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2HYPE is finally back together for some mini hoop baksetball challenges!
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Jul 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
T F 2 days ago
Who’s watching after mopi left
Woodrow Peak
Woodrow Peak 11 days ago
But he can’t hit that on a court
Doosh Kaboosh
Doosh Kaboosh 11 days ago
Wow jiedel is so experimental
FontShots 13 days ago
Who here after mopi left
Maya & ShaNaya
Maya & ShaNaya 24 days ago
6:13 we not gonna talk about that travel cash did 😂
taylor bloom
taylor bloom 27 days ago
I want to see James on an actual court
Zimran Imran
Zimran Imran Month ago
James is crazy
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Month ago
Jiedel is a hoopist on the mini hoop court
Nate Faupel
Nate Faupel 2 months ago
Bro kris when he plays mini hoop looks so weird Bc he a giant compared to everyone else, but it’s OD asf
Keon Kuntz
Keon Kuntz 3 months ago
Comeback of the century 😈
Joshua boi yub
Joshua boi yub 3 months ago
Mopi for the recaes challenge vs jidel 2 mouths ago
Leviticus Hogan
Leviticus Hogan 3 months ago
My mvp is Jiedel
Dylan Castro
Dylan Castro 4 months ago
what did yall feed jiedel before the 1v1
David Brock
David Brock 4 months ago
It'd be kool to shoot with you all sometime!!!
Phaases 4 months ago
jidel is so fking insane on the mini hoop
Landon Whiting
Landon Whiting 4 months ago
Petition to get Mitchell into 2hype
Landon Whiting
Landon Whiting 4 months ago
Jiedel did so good
YouTube AggroEli
YouTube AggroEli 4 months ago
Where did you get the mini hoops
Sam Welsh
Sam Welsh 4 months ago
If that fire place wasn't right there LOL
Laydon Sarfo
Laydon Sarfo 4 months ago
james something with him
Logan Park
Logan Park 4 months ago
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores 5 months ago
6:15 bruh cash just gave up bruh
AJ_K.O 5 months ago
Jesser “I don’t miss twice” *Misses twice* *Misses a third time* *Misses a fourth time* *Misses a fifth time* 😂😂😂
Jack Kostel
Jack Kostel 5 months ago
I fw James but he’s so cringy😂😂
FLoppyOD !!
FLoppyOD !! 5 months ago
This is heat I’m only 4 minutes in
Travis Eden
Travis Eden 5 months ago
I don't understand why Mopi doesn't atleast try to go for a block... I know he's the smallest but he moves out of the way everytime rather than contesting
4MD Eli
4MD Eli 5 months ago
James makes me want to sign up for the master class
Kristen Bramlage
Kristen Bramlage 5 months ago
Mopi can finally dunk lllllooooollll
ShadyBradyOfficial 5 months ago
The second match looks rigged
Cyrill Keith Andrei Bartolome
Respect for jesser even though they broke up with iman 😢he still makes entertaining video's... We still respect you and love you broo🤧
Dark_trentoncool 5566
Cash at PG Jsr at SG Moochie at SF Zack at PF Kris at C Mopi at back up PG 🙂
anthony salazar
anthony salazar 5 months ago
I hate it when the music turns up and I think there gonna make it but the just miss
Mark Blay Jr.
Mark Blay Jr. 6 months ago
James with the deadeye on hall of fame
Jayce Ufie
Jayce Ufie 6 months ago
Nike Shirt James do be going off
Thomas TJ Dobson
Thomas TJ Dobson 6 months ago
Thomas TJ Dobson
Thomas TJ Dobson 6 months ago
matthew malave
matthew malave 6 months ago
yo whats that mini hoop name/brand
ICE x JP 6 months ago
Wait why did Jesse and Iman break up I didn’t even know till I read comments
M Reeza Noorbhai
M Reeza Noorbhai 6 months ago
Imagine getting to throw a ball at the glass every minute and not get in trouble for it
Jaice Cramer
Jaice Cramer 6 months ago
I’ve come to realize one think kris isn’t the best he’s just the tallest
Chael Bahan
Chael Bahan 6 months ago
Pls comeback to iman plssss
Txpical 6 months ago
why did U think jason derulo was in the thumbnail
Mingyuan Jing
Mingyuan Jing 6 months ago
bruh Jiedel rlly got curry range
Dominic Murillo
Dominic Murillo 6 months ago
So is Jesser not going to explain the reason why he and Iman broke up? That sounds nosy but I’m kinda curious?
Caleb Mendez
Caleb Mendez 6 months ago
Cash just fouls and charges every play
Cayden Sawyer
Cayden Sawyer 6 months ago
Even tho mopi is involved In a lot of videos he still looks so happy to be involved
UNtouchable 6 months ago
6:27 cash loading his superpowers
UNtouchable 6 months ago
4:59 when the worst person is hyped up after making a few shots
Mr. Too Many
Mr. Too Many 6 months ago
James spazzed tf out😭😭
Jacks 6 months ago
0:41, jesser, no, masterclass big shirt jrodel is better.
