew on that couch
Tayvon Tucker
Tayvon Tucker 2 months ago
Can you have the rose Jersey forever i eant this on christmas
James Carr
James Carr 2 months ago
Is Kris wearing new 2hype merch?
Νικόλας Πρωτόγερος
Sth has happened with tayler that we dont know about
Lil Drade
Lil Drade 2 months ago
Naaa ship them to cash tell him that is a gitf u got for him guys spam this for him ti see
The Legend
The Legend 2 months ago
Wheres mopi
Swagranger 2 months ago
You can sue
Paulin Pineau
Paulin Pineau 2 months ago
And what is Kris wearing ??? It's so fire
Paulin Pineau
Paulin Pineau 2 months ago
Drop a pink hoodie, I'm coopin' it directly
Aedan Erickson
Aedan Erickson 2 months ago
Yo I’m trying to get the white rose sweatshirt but it’s on a pre sale how long is the presale for. And the setup is 🔥 I’ve been here since before when u guys were playing 5 second challenge and mopi said Johnny depp for actors that would be good in bed
Hpjackley 2 months ago
expose the 6 pack
Truw Alex
Truw Alex 2 months ago
Ngl the black Christmas shirt was lw heat😭🥶
Matthew St.claire
Matthew St.claire 2 months ago
Damn what ab moochie, u don’t think he looks good😔
Minecraft Boi
Minecraft Boi 2 months ago
Can you plz reply next week is me b day
Dylon Raley
Dylon Raley 2 months ago
Do more expensive pack openings.
Levi Smith
Levi Smith 2 months ago
i want that simpsons tshirt plz do a really simpsions tshirt with the boys as simpsons characters that would be fire
ALex Nalchyan
ALex Nalchyan 2 months ago
jesser did the rose collection drop cus it says presale?
Parker Halder
Parker Halder 2 months ago
Should’ve bought shorts to help Moochie out
- Broccoli
- Broccoli 2 months ago
What happened to the draw your move???? Pleaseee
Timothy_YT 2 months ago
WTF Is That Shit
The boy Nicolas
The boy Nicolas 2 months ago
I miss jesserthelazer
Carter Weber
Carter Weber 2 months ago
Jacob Hiers
Jacob Hiers 2 months ago
I would understand why some people would have to buy fake merch, It's because there not as lucky as You Jesse they didn't drop out of highschool and just play 2k all their life and make Millions of dollars. People can't spend $60.00 on a backpack. with that said I still love u jesser :)
GK The Raptor
GK The Raptor 2 months ago
i´d order hella merch but shipping to europe costs as much as some shirts. fml man
Chase Andrews
Chase Andrews 2 months ago
Black one was the best
Jaden Albarran
Jaden Albarran 2 months ago
Matthew 999
Matthew 999 2 months ago
ngl the Simpson's shirt actually fire
Matthew 999
Matthew 999 2 months ago
"mom can I get 2hype and bucketsquad merch for Christmas?" "No we already have that at home" The Merch at home from last Christmas:
Emanuel Freeman
Emanuel Freeman 2 months ago
Antmansavage blow
Antmansavage blow 2 months ago
Jidel look so happy on the website
Justin Temke
Justin Temke 2 months ago
Jesser please see this make a week in the life with the whole 2hype those are my favorite videos so please see this
VerifiedJT 2 months ago
Brady Dillon
Brady Dillon 2 months ago
I bought the rose jerseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
The_Speedy_Swede 2 months ago
3:18 Why is the Swedish anthem playing? 😂