I 1v1'd Everyone in Basketball! 

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I played everyone in 2HYPE in 1v1 basketball challenges!
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Make The Shot, Leave The FREEZING Ice Bath Challenge!
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I Spent $10,000 On RARE NBA Packs! *Crazy Pull*
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Oct 4, 2020




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Comments 100   
Oscar Spence
Oscar Spence 17 days ago
5:29 who else see that dinosaur
SANDRA Mccullough
Jesser got hall of fame corner specialist
CarrelGaming Month ago
Tell me why when moochie said “you know I have a left handed three” out in the mountains there was a bootleg dinosaur and that stuff was funny as ever
Klyde Gito
Klyde Gito Month ago
5:29 look at the mountains in the background
piii Month ago
5:30 if you know , you know
Owen Spencer
Owen Spencer Month ago
Am I the only one that saw that T-Rex behind those mountains
Goatz_TalonZ 2 months ago
5:28 The Dinosaur In The Back😂🤣🦕
Zahmarie Phillips
Zahmarie Phillips 2 months ago
Yo why is a Dinasour in the sand are what ever s**t that is it looks fake
Void FN
Void FN 2 months ago
That fortnite kid 224
At 5 minutes 30 seconds there’s a dinosaur in the backroubd
Juan Lizardi
Juan Lizardi 2 months ago
Song name at 0:04
raven kaleigh Llena
raven kaleigh Llena 2 months ago
why is there a dinasour in jesser vs moochie?
Jeff Randall
Jeff Randall 2 months ago
Jesser has a knockdown three low key
D’laney 2 months ago
He lost to Cash and Jiedel. I have to click off.
Peppa de pig
Peppa de pig 2 months ago
I stopped watching you a year ago how you doin
נורדמן עומר
Damn cash shot is fire
Joseph Lewie
Joseph Lewie 2 months ago
Anyone see the T. rex
IClxmps Yt
IClxmps Yt 2 months ago
2:19 Jesser we all saw that 😂😂 please check my latest montage
Reina Sol
Reina Sol 2 months ago
I love the editor who put the dinosaur 🦖 in 5:30 by the mountain 🏔 in the distance. Hahaha😁:):)
ice_ Clan
ice_ Clan 2 months ago
Why was there a random t rex at 5:29
DATYOUNGIN_DEE 2 months ago
5:33 dinosaur
SQSD JayJay 2 months ago
If Jesser had hella good defense he would be a problem
Traxless 2 months ago
Who else seen the surprise is 2:50
Joel Bessett
Joel Bessett 2 months ago
Cash somehow became 3 and D
Karsen Ware
Karsen Ware 2 months ago
were not going to talk about the dinosaur in the background at 5:29
Eli McDowell
Eli McDowell 2 months ago
How was kris injured
Charlie Ohlson
Charlie Ohlson 2 months ago
Anybody gonna talk about how jidel a baller
Joshua & Patricia
Joshua & Patricia 2 months ago
Aydin Gamez
Aydin Gamez 2 months ago
I know I’m not the only one who saw the giant trex in the background at 5:28
Roman Coleman-Isaac
Roman Coleman-Isaac 2 months ago
Did anybody actually see a dinosaur
Kops 2 months ago
5:29 peep the dinosaur
bowmanbryce 2 months ago
At least you know you surrounded by people who care
Ore Salako
Ore Salako 2 months ago
4:25 double drible
Salih Adem
Salih Adem 2 months ago
Rip Jesse 2020
HOF Skies
HOF Skies 2 months ago
the day of the tragedy lol
LollipopPlayz 2 months ago
Are we not gonna talk about the dinosaur at the background? 5:28
Austin Putnam
Austin Putnam 2 months ago
There was a dinosaur
Jake 808
Jake 808 2 months ago
Jesse's first shot on cash wasnt even a 3 but he still gave himself 2 points
Bailey Williams
Bailey Williams 2 months ago
When did cash get good???
Sean Priego
Sean Priego 2 months ago
Who else saw the dinosaur at 5:29
Goated Kid
Goated Kid 2 months ago
who is here after injury
Yoyo Yeet yeet
Yoyo Yeet yeet 2 months ago
The dinosaur in the back of him and moochie just hits different
Tmoney T
Tmoney T 2 months ago
Jesser you are the best
Mr nice guy Jr
Mr nice guy Jr 2 months ago
Did anyone notice the trex in the backround when he was one v oneing mooche.
