Funniest 2HYPE House Would You Rather - Challenge 

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2Hype members play a game where they face tough decisions about imaginary situations, "Would you rather...?" Each question has options that are equally outrageous and divide the group.
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Aug 3, 2020




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Comments 100   
Gary Burwick
Gary Burwick 5 days ago
Quin always got to be different
SHADOW 15 days ago
The reason I don’t want to go back into the past is because I’d have to live 2020 all over again
Cale Ellis
Cale Ellis 16 days ago
James say he can buy whatever he wants but still can’t afford some dentures for his bottom teeth
Reese Smith
Reese Smith 25 days ago
Kris: “The future is looking sweet” Me: Doing virtual school because of a pandemic
Kobe Walker
Kobe Walker 26 days ago
Bro Kris the future ain't looking so sweet
Mik3y Month ago
6:12 Kris: futures lookin sweet me: -_-
The Johnan Team
The Johnan Team Month ago
6:12 Someone tell me he just didn’t say that
wetpu 357
wetpu 357 Month ago
james be throwing fax
Carter leduc
Carter leduc Month ago
6:30 who is here after 100 theivs
cquick 3
cquick 3 Month ago
Jesus Saves✝️✝️✝️✝️🥰🥰❤️Love God
Michaela Month ago
Can we get another would you rather vid?? These are great!
Ljs Krxmas
Ljs Krxmas 2 months ago
I’ll go back 5 years back to save XXXTentacion and juice wrld
Mayomi Sanni
Mayomi Sanni 2 months ago
"Loose the ability to lie" lol
Cory Pawloski
Cory Pawloski 2 months ago
Kris: Futures looking sweet 2020: I’m about to end this man’s whole career
Bryce Guinn
Bryce Guinn 2 months ago
Thank you
Jakob Soper
Jakob Soper 2 months ago
Cats are better
Elijah Poindexter
Elijah Poindexter 3 months ago
4:15 till 5:10👀
Jonas Merced
Jonas Merced 3 months ago
I would not go back 5 years cause then I would have to relive Corona
Tadhg Feehely
Tadhg Feehely 3 months ago
james: i can already buy anything i want... also james: giMmE ThAt MoNeY
Matej Krnavek
Matej Krnavek 4 months ago
moochie is in 2hype
Andrew Trout
Andrew Trout 4 months ago
suck it pause
Nike Rree
Nike Rree 4 months ago
One of the funniest videos ive watched do this again
Get Dropped
Get Dropped 4 months ago
At the end jiedel had me dead
Anton Sy-Quia
Anton Sy-Quia 4 months ago
Ima pull a nerd, none of these men could wield the infinity gauntlet, alien X omnitrix
Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace 5 months ago
Bro tripod got me dying lol
dMoney 5 months ago
Jesse, you’re really bleeping out penis. You changed for the worse man...
Evan McCann
Evan McCann 5 months ago
You know your in trouble when 500 IQ James shows up to play
Ok Yuh
Ok Yuh 5 months ago
The omnitrix because u can turn into alien x and alien x can do anything it thinks of. plus u cant die as alien x
dosterrebecca 5 months ago
Loved the vid!
Eustice Nyamutswa
Eustice Nyamutswa 5 months ago
If its corona virus time and your watching this i hope god keeps you safe
frankiefred182 5 months ago
Imagine how much you could make betting by going 5 years in the past
Social 5 months ago
The thumbnail made me think Jesse and kris were suicidal
Anta Diop
Anta Diop 5 months ago
This is not 2hype lol
Bronny James
Bronny James 5 months ago
LazyEye 5 months ago
Would u rather get zing zapped by a togedemaru or sat on by a snorlax
Gloria Baldwin
Gloria Baldwin 5 months ago
Who dies from getting hit in the head by a bird? 😂😂😂😂
Blaze Sports
Blaze Sports 5 months ago
Yo the dong question had me crying
lynx 5 months ago
Tripod gang
SG55 5 months ago
4:55 This is EASY... TRIPLE THREAT
SANIC 5 months ago
hey man!!!!!!
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez 5 months ago
James’s laugh at the end kills me 😂😂
Norm 2016
Norm 2016 5 months ago
Do more videos with Humphrey
21kRhaqzz 5 months ago
The thumbnail tho 😂😂😂
Vivid Bomb
Vivid Bomb 5 months ago
Keep up the grind bro nice work
Timi Militante
Timi Militante 5 months ago
Gotta “loose” the ability to lie
xXiskydrop Xx
xXiskydrop Xx 5 months ago
ben tens omnitrix is stronger than the infinity gauntlet
Strobby 5 months ago
2hype title. Sees Mitchell 😀
Isaiah Abodigin
Isaiah Abodigin 5 months ago
Alien x can control the cosmos 12:35
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 5 months ago
Is tod joining 2hype?
