Don't Choose The Wrong Mystery Door - Challenge 

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We played choose the mystery door challenge with the boys!
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Make The Shot - Choose The Mystery Door Challenge
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Nerf Hide And Seek TAG - Last To Get Tagged Loses!
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Jul 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
donkay from shrek
donkay from shrek 3 months ago
8:39 Todd gets some sweaty armpits
Jackson Handley
Jackson Handley 4 months ago
Bro I have that Pac-Man light lmao
Cyifo- 4 months ago
Keep Todd the door man😭😭
Carter Herron
Carter Herron 5 months ago
His name is Quinn not todd
Johnny 5 months ago
Who tf is rick
Swartzie 25
Swartzie 25 5 months ago
Todd is so fucking weird
Israel Morales
Israel Morales 5 months ago
Everyone in 2hype deserves 1mil subscribers including moochie
Ashton Sussex
Ashton Sussex 5 months ago
todd was soooo funnnyyy
Lyn and Basti Aguilar
Full court jsr 5v5
matthias JP
matthias JP 5 months ago
How tall is tod?
Sports King
Sports King 5 months ago
Poll: who was funnier this vid? Doorman Todd Rick
Parker Feldmann
Parker Feldmann 5 months ago
Bloody Mary Jerry 😂😂😂
Isaiah O'Neal
Isaiah O'Neal 5 months ago
Grow heir jesser
Dylan Barlow
Dylan Barlow 5 months ago
Todd is to funny in this vid
Yoboi Noah
Yoboi Noah 5 months ago
Is it me or has Todd and Mitchell been more funny lately
Charlie Farris
Charlie Farris 5 months ago
Ngl Todd ruins the videos
Ishaan Dave
Ishaan Dave 5 months ago
rick is trash
TheGoatGames10 5 months ago
Six pack by December
Spencer Oram
Spencer Oram 5 months ago
8:14 MAJOR pause😂
Finn Baikie
Finn Baikie 5 months ago
How else thinks Jesse's new shoes from nike ID in pink are 🔥🔥🔥
WokenGeek 5 months ago
100% people watching this help each other grow We've all tryna grow our channel my goal is to hit 1k so can we all help each other grow have a bless day
WokenGeek 5 months ago
100% people watching this help each other grow We've all tryna grow our channel my goal is to hit 1k so can we all help each other grow have a bless day
WokenGeek 5 months ago
100% people watching this help each other grow We've all tryna grow our channel my goal is to hit 1k so can we all help each other grow have a bless day
Wing Wong
Wing Wong 5 months ago
This is one of the worst thumbnails I’ve seen sry 😂
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 5 months ago
Aye Jesse we got the same shorts
Keagan Fish
Keagan Fish 5 months ago
At the very beginning where Jessie had his fingers by the the camera did any one sled think it was a butt
Anthony G
Anthony G 5 months ago
did jesser even open his bad box before the final round??
HB 2K 5 months ago
Mitchell on a blind date Woman: telling him something about herself Mitchells response: I had to eat beans
Lenard Bacsafra
Lenard Bacsafra 5 months ago
wear deodorant todd
Leo 5 months ago
Jess can u shout me out
Arnav Vemula
Arnav Vemula 5 months ago
The thumbnail makes jesser look 5’5
Isaac Layow
Isaac Layow 5 months ago
Todd is a weird doorman
Sharp Young
Sharp Young 5 months ago
your videos are awesome.
Sharp Young
Sharp Young 5 months ago
basketball is the best. I am a 12 year old boy who plays a ton of basketball.
venkat sai 597
venkat sai 597 5 months ago
This mystery door challenges are repetitive
Mr. Adams World
Mr. Adams World 5 months ago
Laserbeam vs Jesser the Lazer 15 million subscribers vs 3 million
The Notorious B.O.P.
Doorkeeper Todd >>
DJ DeFelice
DJ DeFelice 5 months ago
More food ideas, who has the best hot dogs and who has the best Mac n cheese
Kevin Castronovo
Kevin Castronovo 5 months ago
Todd’s humor 📈📈
frank hellinger
frank hellinger 5 months ago
Bring back pack and pain!!!
Triple step back
Triple step back 5 months ago
Do “Who makes the best glizzys”
Yak Prod
Yak Prod 5 months ago
How did you even find out they broke up
Maddox West
Maddox West 5 months ago
I see 3 garage doors anyone else
Angel Paez
Angel Paez 5 months ago
Is it me? Or is rick the weirdest and creepiest person on Jesse videos?
Conner Hopper
Conner Hopper 5 months ago
I want the old content and old Jesser
Parker Eidsheim
Parker Eidsheim 5 months ago
You should do laser tag hide and seek with all the boys in the house
Demitrius Smith
Demitrius Smith 5 months ago
Todd was fucking hilarious in this
Hunter The sports guy
when is jesser reacting to kandy Ken music?