Axstro 2 months ago
tbh Jesse's release got quicker
Matthew Rodriguez
Matthew Rodriguez 2 months ago
Jesse Vs Cash Jesse: Yes
Nathan is a good player at fortnite Rodriguez
Click blow if you sol the dinosaur
BoonDox CastleBattleGrounds
Nobody gonna talk about the dino?? 5:26
The Snakey
The Snakey 2 months ago
Jesse I just got some Kyrie buzzer beaters you should get them they would look fire with that jersey 👍🏻
Mantaj Mattu
Mantaj Mattu 2 months ago
I’m sorry for your ingury
Bass Boi Media
Bass Boi Media 3 months ago
What happened to Kris?
BRETT BURNS 3 months ago
5:29 🤔🤔🤔
Jeanna Mackin
Jeanna Mackin 3 months ago
Anybody else see a dinosaur while playing Mitchell
jie yan
jie yan 3 months ago
Where is your friend Bing... miss the good old videos when you and him go 1v1 lol 😂
Distinct R6
Distinct R6 3 months ago
Am i the only one that noticed Mitchell’s face photoshopped over javale mcgee
MasunM Yt
MasunM Yt 3 months ago
Ay bro get you dinosaur he running away
MasunM Yt
MasunM Yt 3 months ago
Jesser added an extra point against James and tried to get away with it and he still failed
lisa szabat
lisa szabat 3 months ago
Bro who remember when cash was trash
Caleb Christen
Caleb Christen 3 months ago
did anyone else notice the dinosaur
Luis Adrian Rosales
Luis Adrian Rosales 3 months ago
Jesser jus playin with us 😂
Michael Cose
Michael Cose 3 months ago
Open three swish: Crazy Music Killer crossover: crickets chirping
agocrazay 3 months ago
Why can’t they ever do regular 1v1 clicked out so fast
EZROCKET Games 3 months ago
So am I the only one who saw the dinosaur at 5:33
MoYe 3 months ago
Jpp 150
Jpp 150 3 months ago
What was that 2:40 😭
Villads. HD
Villads. HD 3 months ago
Dinusore in the mauntains
ᴀꜱᴘᴇᴄᴛ. 3 months ago
5:30 A Dinosaur Just Came By To Say Hello
Mark Kosals
Mark Kosals 3 months ago
Jiedels shot has improved a lot but his dribbling not rly
omar lopez
omar lopez 3 months ago
Is it just me or did you guys see a dinasour on the mountians when he was playing moochie
YFOx Drip
YFOx Drip 3 months ago
Me-Seeing how good Jesse is with his off hand Me-Also seeing a t-Rex 🦖 about to eat them
Jaycob Dela Cruz
Jaycob Dela Cruz 3 months ago
Anyone else saw a t-rex or just me
E Schuerman
E Schuerman 3 months ago
Y’all see that dinosaur right?
Jacob Markworth
Jacob Markworth 3 months ago
Anyone else notice the T. rex I’m the background of the beginning of the Jessie mochie game
Eknoor Edits
Eknoor Edits 3 months ago
5:30 nice edit Jesser it literally almost kinda threw me off. Btw it is a dinosaur in the background look 👀 closely.
NikeT 11 days ago
he don’t edit. Rick does
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k Myteam
Jake Eom
Jake Eom 3 months ago
2k21 myteam
Pooter J
Pooter J 3 months ago
Everyone watching jesser and moochie shooting off hand me and the dinosaur in the background just viben
Alpha the Kid
Alpha the Kid 3 months ago
Jesser needs to redo who has the best chicken nuggets but with McDonalds spicy nuggets
youmadcuhhh 3 months ago
5:29 anyone else notice the dino lol
Snackysss 3 months ago
Where’s the VR vids? I miss them
Brandon Terazas
Brandon Terazas 3 months ago
Did anyone see when Jesse was playing cash the point was a one not a two or is it just me
Brandon Terazas
Brandon Terazas 3 months ago
It happen again verses James
Miles Grant
Miles Grant 3 months ago
Petition for jesser to change his US-first name back to jesser the lazer
Alexander Asberry
Alexander Asberry 3 months ago
Dinosaurs are real after what i saw
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy 3 months ago
5:30 there was a dinosaur in the background
Student Carson Berry
Who else saw that dinosaur at 5:30
Mikeal Jones
Mikeal Jones 3 months ago
Am i the only one that saw the dinosaur
6 Amoney
6 Amoney 3 months ago
You guys see the dinosaur 10:01
Jaxon Strickland
Jaxon Strickland 3 months ago
Skip to 5:31 seconds and there’s are random dinosaur
Immortal Drxp
Immortal Drxp 3 months ago
Bro jesser low key isn’t even top 3 in 2 hype
Sully Sullivan
Sully Sullivan 3 months ago
Did anyone see the dinosaur over the Hills