Crazy Guess That NBA Player *Bubble Edition* 

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Welcome back to a guess that NBA player challenge with the 2HYPE House bubble edition!
Make sure to play along!
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Aug 13, 2020




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Comments 100   
Patrick DuBrock
Patrick DuBrock 5 months ago
Keep the grind going jesser been my favorite US-first for at least 4 years now
Kpjohnson80 2 months ago
Isaac Roman-Willey
Isaac Roman-Willey 5 months ago
Audrina Parker
Audrina Parker 5 months ago
gaberocks 2016
gaberocks 2016 5 months ago
I'm a huge fan
Connie Costanza
Connie Costanza 5 months ago
Whole Lotta Cheesecake I am the best glizzy gladiator
Amity Williams
Amity Williams 4 days ago
In my mind kris won because he got sold
Elijah Engle
Elijah Engle 13 days ago
i got all of them right
cordz fn
cordz fn 23 days ago
Kris should have won that easy
Patrick Zito
Patrick Zito Month ago
you riped off kris
Diego Maglaya
Diego Maglaya Month ago
Is it just me but i knew it was giannis right away
Shafer 44
Shafer 44 Month ago
I feel bad for Kris
Clay Hardaker
Clay Hardaker Month ago
What do you mean Ja Morant is in the eastern conference
itz_max0 Month ago
Every time there was a weird picture I was ready for James to say I knew that because banana boat
Jayden Nuckols
Jayden Nuckols Month ago
kris one fair and square im unsubbing for that
iTuxa- Month ago
😂 really they knew he was gonna win anyways so they just made it more fun
Landon Gurganus
Landon Gurganus Month ago
Kris should be the winner
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills Month ago
3:57 LUkAAA
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills Month ago
The first one I thought kyle kuzma
Asher Kalauli
Asher Kalauli Month ago
Jason Wernegreen
Who else watching this after they joined 100 Thieves and is just noticing Jesser’s hoodie
27 MAX HEDRICK Month ago
Tbh how did they take forever to get luka’s
Lockdown DF
Lockdown DF Month ago
I got 16
Lloyd Wontumi
Lloyd Wontumi Month ago
Thumbnail got me dead
Hoops AG
Hoops AG Month ago
We should have seen it coming Jesse Is wearing a 100 thieves hoodie.
Joshua JQ Anthony
That is Ja Morant
Jack Britt
Jack Britt Month ago
He was wearing a 100 thieves hoodie
Greg Nelson
Greg Nelson Month ago
I knew the Luka one the first second.
Mikey K19
Mikey K19 Month ago
Kris: Rudy Gobert meanwhile Me: *G O B E R T*
Michael Purvis
Michael Purvis Month ago
I got 2.
stqryboi Month ago
The hell Jesser the pelicans did not make the bubble and I’ve been following you for 6 years
Michael Hollyfield
Bro kris got finessed
Gavin Duwors
Gavin Duwors Month ago
Lsk Got cheated
Deigo Month ago
HOLD UP why the hell do they three get 2 points every time they get it right and there teaming and kris is not teaming and get one point every time he gets it right
CHANDLER MAY 2 months ago
Haven’t watched this part but it’s Giannis
Anzhela Grechikhina
Anzhela Grechikhina 2 months ago
Nobody: James: Len Brown
Praaiissee 2 months ago
i guessed kuzma too fast lmaoooo
Alex Machaalany
Alex Machaalany 2 months ago
Let’s be real Kris won !
Kade Burdette
Kade Burdette 3 months ago
9:17 i yelled cash nasty
Aidan Wolk
Aidan Wolk 3 months ago
That was not Ja the shorts were purple
Nathan Webeck
Nathan Webeck 3 months ago
I thought it was kyl cuz before you said it was photo shopped
Harry Hobby
Harry Hobby 3 months ago
How didn’t they know it was giannis
Play By Play Productions
I low key thought Steven Adam’s was Trae Young
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 3 months ago
There in the bubble some of the guys they are calling are not even in the bubble
Harpal Banwait
Harpal Banwait 3 months ago
He’s set these were so easy
Wavyy Senpaii
Wavyy Senpaii 3 months ago
Jeremy Castillo
Jeremy Castillo 3 months ago
Kris would have won but Jesse sold
Botatenoodles 3 months ago
bro whoever managed the score he is trash
Andrew Arneson
Andrew Arneson 4 months ago
Bro right after he said he photo shopped the shorts i knew it was ja
AJ Marietta
AJ Marietta 4 months ago
nikki flanagan
nikki flanagan 4 months ago
jesse lookin good
Camden Cobb
Camden Cobb 4 months ago
I was screaming Giannis at my phone when it was him
Houston Flener
Houston Flener 4 months ago
all zack does in the guess that nba play is roast and hate on players apperienc
Nataliya Bobadilla
Nataliya Bobadilla 4 months ago
I hate you for videos because he just sells Chris
尺Uち卄工ㄥ 4 months ago
any indians watching this?tamil.
