CRAZY 2HYPE 1v1 Basketball Challenges 

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Thanks to Under Armour for sponsoring this video. Click the link undrarmr.co/2W8dH3k to get the new Curry 8's Today 2HYPE and I played 1 on 1 in the brand new Curry 8's. I did a series of three 1v1's: 3 dribble, normal, and jump shots only.
Make The 0.1% Chance Trickshot, WIN The PS5
Make The Impossible Trickshot, WIN The Christmas Shopping Spree!
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Dec 11, 2020




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Comments 100   
Danesha Jones
Danesha Jones 6 days ago
Darrell Kelley
Darrell Kelley 11 days ago
Make that jesses
Mad Vortex
Mad Vortex 14 days ago
Is US-first gonna get mad if you do group activities and dont properly socially distance😂
Luis Parada
Luis Parada 15 days ago
I have curry 8
This is not Gabriel
Imagine sueing your best friend
Dat_yn _
Dat_yn _ 10 days ago
They didn’t sue him it as a sense and a desist letter
Thomas Whatley
Thomas Whatley 18 days ago
The selfish four at their best
Hayden Kim
Hayden Kim 18 days ago
Naruto Shippuden: “people who abandon their comrades are worse than scum” Hatake Kakashi Jesser: abandons his friends and used them as a tool for money
Oogie 19 days ago
Wow they got rid of my comment... Smh
Jose Hernández
Jose Hernández Month ago
Moping is so trash I am glad he left
Jacques Godard
Jacques Godard 19 days ago
Just stfu mate
Marquon Gradney
Marquon Gradney Month ago
curry always has fire shoes
Deshaun Isaac
Deshaun Isaac Month ago
Idk if the shoe is actually that good or under armor gave them a bag😭
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
Mark Laxamana
Mark Laxamana Month ago
Cold hearted snake
ItzMeRuins Month ago
I think that there is more that meets the eye
matboy 2
matboy 2 Month ago
Guys just because his comments are does not mean he is guilty or anything, he may be just trying to avoid any unnecessary hate. If anything happened or not be safe man❤️💪
Rbxe Month ago
Derek Reading
Derek Reading Month ago
Jesser do those shoes run big in size or small? I’m about to get the same pair!.
EXOChronicles Plays
Y’all are hungry satan waiting for money in your bellies except for cash and Mitchell
EXOChronicles Plays
@Kerolos Besaly ain't that true? we all prefer the old 2 hype where it's all fun and no greed mixed in
Joey Rosa
Joey Rosa Month ago
Kerolos Besaly
Kerolos Besaly Month ago
Jeff Howell
Jeff Howell Month ago
Explain the issue with you score board
AlotOfKam Month ago
MAD Moose 99
MAD Moose 99 Month ago
I’m guessing he’s fine now
Triple step back
Rip 2hype. 2016-2019
Harry li
Harry li Month ago
Man 2hype hasn’t been the same since jesser bought his house. Money changed him
Canopy Jones
Canopy Jones Month ago
Why did you let them corrupt you Jesser you used to be an amazing person and youtuber I loved you now I hate you
I LIKE FOOD Month ago
2000th comment
Yeet Young c
Yeet Young c Month ago
Amp wopi
ツXnt Month ago
Jessie turned off comments cus he knows he’s wrong
Brock Holland
Brock Holland Month ago
He definitely did something if he turned his comments off. You don’t just turn them off for no reason
Sammy Polanco
Sammy Polanco Month ago
Itz East
Itz East Month ago
I had a feeling 2hype is a bunch of assholes accept for cash hes cool ..but the rest of 2 hype y'all are going out bad I kinda feel bad for 100thieves !!!
Joey Rosa
Joey Rosa Month ago
Kerolos Besaly
Kerolos Besaly Month ago
Charlie M
Charlie M Month ago
Turn comments on Jesser, we need answers and stop hiding from this.
Brian Roe
Brian Roe Month ago
Bruh he turned off his comments it’s true
THE epic BUM
THE epic BUM Month ago
Jesse, confront the problem please, or atleast pay attention to it.
Braden O'Brien
Braden O'Brien Month ago
just give us a vid and tell us what happened
Obtnz Month ago
Mans turned his comments off again
Drizzi Month ago
Michael 600
Michael 600 Month ago
Turn comments back on for your new videos pussy
Michael 600
Michael 600 Month ago
@Isma Plays we gon hate no matter what dawg
Michael 600
Michael 600 Month ago
@Triple-touchdown- Master!!!! Exactly dawg jus gon comment on his old videos
Isma Plays
Isma Plays Month ago
He doesn’t have to turn them on, if he does y’all would just hate on him, so there’s no reason to do it
Triple-touchdown- Master!!!!
For real, you can’t just turn off comments forever
Isma Plays
Isma Plays Month ago
Y are y’all so mad that jesser turned of his comments?
Just_Nodh Month ago
@Isma Plays why did he turn off the comments then? Ohh yeah trying to silence the opinions that he know he doesn't want to see.
Isma Plays
Isma Plays Month ago
@Simply how do y’all know he did something bad, y’all would just bring hate without hearing their side, everyone is in mopi’s side now, so why even give a explanation of what happened
Simply Month ago
It’s really not that big of deal. He’s making himself look even worse and even more guilty that he did something wrong
SkellNado Month ago
Why are comments turned off on newest vid
U sold me
U sold me Month ago
We need an explanation
Isma Plays
Isma Plays Month ago
@U sold me if he does y’all would still hate on him, so y even give an explanation
U sold me
U sold me Month ago
@Isma Plays we don’t but it would be cool to know y nope left
Isma Plays
Isma Plays Month ago
Y’all don’t need no explanation
David Vela
David Vela Month ago
Turned off his comments weak as suburban white boy
Joey Rosa
Joey Rosa Month ago
Simply Month ago
Literally racist
blake Month ago
Bro chill
Cooper sproul
Cooper sproul Month ago
He turnt them off again
U sold me
U sold me Month ago
banned man
banned man Month ago
I’m just here so I can comment again.
