HOUSE 2V2 Mini Basketball *Injury Warning* 

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Today we did 2 Vs. 2 mini basketball challenges with the 2HYPE House! We had coaches for each team to boost the boys confidence and the winners won a big prize!
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I BUILT A Full Indoor Basketball Mini Hoop COURT!
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Aug 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
Zack Owen
Zack Owen 10 hours ago
It fucking sad how they go so try hard on mopi
Sebastian Dispo
Zack would be a great coach in the NBA
Meredith Stempkowski
Show offs
Wad Abdulaziz
Wad Abdulaziz 4 days ago
You got this jesser
Victor Tam
Victor Tam 6 days ago
Haeven 7 days ago
Y'all dum the real injury is at 13:31
Bigpops 8 days ago
When mopi was still there
HOT5BOYZ 10 days ago
Jesser the goat
Jacob Sokol
Jacob Sokol 12 days ago
Zack is the best coach out there!
Margarita Margarita
You good
Daniel Glanton
Daniel Glanton 12 days ago
Who is here after mopi left
Jayden Varnado
Jayden Varnado 13 days ago
This was lit
Enis Tahiri
Enis Tahiri 13 days ago
this feels weird now
avery estenson
avery estenson 19 days ago
you guys are good
Mark Luckritz
Mark Luckritz 24 days ago
TMONEY 3013 24 days ago
Jesse on the fire place you should put a scoreboard
Flamasaurus Month ago
still trying to find the injury
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
Evan B
Evan B Month ago
They got a combackkkkkk omg that’s such a good come backkk
Alicia Simpson
Alicia Simpson Month ago
The tested year resultspreviously cause because afterthought currently prefer plus a right handsaw. calm, guttural H habitual bail
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
2k story
2k story Month ago
james was annoying tf outta me the whole time
Renzo F.N
Renzo F.N Month ago
zach face went kris team wonwas funny asf
Deezy Month ago
26:09 the six pak
Ge'Mere Humphrey
Who else seen them rig the score in the shootout
Denis Month ago
Danielle Faust
Danielle Faust Month ago
Was there a ingry
Owen Stirling
Owen Stirling Month ago
I’m watching this again and I just realized after the first game kris said “ everyone is doing good “ the says after “ except you Mitchell “
Yesenia Ibarra
Yesenia Ibarra Month ago
Did anyone realized that kristopher london is wearing a 2hype jersey when he's bucket squad team
Tore Thorell
Tore Thorell Month ago
This is some all-star content
Dash Comins
Dash Comins Month ago
Zack would be a great coach 🚫 🧢
SMITH KAMARI 2 months ago
good night 2hype
Juan Solares
Juan Solares 2 months ago
Ha a toe
Jamariah bell
Jamariah bell 2 months ago
KDOG 4342
KDOG 4342 2 months ago
Why are they using a soccer ball as a basketball
Meagan Barger
Meagan Barger 2 months ago
Kris's team cheated.
Aussie kids
Aussie kids 2 months ago
One of the other teams coaches were wearing the other teams shirt
Likefj jf
PoSSlew ontiktok
PoSSlew ontiktok 2 months ago
what the fu mopi why!!!!!!!!
Cory Pawloski
Cory Pawloski 2 months ago
13:42 Jesse already getting close to a six pack
Kurtis Jackson
Kurtis Jackson 2 months ago
what hoops are they
Ryan Donnay
Ryan Donnay 2 months ago
Jackson Newark
Jackson Newark 2 months ago
3-5 said ten times score stays 2-5 until they hit another🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Bryson Messerly
Bryson Messerly 2 months ago
Chris called Zack a cheater when Chris keep taking points from Zack
Aubrey Kincheon
Aubrey Kincheon 2 months ago
5:36 was a Kyrie Irving moment
Steven Hunter
Steven Hunter 2 months ago
Steven Hunter
Steven Hunter 2 months ago
Steven Hunter
Steven Hunter 2 months ago
Crystal Mitchell
Crystal Mitchell 2 months ago
Fake injury FromMopey
Hunt dog L
Hunt dog L 2 months ago
Dude jesses 360 dunk had me out of my chair
Nael Eshaan
Nael Eshaan 2 months ago
Tht was very unfair because I played was injured n u played rough on him
Benny J
Benny J 2 months ago
Why is Zach low key a good coach
Me and Dudu My cuz
Me and Dudu My cuz 2 months ago
u made this on my birthday i loveu guys thank uuu
TheKings House206
TheKings House206 2 months ago
Chris and zack are so Inspirational
TheKings House206
TheKings House206 2 months ago
Chris in Zak are so Inspirational
Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick 2 months ago
When Tyler purposely got injured and Jesse subbed in, he went full sweat mode
Kenyan Dumont
Kenyan Dumont 2 months ago
did u hear that crack
Kolton Carroway
Kolton Carroway 2 months ago
mopi that was all luck and a crap load of for james.