Jeremiah Saint Jean
Jeremiah Saint Jean 6 months ago
sorry about iman and you man
Jeremiah Saint Jean
Jeremiah Saint Jean 6 months ago
itt 6 months ago
James low key travelled in that dagger but well let it slide🙏🏽
KelanTheGoat 6 months ago
can anyone tell me what the beat drop is called at 3:10
king charles
king charles 6 months ago
A gesture in a fan favorites pack on NBA 2K 20 I got to pink diamond in one
fabgod 44
fabgod 44 6 months ago
Jesse chillin
kxlebszn 6 months ago
i hope you’re feeling better
Luxo 6 months ago
James is in his prime
Fear Clan
Fear Clan 6 months ago
James made that last knock out shot Go look in slowmo
Stephen Lirazan
Stephen Lirazan 6 months ago
Did jesse broke up with iman
Xxxkiller13 6 months ago
Ima unsubscribed because imann ain’t with you😭😭🤗🤗😂😂😂😂
Ixotic Juan
Ixotic Juan 6 months ago
What happened to His girlfriend
Sal official
Sal official 6 months ago
Jesser and Iman broke up
S0LID NIGHT 6 months ago
Mini hoop Jiedel vs big shirt Jiedel
Daniel Gutierrez 3rd
Jessie u should have mopi 1v1 Hannah aka t jass girlfriend
Case O Utter
Case O Utter 6 months ago
When tf are u gonna upload
Jackson Strelo
Jackson Strelo 6 months ago
he's going thru a breakup my guy
JustPhoenix 6 months ago
Only real ones will remember the stalkatron 9000 😂
Gangsta Monkey
Gangsta Monkey 6 months ago
James on takeover
King Valentine
King Valentine 6 months ago
why jesser brake up with emion
Ayden Spelleri
Ayden Spelleri 6 months ago
Just do it jiedel has been born
Trickshot Guy's
Trickshot Guy's 6 months ago
Boys he ain't with iman
yt miguel ph
yt miguel ph 6 months ago
Tina Mayes
Tina Mayes 6 months ago
Jiedel Jesser Mopi Kris Zach Cash mic brother
Tina Mayes
Tina Mayes 6 months ago
Jiedel Jesser Mopi Brother
Tina Mayes
Tina Mayes 6 months ago
Jiedel Jesser mopi
Steep and Steezy
Steep and Steezy 6 months ago
Since when is James Lebron fucking curry
Yannos Awesomeness
Yannos Awesomeness 6 months ago
Yannos Awesomeness
Yannos Awesomeness 6 months ago
I love you guys
Chance Knapp
Chance Knapp 6 months ago
You should do indoor baseball
Gabe TV
Gabe TV 6 months ago
Anyone remember the jesser 90 rated draft on 2k16, those were the days
Cripticz Bodies
Cripticz Bodies 6 months ago
Bro theres no way iman and jesse broke up
Frankie McCullough
Frankie McCullough 6 months ago
9:36 😂😂😂😂😍
Frankie McCullough
Frankie McCullough 6 months ago
Didn’t mean to put the last emoji
MaxPlayzGames 6 months ago
Jesse did you break up wit iman???
Eli sign
Eli sign 6 months ago
He did
ESG 6 months ago
MAN JIEDEL BEAT EVERYONE! Mopi has entered the chat
Kalpana Chadha
Kalpana Chadha 6 months ago
1:52 what am i watching
KevinPlyzMobile 6 months ago
Go help jiedel get to 1mil for this amazing preformance
KevinPlyzMobile 6 months ago
Mobilegames! a
Mobilegames! a 6 months ago
Did jeeser break up?
Mobilegames! a
Mobilegames! a 5 months ago
Shut up
Vincent Aceves-Velasquez
Your mum did
Jack Orlando
Jack Orlando 6 months ago
Reese’s mopi and Nike shirt jiedel on the same team🤯
Will.Cxpalot 6 months ago
james is officially the 3rd best in 2hype and the best at mini hoop
Family Family
Family Family 6 months ago
Y'all coping the craziest jerseys no cap
Parth Bulusu
Parth Bulusu 6 months ago
Jeidel a mini hooper hooper
Jacob Mello
Jacob Mello 6 months ago
why is he talking so long
Adam Small
Adam Small 6 months ago
Why did y’all Break up y’all where perfect
川建国 6 months ago
Roman Coleman-Isaac
Roman Coleman-Isaac 6 months ago
Bro james went crazy in this vid
brian un
brian un 6 months ago
I want Jesse to get back with iman
Gage Berry
Gage Berry 6 months ago
You and Iman broke up🤔
Amanda Polo
Amanda Polo 6 months ago
Why u break up WITH UR GIRL FREIND
Ant A
Ant A 6 months ago
I know I’m a little late to the vid but I’m really just waiting for someone to brake a toe on the fireplace. Just put some padding on that thing😂