John Bautista
John Bautista Month ago
Any one here cuz jesse turn off the comments
arick Johnson
arick Johnson Month ago
merciful ankles
merciful ankles Month ago
BearDown 4Ever
BearDown 4Ever Month ago
Stenget Henfield
Did you you or Lsk kick him from 2Hype
Antonio Bucciero
He said he left idiot
Josh Beasley
Josh Beasley Month ago
james comments are off
Sharan Misra
Sharan Misra Month ago
Matthew Conroy
Matthew Conroy Month ago
bruh 2hype really became 2snakes smh
K Bando1
K Bando1 Month ago
I’m a 2hype fan but this is ridiculous, you snaked your childhood friend, just to get more hate
XDGAMER2465 Month ago
The fact that he tried to hide it.
XDGAMER2465 Month ago
Never watching jes again
Jesser if u see this I am very disappointed bro if u lose Cash or Zack say goodbye
Samy K
Samy K Month ago
Miguel Taylor
Miguel Taylor Month ago
mitchell and cash cool tho
Jared Ratcliff
Jared Ratcliff Month ago
_DanTheMan_ Month ago
Thought Jesse was posting everyday
Christian Mathis
Piece of shit 2hype whyyy
THE_CLOUD_ KID Month ago
jesser looking better then ever.
Jeremiah Pippen
Jeremiah Pippen Month ago
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Angelo Lopez
Angelo Lopez Month ago
Disciple 1
Disciple 1 Month ago
John 3:16-18 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. He that believes in Him is not condemned: but he that does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
Kevintheboss 35
Kevintheboss 35 Month ago
Fran Jav
Fran Jav Month ago
Scared to leave the comments open on your new vid???
Hype Up
Hype Up Month ago
I used to look up to u back in the day.. Now all I see is a manipulative and delusional psychopath that only cares about the money.. Yea and shoutout to LSK, bullcrap
Conory Month ago
jaq317 gaming
jaq317 gaming Month ago
Hay jesser I have a question
Retro Nick
Retro Nick Month ago
jesser imma huge fan i even got my own fan page of you and u follow! i never won any give away and i’m here to try to win any thing! happy holidays jesser i’m excited for the content 🔥🐐my insta is @jeser_2hype hmu
Real Ish
Real Ish Month ago
Why you fake?
Andrei Nick
Andrei Nick Month ago
Myles Pearcy
Myles Pearcy Month ago
Jesse and kris a 🐍
Mustang Not Samsung
Chunk Cheb
Chunk Cheb Month ago
Aritro Reza
Aritro Reza Month ago
Jiedel and jesser have also turned off their subreddit. I can’t get access to it.
Joseph Gorgey
Joseph Gorgey Month ago
Ik there trying to hide something
RJ Prod.
RJ Prod. Month ago
Yung Prod
Yung Prod Month ago
You know I have been watching for 4 years and you chose money over your child hood friend
James Patrick
James Patrick Month ago
jesse got the curry eights and the pole pads, that’s crazy
Gideon Bradley
Gideon Bradley Month ago
Young Sock1500
Young Sock1500 Month ago
I don't want Jesse to get mad at me but you should do a update on the 2hype house
Kris Chastko
Kris Chastko Month ago
bruh he won't even see your comment
Ledarrius Watson
The Fiend
The Fiend Month ago
Chose money or a long known friend Jesser: I’ll take the cash
George Washington the 3rd
Jesser chose money over a life long friend
Kevin Dawg
Kevin Dawg Month ago
You are a snake
Joshua Month ago
Don’t be an idiot, wait til the story comes out
Blaze Rooster
Blaze Rooster Month ago
Super toad Charlie
Opt. Samauri
Opt. Samauri Month ago
Austin Springer
Austin Springer Month ago
When he wins and talks good about the shoe but when he losed to kris he says idk if I’m walking on pillows or playing in basketball shoes
Harris Scott
Harris Scott Month ago
Where is mopy
RePeatxCookie Month ago
@Blaze Rooster lmao
Blaze Rooster
Blaze Rooster Month ago
They murdered him
Dylan Scissors
Dylan Scissors Month ago
I just copped some of the bucket squad merch
Griffinator Month ago
@alexgriffin2 on insta for the giveaway
Jaren K.
Jaren K. Month ago
Would yall stop calling him snake, yall ain't even know what happend
The Fiend
The Fiend Month ago
Lmao why would Jesser put his latest vids with no comments if they knew 2hype wasn’t lying
The Fiend
The Fiend Month ago
5 people have left 2hype
The Fiend
The Fiend Month ago
We all know
Jaren K.
Jaren K. Month ago
@Blaze Rooster I'm not tryna know what u are
Blaze Rooster
Blaze Rooster Month ago
Humphrey Humps
Humphrey Humps Month ago
man ngl jesse is a snake why would you mess with a childhood friend you coldhearted snake and that's coming from your dog
@Ethan Composto agree
Ethan Composto
Ethan Composto Month ago
Bruh you don’t even know what he did how u calling him a snake