Extreme Mansion Floor Is LAVA - Challenge 

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Today inspired by the floor is lava netflix show the boys split into two teams to compete in the floor is lava challenge at the bucketsquad mansion
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Sep 1, 2020




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Comments 100   
Shandolin 10 days ago
audio be messed up
Zander Harrison
Zander Harrison 18 days ago
Kristy Bell
Kristy Bell 20 days ago
They’re saying we’re gonna win
Kristy Bell
Kristy Bell 20 days ago
I now what they are saying because I lived in Germany for six years
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 22 days ago
God bless y’all!!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
GP3 24 days ago
Can u do more of these
Ian Garrote
Ian Garrote 26 days ago
Jesse n jiedel brothers??????
big shaq
big shaq 27 days ago
Jesse went beastmode in the finale
Aidan Herbert
Aidan Herbert 28 days ago
8:38 why did it minus 30 seconds
Mike Escalona
Mike Escalona 29 days ago
Mike Escalona
Mike Escalona 29 days ago
Jesse who is the oldest you or james?
Bree Gavaghan
Bree Gavaghan 29 days ago
Wow they do not look alike
Jace Limon
Jace Limon 29 days ago
Moochie and cash are fine🥺🥺
Johnathan Cena
Johnathan Cena 29 days ago
The tangy jury structurally warn because ferry disconcertingly curl regarding a square cereal. ritzy, jaded salesman
Adam Salmanowitz
Dude you gotta make another one of these
Quan DF
Quan DF Month ago
Floor is lava Meanwhile the cameraman:fuck lava
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez Month ago
0:06 has me dead
Randy Luna
Randy Luna Month ago
rick isso funny
6 4Life
6 4Life Month ago
It was 55 seconds then 2minutes 😅
Veer Bordia
Veer Bordia Month ago
are jesser and james actullay real brothers.
KiNg G
KiNg G 2 months ago
Do another one of these bro 🔥🔥
RookTheNinja 2 months ago
All hail the Germans!!
Zaph Abbey
Zaph Abbey 2 months ago
The Real Glo
The Real Glo 2 months ago
Ik where y’all got this idea from lol
clocksimp 2 months ago
14:07 thats mamba mentality
lonrase tolenga
lonrase tolenga 2 months ago
When mopi team failed on the the second round there time reset why didn’t jesser team reset there time
lonrase tolenga
lonrase tolenga 2 months ago
When mopi team failed on the the second round there time reset why didn’t jesser team reset there time
lonrase tolenga
lonrase tolenga 2 months ago
The commentary randomly cutting out while they're talking is really pissing me off 😂
Riyasat Ahmed
Riyasat Ahmed 2 months ago
why does james always sell
Evan Fitzhugh
Evan Fitzhugh 2 months ago
this is halaris
BlitzConner 16
BlitzConner 16 2 months ago
Nas Gaming World
Nas Gaming World 2 months ago
Bro why is James feet always dirty
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 2 months ago
Mopi is doing his best, but I swear it is painful to watch him.
Aiden Christian
Aiden Christian 2 months ago
Mopi and Michel moved the pillow
Myjah Davis
Myjah Davis 3 months ago
did hey say over here when he said hokey
BLAST GAMES 3 months ago
Damn them commentator be roasting the hell out of them 😂😂
Jay Remy
Jay Remy 3 months ago
Them cheating for mopi pissed me off
Erin Eyler
Erin Eyler 3 months ago
You are bad at this.
Eimantas Mėčius
Eimantas Mėčius 3 months ago
8:37 why did the time go from 57 to 27?
Richard K Johnson 3
Richard K Johnson 3 3 months ago
This is awesome
Fabian Gonzales
Fabian Gonzales 3 months ago
He asked for 100k likes and it’s been 3 weeks and it’s barely at 38k
Ofosu Kwakye
Ofosu Kwakye 3 months ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jesser
MYSTIC_ Magnet
MYSTIC_ Magnet 3 months ago
Mopi and Mitchell on the second one after they restarted they were put back to 0 but Jessie and James had the same time
Cameron sumile
Cameron sumile 3 months ago
James do be selling do
Playboy Carry
Playboy Carry 4 months ago
Let’s go!!!
