GREATEST Sand Trampoline Dunk Contest Of All Time! 

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Today we have an absolutely crazy basketball dunk contest video for you guys!
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Greatest Pool Dunk Contest ever!
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Aug 2, 2020




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Comments 100   
Ahmed Masad
Ahmed Masad Day ago
3:36 Idk why nobody's talking about this
javonni vint
javonni vint Day ago
IceOut 3 days ago
Who thinks Jesse should have won?
Ssips 4 days ago
all rick did was frunt flip and back flip jesser one
Golden Radorz
Golden Radorz 5 days ago
My names Zack and I hate camera man bruh I’m dyin
Alidanish Moloo
Alidanish Moloo 5 days ago
7:53 “Super man is in the building”
Raphael Mari Espina
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 21 day ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
Davin Metcalfe
Davin Metcalfe 22 days ago
Y'all need to be In the NBA
Mason Bransford
Mason Bransford 22 days ago
Can you put Rick in more dunk contest
Pg 13
Pg 13 23 days ago
Todd in the finals ricks dunk this is stupid
Zane Adrian Orzales
Rick is always bakflip wtf
SS. DAYGO 26 days ago
2hype: Zack and jiedel are the tryhards Jesser: first dunk * 360 under the butt*
Dos Lewis
Dos Lewis 27 days ago
Dos Lewis
Dos Lewis 27 days ago
Rick just jumped and throw the ball in the goal
Dos Lewis
Dos Lewis 27 days ago
It was a dunk contest not who can do the best flip
Dos Lewis
Dos Lewis 27 days ago
Rick didn't do anything crazy
Kayla Charlesworth
Kayla Charlesworth 28 days ago
Me to
BryanWithAi 28 days ago
Colin Stafford
Colin Stafford 28 days ago
This nigga Zack deadass really flew tho lmao
Ayan chowdhury
Ayan chowdhury 28 days ago
ya ricks prob learning from the computer
Drew Moneyyy
Drew Moneyyy 29 days ago
Jesser won hell no😭😑
Stephanie Kaetzel
Dude Rick did frot flip 3 times / rigged
Stephanie Mejia
Stephanie Mejia Month ago
Best dunk contest ever
riley michael lam
Stop doing that Rick that is cheating
Mattbg Month ago
this dude rick won by dunking then doing a flip 3 times
edrf dgfh
edrf dgfh Month ago
The exotic pine immunophenotypically trick because menu interspecifically ruin along a brainy karen. abhorrent, super zebra
Lia vs Luc
Lia vs Luc Month ago
Plz stop he sucks rick flips first a lute trash uhh stinky
Lucas Fortner
Lucas Fortner Month ago
5:30 was clean from Mitchell
Kacper Barnas
Kacper Barnas Month ago
Kacper Barnas
Kacper Barnas Month ago
7k comment lol
Luka Canic
Luka Canic Month ago
Jesser does a quadruple between the legs and does a layup
takia anderson
takia anderson Month ago
Rick won because of his damn flips
Tyler Zannella
Tyler Zannella Month ago
Now we know why Jesse does no let Rick out
Khi King
Khi King Month ago
lets be real no hate but this was a layup contest and the judge dont know had to judge
Kingsavage Kingsavage4ever on Instagram
4:28 Zack was definitely in pain.
Kenny Marshall
Kenny Marshall Month ago
rick is a goat
Mikey Lake
Mikey Lake Month ago
what is with rick and flips
Aldrich Chavez
Aldrich Chavez Month ago
Jojo fans confirmed
David Massey
David Massey Month ago
The slow man intriguingly scream because stone notably wander next a hallowed heron. agreeable, teeny angora
Bro It would've been cooler if Rick dunked while in the front flip not dunking before
Ethan Goonetilleke
Jessie‘s dunk them through three between the leg was not a dunk it’s an account
Legendlocke187 Month ago
Kris is the most sus
阿仙奴 Month ago
I think Jesser is the dunk winner 🏆
4RJ_ Month ago
3:07 Rick, that's not a dunk.
Barack Osama
Barack Osama Month ago
I died 2:11
Yiğit Efe Gaming
1:50 mission failed
Zero Month ago
Jessie my friend is writing a letter for school he is writing to u he rlly wants a response plz write him back
James be having the most basic dunks
Parker Roberson
Parker Roberson Month ago
Todd fell out the chair
micheal burney
micheal burney Month ago
jiedel should have said `expect I'm softy but when it comes to rims I'm James hardy get it
Shameeza Jamaludin
Everyone went crazy.