clocksimp 2 months ago
Ceiling hoop? Why not thats dangerous
ClipzFN 2 months ago
Who look at the bucket squad shirt and thought it said buchet squad
Marla Franco
Marla Franco 2 months ago
Cheaters are team kris I hope mopi is okay
Chris Staples
Chris Staples 2 months ago
Mopi and Jesser are a one of a kind duo
Marshall Bishop
Marshall Bishop 2 months ago
3:44 cracked me up
LED Highlights
LED Highlights 2 months ago
andrew vadas
andrew vadas 2 months ago
Imagine LSK coaching bucket squad with a 2hype jersey
Humphrey Hogue
Humphrey Hogue 2 months ago
when u see zack wearing a Jesser 1mil T-shirt. AYYYYYYY
Jeremy Imbo
Jeremy Imbo 2 months ago
12:00 nobody gonna talking about how Jesse destroyed jiedel
Jeremy Imbo
Jeremy Imbo 2 months ago
2 times to
Kmack TV
Kmack TV 2 months ago
am i tripping or did he make that at 5:02
Anything Show With Harvey Poon
Mopi for MVP
they should be coaches all the time they are funny asf
A Team
A Team 2 months ago
Jessser ur so awesome man I love your vid much love
ABDIthebestbasketball Abukar
CAn you stop cussing
Kids gaming
Kids gaming 2 months ago
I’ve been watching you guys for two years
CaRon Quick
CaRon Quick 2 months ago
Nicole Wiggins
Nicole Wiggins 2 months ago
jese best shotter
Mighty Ninja
Mighty Ninja 2 months ago
Editors : oh 2 5 Jesser fix it
Tucker Jones
Tucker Jones 2 months ago
i respect the xxxtentacion accont image r.i.p. x😣😣😥😥
Joseph Niawchuk
Joseph Niawchuk 2 months ago
Kris and Zack arguing is quality content
TheDimerClutch 2 months ago
3:58 the score turn 7 even tho he havent make that shot
Robert Likesdonuts
Robert Likesdonuts 3 months ago
Kessler and moochie should be bucket squad
Cohen Letot
Cohen Letot 3 months ago
Watch out for the bleed
the mandalorian
the mandalorian 3 months ago
it says four on score evn though its five
jack dockendorff
jack dockendorff 3 months ago
is this anybody elses dream house
Dash Ojeda
Dash Ojeda 3 months ago
Jesser jersey kinda sus tho
Estefania Vijil
Estefania Vijil 3 months ago
I want to 1v1 mopi
J- sean
J- sean 3 months ago
Mopie is so trash
Gavin Heideman
Gavin Heideman 3 months ago
kris is wearing 2hype
Jeffery Green
Jeffery Green 3 months ago
Where is the vr Channel
Tracy Liew
Tracy Liew 3 months ago
Jesser Blake griffin dunk
Noodles Gaming
Noodles Gaming 3 months ago
Mooch shirt says buchet
Broski- Envy
Broski- Envy 3 months ago
What brand is that mini hoop
Mihajlo Brankovic
Mihajlo Brankovic 3 months ago
That alley by mitchell tho
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 3 months ago
Why is Zack is so rough dude lol
Yrn Dre
Yrn Dre 3 months ago
Nooo suck he needs to stop stg
Kyng PomalesClark
Kyng PomalesClark 3 months ago
i gji
K!D 3 months ago
5:00 that was cash
Matt Antell
Matt Antell 3 months ago
The audio though
rimantas baranauskas
You point mistake
Kendall Martin
Kendall Martin 3 months ago
Imagine thinking you’re good for bullying mopi
Andrew Fernandez
Andrew Fernandez 3 months ago
I v
Sully G
Sully G 3 months ago
Zack was such a good coach cause he got a 1v1 lesson with Naismith
2HYPE House Olympics!