Pautsch05 4 months ago
i’m austrian and i think mopi said “wiedersehen” which means “see ya” basically but tbh i don’t know what mitchell said
Tucker Perkins
Tucker Perkins 4 months ago
The cameramen are burning alive
Dee Supreme
Dee Supreme 4 months ago
30 seconds into the vid James literally sweating
Matthew 4 months ago
Poor Trav bro he must be dieing
cap priem
cap priem 4 months ago
who saw the Star Wars reference on the trampoline
Lebron James
Lebron James 4 months ago
Jesser comments are the worst change my mind
Jace 4 months ago
4:45 with the chris smoove commentary 😂👍
Eswizzle pp
Eswizzle pp 4 months ago
Glop glop
AJ Marietta
AJ Marietta 4 months ago
Trey Gibson
Trey Gibson 4 months ago
heh 420
Nathan Vidal
Nathan Vidal 4 months ago
the disabled twins
Xavier Timanus
Xavier Timanus 4 months ago
Jesse I’m a big fan hope I get to meet you one day
Pacey Cione
Pacey Cione 4 months ago
Moping and munchies time reset but Jesse and jeidels didnt
the iceman
the iceman 4 months ago
My fellow Germans came up clutch
Michael Leslie
Michael Leslie 4 months ago
Best US-firstr in the world 🌍
Lanz Paqueo
Lanz Paqueo 4 months ago
Allied vs Natzi hahahhahahahaha
StopTheEdge 4 months ago
This looks mad fun
LaShawnda Davis
LaShawnda Davis 4 months ago
Keep up the good work jesser
LiL Beezy
LiL Beezy 4 months ago
Please make this a series
Miichaeljr 4 months ago
9:52 James: building up speeds Later:😂😂🔥
Christopher Gil
Christopher Gil 4 months ago
jamee b so smart sometimes he b dumb
Victor Nitchev
Victor Nitchev 4 months ago
Hitler blew a 13 country lead
Nicaise Netgning
Nicaise Netgning 4 months ago
Y’a ai folio dash
Cori McCall
Cori McCall 4 months ago
Are they really brothers?
john smith
john smith 4 months ago
James got frustrated throwing the ball he gets angry so easily what's so hard about throwing a ball
Pot World
Pot World 4 months ago
Lmao jesse really rode a hand rail with one ass cheek 14:08
CPL 23
CPL 23 4 months ago
Please ask mopi if i can coach him for its a meme mario 1v1, i know his game
Mystic Lord
Mystic Lord 4 months ago
In the second round why did they restart moochie and mopi a time but not jesser and jeidels time
Nemo JJ
Nemo JJ 4 months ago
When James fell I died 9:56
Jackie Nava
Jackie Nava 4 months ago
Sorry James
Thumb 4 months ago
Parkour Hardcore
Tiny J
Tiny J 4 months ago
I though Rickles voice was DBG's
Andersen Louw
Andersen Louw 4 months ago
Idk but the I’m coming pause had me dead 🤣
Diego Ruiz Popove
Diego Ruiz Popove 4 months ago
james and jesse are brothers??!!!
DNB 8 4 months ago
0:57 Moochie and Mope didn't say anything German.
Takedown Daedae
Takedown Daedae 4 months ago
Anyone seen jidel feet at the bottom
Edwin Nieves
Edwin Nieves 4 months ago
This was poorly edited
JAY_OTF GAMING 4 months ago
Y’all cheated the second round cause when mope them lost y’all restarted the timer but you didn’t do it for jesser
Jack Man
Jack Man 4 months ago
That would have taken a long time to make the obstacles for the course
RoyalJrock 4 months ago
James was kinda throwing jesser kinda carried
Joseph Bieloh
Joseph Bieloh 4 months ago
Walmart version of the show floor is lava on Netflix but still love it 😂😂
Zach Pasanen
Zach Pasanen Month ago
But it’s jesser....1000000x better
CCROOK 4 months ago
“ʲᵉˢˢᵉʳ ⁱˢ ᵈᵒⁱⁿᵍ ᵃ ˡᵒᵗ ᵒᶠ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵏⁱᵈ ᵛⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ“ Duh, most of audience is are little kids !
Nick Mallow
Nick Mallow 4 months ago
Whatever mics that y’all were using...throw them away
Cooper24N 4 months ago
How come when moochie and mopi fell their time reset but james and jessers didnt
Xx IcyLoneWolf xX
Xx IcyLoneWolf xX 4 months ago
420 gang where u at?
Arjun 4 months ago
Jesser be looking more muscular though
Zach Wilson For Heisman
You should do an obstacle Course over the pool
Rashar Chisolm
Rashar Chisolm 4 months ago
I will be good at floor is lava 2 hype will be best at 🤙😀😀😀
bigpapi jesus
bigpapi jesus 4 months ago
Was this filmed in 2016
Daniel Lo
Daniel Lo 4 months ago
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 4 months ago
This was one of the best videos ever 😂
Ultra 2lit
Ultra 2lit 4 months ago
james falling was more funny then him getting his ankles broke by mopi
B Rosen
B Rosen 4 months ago
B Rosen
B Rosen 4 months ago
D- Bucks
D- Bucks 4 months ago
that's so old🤣🤣
2HYPE House Olympics!