EXTREME Higher Or Lower NBA 2K20 Challenge! 

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We did an extreme higher or lower NBA 2K20 Pack Opening! The loser had to do crazy forfeits!
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I Pulled 100 Galaxy Opals - NBA 2K20
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Last To Pull Galaxy Opal, Eats GHOST Chili Pepper - NBA 2K20
► us-first.info/player/video/bLp2o5ybd313d3U.html
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Aug 17, 2020




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Comments 100   
Goony 5 days ago
Julian Munguia
Julian Munguia 9 days ago
Jessers Face At 9:00 😂😂
Nick John
Nick John 11 days ago
Hayden Kim
Hayden Kim 21 day ago
Naruto Shippuden: “people who abandon their comrades are worse than scum” Hatake Kakashi Jesser: abandons his friends and used them as a tool for money
The Squad
The Squad 22 days ago
First time seeing a dinosaur cry
Cruz Carson
Cruz Carson 24 days ago
Treshaun Reed
Treshaun Reed 27 days ago
When kris got shot the first time😂😂
Amanda Vincent
Amanda Vincent 29 days ago
Merry Christmas and happy holidays
Lane Helgeland
Lane Helgeland Month ago
Who’s here after kris has COVID
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai Month ago
Doritos chip
Allem Ligma
Allem Ligma Month ago
Zach got ptsd from all the wars he fought
Preston Asante
Preston Asante Month ago
10:18 when you try to go super sayain
SWAZ _22
SWAZ _22 Month ago
Also the part we’re jesser got dogfood and his face got me crying🤣🤣🤣
SWAZ _22
SWAZ _22 Month ago
The party were kris got shot in the hand got me crying
Clxxpo _
Clxxpo _ Month ago
Rip jesse
Bigg Wapp
Bigg Wapp 2 months ago
BAN DADU 2 months ago
7:25 Zach had me crying when he said boogers not bad though
Henry Shwirtz
Henry Shwirtz 2 months ago
Zach is a baby
SpRaY_GoaT YT 2 months ago
Mopi: easy lower Game: What did you just say Game: you get 94 westbroke
TJonThatBEAT YT 2 months ago
Kris:gets shot Also Kris:AYEEEEEEEEEEEE
Danx 2 months ago
The thumbnail is so scary tbh. Jesser is just smiling with a gun lmao.
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough 3 months ago
Zack soft
Ceozg 3 months ago
guys ı can't look 2hype merch can you help me ??
Marty Shapiro
Marty Shapiro 4 months ago
Jesser with that luck
Snoopy Faglord
Snoopy Faglord 4 months ago
I might need to cop some 2hype merch 🥶🥶🥶🥶
Mrpug 4 months ago
I love this series
Chauncey Hogg
Chauncey Hogg 4 months ago
Bro dude had a gun in the thumbnail and everyone was smiling😂
Tigo Boerma
Tigo Boerma 4 months ago
dG Sinz
dG Sinz 4 months ago
Jesser got a leg tat
Kyle Marini
Kyle Marini 4 months ago
Why would you want to get shot just eat a jelly bean
Jaxson Bamer
Jaxson Bamer 4 months ago
9:03 jesser smells the box had me dead
Joe Ienco
Joe Ienco 4 months ago
It was my birthday and I love higher and lower 😄
Tridb Tsdjii
Tridb Tsdjii 4 months ago
Zack: why do people call me sus Also zack: boogers taste good
Jackson case
Jackson case 4 months ago
Chrises rages are cringie
Abhyudaya Srivastava
Yo what a tb
Semalea Heart
Semalea Heart 4 months ago
I’m late😭
Joseph Gordon
Joseph Gordon 4 months ago
5:30 James what are you looking at
Patrick Keegan
Patrick Keegan 4 months ago
You can tell the pack and pains aren’t the same they don’t get exited to use the cards anymore
Herlyntha Kaion
Herlyntha Kaion 4 months ago
Zophar Armstrong
Zophar Armstrong 5 months ago
Your missing the luck head tie
T&RTrickShotz 5 months ago
Harry Macoretta
Harry Macoretta 5 months ago
I’m only watching this vid for Zack too get shot by the gun
The Joker
The Joker 5 months ago
Does this mean Michel is part of the 2hype house
Riley Coldren
Riley Coldren 5 months ago
Bro if you haven’t copped the new merch you definitely should
Braylon Obleman
Braylon Obleman 5 months ago
1:05 Jesser low key ripped
emn sng
emn sng 5 months ago
i love how they jus holdin a knife and smilin in the thumbnail
Michael Schott
Michael Schott 5 months ago
when jessie said devonte should be an 87 it made my day
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
when jesser play nba 2k20🤔.I thing coming soon😆
Ryan Spurlock
Ryan Spurlock 5 months ago
Poor Jesse 😂😂
Nico Fish
Nico Fish 5 months ago
Zach is so good a shooting because he had to shoot the dinosaurs
Coolest Man
Coolest Man 5 months ago
The merch looking 🔥
Astrid Kastner
Astrid Kastner 5 months ago
when zack got shot in the leg, that got me dead af😂😂
Dylan Dixon
Dylan Dixon 5 months ago
Higher or lower need to get posted more
B W 5 months ago
jesse has a tat?