Paddy Neideck
Paddy Neideck 4 months ago
wtf is jesse on
Kara Ally
Kara Ally 4 months ago
look when jas shorts how they change colour
Clip Cards & Predictions
I knew TJ warren right away because I saw his face to much in the bubble
Jun Sung Kang Oh
Jun Sung Kang Oh 4 months ago
Jesser: "That is not D.J Augustin u just lied" lmao jajajaja
ThatKiddRagery 4 months ago
bro that giannis one was sooo easy
Baelab Plays
Baelab Plays 4 months ago
Kris is the winner
Killcore439 5 months ago
Kris should have won
Joseph Ayoub
Joseph Ayoub 5 months ago
Dude I was SCREAMING Ja on the second one 😭😭😭😭
harun bidon
harun bidon 5 months ago
zack win guess that nba player🎖
Danubia Samuels
Danubia Samuels 5 months ago
12:15 kris guessed twice in a row.
CEC HOOPS 5 months ago
Ja morant was so easy
your butler
your butler 5 months ago
I fogot luka had that tattoo
your butler
your butler 5 months ago
Kyrie Irving
your butler
your butler 5 months ago
your butler
your butler 5 months ago
Ja maront
your butler
your butler 5 months ago
Kyle kuzma
Jair Marta
Jair Marta 5 months ago
Bro can we stop doing this thing where we put kris alone it’s kind of annoying
Jake Spenthoff
Jake Spenthoff 5 months ago
Kris got screwed bro I feel bad
Roger Maka
Roger Maka 5 months ago
10:27-10:31 James got the answer correct, but they gave the point to Zach. XD
Roger Maka
Roger Maka 5 months ago
(press the 10:27)
YNW Marcus
YNW Marcus 5 months ago
Jesser has a crush on LSK
YNW Marcus
YNW Marcus 5 months ago
Y’all did my man KRIS WRONG
Ronen Rabinowitz
Ronen Rabinowitz 5 months ago
Who wants see a guess the NBA player but by an audio clip commentary (i.e Ray Allen shot)
FromTheLogo 5 months ago
Wish flight was in 2 hype
Michael N. Luz
Michael N. Luz 5 months ago
Can y’all play 2k again
JC BiggyG
JC BiggyG 5 months ago
Everybody against kris: Kris: almost wins with only scoring one for a question right. Everybody: 3 minds, two points a question Me: Rip
Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow 5 months ago
15 points I got
Oliver Craig
Oliver Craig 5 months ago
Jesser has been an inspiration to me for 3 years
Ravind Abednego
Ravind Abednego 5 months ago
7:12 Zack "'Mo Bembeh"" HAHHAHAHAHA
Joshua Gabriel Guzman
Guys who remembers the previous Guess that player when James says: Jay........ R. Smith instead of JR as his buzzer
Danny tran_2215080
Danny tran_2215080 5 months ago
These r so easy I would win
Easton Reimers
Easton Reimers 5 months ago
Where's Mopi
Dillon Lotz
Dillon Lotz 5 months ago
Who else thought Steven adams was mopi
Texas Elite
Texas Elite 5 months ago
Kris won
Fps Clan
Fps Clan 5 months ago
This guy is my childhood fr tho
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Jaylen brown
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Alec Burks
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Alec Burks
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Jimmy butler
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Anthony Davis
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Zion Williamson
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Kyle Lowry
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
Mike Scott
Alicia Marini
Alicia Marini 5 months ago
That was LeBron James on your Second one jesser
Klay Thompson’s Burner account
Kris got robbed
Saucey TJ
Saucey TJ 5 months ago
I knew the second one was ja cause I seen his Tattoo today when the grizzlies and blazers faces off
yunng lil
yunng lil 5 months ago
King O
King O 5 months ago
Why did Zack and Janes try so hard right at 9:10
Youadeadguy 1
Youadeadguy 1 5 months ago
Kris won GG
23 5 months ago
I could watch 2hype till I die
Hadi Alnaiema
Hadi Alnaiema 5 months ago
All mafia videos I love those videos
2HYPE House Olympics!