Kolby Watts28
Kolby Watts28 Month ago
Nobody literally nobody Zach bribing the judges in all dunk contests to get a higher score
Jarian Diaz
Jarian Diaz Month ago
Kory W
Kory W Month ago
Rick is such a Daredevil
Priyanshu Thulung
Never put Rick in dunk contest
DrippyZerox Month ago
3:08 thats not a dunk
Trick Shots
Trick Shots Month ago
Can we say Jesse has a signiture dunk Double between the legs
Eli Montanez
Eli Montanez Month ago
Rick is a dunk contest legend
Lachie_YT Month ago
Where is cash
JayGoCrazy GC
JayGoCrazy GC Month ago
rick and his goddamn flips
AS - 09DJ 742901 Meadowvale SS
if rick joins 2hype he would be double the amount of tryhard than james and zack
ibuypanda Month ago
At the end, why was mitchell standing still?
Gabriel Jones
Gabriel Jones Month ago
Rick is lowkey good,I think nobody picked rickles but good stuff bro wow
Gabriel Jones
Gabriel Jones Month ago
zimel robinson
zimel robinson Month ago
Man Rick low key did the same thing every time
Irineo III Onia
Irineo III Onia Month ago
Jesse: GREATEST SAND DUNK CONTEST!!! Also Jesse: does a layup XD
michael mccloud
michael mccloud Month ago
It wasn't quite a front flip, but goddamn you flew 😂😂😂
Adi Noy
Adi Noy Month ago
Jessys first dunk was insane
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer Month ago
These judges are terrible
Nick Larsen
Nick Larsen Month ago
Slimmaba I’m a fan
Robert Dees
Robert Dees Month ago
I think jesse should have all rick did was a regular dunk than a flip
Nicholas Alkis
Nicholas Alkis 2 months ago
Mitchell got robbed
RYAN Wagenhofer
RYAN Wagenhofer 2 months ago
A can some tell rick you put the ball in the hoop after the flip and not before the flip
RLG 2 months ago
The front flip wasn’t even a dunk
Micah Morris
Micah Morris 2 months ago
Shut up
Damien Salazar
Damien Salazar 2 months ago
Almost all of Ricks dunks were flips
Alex Hopewell games
Alex Hopewell games 2 months ago
mitchell: ive been banned from 12 trampolion parks
Darryn Vang
Darryn Vang 2 months ago
rick was poppin off
Taviyon Reaper
Taviyon Reaper 2 months ago
What’s that song at 7:03
knox calton
knox calton 2 months ago
Rick is lit
Karson Riley
Karson Riley 2 months ago
Glizzy on a skillet got me dead
Sam Ferraro
Sam Ferraro 2 months ago
this aint fair i want the ps5 but i cant have ig
bugzzgocwazy mf
bugzzgocwazy mf 2 months ago
how have i not watched this yet 😐
SheLuvTyrxik 2 months ago
Great layup contest
BrOdTodd 330
BrOdTodd 330 2 months ago
Zach don’t dunk he throw lol
Mikal Filmsʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
nobody: me: james got 69 at one point NICE
IsoKel 2 months ago
"BE HONEST WHO’S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME?” “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ𝑺 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🧊
CWS Wrestling Animations
*Uno reverse card*
kyle dwayne
kyle dwayne 2 months ago
4:29 he layup not dunk
Let’s Vr
Let’s Vr 2 months ago
7:21 jesser lookin sus
james remer
james remer 2 months ago
Zach at 8:02 I’m Superman
james remer
james remer 2 months ago
I have that same basketball hoop
Abe 18
Abe 18 2 months ago
I got the lebron sprite commercial
Andreas Athanasopoulos
How long was mopi holding his hand for after the dunk
Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem 2 months ago
2hype this is a dunk contest me this is not a Dunk Contest this is a layup contact cuz apparently they only do layups
isaiah arze
isaiah arze 2 months ago
All they do is throw it in
Shoptodeep Purkayastha
Hey! Hey! Jesse’s third “dunk” was more of a layup.
Brayden Hermsdorf
Brayden Hermsdorf 2 months ago
Mitchel😂😂 when he flipped todd
lonrase tolenga
lonrase tolenga 2 months ago
Dunk Contest Rick is scarier than Reese’s Mopi....
Oliver Lyon
Oliver Lyon 2 months ago
Who’s watching this in 2021
Schmecky 2 months ago
At least James had 69 points
saucing a1
saucing a1 2 months ago
U should let rick out the room more 😂😂😂