The Red King
The Red King 5 months ago
If ur a spy believing is much worse, if you think about it, and its just better. Dont you want to be honest?
The Red King
The Red King 5 months ago
Eat mayos with everything. Put a tiny bit. Sweating it would really suck
Sage 5 months ago
4:35 this shit is so funny😂😂😂
Wyatt Brubaker
Wyatt Brubaker 5 months ago
The title said 2hype and mitchell was in the vid and 😳😳😳
pappi Nathan
pappi Nathan 5 months ago
Sdmn was better but still enjoiyed
Tristan Butler
Tristan Butler 5 months ago
Id rather be a dog
Anthony Ivey
Anthony Ivey 5 months ago
Imagine choosing eating over money wtf 🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Jack Bockshus does not have a play button
I would want to go back in time to save Kobe Bryant RIP
Jack Bockshus does not have a play button
I would be a cat cause I want to be a tiger
Help me reach 1000 subscribers plz
I edited this comment.
Qiuey 5 months ago
2:09 somthing called a camera that has both
Garret.Martinez 5 months ago
Imagine your on your death bead and you just get socked in the face
Alex Noel
Alex Noel 5 months ago
Why was that eye contact in the intro so weird
Kobe Ginobili
Kobe Ginobili 5 months ago
You could also film an nba game at the stadium and watch later
Big Chuk
Big Chuk 5 months ago
How tall is Todd
Kiwikiwi 5 months ago
It would make my day if you could subscribe to me its my birthday and i am getting a microphone to make some better content for you all. Thanks in advance! 😺
Noah Schumaker
Noah Schumaker 5 months ago
Jesser dog fax
Chidori 5 months ago
omnitrix bc i could go alien x
REXY 123
REXY 123 5 months ago
3 D better cuz u can have a 4 some ayyy
Noah Nordstrom
Noah Nordstrom 5 months ago
who the hell would be a cat
spotlights Universe
spotlights Universe 5 months ago
michael lachnicht
michael lachnicht 5 months ago
Catnip makes cats horny: "... In essence, nepetalactone acts as a synthetic cat pheromone. Essentially it makes cats kind of horny."
Andrew Key
Andrew Key 5 months ago
Mitchell comes up with some great scenarios
Sandy Aziz
Sandy Aziz 5 months ago
Who remembers the first part
Voltz 5 months ago
sweat doing nothing lmaoooo
Voltz 5 months ago
bro when he said tripod i died LMAOOOOOO
xGreens 5 months ago
10:52 lose, not loose
Richard Vinchenzo
Richard Vinchenzo 5 months ago
Why are Todd and Mitchell in videos
the Psych
the Psych 5 months ago
jesser grinding 4 videos in 48h
Steven Dorris
Steven Dorris 5 months ago
guilds 5 months ago
Hey it’s my birthday I had lymes desease and I watched u and 2 hype and I am all healed now
Berk Coskun
Berk Coskun 5 months ago
You won’t pin this comment
Justin Dueck
Justin Dueck 5 months ago
At 6:32 I was thinking about that on August 8th 5 years ago my dad passed
Stay Me7o
Stay Me7o 5 months ago
King Wavy
King Wavy 5 months ago
Jiedel made me laugh so hard at the end 😂
Colton Schneider
Colton Schneider 5 months ago
I honestly love how Mitchell gets to be apart of a 2hype vid I think they should let home join🙃
SB - 04BS 831023 Larkspur PS
Drew 30
Drew 30 5 months ago
Your actions speak louder then your words
Aaron Casqueiro
Aaron Casqueiro 5 months ago
Ur the best
Conor Andrews
Conor Andrews 5 months ago
The description says 2Hype members and Moochie is in it:)
Emilio Gurule
Emilio Gurule 5 months ago
Todd out there knowing he would by feet pics
CoconutHead3 5 months ago
Shoulda named the fr channel JSvR
Sunset Lock
Sunset Lock 5 months ago
Buddy said “you sweat mayonnaise? You’re a freak.” 😭
Bob Sanders
Bob Sanders 5 months ago
Aaron 5 months ago
If jesser wastn making you vids I’d still be super depressed thanks 2hype
Kevin Grace
Kevin Grace 5 months ago
Dogs are 100 times better. Cats are terrible
Dracoblixx 5 months ago
Where mopi he hasn’t been in the last couple vids 😔😔
Mahomes Simulator
Mahomes Simulator 5 months ago
Is Todd in 2hype????
Braden Moore
Braden Moore 5 months ago
I miss the old 2k house
Oft__kai Out The Field
James hit us with the biggest flex “I can already buy whatever I want “ - James😭
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 5 months ago
When was that
Jessica Moreno
Jessica Moreno 5 months ago
Nice vid