DM'ING 100 NBA Players To Rate My Basketball Skills 

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I DM'd 100 NBA players on Instagram and asked them to rate my basketball skills!
DM'ING 100 NBA PLAYERS TO PLAY 1 VS 1 Basketball
► us-first.info/player/video/kJKheJmgl4FfonE.html
I FaceTimed NBA Players During SEASON Suspension!
► us-first.info/player/video/h9ala653hYSCdpc.html
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Nov 10, 2020




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Jesser 2 months ago
If you enjoyed this one, check out the last time I DM'd a bunch of NBA players! us-first.info/player/video/kJKheJmgl4FfonE.html
MemeLord 5000
MemeLord 5000 18 days ago
well buddy hield and ya hasnt done it
Adam Larry
Adam Larry Month ago
No cap @jesser I hoop Nd I think I could beat you 1v1 Nd ya whole squad
Linooz 2 months ago
Kent John Javier
Kent John Javier 2 months ago
I enjoyed it!♥
Terence Mathews
Terence Mathews 2 months ago
So we not gonna talk about how you called Jamal Murray dad?
Stasan 3 days ago
Andrej Knezevic
Andrej Knezevic 4 days ago
Classic giannis -1... "i joking"
Senpai Fire
Senpai Fire 10 days ago
Ελα ρε Γιανναρε τρελα❤❤
t0xy 10 days ago
justin holiday was so wholesome lol
Giannis Trimis
Giannis Trimis 10 days ago
You didn't block his dun he just missed it!
Ridhish Sindhol
Ridhish Sindhol 11 days ago
I can beat you 1v1 tho
DeltaMike 12 days ago
Stefan Avramovic
Stefan Avramovic 13 days ago
Boban is Serbian king.🙌🇷🇸
Edvin 13 days ago
Jesser u trash kiddo
Eli Cockrell
Eli Cockrell 13 days ago
0/10 you a bum
Viper 619
Viper 619 15 days ago
GEDOX LT 15 days ago
Yo text Sabonis.
Jozef Luka Smrtnik
Jozef Luka Smrtnik 15 days ago
Bad Max
Bad Max 15 days ago
1mil lets go
Sd Kakarot
Sd Kakarot 16 days ago
The berserk theme had me dead😭
Giannis is the goat
Juce 18 days ago
Beau Ollie
Beau Ollie 18 days ago
1v1. Lebronnnn
Beau Ollie
Beau Ollie 18 days ago
It good
stefanos kourtesiwtis
Giannis better starts to throw some free shoots rather that reply on ig..
Typical Pro
Typical Pro 21 day ago
1v1 Buddy Heild
Kourosh Yeganeh
Kourosh Yeganeh 22 days ago
bro giannis is not the best player in the league cmon now
CaptainFY 27 days ago
Αντετοκούμπο μόνο !!!!!
LOVIN 27 days ago
Why the fuck did you not msg flight????????????
Dexter Deshawn
Dexter Deshawn 29 days ago
Giannis: you’re soft... damn
Dylanpatel30 Month ago
Oh my jittly vvs
Dylanpatel30 Month ago
What how
Dumboshark Month ago
Jesse can you shout my you tube please I just start
Dumboshark Month ago
Sub to dumboshark
Dumboshark Month ago
Sub to dumboshark
Dumboshark Month ago
Sub to dumboshark
Dumboshark Month ago
Sub to dumboshark
tre master
tre master Month ago
Y’all noticed man low key getting swole
Real Y0N1
Real Y0N1 Month ago
wait 5 days, 7 days lataaa
Marko Kupresanin
GTR 7000
GTR 7000 Month ago
I love naz
Aljay Piano
Aljay Piano Month ago
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Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Month ago
Boban is so likeable lol.