Jonas Astrup
Jonas Astrup 5 months ago
Buy a mic
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
jesser 21 yers old
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 5 months ago
Here before they have to change the thumbnail
your dad
your dad 5 months ago
zack was finna cry
RTW Duke
RTW Duke 5 months ago
Thumbnail is weird...
Mani Rajput
Mani Rajput 5 months ago
You suck
Jonathan Verghese
Jonathan Verghese 5 months ago
i think my favorite higher or lower was when Zack got almost every single guess wrong
Brady Fletcher
Brady Fletcher 5 months ago
The new 2hype gay pride collection
Samay Kothari
Samay Kothari 5 months ago
the diamond chant had me dying
The Schmidt Anderson
they really trying to convince us that their merch looks good lmao
Thna Fam
Thna Fam 5 months ago
Bean boozled genuinely ruined jelly beans for me
Basketball 13
Basketball 13 5 months ago
James sucks
Luke Morrissey
Luke Morrissey 5 months ago
They are getting exited for diamonds in august lmao
NNUMBER_7 5 months ago
Why are y’all opening league packs
Adam the king
Adam the king 5 months ago
Is nobody gonna talk about that thumb nail tho
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 5 months ago
Zack eats boogers at age 30
Luke Seder
Luke Seder 5 months ago
Jesse a real one for those shots
dMoney 5 months ago
I miss when u guts were actually funny
dMoney 5 months ago
This comment section hurts
Max T25
Max T25 5 months ago
Sorry I’m late I was reading up on Donovan Mitchell 😛
Jake Caricati
Jake Caricati 5 months ago
Sheknowjustt._ 5 months ago
my question is why is there a gun in the thumbnail💀💀
Carlos Popoca
Carlos Popoca 5 months ago
Love to see the shots 😂
GetMerked_M8 5 months ago
who tf is dude next to mopi
Santino Gigliotti
Santino Gigliotti 5 months ago
please capitalize the G in God
Trent Saunders
Trent Saunders 5 months ago
Just wanted to let you know my dad just got rushed to the ER and I had to stay home and look after my siblings. Watching this calmed me down and cracked me up😂
Fire Shots
Fire Shots 5 months ago
Notice how they smelled “bugar” 😂
Elju Rafael Malilay
Elju Rafael Malilay 5 months ago
Damn dog food taste bad itry it and after a few second ispit it in on the trash lol
Elju Rafael Malilay
Elju Rafael Malilay 5 months ago
10:18 Hahahaha zack got karma after hitting kris hand😂😂😂
rodney milien
rodney milien 5 months ago
Omg yall funny my check bones hurt thank you jess
Aidan The Canadian
Aidan The Canadian 5 months ago
Anyone else just pissed off when they was opening the league series 2 instead of the normal goat packs
Lorenzo Hernandez
Lorenzo Hernandez 5 months ago
he said hes with the 2hype house/squad and mootchie is their......could this possibly mean.....
LifeWithCee 5 months ago
“That’s a full on meat shield” made me spit out my water 😂😭😂😭
Ray Torrivio
Ray Torrivio 5 months ago
1,000 👍
Noah Tremblay
Noah Tremblay 5 months ago
1000th comment
Derek 5 months ago
the way fall to the ground so funny
Tyler Flannery
Tyler Flannery 5 months ago
Kris shot Zach from 2 inches away lol
blaine kirkland
blaine kirkland 5 months ago
Mitchell got himself more shorts!
Lil RiceHead
Lil RiceHead 5 months ago
R.I.P For Jesser
Mick Brunelli
Mick Brunelli 5 months ago
love u jessie!
Donald Moore
Donald Moore 5 months ago
Bring back the water ballon blaster
That Guy
That Guy 5 months ago
You should be able to call tie and if you tie you give someone else the forfeit
Tayler 5 months ago
Can you do more
Lincoln Adams
Lincoln Adams 5 months ago
Jesse whenever they pull a amethyst or diamond can you please show the card be sure there’s some interesting cards that can be pulled to be seen
boiler brock
boiler brock 5 months ago
Mopi channel dead
King Gerald World’s
Can y’all subscribe