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2Hype group video where we all sit down and guess who is who in this edition of guess that! This time we look at the TOP US-firstrs on US-first and guess which US-firstr the photo is of!
2Hype Googling ourselves!
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Apr 10, 2020




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Comments 100   
Elias Espinoza
Elias Espinoza 3 days ago
2hype: She will do Carol Baskin things Morgz mom: ‘0’
Green_ Ace_ King
Green_ Ace_ King 5 days ago
Last picture mopi and James can’t guess Kris: Jesse that’s you
Cj 9 days ago
Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo 22 days ago
James Jesser gave it away because he literally said it was Zack you looking at Zacks eye is not giving it away
Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson Month ago
Just joking
Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson Month ago
Who else thinks mitchel is the worst 2 hype person
Flamasaurus Month ago
mitchel got cheated
I did it and got 12 I said some answer at the same time as zack but had more then him
Fortnite Gaming 28
9:09 me when I’m mad at my brother
Mary jeanette Zapanta
Me hab 21 ponts
Classified Month ago
9:00 no more words
Alisha Armour
Alisha Armour 2 months ago
logan quade
logan quade 2 months ago
Bro literally Mitchell stayed at 12 after he won one and Kris gained more that 3 points in this😂
Visuxl Effect ツ
Visuxl Effect ツ 2 months ago
Has Zack ever not said thats racist in one of the guessing people episodes
Kash Weinkauf
Kash Weinkauf 2 months ago
Bruh y is jeidel sooo awkward
sunnyfn 2 months ago
Charlie Peake
Charlie Peake 2 months ago
Wait so kris says that one dude is missing his lower lip but mopi says ali a is missing his upper lip and then they call him racist
Charlie Peake
Charlie Peake 2 months ago
@Zachttg stfu if someone is brown and their skin is brown how is that racist u ain black so u cant say if it racist or not
Sandoval 123
Sandoval 123 2 months ago
“We know it’s not James “😭😭😭😭😭
cmoney doyel
cmoney doyel 3 months ago
Karanveer Pahal
Karanveer Pahal 4 months ago
Wdym they tied tho bro
Nona Gennusa
Nona Gennusa 4 months ago
Zack: Liza's brow and that person is brown so you're racist. James: how is that racist
Noah Kabel
Noah Kabel 4 months ago
This is scary that I knew all of them
Noah Kabel
Noah Kabel 4 months ago
Even morgz mom
BigChungus1434 4 months ago
Everyone: Speaks words Zach: “that’s racist”
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 4 months ago
When Mitchell got 12 points jesser: hasway man damn!
Matthew Eisenberg
Matthew Eisenberg 4 months ago
bro zach plays the race card waaaaay to much
DX_Elite 5 months ago
If I was playin I got 10 double points 16
erick boxed you
erick boxed you 5 months ago
Ian Mccarthy
Ian Mccarthy 5 months ago
I didn’t miss one of them I’m better than mitchellt
AstroBrizzy 5 months ago
How they gonna do that to Mitchell
Nareg Hamamjian
Nareg Hamamjian 5 months ago
That’s a Lamborghini, Zach: that’s racist, how is that racist, Zach: that’s just racist, everything anyone says is automatically racist for Zach bro 😂
Samuel Jimenez
Samuel Jimenez 5 months ago
Dam that through back picture of kris tho 💪
Spxark V2
Spxark V2 5 months ago
J J 5 months ago
5:18 what is kris doing
TREZZY GANG 5 months ago
Y’all dumb ash
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 5 months ago
7:53 Kris: ey jennemarker why is he so fast are you madddddddddds
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith 5 months ago
Jesser took both channel intro and put them into one
Sovh 5 months ago
Yt exopht connor
Dillon Buran
Dillon Buran 6 months ago
How did they not get morgz mum
UO fusion
UO fusion 6 months ago
Go subscribe to me please
Finton Allen
Finton Allen 6 months ago
Why did they not give Mitchell the points on the third last round
Big booty Aj
Big booty Aj 6 months ago
victoroil _11
victoroil _11 6 months ago
Mitchell got sold lmao should have been a dub
crap 6 months ago
I have 14
crap 6 months ago
I won
Thomas Productions
Thomas Productions 6 months ago
This vid has 777k views when I watched it!!
Stable SG
Stable SG 6 months ago
Mitchell always getting screwed in these videos
Benji Reyes
Benji Reyes 6 months ago
I got 16 bitch
Jed Murphy
Jed Murphy 6 months ago
nolimitrage 6 months ago
Tarik Bajramovic
Tarik Bajramovic 7 months ago
Lucky Chris
Thomas Lu
Thomas Lu 7 months ago
Doesn’t Casey live in New York?