Caden Hill
Caden Hill Month ago
Bro you need to 1v1 Mikey Williams you both cold 🥶 ❄️
Cole Tamurian
Cole Tamurian Month ago
Justin holiday gave a whole paragraph, what a good guy
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris Month ago
Jesser: doesn’t acknowledge the score Jackson hates gave him Also Jesser: tells Jackson Hayes that he’s good (you are jesser)
Card BreaksIRL
Card BreaksIRL Month ago
the giannis joke is just pain
Carter East
Carter East Month ago
Big crip
Big crip Month ago
Wait bronny survived 🤨
Brennan Lewis
Brennan Lewis Month ago
D wade will give you a 9 outta 10
SauceGodz Gaming
Bruh that celebrate 😂
TT Barbecue OP
TT Barbecue OP Month ago
I know how nice Giannis is, I knew the 3/10 isn’t legit
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Month ago
For a sec I thought he said he was gonna send a message to biden harris🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹😹
Smashing Pumpkings97
You have lost weight
Brandon Blank
Brandon Blank Month ago
Ayeeee come to dallas on god
Gabriel47xx Month ago
Jess Ball
Jess Ball Month ago
I'm so glad that NBA2K can die and no one care about the game at all. But Jesser still gets views. You deserve it all. Great youtuber
Aura - Pokeland Legends
When he said Javale McGee was LeBrons Team Mate: *Thats when I took it personally*
E Leon
E Leon Month ago
🔌🔌🔌 ur phone
Bill Abrams
Bill Abrams Month ago
Justin holidays response seems so heartfelt
St0rM Month ago
Casually running into a NBA player at Walmart multiple times 😂💀
Michael Hilley
Michael Hilley Month ago
What game was this
Don't give in
Don't give in Month ago
OMG I lost it when he read Giannis's Reply 😂😂😂
Robert Lovett
Robert Lovett Month ago
3/10 you’re soft
Ralfs S
Ralfs S Month ago
Shoutout to Boban
Iso 2k
Iso 2k Month ago
5:50 for yall lazy People
John La Scala
John La Scala Month ago
YOOOO grayson allen responded he’s one of my idols blue devil for life😩
John La Scala
John La Scala Month ago
Never say giannis is the best player in the league ever again
Michael Burke
Michael Burke Month ago
𝘍𝘰𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘬𝘪𝘥𝘴
Boom bitch Cheeks stink
Jesser reads so slowwww 🤣🤣
Steve James
Steve James Month ago
Why didn't he dm Dwayne wade oh nvm he will just rate it a 9/10 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SaFE plaYS
SaFE plaYS Month ago
Cash watching:😡
im legit your father
lmfao josh hart came at his neck for no reason
Armaan Khakh
Armaan Khakh Month ago
Yo the giannis one is fake look at the name
BeastFaxx Month ago
Fox the best player in the league
Vyla lol
Vyla lol Month ago
Jesus loves you guys
ʀᴀᴘʜᴀ 2 months ago
Dwyane Wade would have given you a 9
Askia Hicban
Askia Hicban 2 months ago
Is Buddy now on the Mavs??
Capalot 2 months ago
jezzer u skipping your left arm fam
Jeremy McGee
Jeremy McGee 2 months ago
Bro if you don’t take this fake shit off of US-first
Kenny Vu
Kenny Vu 2 months ago
Jesser: rate my basketball skills Dwayde: thats a 9
yktv_10 2 months ago
josh hart the pels would trade you for jesser ion now why your talking lol
Conrad Hanna
Conrad Hanna 2 months ago
Charge yo phone
Polaro Island
Polaro Island 2 months ago
Haha 3/10.
jake gallik
jake gallik 2 months ago
Pls don’t call Jamal Murray dad that’s cringy
Merrick Tjepkes
Merrick Tjepkes 2 months ago
I love giannis hes so funny lol
qswets 2 months ago
You should join the G League no cap
Chris Adams
Chris Adams 2 months ago
Sorry my grandma got more game then you and she dont even play basketball 😂
Chris Adams
Chris Adams 2 months ago
Much love t jass oh😄 sorry i mean jesser
Gorilla Gamer XD
Gorilla Gamer XD 2 months ago
Just stop click baiting
Xd FaZeDame
Xd FaZeDame 2 months ago
Why giannis have the best response lol
Xd FaZeDame
Xd FaZeDame 2 months ago
Besides Blake
SD9 Sukhman
SD9 Sukhman 2 months ago
Bronny Alive????
2K Everything
2K Everything 2 months ago
Jack Clements
Jack Clements 2 months ago
Jesse bring back the blue hair and they will respond for sure
Cyrel Sta Rita
Cyrel Sta Rita 2 months ago
If I'm an NBA player I'll give you 100/10
Evan Fox
Evan Fox 2 months ago
5.00 mins look at jessers arm differential, the right is significantly bigger wtf
zionismm 2 months ago
bro emoji game sus
messiah osborne
messiah osborne 2 months ago
phone lowky low dow
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 2 months ago
Why would you ask the freak about ball handling he type 16 steps 30 times a gave
Joshua Y
Joshua Y 2 months ago
Now we need to see the times you messed up.
Jordan Bates
Jordan Bates 2 months ago
First report of buddy hield to Dallas lmao
Daniel St-Laurent élève
Justin Holiday was so polite with his saying of his criticism of the celebration you should thank him
Shariq Hussain
Shariq Hussain Month ago
Bonjour le quebecois
Jb Plays
Jb Plays 2 months ago
When people be saying 10 u should’ve replied with be honest 😂
Alessandro Zambolin
Alessandro Zambolin 2 months ago
That little clap bruh
gavgav garcia
gavgav garcia 2 months ago
Do getting reactions on NBA players on when you broke your head open