Champ Darrieno
Champ Darrieno 5 months ago
Who’s been a real fan of Jesser for over a year. (Read my name) if you sub tell me that u subbed reply on this comment saying you subbed
Edgrover Oculam
Edgrover Oculam 5 months ago
I thought jesser is gonna do the inflatable minihoop
Slime Queen
Slime Queen 5 months ago
you have 3 doors behide you
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 5 months ago
Idk what’s a better combo, PB&J or 2hype and recycled content
JadonTG 5 months ago
Great edits
lohtus 5 months ago
1v1 lazer tag tournament 😂?
COMEDY GAMING 5 months ago
I think it would be cool if we could do some basketball challenges for some shoes if that’s fine reply back pl
Help Me Reach 15k before 2022
5:26 did anyone else notice he was taking the thumbnail
Andrea Herman
Andrea Herman 5 months ago
Bad thumbnail
Logan Byrd
Logan Byrd 5 months ago
At the rate Jesse is going. He is gonna need more boxes to hold his creativity
Silvia Diaz
Silvia Diaz 5 months ago
Jesser are you single
Chris Briggs
Chris Briggs 5 months ago
bruh, why you make the thumbnail that pic 😭
69HeadedHuman 5 months ago
Rick: Whoever likes Mustard you're a psychopath Me: How psycho am I?
Martijn 5 months ago
yo 7:13 had me dying lol
Dash Shockzz
Dash Shockzz 5 months ago
Olive poop
Donovan Maga
Donovan Maga 5 months ago
Need more of these😂
Aikon Iglesias
Aikon Iglesias 5 months ago
And ball
Aikon Iglesias
Aikon Iglesias 5 months ago
Ring not ting
Aikon Iglesias
Aikon Iglesias 5 months ago
Pls buy mi a basketball ting in ball
Tanya Ciampa Rose
Tanya Ciampa Rose 5 months ago
The kool aid man pop is 40 dollars I have an app that tells me
Tanya Ciampa Rose
Tanya Ciampa Rose 5 months ago
If he unboxed its worth 20 dollars
Mr Black3333
Mr Black3333 5 months ago
Rick what's wrong with being black rasict
Jamal Wallace
Jamal Wallace 5 months ago
I’m an was very good tell her I said god is here and he sees her
Keerthan Krishna
Keerthan Krishna 5 months ago
Zachary Cummings
Zachary Cummings 5 months ago
why’re some of y’all hating on moochie, y’all know jesse don’t fw any of that shii, y’all ain’t real fans fr smfh
KP95TH 5 months ago
What happened to the peace out outro
KavargotswAg 5 months ago
Why you break up with iman
Daniel Jacobo
Daniel Jacobo 5 months ago
The doorman is low key the funniest one in the vid No 🧢 not to hate on anyone else but doorman is just hilarious he is sus tho
Yvng Bear
Yvng Bear 5 months ago
0:00 👏🏼
Tayvin Archer
Tayvin Archer 5 months ago
Why Mitchell got that light skin action at the beginning
USA184584 5 months ago
Mitchell and Todd love each other
Noah Williams
Noah Williams 5 months ago
The doorman should have to do the remaining forfeits but also get the remaining gifts
PARTEEK BHULLAR 5 months ago
Jason is such a school threat lol
carter 5 months ago
Todd a goat
Aiden Ortiz
Aiden Ortiz 5 months ago
Big Shirt Jiedel
Big Shirt Jiedel 5 months ago
Piggy o-
Piggy o- 5 months ago
Ayo man are u ok there’s been some news that u and Iman broke up and just want to check up on ya .
Patrick Alunday
Patrick Alunday 5 months ago
RyanGames361 1
RyanGames361 1 5 months ago
Dude where'd they get that monkey costume I'm actually trying to cop that
Baker the GOAT
Baker the GOAT 5 months ago
this is one of my favorite videos ever😂😂😂
alderto stojmanovski
Jesse are you doing good
comments for days
comments for days 5 months ago
thumbnail was low key booty juice
Yordy Hernandez
Yordy Hernandez 5 months ago
Do a who has the best hot dogs
lunchables dame
lunchables dame 5 months ago
God is amazing I love him and he loves you too
Rocco bia
Rocco bia 5 months ago
We need more Todd
BRONX BABY YURR 5 months ago
Jesser got me when I thought he was gonna give em the longboard
Brendan Giblin
Brendan Giblin 5 months ago
Can we get Todd in 2hype at least
Ray Aiello
Ray Aiello 5 months ago
"I love the beans." -Todd
Goated McYT
Goated McYT 5 months ago
Never seen rick hoop
Louis Rizio
Louis Rizio 5 months ago
for your next vid you should do giving everyone in 2hype quarantine presents
Azael Arzate
Azael Arzate 5 months ago
ItsRicky 5 months ago
This is probably one of the cringiest vid Jesse has made
does any1 else wonder how 2hype never runs out of ideas