Lincoln Ambrosius
Lincoln Ambrosius 7 months ago
Mitchell got the most right but I get he had to make it exciting
Arden Pruett
Arden Pruett 7 months ago
Bro shane Dawson got me,,,
jjj hhh
jjj hhh 7 months ago
Bruh mitchell would've had his first trivia win idk why you did the triple round that's kinda messed up my guy
Jay Cash
Jay Cash 7 months ago
Didn’t even let Mitchell do rock paper scissors
Jay Cash
Jay Cash 7 months ago
Don’t swear
nolimitrage 6 months ago
Which one sho
Jay Cash
Jay Cash 7 months ago
It’s funny because he says welcome beautiful faces😂
nolimitrage 6 months ago
uld I comment too?
vKxzar -
vKxzar - 7 months ago
James”Liza koshy” Zack “that’s racist”
Oliver and archie
Oliver and archie 7 months ago
A Hutu
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan 7 months ago
I got all the answers right
nolimitrage 6 months ago
Owen Bax
Owen Bax 7 months ago
Morgan mom Lmao
Julian Cadena
Julian Cadena 7 months ago
Zack calls everything racist and it’s the funniest thing ever😂
Karinathegoat 23
Karinathegoat 23 7 months ago
Omg does anyone realize why is kris drinking out of a simply cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol lmao
Stephanie Aity
Stephanie Aity 8 months ago
Jesse when everyone thought moochie was winning: kris I thought you were the guessing god 3 minutes later: kris wins
Talon Cabral
Talon Cabral 8 months ago
The morgz part
Sara Kernbach
Sara Kernbach 8 months ago
Jesser play 2k20 do the lockers codes for
Beamz_ Clapper
Beamz_ Clapper 8 months ago
Mitchell is never in these vids and y’all f*ucked him
Beamz_ Clapper
Beamz_ Clapper 8 months ago
I got the cash one way before kris
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 8 months ago
Mitchell destroyed but didnt win😂😂
Giovanni Plaud
Giovanni Plaud 8 months ago
How’d I get up here
Jack Fink
Jack Fink 8 months ago
Ramesh Vasudevan
Ramesh Vasudevan 8 months ago
What is Kris drinking out of. Is it a sippy cup?
Israel Reza
Israel Reza 8 months ago
Why does Zack call everything racist😂
nicholas sillah
nicholas sillah 8 months ago
I got 17
Boys productions Yes sir
Am i the only one that replays the intro of him saying yo what’s going on 😂😤
Rxme O
Rxme O 8 months ago
I knew every single one of these and have noticed I need to get off the internet and go out side
DarkStroke XD
DarkStroke XD 8 months ago
9:06 y’all just violated 🤣😂🤣🤣😂 I’m dead!!!!!!! LMFAOAOAOA
TyTy Baker
TyTy Baker 8 months ago
Everyone questing and playing the game, Zack “that’s racist”
Jackson Alexan
Jackson Alexan 8 months ago
Anyone see where kris”s point when down🤪
lily plays_roblox 123
I'm a big fan of itsfunneh
Daimoni Meade
Daimoni Meade 8 months ago
That’s my first time watching this I love your shows🧑🏽‍🦱
Daryl Clayton
Daryl Clayton 8 months ago
I know they so cheated on Mitchell he won but Jesse has to of course has to do some triple pointer dum thing
Sambhav Jha
Sambhav Jha 8 months ago
Mitchell got cheated
Brodie Wilson
Brodie Wilson 8 months ago
Zack needs to stop pullin the race card on everyone
Brodie Wilson
Brodie Wilson 8 months ago
No one Zack: that’s racist
TrevTrev And C-Dub
TrevTrev And C-Dub 8 months ago
Anybody else in 2hype saying anything Zac:RACIST
John Maas
John Maas 8 months ago
No one No one at all Jesser : This question is worth 20 points
Tes Clan
Tes Clan 8 months ago
Kris: *gets it right* Editor: let's just take a point away
A_Ghoulze 8 months ago
james gay for always trying to flex his shoes
Leigh Cotton
Leigh Cotton 8 months ago
I'm getting tired of Zac in saying that's racist after guessing someone black
Sharkrider105 105
Sharkrider105 105 8 months ago
James: guesses black US-firstr Zack: RaCiSt
BRedSox1220 8 months ago
How is it racist when James said Liza koshy
Captain Hook
Captain Hook 8 months ago
Why james flexin his claves all the time.
Tiko 8 months ago
I had 16
matt shifty
matt shifty 8 months ago
Man Jesse almost a 3 mil congrats g
Tyce Shelburn
Tyce Shelburn 8 months ago
2hype saying anything Zack: Racist
Nashy 8 months ago
i died at the morgz mum part
Dliited 8 months ago
bro why do kris and zach say everything is racist
Mikey Duffy
Mikey Duffy 8 months ago
Is it just me or was I the only one who thought Mitchell was Julian Newman for that pic
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